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  1. What do you think would be a good band name, and for what and why?

    I think the name Nuclear Vivaldi would be cool for a metal band. I just like the ring to it, and if there was the decision to release albums for the four seasons, it would be neat listening to the metal version of Summer or Winter. If I was a metal band member, this would be my suggestion
  2. As a metal band, I'd probably choose something short and simple, rather than in-your-face try-hard 'intellectual' like "The Human Equation" or "Humanities Last Breath".
    Maybe something like "Rust".

    If I were an electronic artist, I'd love to go by the name DJ Staliakula. I would make metalectro music and wear a personally-designed helmet like on this guy. :D
  3. My favorite genre to create band names for is grindcore, where naming your band something along the lines of Chlamydia Bomb is 100% acceptable
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  4. @Asuras

    Your moving avatar seriously messed with me when I first saw it. *Looking through forums* Hmm, interesting *See your deal move off the corner the screen* WHAT? *See it move around first time* I am creeped out, don't jump out at me. Ahh, it loops, so it's okay :).

    Anyways, I prefer the more orchestral metal and rock. Pink Floyd is one of my favorites, along with Mastodon. My other band name, for LOLz, is Golden Castrator. All album covers would be golden versions of things which would make you go... well.


    Also for lol

  5. Triple Threat
  6. the hash tags
  7. Heavy Metal Kitten Eaters
  8. I was in a band called the Fourteenth Night.

    It was a melodic death metal band. And I thought the name sounded awfully cliche, but hey. I didn't invest much into it.


    Band names. Yes.


    -Skeletor & Minions

    -Corporate 5
  9. I got another one:

    Red-Hot Placenta

    I got Vapor Prose, Moaning Age, Broccoli Butterfly, and Banana Extreme, among other gems.

    Crunchy Lion And The Deceased Snail is my favourite so far.
  11. Darude- Sandstorm
  12. Knickerbocker Glory
  13. the boots
  14. Thysia. It's a transliteration of the Greek word for "sacrifice". I just like the sound of it.
  15. I want to start a metal band called The Murder of Crows.
  16. A Pod of Whales
  17. Ze Sawsaj Eitherz