Bane of Dragons

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  1. She had been dozing on the cliffside, her scales camouflaged to the perfect shades and tones of the tough grains beneath her, thinking herself safe from harm's way. After all, the cliffs were part of the Nuxvar Canyon, a region of tan and red rocky terrains where it was a safe place for all animals that could handle the canyon.

    And it just so happened that Onawa Wylde was the only dragon to reside there - at least, as far as she knew.

    But it wasn't a safe place. Not for her or any other dragon.

    She didn't know what had happened - only flashes of her trying to fight off the group that had surrounded her. She assumed that she had been tranquilized in some fashion, but she couldn't quite remember receiving the treatment.

    When the earth dragon woke next, she found herself amongst a crowd of people.

    Damn. She had been captured. She had actually been captured by these guys! She growled lowly under her breath, glaring dangerously at all those who passed her. Her snout had strong ropes tied around it so she couldn't bite or snap at anybody. There were other dragons around her, but none so close.

    A war between dragons and those who wanted them dead or enslaved was currently plaguing the nation and Onawa was just caught in the middle of it. And she knew that the dragons who fought, who were too much trouble for their worth, were killed.

    It took her a few days to decide, but she finally opted to not fight against the hostiles surrounding her. She hadn't shown her human body to them as she didn't want to be sexually exploited, but being a rather "obedient" dragon had earn her some privileges.
  2. "Keep 'im down, would'ja?! We got some new ones 'ere and 'e's makin' a racket!"

    "But, sir, he won't keep quiet and--"

    "Then get a muzzle on 'im!"

    Snap! The metal clamps of a muzzle kept his jaw down, but that didn't mean he couldn't growl at his captors. It was a crude device, one meant to harm him if he pulled too hard, and they were only kept for the most pesky of dragons. Despite that, he yanked anyway. The metal teeth dug into his black scales, but he didn't whimper or cry out. It wasn't his nature. As one of the older and more powerful dragons, the black dragon had spent many lifetimes seeking time away from humans. Unless, of course, they decided to bother him, which in that case, he simply ate them.

    That, however, was not an available option. Being trapped with these humans, or whatever they were, was grinding on his nerves. If they didn't have the amount of ropes, chains, or other bonds on him, he would have broken free long ago. As it stood, he wasn't getting away any time soon. A permanent set of ropes pinned his tail to the ground and several other ropes flattened his wings to his back. There was no way to keep his claws in check except with heavy chains, but those only went for his hind legs. His front legs were fair game, and as he saw a young man descending back down to the area where he was kept, the dragon saw his chance.

    He swiped out, clipping the man's leg and leaving a bloody gash along the length of his shin. His scream was enough to make the dragon wince, but if he'd been human, he would have grinned with maliciousness. The man tried to scramble away but the dragon's talons were faster. He latched onto the man's shirt and dragged him closer while he heard cries for mercy. The hateful, raging fury in the dragon's eyes was enough to convey what he really felt. With one strike, the man was dead and the dragon's claws were coated in blood.

    "Dammit all!" the dragon heard someone say. "That's the fifth one in the past two days!" The dragon glanced up and saw someone who was supposed to be the leader and another bumbling man with a belly. Smoke curled from his nostrils and his body shook with a chortle. So much for the leader doing a good job.

    "...We picked up a rather pretty one a few days ago, didn't we? A stocky, little female dragon. I've heard tales that dragons are curious about their own kind, and while Maulkainthur has killed us, he hasn't killed any other dragon."

    "Yet," the beer-bellied man added, though he fell silent when the thin, leader man glared at him. "I guess I'll go get her." The leader nodded and kept his eyes on what might have been their best prize to date. The fat man waddled along until he found where Onawa was being kept. "Well, maybe you'll be good for the biggun," he mused to himself as he motioned for others to help drag Onawa away from her holding place and toward Maulkainthur's detainment area.
  3. Onawa had heard of this dragon, through the men that kept her and also through the dragons in close enough radius to have a mental connection with. His name was incredibly long, though, and she hadn't heard it enough to leave an impression in her mind. Not that she cared much anyway; he was being stubborn and killing off men - he wouldn't be alive for very long. That's what most dragons thought. She actually believed that he would have been killed the day he was caught, but it appeared he was worth more than that.

