Ballad of The Killemall Pirates

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  1. These posters are scattered just about everywhere...

    Looking for adventure?
    Join the Killemall Pirates today!

    Now open to any and all races, from alchemists to angels and everything in between! Come to the Chatterbones Tavern to sign up! And if you miss the meeting don't worry about it, just fly, jump, or flop onto our legendary air/sea ship Reverge! We're always looking for more crew members, so feel free to join in! We'll see you there!

    Le Rules:
    No godmoding
    Smut goes to PMs
    Don't kill another person's char without their permission.
    Have fun.
  2. Appearance Both human and Dragon
    Show Spoiler

    Avrae noticed a poster that caught her eye as she was passing by. Picking it up she began to read and a smirk appeared on her face. She had never been a part of a crew before being one never seemed to be looking for new crew mates. Now there was and she was possible just the dragon they might need. She then went looking for the ship that was described on the poster. She wondered who the captain might be and how membership could be attained.

    Dante saw about five of the posters before he decided to take a look. "Thrills. Adventures. We'll see about that," he scoffed. Although born human, Dante had swore loyalty to the devil, and piracy sounded like a plan. He'd had to trade his eye - his soul inside - for the magical powers he could possess. But he thought it was a fair deal. The ship looked cool. The reverge. Sounded like revenge. Chatterbones Tavern was close by. He began walking down to it, wondering what could happen.
  4. Near the docks was the run down Chatterbones Tavern. Rated the 3rd most dangerous bar in all the islands, it got its name from the sound that your bones made when they were fragmented from one of its many fights. There, inside its fist-indented walls a black cloak sat in a shadowy corner. There was a empty seat in front of it and a note of paper nailed into the wood above. It said in big red letters:

    Now accepting applicants.
  5. Too late to back out now, Dante thought to himself as he edged towards the chair, catching jibberish from the drunkards around him. He'd had fights here, been drunk here, but never really hated the place until now. He got to the chair, his eyebrows knitted into a puzzled expression. "Do you want me to sit down?" he asked in a rough voice. He was fairly short but otherwise not lacking athletically.

    Feral was sitting at a table in the corner of a tavern. After nobody joined his pirate crew to get revenge on an old flame, he went exploring on his own.
    He used be known as Ossirus, untill he binded his soul with an ainchent spirit to gain immense power.
    Naturally, he did not feel need for revenge anymore. He only sought knowledge.
    He figured he would be perfect - no need to pay him, and a great fighter.

    He wondered how long he would be with this rowdy bunch before getting bored and setting their ship on fire.
    He signed his name in fancy cursive and walked outside with his current brew of unmentionable substances from the bar.
  7. Avrae found a tavern seeing the sign. She walked in keeping her dragon features hidden for now as to not grab to many eyes. She knew exactly how distracting a water dragon's tail could be. Being the old stories compared them to seines. Seeing the empty sit she decided to first wait and see if she was the only one here to be part of a new crew. Depending on who else may be here might change her mind.
  8. The cloak remained still and silent as the people gathered around it. Then soon after as Avrae arrived it sprung onto the table and leaned in close on Dante. A hidden hand wrapped around his waist and pulled him closer. "Weh er yeh her?" Demanded a scratchy voice from behind the shadow's of its hood. A chuckle slipped out of the bartender.

