Band Crushes

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  1. Do you have any band crushes? Throw down some pros and cons for them so people can see how superior your waifus and husbandos are to theirs.

    My crushes

    Kelechukwu Okereke - Bloc Party/Kele
    Pros: Hot, Dork, Indie Rocker, also dabbles in EDM, look at that blatant irony on his shirt he's obviously super funny, sexy voice

    Cons: Only likes dudes which means my window is closing

    Alex Turner - Arctic Monkeys/The Last Shadow Puppets
    Pros: Hair like The Fonz, great sense of fashion, sings for my favorite band, Post-Punker, sexy voice

    Cons: Smokes, used to look like Julian Casablancas

    Julian Casablancas - The Strokes/Julian Casablancas + The Voidz
    Pros: Beautiful hair, the signature Casablancas Roar, also great fashion, Post-Punker, did a song with Daft Punk

    Cons: Smokes, Alex Turner used to look like him

    Let's fight over this
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  2. This list is painfully indie.

    I think it may have given me stomach cramps.
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  3. [​IMG]
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    John Lennon is a racist wife beater so I don't like The Beatles. Aerosmith dried up for me back in Middle School. AC/DC is okay. Rolling Stones is cool, I guess. I enjoy their use of choirs.

    Arctic Monkeys are actually mad popular in the UK
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  5. Dargo is just having fun. And he is from the UK, so uhh good going..
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  6. I'm not even a beatles fan.
    But even I know that's going to make every beatle fan lock on to you as a Primary target.

  7. Don't you snap at me young dear I will put you in time out
  8. What are they gonna do? Send hate? HAH. I laugh in the face of people's shit opinions about me.
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  9. That's a very good mentality to be having. :)
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  10. Pretty much this ^.

    I like Bloc Party, The Strokes, and some of the Arctic Monkeys stuff :p.

    Also, since this thread is about artist/band crushes, I'ma give it a gooooo....


    Wata(Boris) - I can dig chicks who are great musicians. probably been my main muso crush since my college years.


    Nina Persson(The Cardigans) - I'm sure Hellis can agree with me here xD. Nina Persson.... :angel:


    Cristina Scabbia(Lacuna Coil) - A crush since my secondary school years, where I started to get into other forms of metal aside from Iron Maiden.

    Time for some guy love now.....


    Mike Patton(Faith no More/Fantomas/Mondo Cane/Tomahawk/etc) - Yep....this handsome devil, I got some mad guy love for. don't judge me .-.
  11. I feel u on Wata and Mike

    My feelings are impenetrable.
  12. Kpop artist Tao from Exo


    R&B artist Justin Timberlake

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  13. There it is

    A pop icon

    Not dissing you because he did in fact bring sexy back but I was wondering how long it'd take
  14. My sig and avatar should tell you everything I need to know.
  15. I don't have any band crushes but there is music I wish I could make take physical form and make sweet yet relentless love to.

    Wait did I type that out loud?
  16. I'm sure everyone who has ever enjoyed music and sex (not NECESSARILY at the same time but potentially) has thought so as well.
  17. Band crush? Perhaps the closest for me would be Epik High:


  18. On the subject of band crushes

    Exist traces singer Jyou
    And their Drummer;

  19. [​IMG]

    Adaaaam Young <3 (Owl City, Sky Sailing, and Port Blue)

    Both Adam and his lyrics are absolutely adorable~


    Dan Smith (Bastille) Blames @four This be your fault D8


    Elena Tonra (Daughter) Becauseeee, that voice *w*
  20. Matty Healy, Lead Singer for the band 1975

    But then again.... all of their members are good looking to me

    Meg and Dia.... yeah I'm not gonna explain....freaking beautiful <3

    Tegan and Sarah..... I have a thing for twins....

    Next is Cyndi Lauper. I mean, look at her!
    Not only is she beautiful, but her voice....

    And last but certainly not least, Miss Mary Lambert
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