Band or Celeb Romances?

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  1. Hello there! I'm looking for a partner to role play with me as Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance.
    I'm just really having this huge craving for this idea right now, I don't know why.
    It will be Gerard/Oc, and it's romance, of course!

    I am willing to play any celebrity/band member/singer that you ask of me, as long as I have at least heard of them (or if you can at least tell me their personality), and as long as I like them well enough (which means no Justin Bieber or One Direction members. Sorry!)

    Anyway, I need a literate partner, and I do have a few other requirements as well.

    -Be active. Please be able to reply more than once a day.
    -Communicate with me. If you want to quit, or if you get busy/are going to be gone for a while, please let me know. Don't just drop the role play.
    -Please use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation, as well as third person only.

    I will be asking for samples- please don't be offended if I say no.

    My plot can be used to double if needed- and if you choose a different band member/singer, we can just have the two bands merge into one concert.

    | Plot |

    My oc, who's name is Atropa, and her best friend, were best friends with Gerard and whomever you choose me to play for you, if anyone, when they were in elementary school, up until high school.
    Atropa and Gerard dated for a while as well, but then he got famous and ended up leaving, which led to them breaking up.
    The two boys tried to keep in contact with the girls, but eventually all contact stopped.
    It's been about five years now, and Atropa is 21 (your character can be however old you like), and the girls are going to a concert with the two bands (or one if you choose mcr or no doubling), and have decided that after the concert, they're going to sneak backstage and meet up with the boys and see if they remember them.

    :> So! If you're interested, please let me know if you'd like me to double for you, and who you'd like me to double as.
    I generally post 4-6 paragraphs, and I'd prefer it if my partner matches me. I never go below two paragraphs.

    Please also provide a sample!