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  1. It was the last Friday before training began. Everybody had arrived at the studios and were excited and ready to get their partners and begin training. Especially Misha. He was so excited to begin this years competition. They had the weekend to unpack, prepare and partner up. Then, there would be twelve weeks of competition and training. Just what Misha strived in. There were enough dance rooms for everybody to practice in, and their dorms were right next to the studios. In the middle was the ballroom, where they were watched. Each week they were given a dance to create some choreography and to perfect it, then they were to perform on Friday evening. It was exciting and daunting at the same time, everybody was desperate for the champion title. And this year, Misha wanted to win.

    At around 19:33 when he climbed off the bus with his suitcase in hand. He was in his relaxing clothes, nobody to impress today. Just a simple long sleeved, black shirt and gray sweatpants. Along with his glasses of course. He hauled his heavy case down to the dorms. On the door, there was a sheet of paper with names collected together. Everybody shared a room with one other dancer. It was all gendered, except for one married couple who escaped that rule. Misha squinted as he tried to find his own name. Near the bottom was 'Misha Romanov' typed out neatly next to a 'Jonathan Carson.' Misha shrugged, that was okay. He didn't know Jonathan closely, only as another male dancer in the group. But he seemed nice, sort of intimidating, but nice.

    Misha sighed as he went into the building, tugging his large suitcase into the building. He decided he didn't want to spend too much time unpacking, hopefully everybody was downstairs in the kitchen or lounge room and he wanted to go and see them. Plus, Misha's usual partner - his sister, Anna - wasn't able to dance this year because of a leg injury. It irritated him a bit, but it wasn't her fault. Then again, hopefully he'd be able to get a little more comfortable, since he could now do dances that weren't possible with Anna. Most dancers know how impossible it is to smooth your hands over your sisters legs.

    Quickly, Misha collected the key from the man at the reception and climbed up the stairs to room 213. He opened the door, not checking if anybody was in and chucked his case onto the bed. "Ugh." He mumbled, locking the door again before jogging downstairs. Actually, he was kind of tired, and maybe he should just grab a hot chocolate and see the others before getting an early night. Misha wandered into the connected kitchen and living space, seeing a load of familiar faces. He greeted them excitedly before getting to the kitchen, finding his way through the cabinets to find the drinks stuff. He needed it after the long day of travelling.



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  2. The sun quickly rushed downward, away from Jonathan's sight. Only the streetlights and stars kept the night bright. His eyes stared out of the glass car window. He watched as the car passed by pedestrians, cars, and multifarious shops. His head rested against the car window. He felt the soft vibrations, causing his head to vibrate. The small irritation coming from the window brought him to pull away from the window and rested his head against the leather car seat. His eyes looked at the driver’s vigilant facial expression. The blue eyes of the drive glanced at Jonathan, making quick eye contact with the man. Jonathan squirmed around in his seat, crossing his arms, and slump on his seat looking at the window. He could hear the stifle chuckle from the chauffeur. "What?" He asked in a curt tone with an expression that was close to glaring.

    The driver shrugged his shoulders and chuckled, shaking his head defensively -- as if he didn't do anything. "Well, I'd never thought I would be driving a Carson to a dance house." The chauffeur admitted. Jonathan sighed loudly looking up at the car ceiling while his head hit the hard padding on the car seat. He almost forgotten his last name, the boy was a Carson. Carson's are businessmen, not a competitor of Dancing with Stars, or some other ludicrous dance show. "Haha, so hilarious, why don't you keep laughing." His tone was sarcastic. The chauffeur quickly got the hint of annoyance radiating from Jonathan's facial expression and the tone he used. The driver silenced himself, leaving Jonathan in silence.

    A sharp stop pushed Jonathan's body towards the passenger seat; his face almost collided against the passenger seat. Before the man's face could collide with the passenger seat the seatbelt mechanisms activated and tightened around his abdomen. He felt the seat belt ramming inside his body in an uncomfortable way. He quickly fell back to his seat. A small puff of air escaped his lips when he came in contact with the backing of the seat. His brown orbs looked at the chauffeur whose expression was priceless. The man kept his lips shut. No words were said, only the sound of heartbeats pounding loudly. He heard the sound of a seatbelt clicking. His attention turned to the chauffeur who left the car and walked around to his door. Jonathan exhaled loudly as he unlicked his seatbelt.

    The car doors opened widely in front of him allowing the brunette out. He slipped out one leg and the other then he pulled his body out of the car. His suitcase was already out and ready to be taken, with the handles being pulled out. With a small nod the two departed and went on separated ways. Jonathan grabbed onto the suitcase handle and walked towards the building. The building held a simple brown bricks exterior, with long slim windows, and a large brown door with a whimsical door design. He entered hesitantly. The sound of discussions and people walking around filled the entrance. He glanced over at the living room door, which was open wide. He caught a glimpse of some dancers who had smiling faces. One noticed Jonathan and waved at him, he smiled thinly at the woman and turned away.

    He walked up the spiral stairs and entered a hallway of doors. To his left he found a list of people, grouped into two pairs. He searched for his name. His eyes stopped and stared at one couple. A name Katerina was the name that stopped his heart from functioning and his brain to fail. His dance partner and used-to-be-lover. "Great..." He thought to himself sarcastically. He continued to look for his name. It was located on the bottom beside another person’s name, Misha Romanov. The name brought back fragments of the man's appearance in his thoughts. Jonathan shook his head and turned around. He walked towards the door that had a slim gold plate that had the numbers 2-1-3. He unlocked the door with his brass key and pushed open. He scanned the room and noticed a suitcase already on the bed. He quickly guessed that his partner was here and apparently too lazy to unpack. He sighed loudly walking towards his side of the room and began to unpack.

