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  1. A few notes before you even attempt to read what will probably be a giant wall of text, full of sarcasm and tiny belittling messages: please make sure your Iwaku background color is a dark color, otherwise it'll be a painful read for you. The second thing, is that this is just an idea! An interest check! Everything here is subject to change, I'll make sure that I'll tag people when I do make huge changes.

    Biggest note of all: This isn't going to start anytime soon, even if I do have all the characters, people, and ideas I'm not going to make OOC until I have my life and this idea all set up together.

    Big Fat Note: I'll probably keep a Group Forum that'll hold all this information. I mean, the size of this is completely ridiculous. Good luck getting through it all!

    This is a mini W.I.P. I'll be adding to it as the days pass and more ideas come to me. It's 2 AM.

    * ~ * ~ * ~ *


    .:. Introduction .:.

    "Look," he points, his finger easily reaching far out, across all of our eyes, pointing right at the dying sun, the clouds around that are stained with the red and pinks, and the waters that ripple endlessly under the almighty glow. We all wait for an explanation, but it doesn't come. Not yet. Instead, we all sit in a comfortable silence. The wind blows, the grass under our hands flutter, shivering shyly, the wind greets us all, like an old friend, caressing our cheeks.

    Our eyes close, and again, we all wish that time would stop. Just for a moment, selfishly, all we wanted was for the hands to stop on the clock, for the numbers to freeze and the sands to still. None of them were ready to part, to leave, to turn their backs and close away this chapter of their life. But as they sat down, by the edge of the cliff, watching the red ball sink under the horizon, it seemed like everything was being taken away with it.

    Finally, he speaks up again, his hand lowered, "Let's go there," he says. We all turn to him confused, amused, but wait once again for an explanation. "Let's reach the end of the horizon," he clarifies quietly, and we all stay silent, letting his words sink into us.

    It sounded stupid, it didn't even make any sense. But for the first time since the realization - that they would one day part - fell upon their shoulders, they all cried, tearful smiles full of joy, fondness, adoration. If this was their last summer together, they'd make it their best one.​

    They would try to reach for the horizon, the line between the sky and the land, and if they couldn't, at least the journey would be worth it. Some would end up in the skies, some would stay on the land, but in the end, one day they're certain that they'd meet together once more - to try again, to reach for the end that connects both planes.

    .:. Overview .:.

    This is a group of friends that have known each for a long time, or a short time. Either way, this is a group of friends that have went through their ups and downs, cried and laughed, screamed and sang together. They've been through long and hard years, but here they are today, standing, sitting, crying, and wishing for more time.

    They all just graduated high school, and ... well, their future as a group doesn't seem to be too bright. Some are moving for their education, some are crossing the goddamn ocean because they've been scouted for jobs, and of course, the rest of the group is so proud, so happy for them, but there's just that little corner of their heart that just doesn't want to let them go.

    While thinking over this, having this cloud hang over their heads one weekend, they all watched the sunset ... when they decided to just go on a road trip for all of summer. They could go anywhere, meet anyone, do whatever they wanted, the important thing: they get to spend one last summer altogether, to create their best and lasting memories before they have to let go.

    Of course, their parents aren't just going to let their wayward, troublemaking, literally just barely legal children go off into the world like that, so the group decided to do what they always did best: music. Throughout the trip, the group will have to make their own money, through gigs, small scale concerts even. They have the connections, the contracts made, and there are always festivals held in the summer time. They'll make it. Somehow.
    This one last trip will cement the friendship, the years, and the tears they've went through together. Every memory will be kept, recorded, every word they will sing, they will scream to the heavens. The distance could kill them, their bonds, but they won't go down without a fight, without having done everything they could to remember every moment of joy, pain, happiness, and achievements.

    .:. Notes/Additional Details .:.

