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  1. Okay, so I was going to try this as a group rp, but it so far it hasn't gotten much attention and so I figure, I'll try to see if I can do it as a 1x1. Here's the basic plot:

    So many many dark memories for these children. Children who did nothing wrong. Who's lives were stolen from them by an impostor. Someone they thought they could trust. After all, he worked at their favorite place to play. He was dressed as one of their favorite characters. How could they have ever known....that it would come to this?

    Of course, years and years of makes people do things they never thought they would do. Makes them angry. And hurt. Revenge was something they thought would fix everything. But, it didn't. When the man who betrayed them died, his soul stayed. It didn't make them any happier, didn't fix what was broken. And now, they were stuck with him forever. Perhaps, more killing would? Yes, after all, there were plenty more people like this man. More people in that security outfit. They had to be bad too. All they had to do was get rid of all the bad guys. And so, they killed. And killed. Every person they saw when it was time for them to roam, they killed, and made like them.

    Yet, was wasn't anything working? Why couldn't these children just move on? Was there anything that could put their souls at ease? Or would the pain far in the past continue to haunt them worse than they haunted others?

    Information about the rp is below. Please read:

    Okay before I give information, I would just like to say that this is an RP. No one truely knows the whole story of what happened with the five children and so I have to think to put together a version that can be successfully rped. I can change some things depending on what my partner and I discuss so feel free to ask over PM about any ideas you may have :) HOWEVER, if you constantly are bickering about theory and the plot I will not rp with you. Now, onto the information:

    1. There are more ghosts in this rp than just the five children. These ghosts include the Purple Guy, the ghost controlling the marionette, and possibly others depending on how things go and what we discuss.
    2. There will be a Nightguard and he will be the only human. You will be playing him(along with some others. again, details over pm).
    3. In the rp, in contrast to the games, it will be in a Freddy's Pizzeria that the children are set free, not the Freddy's Fright. It just makes things easier since a lot of the characters were left out in that one XD
    4. The animatronics can not move during the day(execpt perhaps if we include the toy versions? idk, we'll discuss it). But that doesn't mean the ghosts can't :3 This also doesn't mean ghosts can go crazy during the day scaring people either. Ghosts, show yourselves in moderation not all the time. For the sake of the rp, we will say the ghosts can chose when they want to show themselves and when they don't.
    This rp will take place in this year (2015). The timeline of games to now goes: FNAF4, FNAF2, FNAF, and the rp would be basically canceling out FNAF3. I think FNAF4 and 2 happened in the same week as well, so keep that in mind.
    5. If I think of any other information or anything comes up in the discussion it will be added here.

    Now, for the rule! (the most fun, right?)

    1. Okay, so for I have done people didn't really get what I meant when I checked the 'adept' box and the rp fell through rather quickly. So I'm going to write out my definition for it. Adept is when you write 3+ paragraphs per character per post, have little grammar and spelling errors, and can move the plot along without cliches. I can understand errors here or there. I'm not evil or a writing nazi, but I expect capable writers that can move the story forward. Some writers blocks moments were there is a little less is acceptable and happens sometimes, but NEVER ONE LINERS.
    2. Going along with rule #1. is a writing sample for a post (can be one you write on the spot or one from a past rp), in conversations. If you are confused about his rule, please pm me and I will be more than happy to explain in better terms for you to understand ^_^
    3. We will be playing multiple characters of different genders. If you cant do that then you might want to leave.
    4. Certain characters have already been marked for genders. This is just because its what we actually know from the games to be true (well expect for the night guard who I just see as a male so I marked him as that XD don't hate me). So yeah :)
    5. Wow I feel a bit strict. So fun rule time! We're gunna make a banner for each character to go at the top of posts! (at least when you post as that character anyway). You can make it or find one. Or if you absolutely need help I can try to make one for you though I can't promise it will be the best. It'll just make it look cooler lol.
    6. Oh, let's also get a good range of ages for kids. The 5 kids that died will range from 5-12, all the other characters should be older than that.
    7. This can be a libertine 1x1 as well BUT you would have to be 18 or over, we would place the rp in the libertine section, and the rp wouldn't be overruled be the mature content. It would be 90% story and 10% mature content. In other words, maybe one or two scenes in the whole rp. Thats it. If you are under 18, sorry. There can still be romance, but no mature content for you.
    8. More may come. If they do I'll let everyone know.

    NOW, onto the character list. We will be splitting up these characters so no worries :3 And we also won't use every single character each post so it won't get overwhelming either. We'll each have a couple of main characters and the others will be mainly supporting characters. For instance, one of my main characters is the Marionette and one of your main characters will be the night guard. If this is confusing to you, let me know in conversations. I have already claimed the Marionette and Freddy XD Also, last thing, the Toy versions can be added into the rp, depending on what we want(they wouldn't be children though, since the orignal five would be the children that were killed). Just let me know in pm it you want to add them. Anyway, here are the characters:

    Ghost of Freddy(male)- AHeartlessNobody
    Ghost of Bonnie-
    Ghost of Chica-
    Ghost of Foxy-
    Ghost of Fredbear(golden freddy, male)-
    Ghost of Marionette(female)- AHeartlessNobody
    Ghost of Springtrap (purple guy)-
    Security Guard(male)-

    Possibly the Toy Versions? Idk. But if we did, they would include:
    Toy Freddy
    Toy Chica
    Toy Bonnie

    Just for the heck of it, in case you are curious, here is my CSs for the Marionette and Freddy (I also give you an example of the character banners I mentioned before):