    His suitcase was empty by ten minutes. All his clothes were packed neatly in the dressers and his belongings were placed in specific places. He placed his empty suitcase beside his bed and left his room. He walked down the spiral stairs and entered the living room, where all other dancers were assembled. He found himself being the quiet one leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. His brown eyes observed everybody talking loudly. Jonathan then looked at the kitchen that was connected to the living room and found his supposedly partner.
  3. "And then I was like, gross! That's my sister!" Misha laughed. There was about four others sitting on the barstools, mostly females laughing at his joke. He was behind the counter making his own drink. The dancers seemed to enjoy Misha's company, it was a break from the seriousness on the dance floor and in the studios. Misha didn't shy away from it either. It did annoy him slightly that only like, three of the many dancers actually kept contact with him outside of the competitions.

    Once his drink was well stirred and hot enough to steam up his frames, Misha leaned down onto the table in front of one of the male dancers, "How have you been then then, handsome?" He wriggled his eyebrows as he sipped the hot cocoa. The male dancers had sort of, gotten used to his shameless flirting. Misha assumed they were all straight, it didn't stop him though. Nobody had made it clear that Misha made them uncomfortable, so at least they knew he was joking. "This is too hot... Yeah I'm talking about you." Misha leaned up and winked at the male, who rolled his eyes. He meant his drink of course. Misha went over to the fridge to get some milk to pour into the liquidy drink. If he wanted cocoa, he was going to have to run out to get himself some higher quality stuff.

    As he stirred the drink, Misha was about to go back to the conversation on the barstools, but instead he noticed a face he had been looking for. It was his roommate, Jonathan. Misha put the spoon down and strutted over to the taller dancer. "Hey big boy, looks like you and me are sharing a room." Misha looked up at him over his glasses. Jonathan was pretty hot. All the dancers were really, but the taller and tougher you were, the more attracted Misha got. "I didn't have time to unpack, I was desperate for a hot drink." Misha explained, assuming Jonathan had been up into their room.

    "Anyway, stop being so mysterious over here and come join in!" Misha giggled as he leaned over with one hand to run it down Jonathan's arm before tugging on his wrist a little. Once Misha did, he let go and put his hand back onto the mug and walked back to the group. There were other collections of dancers, some sitting on the seats around the TV, others were in their rooms. Misha was beginning to get worried, since it looked like everybody else had a dance partner already. The dancers who didn't get a partner or who were to late to signups became assistant choreographers. Misha wanted to win. Hopefully he'd find a partner soon. Even worse, he needed to find a dancer who was shorter than him. And the fact all the girls were in heels made it impossible to find somebody the right height/weight for him. "Damn my short family." Misha thought as he scanned the room as he leaned on the counter again.

  4. With a simple scan of the room, his gaze was on a group of people sitting on barstools laughing loudly. He looked to find a familiar face hiding behind glasses. The man's appearance clicked in his memory and he then remembered that was the man who was going to be his roommate. There was a hodgepodge of emotions within him. Jonathan's first impression of him wasn't quite positive nor was it negative -- the man was just touchy and was constantly found flirting with other male dancers. He averted his gaze from Misha when the smaller male began to walk towards him. He was always found staring at people too much, it always brought people assuming he was interested in them or he looked at them wrong. He kept his eyes wandering around the room -- away from Misha's general direction.

    The familiar sound brought his attention towards Misha. He looked down at the man, forgetting how he was one of the shortest male dancers. He sighed softly. "Seems so." His words were spoken articulately. He kept his hands in the crossing position and he radiated an intimidating aura. Yet that intimidating demeanor didn't scare the male dancer. The man scoffed lightly and managed to show a shred of emotion as he smiled. "I see." He spoke in very little words. He didn't think there was anything else to say to a remark like that. The thought of even asking the man about the unpacked suitcase never crossed his mind; then again a reason would be appreciated.

    A sudden touch brought him to jump. His heart frantically panicked, causing a ruckus. The heartbeats were quicker and his defenses were put up. The tingling feeling trail that Misha left behind brought goose bumps. He shook his head lightly returning back to his usual demeanor. He was surprised his facial expression didn't change drastically; instead his eyes widened a bit. The slight tug from his wrist pulled him towards the group by the barstools. He didn't move that easily from a simple wrist tug. Before he left his comfortable spot on the wall he watched Misha walk ahead of him. The man was strange; he approached Jonathan so easily. The man rolled his shoulders. The satisfying feeling of loosening stiffened bones brought him to loosen up. He followed behind Misha. The distinctive look on Misha's face brought him to raise a brow.

    Jonathan uncomfortably placed himself next to Misha. He could feel his arm against Misha's. The slight contact wasn't as sudden as the hand touching, it was casual.

