Ballad of the Killemall Pirates (Anyone can join!)

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    Now excepting any race, species, or whatever you are as applicants! From alchemists to aliens to angels! So long as you can work, follow basic instructions, and won't turn against us! Pay depends on how much treasure we haul in which depends on how well you work so... work hard! Meet at the Snapped Scull Bar to apply but feel free to meet us elsewhere or fly, warp, or flop onto our mighty vessel, 'Reverge'!

    The Rules!:
    I am not allowing no gods incarnate on my ship! You are a lot of braggarts!

    (No godmodding)
    You can get all Lovey-Dovey with your fellows but keep your affairs to your selves!

    ('Passionate' posts go to PM)
    (Do not kill another character without their RPer's permission)
    Enjoy your selves bilge rats!
    (Have fun!)
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    Name: Keira Carter
    Age: 21
    Species: Skin-Changer/ Shapeshifter (Changes into a dog)
    Tragic Back Story: She was "cursed" at a young age, although she doesn't really consider her condition to be a curse, but more of a blessing. A really poor curse on the She has taken advantage of it since she learned she was capable of controlling it. Now, she's realized that most people don't appreciate the ability, so she's looking to find a career where her "talent" is appreciated.

    A brown, scruffy mutt made its way down the streets of the city, turning down the street on its left. She seemed very intent on getting to wherever she was going as she wove her way between groups of people and eventually turned down an alleyway. Not long afterwards, a dark haired girl stepped out of the same alley and made her way down to the Snapped Skull Bar. She walked in and looked around, and made her way to an empty seat.
  3. Name: Neco M'nashi

    Race: Anthromorphic Feline (Or that's how he likes it.)

    Description: Coming from a far off island on a cargo ship, Neco was the runt of his mother's litter, and was shunned for it. They saw him as weak, spineless, and useless. He realized that he would never be excepted where he was, so he decided to looked for a place that would except him. He had great eyesight, smell, and hearing; along with great speed. elegance. and agility. He had a great variety of colors in his pelt: Mostly brown, but hints of black, orange, and red found their way around his eye, ears and back.

    Neco was already in the bar, sitting on a tall stool. He had already asked around, and no one here was the hiring pirate group he had heard of from the sailors who kicked him off their cargo ship. Being only thirteen, no one really expected him in a bar like this. He sighed, flattening his ears in boredom.

    "I wonder when they'll get here..." he groaned.
  4. A grey, tattered cloak enters the Snapped Skull Bar. The wearer's appearance is hidden by the long robe and the shadows of its hood. Whoever it is walks up to the counter of the bar to receive a large bottle of whiskey without a even asking for it. The cloak pays and then grabs the bottle with one pale hand. It goes to a secluded table with only two seats and takes out a piece of paper as well as a hammer and some nails. The robed figure posts a note saying 'Now excepting applicants' on the wall and sits down under it.
  5. Keira didn't pay much attention to the cloak until it nailed the note to the wall. "Ah," Keira muttered to herself once she read it. "That would be who I'm looking for." She stood up and hesitantly made her way across the room to the table, grabbing a half-empty bottle off a drunk man's table as she walked past it. She took a swig off the bottle as she reached the secluded table. "I'm here to join the crew." She said to the cloak, taking a seat at one of the two empty seats.
  6. The hood nodded and gestured to the seat before it. The pale hands appeared again, this time holding five cards. The cloak placed the cards down on the table with their backs up, then flipped the rightmost card. It had a picture depicting a old man looking upward quizzically and underneath the picture was its title, The Thinker. The pale hand flipped it again and on the back was now the word 'Why?' in acid green ink.
  7. Well... She had her reasons, but she figured if she was going to join this crew she should probably go right out and tell about her condition. "I'm guessing you're asking why I want to join. As it turns out, most people aren't exactly keen on hiring skin changers," Keira replied, "Which is really quite unfortunate." She took another drink from the bottle. She could think of so many things she could do to be helpful. Another thought occurred to her between her rambling and thinking. "So I guess I just want to prove that I'm not a waste of space."
  8. Constant muttering had been coming from outside the bar for some time, until it finally stopped. The cloak sprung up from its chair and rushed to a nearby window. It looked out, turned back, and let out a gleeful laugh. "Finally I can take this off!" the cloak said before grabbing its robe and pulling it off.

