Bands you love that no one knows about

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  1. What is a band that you love that most people probably have never heard of and why do you love their music? It could be because they are a small band local to your area or any other reason.

    Preferably provide a youtube/spotify link so people can actually try and listen.
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  2. Here are a few that I think are (fairly) unknown:

    Brand New Immortals - A rock group whose sole album before they split is one of the few that I feel is listenable all the way through.

    Emily Wells
    - Combines violin with hip-hop beats and haunting vocals. Pretty awesome.

    Marit Larsen
    - Half of the former pop group M2M. Her solo work is much more folk-oriented than the bubblegum pop M2M put out.

    Kelly Sweet
    - An amazing jazzy pop singer. She also does an incredible cover of Aerosmith's "Dream On."

    Game Over
    - No, not the Italian Game Over. These people are apparently from Sweden and perform rock/metal versions of video game songs. With lyrics. It's far more awesome than it sounds.

    Their OCRemix page.

    That about covers as diverse a range of stuff I listen to without doubling up on genres.
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  3. The Paper Chase. They're one of my favorite bands of all time but no one's seemed to heard of them. Probably doesn't help that they're disbanded "at the moment". The front man and vocalist has since moved on to another band, The Nighty Night, who for all intents and purposes is the Paper Chase 2.0 since his voice pretty much made the band in the first place. Their music definitely isn't for everyone as it's pretty grim and bleak. They're very much 'nightmare fuel' music, but without being overly 2spooky. I hesitate to call it Lynchian, but that's probably the best descriptor I have.

    Their two best albums are You are Now One of Us, God Bless Your Black Heart and Someday This Can All Be Yours pt. 1. The first carries the theme of fear as means of controlling people, and the latter is a concept album of sorts about the human condition and how insignificant we are in the grand scheme of the universe (or destruction/natural disasters if you take it at face value) Oh, and don't hold your breath about any other parts to STCABY. I think that's it.

    The two albums before God Bless Your Black Heart were before the band really came into their signature sound so they're not really ...good. Personally, some of the tracks are so unpolished and poorly produced to the point of being unlistenable. But maybe that was the point, especially given how disjointed and cacophonous the stuff gets later on. There are gems hidden on the EPs however.

    Anyway, here's one of my favorite songs for you guys to sample.

    My second recommendation is one of my favorite rappers of all time! Brotha Lynch Hung.

    Once again, this isn't for everybody. You can't deny that he's a skilled rap vet that could easily spit circles around most folks in the mainstream nowadays. He's signed with Strange Music so if you're into Tech N9ne or Hopsin you would definitely like him.

    Keeping it 100, Lynch is nowhere near a conscious rapper. If you head into his music expecting hard-hitting topics and lyrics that make you think you will be sorely disappointed. His entire image is horror-inspired, campy and ridiculous. It's basically the rap equivalent to a splatterpunk movie, and I love every minute of it. Cannibalism, murder and torture are staple themes, so if you're sensitive to that kinda thing you might wanna move along.

    And Caro Emerald. I'm so shocked not many have heard of her. Her voice is absolutely divine and her songs are so charming and jazzy.

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  4. Thats my whole music library… NOBODY listens to progressive rock and it's truly a shame.

    This is a really peaceful nice song that is just good to relax to, helps me fall asleep. It's a Japanese band

    I can play this on guitar :D

    And I can't not include Dir en Grey even though they're semi popular. This song has just been helping me lately

    Alright alright last one
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  6. Deaf By J-Pop. They're... I guess you could call them a nerdcore hip-hop band. Their songs are pretty much impossible to find nowadays. The band broke up and the site they posted their music to doesn't have it anymore.

    The tag line for the band was: "This is the way the world will end. Not with a bang, not with a whimper, only the sound of DJ Correlation and MC Causation thundering a maelstrom and letting the lolis hit the pavement."
  7. I feel so ashamed, I'm falling into this very obvious hipster trap.

    Anyway, I consider these bands to be under-appreciated, though they do have a certain underground presence:

    Machinae Supremacy - Self-defined SID Metal band. Many of their songs reflect sci-fi or video game themes, and sometimes they sneak in parts of popular VGOSTs into their tabs. Flag Carrier is one of many of their amazing songs, and they have quite a few albums out. It just seems like no one else but me, my friends, and anyone I introduce them to know of them, especially here in North America.

    PowerGlove - An instrumental power metal coverband that handles popular TV and video game songs, such as the original X-Men cartoon theme, The Simpsons, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, and more. Their album art is fucking awesome, by the way.

    This is just a few that I can immediately conjure up off the top of my head. I know many, many more. Also @heliacalRebirth almost all of my friends and I enjoy progrock. xD
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  8. Most definitely A Skylit Drive. All the songs sound different so take a listen.

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  9. For me I'm into K-Pop (Korean Pop) and there's a lot of singers/bands I like post but these are the two that I really enjoy and recommend.

    1.) Royal Pirates - Drawing The Line; Now this song has a Korean ver. and a English ver. (I'll post both). I'm not really into rock and such but I find this really catchy and made me singing along with the English version. Not just the song but the music video I really love. You don't need to understand Korean to know about the plot about in the video it shows you the struggles of a everyday idol/celebrity; annoying directors, interivewers at are just boring or rude and other problems like that, that's rare to see something like that in a normal K-Pop music video.
    Kor vers:

    Eng vers:

    2.) Busker Busker - Cherry Blossom Ending; Busker Busker is a Korean band but has a white guy in it (fyi). Anyways even though it's a bit well known in Korea but in the western countries, not so much. I love the gentleness of the song and vocals in this song. I really like the ending in the video, great and funny plot twist.
  10. The few bands and singer/song wirter that I listen to that no one I know has ever heard of are:

    1. Creature Feature. A horror rock band that has songs about the undead, monsters & ghoulies, a haunted house and anything Halloween related. I really love them because they are weird and strange.

    2. We As Human, it's a new band that came out around the end of last year. They're a christian rock band. I guess the reason I like them is because I like their sound.

    3. Icon For Hire. They are another newer band, that is christian rock. The reason I like them is because I can relate to thier songs.

    4. Voltaire- a macabre and horror/ comedic singer/ song writer. I like him because he's totally weird and gothic. and plus some of his songs make me laugh.

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