    He glanced at Misha wondering what to say to the other man. Jonathan searched for the words that was scattered in his mind. "What’s with the face?" He pointed out. "You're gonna scare off potential partners for me." The jocular manner coming from Jonathan sounded awkward. The man felt unused to speaking to others so casually, he felt abashed at the way his sentences came out. His brown eyes scanned the room. At the sight of a familiar face his jaws clenched and his hands balled into tight fists. The sight of his ex-dance partner walking out with his rival was excruciating. Watching the two walk in with hands linked together, sickened him. His eyes met with Katerina's. The girl looked away immediately and continued to greet other dancers. Jonathan took his right hand and ran it through his hair. He needed to loosen up. He needed something to calm down.
  5. As Jonathan stood next to him, his arm brushed against Misha's. Jonathan just seemed so, awkward. Like he didn't fit in or he didn't want to be there. Even when he obviously made a joke, he sounded awkward, his voice didn't match the words he was saying. "Excuse me!" Misha turned to him gasping sarcastically, "The only thing that will drive the ladies away is your ghastly face." Misha giggled. Of course, he would not agree with that. His eyes wandered over Jonathan's face, he was rather attractive in the face too. "Ah I kid, handsome." Misha bit his lip as he grinned, leaning over to bump him playfully with his shoulder.

    When Misha looked back to the group he was talking to before, they had sort of began talking between themselves, not paying much attention to himself. Odd. But whatever, Misha looked down to his drink. It wasn't as appetising now. It was more milk than chocolate and it was cold now. Misha cringed down at the chocolatey, milky mix. When he looked up to notice the taller male tensing. He frowned and looked in the direction he was. Misha couldn't tell which one he was frowning at, but it looked like it was one of the females. "Somebody makin' you mad, handsome?" Misha leaned up and looked at the crowd of giggling female dancers.

    "Well, doesn't matter. This cocoa sucks and I should unpack." Misha sighed and leaned over to the sink, turning to pour the brown liquid down the drain before putting the mug on the side. "I'll see you when you come up." Misha turned to Jonathan, giving him a playful wink with a giggle. He walked away back to the doorway, his hips swinging as he strutted away. His habit was strutting rather than walking, it's what Latin did to your hips and butt.

    Misha got to his room, unlocking the door to see Jonathan had unpacked neatly. He wasn't exactly neat. Misha sighed as he opened up his suitcase, putting it onto the bed. It was lucky that there were two small closets. Good thing his clothes were always so little. Misha ended up piling the clothes into the wardrobe, not bothering to hang them up. He put his toiletries into the bathroom before giving up. He'd unpack properly later. Misha dropped the suitcase and slid it under his bed. He wondered if Jonathan was neat or fussy. If he was, it was going to suck for him if he was rooming with Misha.
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  6. A light scoff escaped his lips by Misha's response. He was pushed towards the wall, almost hitting his arm against the wall. He chuckled lightly with assign of sarcasm. "My name isn't handsome, its Jonathan." He pointed out. He gave a thin smile at Misha. The smile brought discomfort towards Jonathan. The emotions he felt didn't correlate to how he felt. He took another glance at Katarina and felt discomfort. Putting on the simple nonchalant personality in front of Misha became more difficult. He crossed his arms and adjusted his posture, standing much taller. His toes dug into his doc's when he felt a pair of eyes on him. Their stare burned a hole in his chest, making his insides transparent. He squirmed around and looked at Misha who managed to spot out his tense facial expression and body language. The man shook his head. "No, just don't like people staring at me." He muttered.

    He looked over at the sink and watched the brown liquid falling into the sink. The sound of the water crashing against the sink was loud enough to be heard despite the loud voices people spoke in. He loosened up when Misha began to walk away. Before he could revert back to his intimidating demeanor a wink was given to him by Misha. He showed no expression to it, his eyes only watched the man walk away. Jonathan watched, as the man movements were rather feminine, as his hips swing each step he took. A sudden touch of the shoulder brought him to avert his gaze to a male dancer who had a sly smile on his lips. Jonathan shook his head and brought upon the infamous stoic expression.

    "Interested?" The male dancer sang. "I'm straight." Jonathan responded coldly.

    The male dancer shook his head and rested his elbow on Jonathan's shoulder. "So was I my friend. So was I." The dancers voice trailed off as he spoke. Jonathan shrugged off the man's elbow and shook his head lightly pushing his hair back. Jonathan looked back at the male dancer who was too busy waving at people. He walked away leaving the male dancer to his antics. He walked towards the cabinets in search of tea or liquor, either one worked well. He opened numerous of cabinets to find no tea, however he did find a slim bottle of liquor. It was the last one out of many. Jonathan pulled it out and closed the cabinet door. He pressed the edge of the bottle cap and pushed it down, opening the drink. The sound of a light fizz, strangely relaxed him. He took the glass bottle and brought the rim of the bottle to his lips and took a big gulp.

    He walked past the group of female dancers surrounding Katarina and his rival. He felt two pairs of staring at him. He ignored them. Only the sound of the cocky rival of his made him take a glance. The sound of his rival boasting of his winning streaks annoyed him. He felt his eye twitch of annoyance. Jonathan left the living room and walked up stairs with the drink in his hand. Walking past the shut doors he stopped at his and opened it slowly. He noticed Misha, seemingly done with packing. He walked towards his bed and sat down on the edge of it. "Hey." He said trying to get Misha's attention. "Did you find yourself a dance partner yet?"
  7. Soon after his case went under his bed, Misha brought out his phone to begin texting his sister. They were pretty close, mainly because of the dance. They also found it amusing he was uttery gay and she was a lesbian. It brought them even closer. Anna wanted all the details of the competition, and Misha hadn't even been there for a day and she was pestering him. She wanted to know who was replacing her. Misha honestly didn't know. Nearly everybody came here with a dance partner in mind. Usually Misha signed up on saturday morning with his sister. This year, he had til Sunday evening to sign up with his partner, or he'd be stuck with being a choreographer and back-up dancer. Not the plan.

