Band of Rebels- Guards Coming to Seize My Character.

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  1. Name: Ren
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    i slap my palms on the table, glaring at the man across from me. the matches beside me are waiting to be struck so the scattered blueprints on the table can burn.

    "the plan's already in motion," i hiss, tossing my black hair from my eyes. it travels down my back in smooth waves and sticks to my leather jacket. on my hips there are knives that are meant to be on the table so i'm unarmed. "the guard's are on their way to capture me. i need you gone by then."

    my fingers find the handles of the daggers and i begin tossing them on the wooden table along with the blueprints and papers scribbled with my bleeding andwriting. the paper's are countless plans that have gone wrong. "get out of here."

    if anyone is interested in this roleplay, please start a conversation with me-- or you can reply here if you have further questions or concerns. :)
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