Bands/music artists you're obsessed with at the moment

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  1. Obsessed to the point where you'll buy their merch., set every devices wallpapers as them, and listen to them everyday.
    (And if you're not like that with any one musician, then just something close to that)
  2. Closest would be Star Bomb

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  3. [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Hi my name's Kaga and I see you haven't met me recently so now let me tell you all about my precious dyslexic bug boys.

    ...The Beatles. I'm referring to the Beatles. ...Just thought I'd make that clear.
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  4. I've surprised myself with this musical binge; I've been listening to a lot of Eminem lately O_O

    It's just so damn CATCHY.
  5. ADAM LAMBERT. His new album is boss. O___O
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  6. OMG but how hot was Adam Lambert in 2010 though. Srsly.
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  8. I don't buy band merchandise. Hell, I hardly buy their CDs at all!

    Digital all the way.

    Edit: That and I don't obsess over one thing until it's the last thing I want to hear.
  9. Oh my god don't even get me started with my obsession with K-pop.

    SHINee was (and still is just saying) one of my biggest obsessions. Same with Girl's Generation and 2NE1. I would listen to K-pop all day and watch the variety shows that featured them. I also own like 2 CDs (since it's a pain in the ass to find them in Australia and I can't online shop coz parents orz). I also tried shoving K-pop down other people's throats and be like 'OMG LISTEN TO THEM! ARE YOU LISTENING?'

    I was also one of those people that told people to listen to Gangnam Style before it became a meme.

    Although, now I kinda just stopped with K-pop, partially because of EDM. I watch this Youtube series (which basically features Random League of Legends Moments...) and they would often play a different EDM track in their outros. Here I was going 'Wow this beat/melody is sick!' So I searched it up the song and started to just branched out to find cool EDM.

    Right now, I love 7obu's (or just 'Tobu') music. IT'S SO FREAKING MELODIC AND HAPPY AND BADASS AT THE SAME TIME :'D


    Oh and also Stryv (who's really under-appreciated imo) and his bassdrops are pretty sick. Although it seems he has been focusing on Vocal House and melodic EDM more right now.
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  10. I don't do the buying merch or setting wallpapers things, I just listen to things over and over and over again when I get obsessed with a band. Currently that spot is held by Amanda Palmer, and by extension also The Dresden Dolls because she was the singer for that before doing the solo career thing. I go through cycles of binge listening to my favorite bands/musicians, and by this point I've lost count of how many times Amanda Palmer has been the binge target because she's been part of the cycle for many years.
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  11. Faith No More, TooL, Nine Inch Nails, Deftones, Mastodon, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains and most recently Kate Bush. The most merch I buy is a T-shirt or a hoodie for casual wearing, but other than I listen to their stuff over and over and over again in periods.

    Plus I try to learn all their material on guitar and bass and even drums. Which for me is the best thing one of my favourites have done!
  12. I don't buy merchandise. Most I've bought is a CD. This could potentially change in the future. But not likely by much. When I get obsessed with an artist I just listen to their songs over and over. Usually for several days (or potentially longer) before moving onto something different. Right now there isn't a particular artist taking all my music time. The closest is Halsey. Depending on her new album it might escalate. Last musician to become something of an obsession was Bastille.

    We should be friends.
  13. Well when I get obsessive with a band/singer I'll get all their songs and then listen to them none stop for a few months. The two bands that lasted the longest over the usual random find of a new artists and you listen to them for a while because it's new was Emilie Autumn and Icon For Hire. Although in my early teens Linkin Park is pretty much up there as well. As of right now I'm just awkwardly obsessed with listening to Nighthcore version of everything and I don't know why DX
  14. I like the music of Bear McCreary. He did the soundtracks to Battlestar Galactica (2004), The Walking Dead and Agents of SHIELD (and other shows).

    He also did this:
  15. Yung Lean.

    Sad booooooooooyz~

    I can't stop listening to Hurt.
  16. Ever since I was in high school I've been obsessed with Skillet. I own a shirts, posters, a few of their albums, an autographed flag, a necklace, and a wristband. I went to see one of their concerts a few years ago and it was awesome. ^_^ I'm totes obsessed and will always be. XD haha.

  17. *looks down at own signature*


  18. I have concert tickets to see Florida Georgia Line in October.
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