    Misha was on his back on the bed, his head just hanging off the edge of the bed. His feet were placed on the wall. Sometimes Misha sat in even weirder positions. Sometimes even the splits, just so he didn't loose his stretchiness. He was just telling his sister about Jonathan as he walked in. She wanted to know if he landed himself a cute and/or gay roomie, and one of those was definitely true. As Jonathan walked in, Misha looked away from his phone, "Hey." He replied, sliding around so he was sitting in a less awkward position. As Jonathan sat down on his bed, Misha got cross-legged on his own bed.

    "Unfortunately not." Misha pouted, putting his phone into his lap, "Usually my sister is my partner but she thought this month was the perfect month to land herself in a wheelchair." He said, a hint of bitchiness in his voice. Misha widened his eyes slightly at the ways that could be misinterpreted, "Oh! I mean, she's broken her leg really badly. Besides, all the single ladies are at least twice my height." He laughed awkwardly, looking down to his phone quickly, "What about you? Don't you usually have a set partner? Or am I thinking of somebody else?" Misha looked through the frames at Jonathan, trying to remember if he knew his partner. It was unusual to see a lot of variation in the pairs, often it was married couples, siblings, best friends or lovers each year. Maybe this year would be different?
  8. "Oh." Jonathan responded to his reply. A wave of relief crashed down upon him; he wasn't alone. He raised his brow giving Misha a confused expression on his face when he spoke about his sister sitting on a wheel chair. Before he could jump to conclusions Misha quickly reimbursed his confusion. In response he nodded slowly in a monotonous way. He chuckled. He forgotten how short Misha was compared to all the other male and female dancers. Jonathan was one of the tallest dancers, and surprisingly bulky dancers, but in a subtle way. He didn't have bulging biceps nor did they pulse out veins. He was simply well toned. He rubbed his arm awkwardly looking around the room noticing there were pictures hung up, small trinkets, and clothes that filled the dressers. He turned his attention back to Misha.

    The reminder of Katarina caused him to look down at the bottle of liquor and sighed solemnly. He could still feel her eyes staring at him. He didn't spare a glance at her when she did, but he certainly wished to know what expression she had on her face when she did. He grunted a bit clearing his throat before he spoke. There was always a lump in his throat whenever he thought about Katarina. "Yeah...But she found someone else." He said softly. His voice croaked slightly. Jonathan cleared his throat once more and took in a deep breath. He took another sip of his drink. He could taste the crisp and smoothness from the liquor. Yet even liquor couldn't fill the emptiness inside him. Jonathan looked over at Misha and was given an idea.

    The idea of two men dancing together at competition, sounded risky. He looked over at Misha and studied the man's body structure. The man in front of him was slim and slender, but in a masculine way. He was sure underneath the long sleeved shirt he was well built. His eyes traced from his face to his feet, keeping memory of his entire body structure. Misha was only a few inches shorter than him, his body type seemed to appear light, and he was sure that all his dance types required little to no sensual movements. He chewed the insides of his cheeks when he thought about the simple things before asking.

    "Want to be my dance partner?" He asked casually.
  9. His eyes were drawn to the drink in his hand, making Misha raise a questionable eyebrow. This was awkward, Misha slowly slipped up off his bed as Jonathan went silent. As he mentioned his partner was no longer his, Misha sighed sympathetically, "Oh, I'm sorry!" He felt bad. That was worse than a break up essentially. He sounded rather sad over it and this wasn't the time for Misha to make jokes, especially since there was a drink in his hand. The dance break-up must of done something bad to him, since he was sipping at the alcohol. "Hm.." Misha sucked in his lower lip as he looked back down to his phone awkwardly, not knowing what to say.

    Misha leaned back on the bed frame, staring at the phone in his hand. As he thought of something to say, he noticed Jonathan's eyes were tracing Misha's body. It made his cheeks go a tinted pink. Maybe Jonathan liked what he saw? It made Misha smirk and look back down to his phone. Maybe he should get a shower before heading off to sleep. Just as he turned to move towards the shower, Jonathan had asked him to be his partner.

    Misha was shocked, without anything to say. He turned to Jonathan before cracking a smirk, "Was that your lame way of asking me out?" Misha shook his head and strutted off to the bathroom. But as soon as he got in there, it dawned on him Jonathan might be serious. "Wait." Misha poked his head around the doorway, his eyebrows furrowed, "Are you being serious?" He slowly walked back into the dorm, putting the phone into his pocket. For sure if he was, that would make Jonathan lead. And Misha, he could finally be led. It made his heart pump quickly. All those moves he can do and can't show off, the lifts, the flexibility. Not to mention to potential to have your hands all over an attractive male. Plus, people hadn't seen this before. It would be the first male/male couple on the floor. "Is it even allowed?" Misha bit his lip, "Wait, fuck that. Sure! I mean, as long as you're leading handsome." Misha turned his confused frown into a devilish smirk again.
  10. A moment of silence dawned the room. Jonathan looked up at Misha watching the man walking towards the bathroom door. He felt his body tighten and stiffen. His heart pounded loudly, he felt abashed that Misha could've heard his heartbeats. The man was anxious whether Misha would denigrate the man's offer or worse, refuse him. His jaws clenched as his hand tightened its grip around the liquor bottle. After a moment Misha responded as if it was a joke. He kept a serious expression on his way indicating this was, by no means, a joke. It only took a single second for Misha to understand Jonathan wasn't joking. He watched as the other male walk back to his bed facing him properly.