    Outside a group of four Imperium soldiers stood, laughing at the slaves forced to bring them a large, heavy-looking crate. The Imperium was a massive, well, empire that had claimed a large portion of the world. They were always easy to start a war with and impossible to win against. image.jpg
  9. Avrae's eyes noticed something up with the shadows it seemed to draw a man in close and her dragon ear's heard a voice but she remained quiet. Now more on alert than before. She didn't expect some form of trap at this town she had never really been here before except now to hang for a while on the down low her home hunting her after her first try at solo pirating which did not end very well. She knew it would be best to join a crew but a crew taking on a dragon especially one that might as well control the sea at times. That was always a different story. But from what she had heard now Avrae was rather curious more than anything.
  10. A simple 'yes' would've worked, Dante thought to himself. "Because you're accepting people for your crew, aren't you?" he replied hesitantly, translating the accent into actual words. Dante wasn't sure what to reply. He was confused. Where was the body? Did the cloak sell it's soul? Why couldn't he see them? Too many questions, too little time. Dante's eye darted around cautiously, waiting for another invisible being to arrive.
  11. Avrae continued to glance at times toward Dante hearing bits and pieces of the conversation. The only question that bothered her was with who. Who seemed to be invisible underneath the cloak. Could she perhaps see them with her dragon eyes. If so should she blow possible cover or wait.
  12. When Dante looked around, all he could see was a few drunks. There was also a girl who seemed as nervous as he was, and a guy who he suspected was some evil being working for the same cause as he was. (He was working for the devil's rise to power and eventual world domination.) He tried not to show his anxiety, but he wasn't sure how. Maybe I've made a mistake, he thought, regretting this whole thing. The tavern gave him the shivers. And that was not something that happened often.
  13. The grip of the cloak disappeared. "Oh, well then." The cloak's threatening, raspy voice was replaced by a clear, friendly one. "No need for this now, sorry for the inconvenience." The man inside threw off his cloak, exposing his strangeness.

    Mechanical wings were drawn in around his arms and a striped bandanna was tilted over his left eye. The wings stretched out and went into a pack on his back. The man wore a black coat and pants, a white undershirt, blue goggles, and a friendly smile. Still standing on the table he took a low bow. "I am Crono Loco Killemall. Captain of The Killemall air/sea pirates." After that he finally sat down. "I'm assuming you saw our flyers? My friend found them a bit... overly cheerful."
  14. Avrae listened to the man and now stepped forward. "Well I wouldn't say overly but more welcome than most I've encountered." She replied looking at the man who she may have to start calling Captain. "Are you taking on new crew mates of all kinds? Or was that just meant as an eye grabber?" She questioned still keeping her dragon features hidden.
  15. Dante watched carefully. "I don't think you can miss them," he admitted, being honest. It was hard to not want to look at the posters screaming for your attention. He didn't really know what to do next. Luckily, he didn't have to, because the girl began to speak. She had a good question. He waited for the answer.
  16. Necalli quietly listened in on the conversation about some posters that were apparently all over town, much of what was being said sounded alien, though eventually he managed to overhear something about a man taking in a crew. Perhaps he could find his homeland if he joined in .At the very least it was worth a shot, so then stood up and announced "Me join crew!". Hoping he had spoken well enough for the man to understand what he was saying. Though he has spent nearly a year in this strange land he still had only the most basic grasp of the language, and would often have trouble communicating with others.

  17. "I'm glad you see that way. And of course I am! Like that one." Crono gestured to the foreigner and waved him over. "Your accepted sir. What is your name?" He made sure his words were clear and he made plenty of motions that would clarify what he was saying. "Speaking of names, yours? By the way, don't be frightened. Everyone here is too drunk to care whom or what you are." He looked to the man and the woman, both of which he suspected were far from what they seemed. The crew was already looking strong and diverse, but that was no reason to assume they would last very long.
  18. "Dante," he replied, still unsure on what to do. He watched the captain, wondering why he hadn't ask them all that many questions. Was he that desperate for a crew? He looked towards the table, his eyes moving to the woman, foreigner, and captain respectively. What had he dragged himself into? And where would it lead?
  19. "Name is Necalli, me strong warrior, very good for team" He replied pointing his thumb at his chest. He was glad that he was accepted, and was exited not only for a chance to get home, but exited that he could get a test to show his strength to the people of this strange new land.
  20. Avrae had listened and been quiet for a while then finally nodded. "I'm Avrae." She replied. "And if you are excepting all kinds a dragon would wish to join your interesting crew." She explained.
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