    A odd looking man stood where the cloak once was. He had black, mechanical wings strapped to his back which were folded over his arms. They folded back neatly to expose long sleeves ending in his pale pickpocket hands. He had strange goggles over on his hat and a bandana that was tilted to cover one eye under it. Although he looked human, something about him just... wasn't human. "Allow me to introduce my self madam. I am Captain Crono Killemall of the Killemall Air/Sea ship pirates." He said with a bow. "And yes I could use someone like you. How good are your eyes?"
  9. What the hell? Of course, she didn't actually say that, but it was the first thing that came to mind with the sudden movement and revelation of the cloaked figure. That was probably the last thing she had expected. While this guy seemed much less frightening than when he was cloaked, she was left speechless for a while. Honestly, Keira wasn't sure what to say until Crono had introduced himself. She stood up and gave a small curtsy (although she wasn't really one to do so) and introduced herself. "That's great! I'm Keira Carter," She said, "I suppose my eyes are decent. They work, anyway." She finished with a shrug.
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    Name: Elisa Brooke Garner
    Age: 27?
    Species: Siren
    Brief Personality: Cocky, stubborn and easily angered. Often sarcastic, despises those who betray her, and her trust is hard to gain, yet despite all this is protective and loyal to her friends.

    A pale figure made her (for it was a female) way swiftly into the bar. She noticed two figures, and heard one introduce himself as "Captain Crono Killemall". That's who she was looking for. Her hands on her hips, she made her way over to them. "Sorry if I'm intruding," she spoke in a cool, calm voice after the two had paused in there talking, "But I believe this is where I sign up for the Killemall pirates? My name is Elisa Garner, and I would love to apply."
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  11. "Excepted! And you as well miss!" Crono finished while turning to the new woman. He flashed his odd smile, proving that he was in fact not human at all. All of his teeth were different yet fit together perfectly when he grinned. Some were like shark's, others looked like the end of knives, yet his smile was far more friendly then creepy. His smile then turned into a thoughtful look as he stared at the ceiling. "I'm sorry if that seemed a bit quick. I'm currently having trouble finding people that can survive a single day. Your positions will be chosen later."
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    Name Naomi rose
    Age 24
    Species kitsune
    Bio naomi had been hunted all her life for a kitsunes tail is supposed to grant immortality. Most kitsune do not survive long enough to have more than one tail rather than 7. She was taken in by a group of assassins and taught how to fight back. Then they were wiped out buy a full on assault by tyrannical king seeking her tails. She fled and made her way to this bar.

    Naomi entered the bar wearing a large black cloak to hide her features, as she made to way to the back table she saw a man sitting next to a sign that said looking for a pirate crew. She sat down in front of the person. She sniffed lightly checking to see if it was human
  13. (Hrm. I have a bit of writers block, but Pirates. Anyways, here's my girl~
    I'll be porting over a character from another RP~)

    Name: Cecilia Delacroix, 'The Red Siren'
    Cecilia Delacroix (open)

    Age: 26, as far as you're concerned. (And that'd be all ye gettin, love. I be old enough to be yer grandmum, though, so lets leave it at that. a'right? So dun' thin I'm some pretty flower needin' to be wooed. I'll tie a cannon to yer feet and drop ye from my ship.)
    Race: Siren
    Bio: Hailing from a small island by the name of Atlantica, from a young age she has always been a troublemaker. Pirate, scoundrel, mercenary, treasure hunter, etc. In short, she's a woman who loves adventure simply for the sake of adventure and fighting for the sake of fighting. And don't, call her an old hag. Or she'll have to prove to you (in quite a few ways) That she is still young and able. As for her age, the Siren tribe she hails from tends to be longer lived than humans, most live to the same natural age as elves.

    Cecilia chugged the alcohol, letting out a hearty, loud laugh as she slammed the mug onto the table.