    He shrugged nonchalantly in response. "Was it?" He asked himself. Jonathan was uncertain whether having two males dancing in the competition was allowed, let alone legal. Before he could say anything Misha quickly responded with eagerly. Jonathan felt as if he was pushed back by that eager response -- He couldn't help but crack a smile -- the man's charisma certainly gotten the best of him. He rolled his eyes when he was called as, handsome. The smile on Misha's face brought uncertainty whether or not he would be comfortable with it. His brown eyes studied Misha's body once more. Then he looked down at his one free hand. The one hand has only danced with one person, a woman, his lover. To have it carelessly touch another person, especially a man's body, it brought discomfort.

    "But we're only doing waltz." Jonathan pointed out loudly and clearly. He took a large gulp of his liquor, finishing it all in one go. Once the contents were all gone he stood up walking towards the nearest waste bin. He threw the glass bottle in the waste bin. He heard the glass crack slightly when it reached the bottom. Jonathan turned back to Misha. "You can waltz, can you?" He asked. Jonathan walked towards his dresser pulling out a white shirt and long grey sweat pants that ended little bit past his ankles. He festooned his clothes on his arm like a butler would with a pristine white cloth. "Maybe a bit of swing also..." He muttered to himself as he began to remove his black v-neck shirt. He stood by his bed as he changed into his white t-shirt. His hands barged through the short sleeves and his head popped out of the collar. While changing into his shirt all he could think of was how was he going to pull this off?

  11. "Just waltzes?" Misha raised his eyebrows and scoffed a bit, "You expect to win with just waltz and swing?" Misha sighed as he sat down on the bed. Now they were talking competition, Misha got a bit more serious, "We'll do whatever dance we're given each week." Misha said seriously, then catching his drift. Jonathan was obviously straight and didn't want his hands running down another man. It disheartened Misha a little bit. But silver linings, at least he'd get lifted. "Oh, relax. Even if we get the Paso Doble we can choreograph it to stay classy and un-touchy." Misha said the last sentence with slight spite in his voice, all of his favourite dances were touchy.

    "We can, discuss...tomorrow..." Misha's voice got quieter and quieter as he looked up. His eyes were drawn to Jonathan's exposed torso. 'Damn..' Misha thought as he looked to get his phone out again, keeping his eyes subtly checking out Jonathan's body. Once his t-shirt was covering all areas, Misha looked straight back to his phone, "Look, let's just see Hm?" He chucked the phone onto the bed and made his way to the bathroom. "We sign up tomorrow morning, we get our dance and we'll go from there." Misha said firmly. When it came to dance, he was pretty serious about it.

    "Anyway, I'm showering." Misha shrugged and closed the bathroom door behind him. Once he felt out of sight, a sight grin creeped up on his face as he looked at himself in the mirror. Finally, he could dance how he wanted to. Sure, being the lead dancer was great, but being led and lifted was a dream. Misha stripped out of his clothes and left his glasses on the sink. He really needed to get back into wearing contacts, he'd have to for the show dance. Misha sighed as he stepped into the shower, figuring out how this thing worked again.

    After about 15 minutes of thinking and washing, Misha stepped out of the shower and began drying. The conclusion he had come to was, whatever happened, they would be the first male/male pair in the competition. If that didn't win people over he didn't know what would. They could be different, new. Surely the shock factor would keep them in the competition. Misha sighed is he rubbed his blond hair. Before it was styled loosely to form a quiff, now it was a messy fringe that hung across his forehead. He gathered his clothes and dumped them into the wash basket before wrapping the towel tightly around his waist. Before he left, Misha brushed his teeth and collected his glasses. His torso was pretty fit, Misha thought. Definitely not as bulky as Jonathan's, but it was well defined. All dancers looked like this.

    "It's all yours." Misha grinned as he wandered back into the room. His glasses got placed down onto the bedside table before he began rummaging around in the closet for some underwear. His sleep clothing of choice was just his boxers.
  12. The abrupt cantankerous tone in Misha's words cut his confidence cleanly. Jonathan furrowed his brow, which complimented his annoyed expression on his face. He was only well aware of waltzes and swing; it was his strong point. He was too uncomfortable to do anything sensual with a man, even if winning was on the line. He raised his brow out of confusion. "Paso Doble?" He asked. Jonathan's knowledge of dance extended only so far. The two words sounded familiar, he bit his lip thinking. He shook his head giving up quickly. He turned his attention back to Misha. He nodded in agreement. He worried of the dance they were going to receive, he prayed for it to be waltz. He looked down at the ground contemplating whether this was the best choice. He could feel his chest tighten as he thought of the possible discomfort.

    He jumped at the sound of the bathroom door closing. He turned quickly over to the bathroom door and then around the room to see Misha already left to clean up. Jonathan stood up changing his pants into his comfortable sweat pants. He threw his casual pants on his bed. Without thinking he began to walk around the room, pacing. He brought out his hands, displaying them in front of his vision. The hands held in front of him only knew one person's body so well. Thinking of his hands tracing over another man's body -- the sides of their body, slowly gliding down to the thigh, lifting their leg up and pressing it against the side of his body. Looking at a man's eyes making sure it was truly as passionate is it were supposed to be. He rested on his bed staring at the ceiling.

