Banished From Equestria (Roleplay)

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    Theme: PONIES (MLP:FIM), medieval/fantasy/exploration/survival/diplomacy

    Tl;dr: Banished, now what?

    One Sentence: Unjustly banished from Equestria by a tyrannical upstart power, a group of rebels and their friends now must face the unknowns of the outside world.

    Full: Equestria is not as it once was. A tyrannical oligarchy has sprung up, led by Trixie and Blueblood, who use political clout and the help of unwitting pawns to take almost complete power over the empire. Those who criticized their methods were imprisoned, but the ones who spoke out the most received the worst punishment anypony could think of: eternal banishment beyond the farthest borders the empire and all its domains, on pain of death.

    Now, each and every one of you are left here in this desolate, wild, unknown land bereft of civilization with naught but what cloths you wore and what your hooves could carry. Your homes and wealth have been confiscated in the name of the State, your possessions sold, and much material wealth, that which was within Equestria in any case, is now gone. Yet hope endures... you have each other, your fellow banished and the friends who voluntarily banished themselves to follow and help you, or simply in protest of the injustice. Thankfully, the Sun and Moon still rise and set each day as they have since the dawn of time, and the goodwill of Celestia and Luna is still with you, though how much that is worth now, who can tell?

    For those of you with knowledge of the world beyond, you will know it is a long trek to the nearest settlement fraught with danger. Bandits and wild creatures lurk in the rocky crags and dense forests, and the weather is wild here, prone to sudden and unexpected changes at the most inconvenient of times and quite dangerous.

    How will you and your friends and allies survive, now that you are Banished From Equestria?



    GM has final say and can change rules whenever necessary
    GM may choose assistant GMs
    No mountain-moving or forest-burning level powers, keep your powers limited to a region within 50 feet of your character.
    No controlling another's character. This also applies to GMs except in emergency situations.
    If you must argue, never take it beyond conversation.
    Be polite.
    Nopony has higher rank than anypony else besides the GM and the assistant GMs, either in or out of character. You're banished from Equestria, rank means nothing.
    Please do your best not to swear, and if you must try to use pony-themed swears (like "rut", "banish", "buck", "horseapples", etc)
    Please participate as you can. Others may be waiting for your character to move before they can move.
    No reversing time except by GM, and only in emergencies.
    No summoning anything larger than twice your size, and never anything greater than your power. Summons cannot summon, and you can't summon yourself or another player.
    No personal attacks at players. We are all respectable ponies here.
    Please keep violence to a minimum.
    Please no mature themes here. This is the Fantasy section, not the Mature section.
    No involving others in backstories unless by permission.
    No bringing about any sort of major disaster. This includes but is not limited to floods, tornadoes, droughts, plagues, and famines.
    Please sign up before playing.
    Keep OOC in OOC. This is the OOC thread. Please use it.
    Please limit yourself to 3 characters at the most, and play all of them.
    Have fun!


    Current Exiles:

    Night Fall (DoomOtter) - Night Pony - Hollow Shades - Banished
    Morning Glory (Morning Glory) - Unicorn - Canterlot - Banished
    Fatal Flight (Explicit Escritoire) - Genetically Modified Pegasus - ID - Voluntary
    Farsight (Seriack) - Unicorn - Ponyville - Banished
    Physics Shift (The Dark Gods) - Unicorn - Ponyville - Scapegoat
    Arty Brightshadow (ArtVeigar) - Unicorn - Canterlot/Wanderer - Banished
    Tian Long (ArtVeigar) - Earth - Foal Mountain Monastery - Banished
    Cadenza (AlythePear) - Pegasus - Cloudsdale - Banished
    Nocte Flamma (Amoroth) - Night Pony - Hollow Shades - Banished
    Majem (Majem) - Unicorn - Ponyville - Banished
    Aquae 'Aqua' Petra (Coffee Rush) - Unicorn - Hollow Shades - Banished
    Wavelength, unit Bravo 539 (Wavelength) - Earth Pony - Future/Alternate universe - Accident


    Banished. The word rings in your ears even now as the newly-built gates of sharp steel slam shut behind the motley herd of exiles. Ahead lies the vast, wild Outside, a term that was spoken in fear by many citizens of Equestria up till now. It was the place where the banished went, where traitors and those too wicked to deserve even the comfort of death were sent. And now, all of you are here. Alone. Well, not alone. You have each other.