    She snorted. How much effort would they put into this dragon before they were tired of him?

    The tan dragon with orange stripes on her back allowed herself to be led the male dragon. She only hoped that they weren't trying to mate them or anything like that; she'd try to help calm him down, sure, but not in such ways. If that was their cause, then they were sorely mistaken.

    As she was put in the detainment area, she sat down some ways away from the other, simply looking at him with a careless expression. The people that had led her here told her that this was a mean one - a stubborn beast. So, she figured she'd let him speak first. Her tail swayed slowly, landing on the ground with a soft thump occasionally.
  4. Maulkainthur caught her scent before he saw her. Why they were bringing another dragon to him, he didn't know. All he knew was that he wanted out. That was what he'd wanted ever since he got stuck here. Like Onawa, the black dragon had yet to show his human form. However, unlike her, he'd been trapped for much longer. Each day he spent under their harsh treatment wore down on him. Eventually, he would be forced into his weaker state. He wasn't sure if that was their ultimate goal, but they were definitely pushing toward that edge.

    Maulkainthur wasn't the type to show weakness and in order to keep up his strength, he had to kill and eat. Starving the dragons was helpful in breaking their will, and the black dragon had already seen several others go down and snap. Now he saw them flying with people on their back with all sorts of leather around their bodies and faces.

    He wasn't about to let anyone on his back.

    Onawa's tail thumped the ground and he glared in her general direction. She didn't seem interested in him and he felt the same way. However, as she sat there, he realized how much smaller she was. It wasn't uncommon to find dragons as big as he, but she seemed tiny in comparison. Either she was young or she was different. He banked on different.

    You do not smell as others do. If she was young, she wouldn't understand the ancient draconic language. Not many other dragons understood the lost tongue. Why is this? You are young but... odd. His mental voice boomed, a signal his bark, or roar in this case, was just as big as his bite.
  5. She didn't seem to peak his interest. Which she didn't really mind, but she hoped that he'd at least engage in some sort of talk or action. It was boring to simply be brought here for a reason and not be able to even speak to one another. She didn't think she'd care too much if he were someone - something else, but he was a dragon and to her, that made them brethren. She'd give him the benefit of the doubt until he broke that trust, if you could even call it that.

    When he did speak to her, she was surprised. But a small chuckled rumbled from her throat at her question. It wasn't mocking; a lot of dragons with enough experience that she came by sensed the way she wasn't exactly... full dragon, even if they were unaware of that truth. "Young, yes, but old enough," she returned back the mental connection as she stood on all fours. "My name is Onawa, and I'm only half dragon. Can you guess the other?" she asked, head cocked to the side just slightly.

    Judging from just first impressions, the rumors she had heard was true. He was massive. Powerful.

    And angry. Angry at what, she didn't know, but she had a feeling this rage was not a new feeling. It consumed him.
  6. The black dragon had to admit that he was... slightly curious as to what she was. She had a sense of smallness around her, though at first, he decided it was simply her size he was thinking. As she stood, he realized that even at her full height, he could see eye to eye with her, even though he was resting on the ground. He inhaled deeply, noticing her scent had a subtle undertone. It was too much like...

    ...Human, he growled, the pitch of his mental voice deepening. Immediately, his eyes narrowed and he shot a golden glare at her. She was part human, part dragon. And Maulkainthur despised humans. He could never speak for other dragons and their disgusting fascinations with humans, but he had never seen the appeal in wanting to mate with one. Onawa wasn't what he considered an abomination as other dragons did, but he could question her parent's taste in significant other.

    The dragon was pulled from his thoughts as he realized the leader was watching the two interact. The ropes and chains pulled taut as he whipped his head toward the man and growled with as much of an open mouth as he could muster. The man only watched for a few more seconds before moving away, leaving Maulkainthur to stab at the dead man near his claws.