    He shot up into a sitting position when he heard the sound of the bathroom door opening. He could feel the heat from the bathroom leaking into his room. The smell of soap and shampoo filled his nose. He scrunched his nose at the first whiff of shampoo. He looked up at Misha to see the man only wearing a towel wrapped around his waist. Jonathan shied away at the sight. He stared at the wall. "I took one before I got here." He said speaking to the wall. The man appeared like a bashful woman; he hated it. Jonathan squirmed around. He slipped his hand underneath his pillow and pretended that he was asleep.

    The silence felt awkward and made him feel uncomfortable. He was used to seeing men with only their pants on but he had a feeling Misha wasn't like most men. He dug his head deeper in the plump white pillow, covering half his face. His brown eyes stared at the white walls that have a distinguishable paint bubble. The man wondered if Misha felt as awkward around him as he was.
  13. A grey pair of boxers were the first thing Misha found, so he slipped into the quickly, trying to make sure he didn't drop the towel. Once he was changed, Misha chucked the towel lazily into the bathroom and turned around to say something to Jonathan. But it looked like he was asleep. Misha shrugged and climbed onto his bed. The silence was getting awfully awkward as Misha stared down at Jonathan's back. He wasn't asleep, "My alarm is set for 8AM. We can get to the studios early and sign up together and then hit the dance room." Misha sighed as he lay down, feeling awkward.

    Misha got comfy on his bed, not liking putting the duvet over him until he was sleepy. If he did he got hot way too soon and had to sleep without it. Misha looked through his phone again, setting an alarm for eight. Then he began looking through the internet, maybe hoping to find some rules on male x male dancers. After 10 minutes of looking, Misha didn't find anything that explicitly banned same sex couples, so they should be fine. He sighed as he turned to face the wall, getting comfy as he leaned over to turn off his lamp quickly. "G'Night..." He said quietly before closing his eyes.

    A chirpy beeping noise woke Misha up. He was not a morning person at all. Especially when he stayed up later than usual, thinking about the risk he was going to take. It kept him up a bit but he eventually got a goods night rest. Misha groaned as he rolled over, finding himself out of the sheets. He grabbed his phone and turned off the alarm. He didn't get out of bed for a minute, he just lay on his stomach, one of his legs curled up so his knee was touching his chest. Misha hated mornings, "Ugh, five more minutes..." He mumbled to himself, trying to convince himself that he could wait a little longer before getting up.

    It soon dawned on him he couldn't laze around forever, Misha rubbed his eyes as he turned to get his glasses. Misha hated showering in the morning, it's why he did it in the evening. His sister used to make fun of him for it, but it was just because she was a bit of a germaphobe. At least he'd finally get to dancing. "Mooorning.." Misha's voice was slightly lower and croakier in the morning, making his usual flirty tone sound much less, flirty.
  14. The night ended faster than Jonathan expected. He groaned softly rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand. The sound of the morning cars and people brought him awake rather than the soft beeping coming from Misha's side of the room. His body slowly turned towards Misha. His eyes were still closed, but as he opened them slightly he could see a hazy figure. Jonathan couldn't make out most of it. He rubbed his eyes a bit more and blinked twice. Once he got a clear picture he could see Misha in his boxers and a sleepy face. His voice sounded sultry rather than flirtatious and upbeat. He abruptly stood up. As he did his footing became wonky, making him stumble a bit as he did. "Morning..." He mumbled. Jonathan rushed towards his dresser and pulled out his underwear and simple training clothes -- a plain v-neck, which was made from a thin material and a pair of black sweat pants.

    He staggered towards the bathroom door, still sleepy. Before he could grab hold of the doorknob he turned around facing Misha. His eyes looked at his face, not staring at his ensemble.

    "I'll be going in first." He said. His voice was low and soft but audible.

    Jonathan opened the door and slipped in quickly. He closed the door before him softly. He left Misha with the sound of the door clicking, indicating it being closed. Jonathan walked towards the mirror standing in front of his reflection. He shut his eyes tightly till he could only see small colorful dots floating around in a field of black. He opened the widely to see his reflection. His eyes had black circles under them. The man stayed up half the night thinking, contemplating, how on earth would he win without the passion and raw emotion? He rubbed his temples with his pointer and middle finger, counter-clock wise. He took in a deep breath and exhaled softly and slowly.

    "Trust him." He thought to himself.

    He stripped himself from his clothes and entered the shower. When his foot touched the cold bath tiles his body shuddered. His legs and arms had goosebumps. His hand reached out for the knob. His hands shook as it reached out for the knob. He quickly turned the knob. A scary of hot water pelted against his body. His cold body quickly warmed up.

    After ten minutes he exited the shower wet and clean. The smell of shampoo and soap was a relaxing scent. However the heat from the steam made breathing dreadfully uncomfortable. Jonathan wrapped his white towel around his waist and walked towards the door. As he did he could hear the sound of water drops hitting the ground. Pitter-patter, pitter-patter, pitter-patter. He turned the doorknob and pushed open the door slightly, only to let the heat out.
  15. "Kay~" Misha said. He really didn't mind, he'd just go in when Jonathan had finished. Plus, it meant like, an extra ten minutes of lazing around. He couldn't get his eyes back closed, so Misha sat up and checked his phone. His sister was pestering him to get a good partner. What would she think? Misha wondered if she'd be on board. She'd probably feel a million times less jealous that's for sure. But she might think it was a bad idea, for Misha's career. But whatever, Misha had decided that this was set, he was dancing with Jonathan.