    Of course, those who were familiar with international politics and trade, or had ever bothered taking a look at a world map, knew that this so-called "Outside" wasn't entirely uninhabited; in fact, it held more ponies and sentient creatures than all of Equestria and its dominions combined, with entire nations and cultures here and there covering the continents of the globe (which was spherical, no matter what the laypony said). By the sounds and sights as they were dragged along to this place, they were just past the eastern borders of Equestria, where a narrow land bridge gave a connection to the rest of the world. Of course, simply knowing that civilization existed was little comfort. It was at least a month's journey to the nearest settlement on hoof, and there wasn't much trade along this road. Nor were they going to get any protection from bandits or wild animals out here, not from the guards on the wall certainly.

    How could they survive? Where would they go, now that they were Banished From Equestria?
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  2. An extremely disgruntled unicorn mare hauled her ornate luggage wagon, an intense frown pulling on her muzzle. Just the evening before, Morning Glory had been on her way to a vacation, a retreat from the festering pit that was the Canterlot Court lately. Now here she was, dumped out of the country without any ways to contact her uncle to retrieve her. Her perfectly manicured hooves were already chipped and dirty. Her wine-colored satin gown had been hitched up after she had dragged it through a mudpuddle. And yet, the mare walked with the utmost grace, her nose in the air, doing her best to maintain her dignity.

    Her luggage rattled and heaved over the uneven dirt path, making it difficult for her to walk strait. The cart was heavily ladened with the mare's creature comforts. This Canterlot lady was not about to leave home without a wardrobe worth of clothes and accessories. Now, they looked to be more of a burden than anything, but until they proved useful or not, she would carry them, for nothing else than the comfort of having them with her.

    Giving a haughty sigh, she stopped to regard the tall iron gates behind her. She longed to be back in the pampered world of the Canterlot elite. But until she had a way to get a message to her uncle, she was stuck. This was not going to be easy...
  3. Fatal's wings were finally recovered.

    She'd used her Wing Buffet attack in an encounter just before her release into Equestria, and she'd been in pain. Finally, the spines were done growing back and she could move about freely, and without pain. Another benefit of being complete once more is that she can fly. She immediately takes to the sky, never having been free to fly wherever she chooses. All of the ponies below seemed dreary. They all seemed like they were being thrown away, torn from the life they clung to. Fatal didn't understand that. The only place she'd ever been was inside the Infinite Dungeon, and until now, had never been able to fly about without the restriction of a roof. She practices doing loops and other sorts of tricks, reveling in the wind that was blowing through her wing feathers. Just as she started to truly enjoy her free flying, she watched as an arrow flew by.

    She follows the trail of the arrow, seeing that it came from one of the guards atop the wall. She scoffs at him before landing. She quickly thinks over her situation. On one hand, she can land and take flight when she's out of their sight. On the other hand, she can use her wing buffet, murder the scum, and not be able to fly for an hour or so. Certain that she's made the right choice, she lands on the ground, starting to walk and in a very big hurry to get away from the wall. However, she begins to slow down as she sees the mare with the large amount of luggage. She begins to slow her pace beside her, introducing herself. Best she starts making 'friends' now.

    "Hello, my name is Fatal Flight."
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    Farsight had always been close to the royals. It was his job to help Princess Luna with matters relating to dreams... Or at least, that's how it had been. When the two new "rulers" had taken over, he could not stand by and watch the evils they committed. So he stood against them, trying to lead what group he could in an attempt to overthrow the despots... All it really turned into, though, was him, by himself, trying to speak out against them in their own court. It didn't work out as well as he ha imagined, and he was chained and shackled before they sentenced him to be exiled.