    Introductions weren't his strong suit, but he mustered up a second reply anyway. ...I am Maulkainthur. I am sure the other dragons here have spoken of me. It is widely known that I do not like these creatures, he motioned to the limp body with a now dismembered arm, and that I will be escaping from them.
  7. There it was. There was that flick of recognition in his eyes. But as much as there was recognition, there was also disgust. It didn't bother Onawa much, if at all, and she simply stared at him as she had before, lazily licking her snout. She nodded slightly at his growl and ignored the glare, instead looking up to the sky and then down to the others around them, observing them as they busied about doing whatever they were doing.

    When the dragon hunter was growled at, Onawa looked back to the male dragon and watched as he stabbed the dead body. She had noticed the stagnant scent of blood and the body it had come from long ago, and she also decided to ignore it. "Maulkainthur," she repeated mentally, making sure she got the name right as she also edged it into her memory. "I can see that clearly," she said, eying the dead body before looking back. "You say you will escape... but you do know, if you don't stop killing them, they'll soon try to kill you." She wasn't doubting him, just simply curious about the fellow. She started to walk now, having to move around. Even though she didn't have much walking distance considering how she was chained to a sturdy holding.
  8. Maulkainthur snorted and smoke puffed from his nostrils. As if they could kill him. He was weakened, yes, but he wouldn't die. Not by their hand. He'd never forgive himself if he died to the human creatures. It would amuse me to see them try. He didn't admit the weakness he'd felt since he'd been robbed of food and most water sources. They kept him alive, but eventually, he'd run out of steam and a transformation would be forced.

    They are keeping me for something. Since my ... detainment, they have attempted to mount me in hopes that I will be a part of some herd of human-flown dragons. They have also tried to break me. The thought elicited another disbelieving snort. You are small. You will likely be kept for breeding or something of that sort. You do not look like you are able to carry a human on your back.

    He had to admit, he was jealous of her slight freedom. Being bound as he was, he couldn't move farther than a few feet in any direction. With his back legs chained to a thick wall, he wasn't allowed the ability to move. If he could flap his wings just once, he might be satisfied for a time.
  9. Perhaps his pride would lead this dragon to live in his escape, but the same pride could very well be his downfall in this dragon hell. Arrogance could help, yes, but probably not in this moment.

    "It's called riding, Maulkainthur," Onawa stated lightly. "The dragon hunters want to ride you because they see how valuable you are, and by valuable I mean how powerful and how much of a threat you are." She sat again. She was thirsty, but not as badly as others for a couple of reasons. One, because she was given more water than others due to her somewhat compliance. Two, because she was an earth dragon and therefore was used to not having too much water around. "I'm not as weak as I look," she snorted. "I can carry humans, just... not for very long. But that's also because I cannot fly for long distances either." She didn't want to be used for breeding and she didn't want to be mounted either, but she knew she had to survive here for as long as she could.

    "Tell me. How exactly were you captured?"

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    Maulkainthur didn't like being corrected, but he let it slide. Onawa was the only contact he'd had in months, and for reasons unknown to himself yet, he wasn't going to squander his chance at escape. She was going to help him. How, he wasn't sure yet. But he always knew that two fire breathing, deadly creatures were always better than one.

    The dragon experimentally tugged at the metal clamp attached to his snout, noting the pinpricks of pain poking at his nose. They'd outdone themselves with this contraption. No matter. It was going to come off soon enough. Her question didn't take him by surprise. He was wondering it himself.

    I was hunting these creatures. He proved his point by snapping the dead man's leg bone with a very audible crack! He wanted to feast on the corpse but with his jaw in the metal state it was, he wouldn't be getting a meal any time soon. They finally realized I was doing so after a few days of picking off their men. They had... poison. Something. Some human made concoction. They threw a barrel of the substance at me, and it weakened me and forced me to land. They are quick, I will say that. They did not waste time in putting these chains on me. I killed many of them, but there were scores of them. That is why I spend my time picking them off. I refuse to die by their hand.
  11. Oh, yes. Of course she'd help him. She'd help all the dragons in this area escape if she could. But she wasn't going to make it obvious, and she hoped Maulkainthur's pride wouldn't get the best of him.

    As he explained what had happened to him, Onawa squinted her eyes as they flickered with recognition. Ah, yes. She had been caught in a similar fashion - certainly not hunting humans, but she had been poisoned as well. Except, they had to use an extra dosage on her considering she had a resistance to most poisons. It was unlike anything she had ever witnessed or smelled before, though, and she had no idea what it was made from.