    Name: Her name was Annabella Charring, but now she barely even remembers that, going be Marionette
    Age: She died when she was 19
    What Are You?: Ghost
    Favorite Character at Freddy's: The Marionette
    Biography: Anna was just your average girl. She was beautiful, well liked, and all around possibly the person with the most promise in her small town. She graduated high school at the top of her class and enrolled in the local university in her home town. Of course, with her living in her home town and her parents working all the time, she offered to watch her younger brother, Jacob when summer time came around, as well as a few of the other kids in town. One of their favorite places to go was Freddy Frazbear's Pizzeria, which had been recently remodeled with new animatronics and many rooms the children could play in. It was such a great place. she thought.
    One day, while they were all there, the kids running from room to room playing, Annabella had been doing some summer school work for her university at one of the tables and, due to her having stayed up late studying the night before, fell asleep at the table, only to wake up after closing with one of the workers shaking her awake before walking out saying she had to leave before the Nightguard locked the doors. Confused, the young woman got up and after packing her things, began to walk around the restaurant, trying to find the kids, and hearing them crying, followed the sounds to a room labeled 'Safe Room: Employees Only'. Despite the sign, hearing them crying, she rushed into the room to see a man, dressed in a purple security guard outfit, hovering over the children that he had cornered with a knife in his hand. It was instinct what she did next. She had to try to defend her younger brother and the other children. Had to save them.
    Yet, she failed.
    It was painful, filled with her screams as the man slowly killed her, torturing her until she finally died and her body stuffed into the box in the prize corner to lay dead beside the old puppet. After he killed her, he killed the children, including her younger brother. He had won.
    But....did he really?
    Gifts. Give gifts. Yes, that was what she did....or was it what the Marionette did? But...she was the Marionette, wasn't she? Yes...yes she was. Her body may have died, but now she had a new one. One that was....less disposable. And now, it was her job to give gifts. And her first gifts? The gifts of life. The children she died protecting, they would not perish. Their souls would live on. They would be fixed. She would make it so. And that is what she did.
    They got their revenge in time. It didn't take long. The man wasn't as smart as he thought he was. He had stuffed them in suits, and yet he himself was in a suit. One that was his end. The Springtrap.
    Yet...why did she not feel better? And why weren't the children at ease? Perhaps they still had more to do...more...killing.

    Theme Song: (I put this video together myself :3)

    Appearance: Her hair was blonde and her eyes blue. But after death, her spirit for some reason beyond her knowledge has grey hair and eyes.
    Other: She's very angry and has been since the day she and the children were killed. With her soul not at ease and pain she feels, now she will try to kill anyone that wears the same uniform that evil man did, as if it will ebb away at the bitterness and help her pass on. So far though, all it has done is make things worse and make her sick in the head.


    Name: Jacob Charring, though tries to just call himself Freddy a lot of times. In all honestly the only reason he still even remembers his name is because that's all his sister calls him.
    Age: 10
    What Are You?: Ghost
    Favorite Character at Freddy's: Freddy Frazbear
    Biography: Unlike most siblings, Jacob actually had a very good relationship with his sister. Perhaps it was the age difference that they were able to get along with one another fairly well. Sure, there were times when his sister got on his nerves and he would try to defy her rules she had when babysitting he and some of his friends, but all together he and his sister were really close. When he found out his sister was babysitting him for the summer, he was a little disappointed. He would have much rather someone who wasn't apart of his family watch him, but he really didn't have a choice in the matter and went along with it quietly. Hey, at least she took them to Freddy Frazbear's Pizzeria alot!
    Yet, it was one of those times that they went there where things changed for them...forever. When he saw his sister asleep at one of the tables, he didn't think much of it. After all, his sister had been studying a lot, so maybe she just needed a break. So, he and the other children went on playing, as if nothing was wrong.
    It was toward closing time though, that something strange happened. One of the workers in a Bonnie suit approached he and his friends, asking them if they wanted to see the newest animatronics in the back getting put together. They agreed happily and followed the man to a part of the restaurant marked for employees only. Though, that was strange...where were the animatronics he was talking about? When they asked him this, he stated there were no new animatronics and, in fact, they were going to be the animatronics. The children, realizing what was going to happen to them, began cowering and crying, the man pulling out his knife, ready to kill Jacob and the other children.
    Then, his sister came in the room.
    Jacob though, maybe, his sister would save them. She jumped at the man, trying to wrestle the knife away from him, but...she failed. The children were forced to watch the young woman's horrible fate, tortured and killed slowly by the man.
    And then, it was their turn.
    After he died, he thought that was it. But, he was wrong. He heard his sister, calling his name. Perhaps this was a dream? He only wished it was, but it wasn't. When he woke up, he was standing beside the Freddy Frazbear animatronic, but he felt strange. Different. And his sister, she was different too, standing beside the Marionette that used to give them gifts. The marionette seemed to move with his sister, mimicking her actions sometimes. It took him a moment to realize that she was controlling it. And he, when trying, could do the same, expect it was with Freddy. He had no more small frail body that someone could break. No, now he had Freddy. No one would ever break him again.
    Theme Song: Ya'll shoulda known I was gonna use this one ;)

    Other: Jacob listens to his sister a lot. If she tells him to do something, he does it without question. If he tells her to calm down, he calms down, if she tells him to listen to her music box, he listens, and if she tells him to kill the security guard....well, how could he argue with that?

    Anyway, pm me if you are interested!

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  2. Also, the plot isn't set in stone. If anyone has any plot suggestions or even a plot of their own just pm me and ask. I don't bite (that's Fredbears job ;D ).
    Still looking!
  3. Hi! Would you like to Rp?
  4. Possibly. Message me and we can talk.
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