    He had had just enough time to grab his saddlebag and his survival gear... But before he left, they made sure to salt the wound. Both unicorns used their combined powers, and stripped Farsight of his ability to open gateways to the Dreamworld... His only mode for quick and secret travel. It had felt like a part of him had been torn asunder. Not always a vengeful stallion, he vowed to return. To make them pay! But for now... All he could do was survive. He walked a little ways off from the others, not wanting to converse at the time.
  5. Morning Glory turned to the pegasus that had addressed her. In doing so, she failed to see the gopher hole before her. Her left hoof sunk deep into the upturned soil, tripping her. The unicorn managed to recover before she hit the dirt, but looked all the more displeased. She tossed her mane out of her face and sneered at the mare. "I am Lady Morning Glory of the Silver House." she said tersely with her nose in the air once more, hauling her foot out of the hole and regarding the earth caked into her lilac fur with intense disdain.

    She looked back to the pegasus. "Is there something you require of me?" Morning was not in the mood to socialize, or even be seen in her state. Dirty, disheveled, and dumped in a deserted forest, many miles from the nearest manor or townhouse. To think she could have stayed at home. Right then she could have been soaking in her personal bathtub the size of an average street carriage. Her maidservant Featherdust could comb her mane and she could sip red wine, lazing in the torrid water.

    Morning Glory was shaken from her reverie when the wheel on her luggage cart sunk deep into the gopher hole she had just passed through. She gasped and nearly fell over again, the petticoats of her gown billowing around her absurdly. Scampering to get her hooves beneath her again she heaved on the cart, only to have it staunchly remain mired in the deep hole. She strained at the fancy harness for a moment more before sagging dramatically. "Aaaaaugh!" She screeched indignantly, causing a flock of birds to take flight from a nearby tree.

    It was going to be a long day...
  6. Fatal simply watches as all of this happens. The mare, to be perfectly honest, scared her in a way with the extreme elegance she carried. It was almost as though she was the kind of pony you hear about but never see. Fatal can't help but close her eyes and sulk for a moment, thinking back on all of the good memories she has of Equestria. All those artificial memories, programmed into her mind for the sole purpose of convincing her she exists. Despite knowing the truth, she can't help but feel some truth in them still. They just seem so realistic.

    Fatal shakes away the thoughts, her eyes laying on the mare, surely covered in more dirt than she ever has been. Fatal takes to the air once more, this time flying above the cart wheel that's stuck inside of the gopher hole. She wraps her hooves around a solid looking beam and lifts. Through a little strain and concentration, she manages to speak to the other mare. "Pull the cart." she says plainly, a small series of effects trailing through her mind as she analyzes the possible outcomes of her choice of words. The choice wasn't really hers to make, though. Her creators hadn't put any effort into implementing certain parts of her personality. When it comes to others that are generally considered a higher status, she just doesn't have the ability to treat them as such.

    Or perhaps it wasn't a mistake. Perhaps it was a twisted way to force their ideas of equality on her. Those few who thought themselves so high above others as to create life and then deny it wholeness.
  7. Physics Shift trotted through the forest wearing his dark grey cloak, grumbling something about "dirty traitors" and "backstabing royals" as he made his way in the trees. Mere days ago, Physics had been a advid supporter of the new King and Queen, as he had known that speaking out would result in...less then wanted results. Physics horn glows as he teleports himself past a river, seeing no rocks to hop to to get over. He cursed which-ever pony had thought that using him as the make believe leader of the rebels to arrest the ponies the mayor hated with all his hate. Physics stops his trek infront of a bush of poision joke, making his way around the damnable flowers rather then through, not risking one touching the area of his skin his cloak did not cover.

    Physics sees a cave. A good as home as any... Physics says, knowing some shelter would be welcomed. As Physics takes a step inside he hears a growl, it was a warning thankfully, and Physics had no want of fighting a bear...or a Ursa minor or major. He grumbles as he turns around to look for a less bear filled home, opening the locket to get a look at his family for strength, oh how he missed Stella and Irina. Physics sighs as he puts the locket away, knowing he had to be strong.
  8. Morning Glory was busy pouting to herself, bemoaning her misfortune and cursing the fat ugly pigs responsible for it. It was only once she felt the cart shift upward that she looked around. "What do you think you are do-" she was about to accuse the pegasus of thievery when she worked out what the mare was trying to do. Morning Glory was no workhorse, but she laid her shoulders into the harness once more and pushed hard, gritting her teeth and sweating in her best dress.