    "You do know that not all humans are bad, don't you?"
    she inquired. "These men," she motioned to their surroundings with her head, "these are dragon hunters, the ones that started the war against us. Other humans, the ones that aren't associated with the dragon hunters, a lot of them are aiding us in the war. Do you hate humans just to hate them?" She was genuinely curious. While she knew that Kain wasn't the only dragon to eat humans or loathe them, she wanted to know his reasons, if he had any.
  12. The black dragon growled at the second correction. Onawa seemed intent on schooling him about things he cared little about. He gouged holes in the man's body, relishing as blood oozed from the fatally open wounds. He had a bloodlust stronger than most dragons and found pleasure in killing where others turned their noses away. It was a wonder he hadn't died in battle with the humans. It was certainly no secret how he itched to slaughter the lot of them. While none had heard his mental voice, he didn't hide his rage or killing intent from them.

    Every human I have encountered in my life has tried to harm me. He didn't give a reason related to his family, because as far as he was concerned, his parents were dead and gone. He had fended for himself for as long as he'd lived, which was quite a long time. Over six centuries, I have had countless encounters with these creatures, and even as a hatchling, they were unkind to me. I have only returned the favor. Unlike Maulkainthur, however, these humans didn't remember their abuse toward him in the younger years. But he did, and that was what mattered.
  13. Onawa took point to notice the growl and the way the other dragon repeatedly punctured the dead hunter's flesh. Maybe it'd be better if she held her tongue, but he hadn't lashed out on her yet so she thought she could test the waters a little more.

    After all, he was telling her his story. It made a lot of sense of why he was so angry - and perhaps why he had so much blood lust, but to be angry for over six centuries? It must be lonely. Didn't he ever get tired?

    She gave him a nod of acknowledgement as a response, knowing that not just words could change his opinion. For now, she'd settle with just what he gave her; since she had the feeling that they'd be together for a while, she knew she could always talk later. For now, she simply laid down some ways away from Maulkainthur.
  14. His story seemed to shut Onawa up, but it wasn't a win. He would never admit it, but the dragon took some small pleasure in knowing the other dragons were intelligent enough to question. It meant that they were smart enough to devise an escape plan. He watched her lay down, but he didn't pester her. The dragon himself was already thinking of ways to escape.

    Those thoughts were interrupted as he felt a new presence join them. His claws gouged the ground as he shot up, tightening the bonds around most of his body. It was the leader human again. "How do you like your new friend, Maulkainthur?" A growl answered the man's words, but he only waited until the black dragon quieted. "Perhaps we'll call you just Kain. You don't seem very worthy of your full name, now do you?"

    The dragon bared an open mouth snarl, ignoring the pain in his nose. "Well, you seem eager to move today. We can't have you breaking another chain. I think this will calm you down." He pulled a large bottle from behind his back and threw it down at the dragon. The glass shattered against his nose and a pinky green powder coated his snout. With one intake of breath, he knew it was the weakening poison. He growled, but there was no force behind the sound as he dropped his weight back to the ground. Anger riddled his gaze, but he couldn't hold the stare for very long before his eyes closed.

    You see? This is what they do. Even if I had never killed a single one of their men, the fact that I do not wish to be contained is enough for them to poison me. I will not stand for it.
  15. Onawa turned her head towards the supposed leader as he approached them and greeted Maulkainthur, which only earned him a growl from the great beast. She stood idly by, watching the two interact before suddenly a bomb of some sort was thrown down in front of the snarling dragon and a powder coated his snout.

    She didn't know if it was the same poison from when they were captured, but she immediately backed up even though she was a safe distance away anyway. She sent a glare over to the leader but that was the most she did as she certainly did not want the same treatment. As Kain's words echoed in her mind, an idea sourced in her mind and she slowly made her way over to the weakened dragon.

    She didn't think he knew what a kind touch felt like, and even if he did from his parents, it had been way too long to remember its exact effect. Slowly, she made her way over but was careful to stay away from the powder. She didn't know if he had fainted or not, but it was worth a shot.

