Band roleplay anyone?

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  1. Hi :)

    I'm new here so please go easy on me ^^' haha.

    I'm looking for a male, or someone who can play a male character for a band style roleplay. I'm mainly looking for someone willing to roleplay multiple characters but it isn't a must.

    Right now I'm looking to rp something in the punk scene and start with one of these pairings:

    Bandmate x bandmate
    Band member x fan
    Punk guy x 'good girl'
    Childhood friends (could both be in the scene or one in and one not. Would go good with punk guy x girl)

    That's it for now :)
    Forgive me for the really bad lay out of this, I am having to use mobile for everything lately ^^'

    Thank you :3
  2. Are you willing to double? And would you be willing to use real band members (from irl?)