    With a grand lurch forward the elegant wagon was free. Morning Glory stumbled forward several steps before she had the clanking, oversized cart under control again.

    Pushing her sweaty forelock out of her face, she looked around for the pegasus again. "Err, my thanks...Miss Flight." She straitened her gown and held her head high again. "Please forgive my earlier terseness. This day has not been my finest, as you may know."
  9. Farsight trotted past the two mares, too busy thinking about getting himself as far away from Equestria as possible. Clanking can be heard coming from his back. He trots a bit ahead of them, then stops. Sighing, he turns around and walks back to Morning Glory and Fatal Flight. "Do you mares need any help" he a​sks.
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    Physics trots around the forest area, looking around for some berries, or anything to eat really. As he trots around, machete telekinetically lifted nearby for defense, he sees a more open area free of trees, and filled with a few ponies and a wagon.
    Must be others banished ponies....I hope they don't recognize me.... Physics says, knowing he had ties to the tyrants, minor ties atleast, but he made no effort in hiding them from the public...or atleast he used to have ties before the damn mayor got him banished...oh how he wished he could have done more to her then simply burn off her mane before the guards took him down, but the hit ruined the aim of his fire stream. Physics eyes the was nice...and probably full of food!...but would they share with a ex-tyrant supporter? His stomach grumbles, he nears the cart, hiding in some nearby bushes, maybe if they open it up, he could scare them off, and take it for himself!

    Near the group, rustling can be heard within a nearby bush...and a low grumble, sounds like the stomach of some starving didn't sound loud so it obviously wasn't very big, but size wasn't all that mattered in a fight...
  11. Farsight looked over at where the grumbling was coming from, and armor instantly materialized onto his body. A sword also materialized next to him. If it was a beast, and unfriendly, he was ready to react. He moved to place himself between the mares and the bush. He waited there, watching to see what would happen next.
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  14. Fatal Flight looks over the regal pony, and smiles a little, a somewhat feigned reaction. "Getting away from here, no matter the reason, doesn't seem like having a bad day. The rulers are tyrannical." she says, not knowing anything of Equestria's previous rulers or the truth behind the situation at hand. She sits the wagon down, landing beside the mare with a slow nod. She slows when a unicorn grabs her attention, and then shifts into battle armor. She takes to the sky, prepared to strike him with an attack if need be. Instead of aiming at her, though, he seems to be aiming at some bushes. She follows his eyes and sees a series of small bushes. They seem to be shaking a bit, and making a strange noise. She lands beside the lilac colored pony again, staring at the bushes.
  15. She didn't return the smile the mare offered her, but her mouth twitched upward and her brows unknit. "Tyrants or not, I prefer my outdoor activity to be my garden and nothing mo- What are you doing?" Morning Glory glanced about, eyes first on Fatal Flight, and then the unicorn, who had materialized armor from seemingly no where. "What is it? What's going on?" The mare followed their eyes, finally noticing the bush. "Of for the sake of the sun! It's probably just a squirrel or a robin or something..."

    Her horn glowed pale green as she fixed her gaze on the underbrush "Watch, I'll prove it." Her horn flashed as she cast her Identification spell and her confident expression passed away. They could now see the faint green shimmer of a shape behind the leaves. "There's a mad stallion in there with a knife!" Morning Glory went to back away post haste, but bumped into her cart and tripped on the hem of her skirts. She wound up on her rump, and turned, peeking around the edge of her wagon, horn glowing bright. "I knew this would happen! Not ten minutes outside Equestria and I'm going to be ravaged by a crazed, feral woodspony!"

