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Who are you?

  1. A Sam

  2. A Klik

  3. A solo Bandit

  4. A member of a Bandit Band

  5. A leader of a Bandit Band

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. History is lost to the winners in a world full of losers. How did it come to this? Well, in Ezekiel, it's told that man got sick of itself and there was a war. Anarchy followed and now they are the only bastion of order in the mire. In Bahn, it's said that men were happy and intelligent before the men in suits came and corrupted the minds of the youth with propaganda and industry. Both societies are interdependent bastions of humanity who oppose each other. The people of Bahn are a highly democratic and community driven group who managed to appreciate each other in anarchy. They are known as the Kliks. The people of Ezekiel are a military - industrial minded group focused on security and comfort. People here suffer in privacy what they make up for in comfort and security. People are barcoded and numbered, and at 16, assigned a field they may only work in. The leader of Ezekiel is elected by ballot every year to ensure the approval of the people, but a certain company has taken control and fixes the ballots. Fahrester Enterprises' CEO, Samuel Fahrester has been the sovereign of Ezekiel for 17 years running. The ballots are fixed but everyone's too comfortable to look into it. Those of Ezekiel are known as Sams.

    And then there are a third group, the Bandits. Not a faction at all, but simply a name for people who shrug off the weight the governments bring and choose instead to live in the wastelands independently. There are groups, called Bands, but most Bandits are completely independent.

    Kliks and Sams have military and espionage forces used to fight withand spy on each other, and also suppress, capture, and keep eyes on Bandits. Sams roll weapons out to their military and Kliks steal shipments and salvage parts to make their own. Bandits use anything thathey can scrounge up, and between the urban wastes filled with what used to be gun stores, and whatever they find in the wildlands, Bandits tend to have pretty good equipment - if they can get first dibs. Not many choose the Bandit life, though, so more often than not, one Bandit can take on a squad of Sams or Kliks.

    Sams and Kliks agree on one thing. Bandits are more often than not dangerous. But some Bandits help caravans and traders who cross into their territory, and some work as mercenaries for Ezekiel and Bahn, so neither deigns to simply witch hunt them.

    This roleplay will mainly focus on three things - the war between Ezekiel and Bahn, the lives of individual Bandits, and military politics within the two governments. There can be relationships both platonic and romantic, and grudges within factions. Characters should be deep, even if it's in how shallow they are. A cocky officer of Ezekiel with a monotonal assistant with a tragic past. A Bahn Lt. whose brother left for Ezekiel. A Sam combat medic who wanted to be a ballero. Something that makes your character unique.

    Technology is advanced, especially in Ezekiel, but combat arms are still primarily ballistic. There are precision hard light beam rifles which, while uncommon, are salvageable, and magnetized, ferrofluid spewing shoulder cannons (called Directed Exterior Ferrofluid Cannons or DEFCs for short), but these are rare and are basically to an arms enthusiast what a unicorn is to a horse lover. Used ONLY by high-ranking Heavy Officers on both sides.
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  2. I am potentially interested, if you get a few more people in.
  3. I'm interested.
  4. Oh, goody, we have enough to get this into the Group section. I'd like more, but I do plan on allowing everyone 3 characters.
  5. I guess I'm mostly curious at the moment about how advanced technology will actually be, and what kind of world actually allows both such regulation of the barcodes and for people to still have the chance to live as bandits.
  6. Nobody said it'd be easy.
  7. The way I read it was that one nation barcodes its people. I'm assuming bandits don't live within cities and the like. Out far from civilization it would be hard to enforce the barcode laws. Or whatever.
  8. Tater got it. It wouldn't be easy to escape Ezekiel and it's territorial cities, but if one got outside the barricades, they would be free to become Bandits or join Bahn.
  9. I'd be interested in being a Sam.
  10. You'll be able to have three characters, no need to necessarily take a side if you don't want
  11. Just going to say, I want to make three characters that will all be bandits..... I my joy in life is writing dialogue, so having several characters interacting with each other that I can write will be fun.
  12. Got it, if I make three they'll likely all be Sams then.
  13. I'll just stick to one character and he'll be a bandit.
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  14. since you want us to make unique characters, can i be a insane scientist that is a Klik?
  15. Absolutely. Genius and madness have historically gone hand-in-hand
  16. very well, has the CS or group been created yet? if so may i have a link?
  17. I'm in the process.of making their.OOC as we.speak
  18. I'm going to back down .
  19. I'm intrested to be a good guy kinda Bandit leader
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