    After checking all his social media, Misha stood up and stretched out. Jonathan probably didn't care if Misha strutted around in his boxers, but when Misha caught a glimpse of how small the boxers were, he got embarrassed and pulled on his dance pants - Gray sweats. Jonathan was taking his time, Misha thought. When the door clicked open, Misha assumed that Jonathan was done and he could go brush his teeth. Misha strutted in and walked straight to the sink, "I- Woah." Misha looked up to the mirror, catching Jonathan's wet body in the reflection.

    Misha quickly turned around, resting his hands on the sink, "Sorry, I thought you'd be done." Misha forced his eyes to stick to Jonathan's face, but they managed to find their way down to his wet torso. Awkwardly, Misha turned back around to the sink. He fumbled around a little bit, getting his toothbrush and paste, quickly pushing the brush into his mouth. Misha kept his eyes on the plughole as he brushed his teeth vigorously. He didn't mean to walk in on Jonathan, but it happened. And it made him feel surprisingly awkward. It was too early for flirty Misha.
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  16. Pitter-patter, pitter-patter, pitter-patter...

    The sound of water drops kept the bathroom from being dead silent. Jonathan grabbed the nearest towel to dry his hair. He grabbed onto a white towel hanging on the racks next to him. He threw the towel over his head and began to dry his hair. Through the sounds of his hair being dried he heard a creak from the door. The man simply assumed it was the wind pushing the door open. But there was no wind. He pulled the towel out of his head to see Misha walking in. The sudden entrance made the grown man jump a bit. He could feel his heartbeat quicken and his face feeling slightly warmer than usual. He casually turned around and continued to dry his wet hair. His face was staring straight down the ground. Jonathan constantly kept himself composed and poised, deviating from bashful and eccentric. However his reaction ruined his demeanor.

    He took in deep breath in and out till his heartbeat became steady and back to its original speed.

    "Why is he getting to me?" Jonathan wondered annoyed.

    The man spent his time drying his hair, till there was not a single drop of his hair that needed to be soaked up. When he noticed he spent most of this time drying his hair he quickly left the towel on the rack and glanced at Misha who was already brushing his teeth. Taking small steps, Jonathan walked towards the sink and grabbed his toothbrush that was nearby Misha. He quickly grabbed onto it and took hold of the toothpaste. He applied the toothpaste steadily, only to find out that his hand was still shaky from being seen by Misha. He began to brush his teeth staring at the mirror. His brown eyes would casually find their way looking at Misha.

    Jonathan wondered whether the man could see that he was clearly uncomfortable. He was curious whether he was readable to Misha. While thinking he began to notice he was brushing only his bottom row of teeth. He worked his toothbrush to the top. The taste of mint began to get unbearable. He spitted out the mint taste and turned the faucet on. He cupped on hand and brought himself the cold water. He rinsed his mouth by pushing the water to the left and then the right creating a bump on his cheek. He spit out the water and looked over at Misha and then back to the door. "I'm gonna be changing in our room. The bath is all yours." He waved him off.

    Once he was inside his room his body moved quickly. He dried the remaining parts of his body that were wet. As he dried his body he forgotten the clothes he picked out were in the bathroom. A long sigh of annoyance was released. It was loud and deep, a bit throaty from his usual sighs. He walked towards the bathroom door and knocked on it. "You decent? I forgot some clothes." He said as calmly as possible.
  17. Misha brushed his teeth awkwardly, staring at his own reflection as he did so. Jonathan stood next to him, making things feel weird. If they couldn't stand next to each other shirtless, how the hell were they meant to dance together? It made Misha doubt his decision last night. But he probably had no other choice by now. And he wanted this partner. His eyes occasionally broke their own gaze as they flickered over to Jonathan, and his body. They made eye contact, which made Misha quickly look away. As Jonathan left after rinsing off, Misha just nodded, waiting for the door to close.

    As it did, Misha let out a breath, like he was holding it in. Jonathan seemed uncomfortable around Misha, was it because he was gay? Misha frowned a bit, trying not to get caught up on it. It was just because they didn't know each other well, that's all. He spat out the mint and rinsed his mouth out before beginning to wash his face. Once he had dried it, Misha looked at his floppy fringe. It wasn't worth the styling, it was just dance practice today. He brushed it to the side and decided that was good enough.

    Just as he went to leave, Jonathan knocked, "Yeah." Misha looked down to the pile of clothes, which must of been Jonathan's. He walked over and got them, "Here you go handsome." He smiled, passing them over as he left the bathroom. Calling men handsome was something he was used to, and it had certainly stuck to Jonathan. He walked over to his closet to find a t-shirt. He decided on a bright red v-neck. He liked the way it showed off his collarbones. Misha smirked at himself in the mirror as he slipped on his glasses and collected some socks. Once he got his dance shoes on, Misha sat back down on the bed.

    "You know my roommate? He's my partner." Misha sent the text message to his sister before turning off the phone. She would probably be confused, but he had other things to focus on other than what his sister thought. Misha sat with his head hanging off the side of the bed and his feet resting on the wall. An odd position, but surprisingly comfortable.
  18. He snatched the clothes, rougher than expected. He stepped back allowing Misha to exit the bathroom. Jonathan took the time to reenter the bathroom to change. Once he was in he closed the door and removed the wrap. He put on his clean pair of underwear and then his dance clothes. As he did, he constantly thought about things that would bring his body to ease and mind to ease. He stretched out his arms, legs, and cracked the knuckles in his hand. The sound of bones cracking was the sweet sound of release. It helped him loosen up before he stepped onto the dance floor. He glanced at the door.

