BAN Game 2.0

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  1. Ban the person above you because you don't like their face!

    ...or whatever other reason you can come up with!

    Aaaaaand... GO!
  2. I ban you for your avatar being too cute! >:3
  3. Banned for being a Predator from Louisiana
  4. Banned for being a werewolf.
  5. BAnned for being angry >:3
  6. Banned for not being an angry marine! >:}
  7. Banned for confusing me for a werewolf
  8. Banned for not being one of my trophies >:3
  9. Banned for thinking you could make me into a trophy
  10. Banned for not letting people think while the Constitution is still in play. >:[
  11. Banned for being too badass >:]
  12. Banned because I do not know you
  13. banned for not knowing me :P
  14. Banned for stating an already made statement lol
  15. Banned for not being able to do this >:3
    *turns invisible*
  16. Banned for underestimating me -turns visible too and kick his visible butt- >:Y
  17. Banned for saying invisible wrong XD
  18. Banned for laughing at my brain malfunction!!!!!! -needs sleep-
  19. Banned because you need sleep.
  20. Banned for being a cassanova XD