    "Calm, Maulkainthur. Perhaps that is the key." She gently brushed her tail against his body, briefly, before circling around his body and going back to her spot.
  16. The dragon was aware of her steps toward him, but he couldn't move. His limbs lacked strength and he could barely lift his head. The golden eyes flicked in her direction, noting where she was until they closed on their own accord. He heaved a deep sigh as if he was too tired to stay awake. And then he felt her tail slide along his scales and he growled as she spoke.

    As if he could be calm in a situation like this. The humans did nothing but infuriate him, even if he went a few days without killing. They didn't seem to want anything but to piss him off and leave him that way. But, despite his ferocious anger, Onawa's words stuck with him. If he remained calm and complacent, as he had seen other dragons doing, maybe it would grant him relief. Maybe it wouldn't be a sign of weakness. At least until their escape.

    ...Fine, he relented with a weak, internal voice. I will display calm.
  17. At his compliance, a small smile curved her lips and she crossed her front legs, letting her snout rest against them as she curled her body. She said nothing more to Maulkainthur as there was no point.

    The day had passed on conventionally besides the change in Maulkainthur. The effect of the powder had lasted for at least an hour or two before it finally wore off, but he had taken the hinted advice given by Onawa and the change was noticed almost immediately by the leader and the rest of the hunters. The next day had the female dragon still around the male, but only until the afternoon when she was led away.

    Another couple of days passed before she was brought back to Kain. There were few bruises on her scales, but most you couldn't see unless up close. She had also ended up showing her human form, but she seemed too worth it to give up. After all, she kept the angry male calm - as far as they knew - and they were a lot better off manipulating the male than killing him.
  18. The black dragon hated pretending that he was going to comply with demands. Since Onawa's removal, the humans thought he would be complacent, calm, and most importantly, able to be ridden. It didn't stop him from growling and protesting as they strapped the necessary equipment onto his back and send him into a large, enclosed pit. There, in the presence of no one but humans, the riders tried to break him into submission. The dragon was having none of that, but he didn't kill anyone, which the humans saw as progress.

    And so, as Onawa was released into his normal pit, Kain glanced up, feigning interest in his golden eyes. If he acted like he was curious about her return, they would reward him. One of his wings had been unbound for the time being as they found that he was both calm and unwilling to do damage with the limb. Of course, so they thought.

    ...You were correct in your suggestion. The statement was hard to even think about, but he spoke anyway. She appeared to move in a different way, as if she were injured, but Kain couldn't see anything different about her just yet.
  19. "I usually am," she responded teasingly as she looked to him out of the corners of her eyes. However, the brown orbs weren't quite as bright and chipper as they used to be. In fact, she looked rather... tired and it was even hinted in her voice. Even if you obeyed them, it didn't stop the dragon hunters from beating you completely. It just earned you less beatings. "It seems you can be quite the actor," she said as she motioned to his unbound wing with her head.
  20. The dragon caught the drained undertones in her voice. He knew she was tired. They all were. It didn't matter what any dragon did. In order to keep them from truly rebelling, they had to have a way to keep them down, and humans were always ready for physical abuse and torture of all kinds. He knew that better than any dragon at the camp. He growled and scoffed at her second phrase. He didn't want to admit that not all of his complacency had been an act. Being starved and thirsty most of the time left him with a strong will and no strength to back it.

    Whatever allows me to leave this place, he answered, one golden eye blinking at her as his head lifted. Those glaring orbs shot up as humans peered down into the pit where he and Onawa were laying. He saw no women or children. They weren't allowed near the dragons, not even the younglings, the ones who couldn't fly or bite worth a damn. He cocked his head and his eyes narrowed.

    "I'd leave that one if I were you," the tall man, the one who threw the poison at Kain, called to the gathering humans. "We have other fine specimens, such as this one here." He motioned to Onawa and continued, "She's very useful and quite lovely in both human and dragon form. Onawa, yes, that's her name. Let us see the others before you make a choice." The tall man and group of humans departed, leaving Kain confused of all things. He was rarely out of the loop, but this seemed like a new development.

    ...Are they attempting to sell us to the humans?
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