    "You there! You stay where you are! I-I command put down your weapon at once!"
    Her demands were not very compelling, being extremely high-pitched and panicked.
  16. Physics felt insulted a little, "mad pony' he wasn't mad! But the petty wound to his pride was the least of his worries, there where three of them, and only one of him, his odds of beating them without being hurt himself where fairly low, and he rather now become exhausted within the outskirts of civilization. That and he saw a pony he knew, Farsight, he rather not get involved in a conflict with one of his friends. Physics sighs as he slowly exits the bush.I'm no mad pony! Physics shouts, as he trots forward out of his concielment, hoping his cloak would stop them from recognizing him as the ex-supporter of the tyrants he was. I...I just wanted to know you weren't ...dangerous yourself before I came to you...A pony can't be too safe out here... Physics lies, knowing he planned to rob them, but that wasn't something he was going to share with them.
  17. The weapon vanished from next to Farsight once Physics first spoke. But, as he spoke again, his ear twitched... He thought he recognized the voice, although he couldn't see the pony's face under the hood. He still had his armor on, which was an identical copy of what Princess Luna's honor guard wore when they were still around. Farsight approaches the unicorn, his head held a little lower so he could see under the hood. "Physics...? Is that you?" He asks, trying to get a good look at the stallion under the hood. He wasn't sure what he was going to do if it was Physics... They had been friends at one point in time, but after he got involved with tyrants... He hadn't been able to look at his friend the same way again. He had always thought Physics was a good pony... Like he had been a good friend.
  18. Physics quickly realizies he has no chance of keeping his identity secret. He gives a slow nod as his hoves slowly pull off his hood, revealing his face to the group. He starts realizing he has no chance of robbing them and getting away with his life, Farsight had some sort of armor and weapon spell on him, far better armed then what Physics had on him, even if he was willing to harm his friend, his feind would do far more harm to him in the process.
    Looks...looks like my days in Ponyville are over too huh? Physic tries to joke, though quickly regretting it, the joke stung him hard, rather then lighten the mood, it just made a knot him his stomach appear, if not tighten from the pain it caused him. Physics gulps.
    I...I hope you can forgive me for what I've done... Physics says, hoping the group was forgiving enough to put his past behind him, and maybe not hang him for being a traitor to the princesses.
  19. Night Fall's ears twitched as the iron gates closed, but he did not look back. He just walked on fighting the tears that tried to reveal his emotions. He didn't want anypony to know he cared about his banishment, didn't want to know the pain he felt, or the fear. He just walked on slowly, pulling the the cart filled with what little possessions that could be saved.

    Anger welled up inside of him. Those power hungry fools deserved the death he threatened them with. Night Fall was lucky he hadn't been killed himself, and even more lucky they hadn't killed his family. He tried to get his mind off of his anger. He focused on his senses.. He felt the heavy pull of the wagon behind him, the heat of the sun beating down on his cloak, the pain in his eyes caused by the harsh light of the sun. He pulled the cloak's hood down further in a vain attempt to reduce the light.

    He continued plodding along head down when he walked into something. He lost his balance, and fell to the ground. Shaking his head Night fall looked around to see what he had run into. It was another pony who he had run into. There were other ponies standing around. Night fall was surprised he had not noticed them, but then again he hadn't been paying attention.
  20. Morning Glory, for her part, watched on as the armored unicorn spoke to the rogue, bush-lurking pony. It seemed they knew each other. Then she got a closer look at the pony's face, squinting as recognition dawned on her face. "I know you." , she murmured, stepping forward. "Beware, fellows. This gentlecolt-" She put cruel irony into the word. "-is a sympathizer." She held her nose in the air, looking masterfully scornful. "I've seen your face, sir. Watched you licking hooves and kissing rumps all over." she leered down at him, tossing her mane. "What happened? Did you pittle on the carpet and the masters threw you out in the co-Oooof!"

    There was a clatter as her cart nearly tipped over. The mare strained to keep both wheels on the ground. Morning Glory then turned to glare at the pony who had bumped into her. "I say, what is the meaning of this? Bludgeoning a Lady of Canterlot in broad daylight...really!" She barked at the poor colt. The mare was in no charitable mood.