    Jonathan cleared his throat and shook his head. He pulled himself together, constantly thinking of only positive messages. He won't allow a male to discourage him! He walked towards the door opening it as wide as possible. He could feel himself getting pumped up and confident, he felt like he could do anything. The usual intimidating demeanor illuminated out from him, however his expression was softer, and a bit more, ecstatic.

    "Are you ready..." He stopped his sentence when he saw Misha. The other male's resting positions were often strange, almost bizarre. " go?" A questionable tone in his voice indicated confusion. "Do you always rest like that? You could get a back injury. C'mon get up." He said walking towards Misha grabbing him. Jonathan pulled the man out of the position, slowly pulling his body onto the ground and then quickly pulling him up with his strength. Misha was fairly heavy to pull up, despite the man's built but lithe body type. His partner was always a female, making it easier for him to carry gracefully, without a single struggle.

    The obnoxious sound of bones cracking filled the room. Jonathan loosened his body a bit more before heading down. He looked over at Misha giving him a look that he should be pre-stretching. His tactics were a bit strange, but they have always worked for him. He grabbed his foot and stretched out his legs once more. The sound of bone cracking stopped when he rolled his neck. "Lets hope to get the waltz. Yeah?" He gave a slight slap on Misha's back, a light slap. Jonathan felt awkward acting amiable towards Misha. Everything the two have been through in one night has possibly brought a strange tension between the two.
  19. When Jonathan left the bathroom, Misha broke his gaze from the ceiling. He tilted his head slowly in the small pause of Jonathan's sentence, "Yeah, It's comfy." Misha pouted a bit. His brow furrowed as Jonathan walked over. Before Misha could get up himself, Jonathan was manhandling him about, "Hey, Hey watch it!" Misha allowed himself be be moved about, but protested a little by trying to stand up himself. Jonathan pulled him off the floor and Misha pouted again, "No need for the manhandling." Misha huffed, smoothing out his red T-shirt.

    "Hopefully." Misha nodded, making a small noise of confusion as Jonathan patted his back. A change of attitude, but Misha accepted it, even if it was a little confusing. "Alright let's go and sign up!" Misha gave Jonathan a smile as he walked over to the door. He slipped on his white sneakers and did up the laces. When he opened it, the corridor was rather quiet. The men must of already signed up, or were still asleep. Misha looked about as he stepped out onto the long corridor, waiting for Jonathan to come too. He was waiting until they got to the studio before warming up, Misha was still in the process of waking up fully.

    Misha walked down the corridor slowly, looking at the pictures that were hung up on the walls. They were of various winners and competitors. No male x male winners. In fact, no same sex partners at all. Misha had a little more confidence in the two as he looked at Jonathan, he seemed more comfortable. He put his hands into his pockets and puffed out his cheeks, "Can we grab breakfast? I might die if we begin dancing without it." Misha asked. The canteen usually had food Misha could buy and eat in the studio.

    They reached the end of the corridor and then the stairs. At the bottom of the spiral, they got to the door. The studios were just opposite their dorms. Misha wasn't sure why he was nervous, but he was. He looked across to the lounge bit, which was empty as far as he could see. Everybody must already be there, or getting ready. Misha sucked on his bottom lip for a second before looking up to Jonathan with a slight nod, indicating to go.
  20. The excited male beside him stepped ahead of Jonathan. He stayed back for a moment hesitant to leave the room. An uncomfortable feeling was settling in his stomach. He could feel his body entering an anxious state, his hands shaking a bit. The outcome of entering the studio with a man as his partner feared him. It kept him vigilant on gossipers and people who would stare. He stepped towards Misha following him from behind before he could walk beside him. They walked through the corridors of empty or filled rooms of people. It was still seven and the sun already rose from its slumber. He found idiotic for the people who continued to slept, missing practices.

    His eyes were kept on the corridor before him. He never bother taking a quick look at pictures of the past winners or medals given to the past winners. He could see it all with his peripheral vision, he wish he couldn’t. Jonathan walked a little faster than usual when he noticed Misha was ahead of him. Once he caught up with the man he was already asked a question. He looked up slightly and raised both his brows. “I don’t see why we can’t. But aren’t we already late?” He asked.

    He was sure he slept late, woke up late, and the morning fiasco surely costed them a few minutes or so. He jogged down the stairs with his arms to his side. His body stopped once Misha stopped. In front of them was the door. He felt like a nervous wreck. His body returning to that nervous state and his hands trembling at the sight of the door. He clutched onto his loose pants gripping onto the thin fabric tightly. Jonathan glanced over at Misha who nodded at him. A encouraging smile graced his lips. Misha appeared as nervous as him -- he was glad he wasn’t alone.

    Jonathan turned the door handle and pushed it open. The room was filled with dancers stretching their limbs. Men had their loose t-shirt or tank-tops with their sweatpants, while girls wore either long sweat pants or short-short to match their thin shirts of sports bra’s. He ran his fingers through his hair as he walked towards the sign-up sheet. A part of him felt cool and relaxed while the other part was having his heart running on a treadmill. He picked up the pen and looked back at Misha.