    Roles Available

    Lead Singer
    Back-Up Singer
    Lead Guitar
    Back-Up Guitar
    [More Can Be Added if Needed]

    + I don't care what sexuality or gender your character may be, be creative it definitely makes the group dynamic more interesting! I also won't be keeping track of guy/girl/alien ratio, it's retarded, but all I ask and hope is that there's at least one of each. BIG NOTE: Not everyone has to take one of those roles! If you want to be the driver specifically, or just the Camera Lady/Man tell me! I'll consider it and add it onto the list. +

    + If I know you, don't think you get special pass. I may have been silent, but now that I'm running by own show, please don't be offended if I just know that you're too lazy, too life-pressured, or just not what it takes to help run this RP. Like, we've been through each and every crash of the RPs, let's not joke around here, +

    Long Rules (open)

    .:. Rules .:.
    [As this idea is not final, these can change whenever]

    .:.Expectations and Details .:.
    . Writing Expectation .
    Nothing is set in stone, so I'm debating with myself whether this should be a casual RP or a detailed RP. When I say casual, that would mean that one's post should be about 2 paragraphs, that's about 4-5 sentences not counting dialogue. For detailed, I would expect 4-6 paragraphs, again that's not counting dialogue.

    For casual, I'd be able to do more background settings, like creating events and scene set ups with different NPC characters. Only con is that there's a lot more work for me, and sometimes you guys might not get the idea and move along with the idea (Communication is always faulty no matter what). For detailed, I would expect people to know how to create and control some NPCs. Only con going this way is that some Mary Sue or Gary Stu may happen, for example:

    I'm sorry to say, but this self-pimping thing going on up there, literally gives me second hand embarrassment for whoever does this sometimes. If you look great, and you don't act like an ass, I'm sure someone else will actually mention you in their post saying how "they noticed that scantily dressed girl with a nice figure"

    . All posts should be written in third person .
    . Please be Literate .
    . Don't Excessively Swear.
    . Do Not Fucking Control Other People's Characters FFS .
    . No One Dies Without Permission .
    . No GodModding .
    . Do Not Gary Stu/Mary Sue.
    . Try not to make it a 1x1 .
    . Casual or Detailed, Post After AT LEAST 3 Others [Or everyone] has posted.
    . Post Expectation is Once A Week [Or 3 A Week!]
    . Romance is Allowed! Fade to Black/PM for Semxy Times .
    . NO OOC IN IC .

    More to be Added
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    Also, if you're going to allow people to reserve their spots, then please let me have the lead singer~ PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET ME~
  3. This looks fun! I hope you'll develop this further! I'll keep watch of this and hope I'll be able to join once it's up and running!~
  4. Thank you for your interest! I should also add that I don't think I'll be holding spots on reserve. When I actually open OOC/Sign Ups I'll be asking for a writing sample then I'll decide based on that. First come first serve is just a horrible way to go at things > _ < sorry! But I hope I'll continue to hear from you!

    Hello! Thanks for the interest! I'll definitely be putting a lot of work into this so I hope I do see you around as well. Its a huge wall of text but it'll be organized in a group forum soon enough.
  5. @White -- Chocolate BOO~ Alright. I'll make sure to write my absolute best then! I WILL NOT LOSE TO ANYONE. *Kindly smiles*
  6. PEOPLE, PLEASE JOIN THIS. I WANT TO DO THIS SO VERY BADLY. *Tries to attract people using different methods* Hey! You! You know you want to be in this roleplay. WHAT?! YOU DON'T?! W-WELL TOO BAD!!! YOU'RE JOINING IT ANYWAY!

    Please join this or I will cry a bajillion tears. This is not a joke. Please note that this threat is not a joke.
  7. Just added a little thing at the top in case people don't feel like actually typing out a response. Hopefully people do like this idea though, the rules may be a little restricting, but that's just to curb some of the more unruly ones away . _ .

    I'll have to have in the fact that I won't be starting until I do have a complete list of 'to dos' for the road trip. There won't be any getting lost in the middle of the road because GM can't think of an activity for the group to do. I'm currently debating on whether or not I should use a certain style of GMing to do which is where I don't make a character, I just play in the shadows and NPC while you guys swirl away and I act as the fence/path. Otherwise, my character will just be the leader within the group there.
  8. oh gosh, this sounds like a seriously fun idea. i'd love to do this!! count me in!
    I kinda want drummer but I also want to challenge you for the spot as lead singer haha XD
  9. @Shadowy YOU BETTER BE UP FOR A SERIOUS FIGHT THEN. O^O Just kidding. ;) Though, I will still beat you. *Smiles at you kindly and then laughs*
  10. *rubs the back of her head* yeah im not down for a fight haha. I am really interested in the drummer position. i already even have a character idea in mind.

    i hope we get more interest!
  11. Alright~ GOOD CHOICE I hope we get more interest too~ I'd love for this to take off!
    • Love Love x 1
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