Band Names-Real or Fake

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  1. Try to figure out if the band name is real or fake, then post another band name for another to guess.

    Pancake Landmine!


    IT IS FAKE @Faithviper
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  2. That picture scares me.... so I'll say real.

    Sisters of Silents
  3. I'm guessing real. Sounds too normal. :D

    Mary Carves the Chicken
  4. Real

    Lounge Lizard
  5. Sounds legit.

    Mongoose Hell Lazers
  6. I could see it happening.

    Screaming Monkey Boner
  7. Sounds like a name of a band that drunk people would make. Probably real.

    Risen Before Death
  8. real

  9. Real.

    Golden Castrator
  10. Fake

    Reindeer Teeth
  11. Sounds like one, But I'll say FAKE.

    Aids Wolf
  12. I think FAKE

    The Silent Comedy
  13. real

  14. Aids wolf is actually real... yeah. Canada huh.

    That seems like a real name.

    The Baguettes
  15. Real

    The Snot Rags
  16. Fake

    The beets
  17. Yeah, they're real.

    The What?
  18. Fake

    The how
  19. (Yeah..."The What?" actually is a band. Everything but that Baguettes was an actual band. Lol.)

    I'll say Fake.

  20. Fake

    Black Orchid.
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