    "Oi, looks like I won 'tat bet, ye ol' geezer!" She laughed once again, obviously a little more than on the tipsy side. "A bet 'sa bet, so pay up mateys!" The man sitting across from her simply stared, and then his head promptly hit the table, his mug clattering noisily to the ground, passing out from the amount of alcohol he consumed. "Haha, looks like ta ol' geezer couldn' keep down his rum! Alright lovlies, pay up or I'll hafta get violent." With that, the people who had been backing the old man grumbled, throwing various coin pouches onto the wooden table. "O-ho, hello thar pretty. What be yer name?" She childishly giggled as she opened a pouch and began to run her hand across the shiny new coin, momentarily getting distracted before she remembered her reason for being here. "Sorry to cut this short, gentlemen, but I 'ave places I need ta be. Don't spend all at once lovlies." She flipped the coin in her hand into the air and let the men fight over it, grabbing two drinks off of a serving maid as she walked by.

    Cecilia walked over to a group of people, taking a seat next to a cloaked person.

    "Heard ye be puttin' tagether a crew." She said, sliding one of the drinks she had picked up over to the man, taking a long chug of her own drink before continuing. "I want in on whatever venture ye be havin'."
  14. Crono looked at the cloaked woman in amusement. "I'm sorry miss but you'll find that I only smell like alcohol and air." He said politely. "I assume your here to join?" Seeing the glass slide over to him he turned to another Siren and downed the drink in one swift motion. "Yes and you may miss but do me a favor..." He lifted his hand from under the table holding her winnings. "Hold on to your money better." He finished and returned the money.
  15. Naomi looked at the cards on table. She reached out and flipped it over. The word hunted was sprawled across the card.
  16. Cecillia, for a moment stared at the man, dumbstruck before letting out a hearty laugh.

    "Oi, good one lad! Ya got me there, kid." She finished off the drink she had and turned back to the captain, taking the money. "It's been 'while since someones been able to do tha' without losin' a hand. I'll be more than happy ta sail under yer command sir. The name's Cecilia, The Red Siren in some circles that really wish I don' find 'em. Treasure hunter an' all around scoundrel at yer service. Of 'course, I will be wantin' my share of treasure, savvy? I don' work entirely for the thrill of adventure."

    It was then she noticed the cloaked stranger and her cards. Something about being 'hunted', then? Was this person on the run for someone? Not that it was any of her business. The red-headed siren simply kept her mouth shut and leisurely ordered another drink. "So what is this little venture 'o yers anyways?" she asked. "Or ye keepin' yer cards to yer vest because ye afraid of a mutiny or somethin'?"
  17. Crono looked at the card and nodded. "I understand. You have been excepted." Turning back to the redhead he smiled. "I've got plenty of experience madam. And you would be surprised to find I'm much, much older then I look." He explained calmly. At the mention of his goal he leaned back in his chair and sighed. "To be honest, I'm trying to get to the adventure bit without my entire crew biting the gun."
  18. "You're a siren too, hmm?" Elisa asked the woman, who had just introduced herself as "Cecilia" but noted she was called the Red Siren in 'some circles'. She was rather pleased that another of her kind was around, but said nothing on that matter. She stared at the cards, a bit worried to flip one. There were things that this crew didn't need to know yet. "Aah, don't worry, Capt'n, we'll - or at least I'll - try and stick around for a while, I'll bet you that." She clicked her tongue and stretched after she had finished her sentence, directed at Crono.

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    Name: Mike Regent
    Age: 25
    Species: Human
    Home Planet: Earth
    Bio: Mike use to work in a office until the firm he worked for went bust and then became a Space Vagabond Hoping from Cargo ship to Cargo ship Surviving only on stuff he took from the ships and selling anything valuable he found on the black market. Now he is looking for work as a pirate.
    Mike stands 6ft fall with blond hair and wears a blue overall and white shirt with scuffed and worn black boots. He is well known by The law and has at least 6 warrants for his arrest but has managed to slip out the hands of the law enforcement teams many times.
    Mike Slips though the doors of the bar and stops to catch his breath, out side people shouting can be heard, a voice yells "No No No we lost Him, Dispatch were returning back to HQ" The foot steps and radio chatter fade away as the people out side leave.
    Mike walks over to the bar and sits down with a smile on his face.
  20. "Oh, don't you worry, Cap'n, I'm certain I can survive longer than a day." Keira replied, setting down her bottle. More people had come, so she went silent as they spoke to the Captain. She examined the cards a bit closer, one of which the girl had flipped over. She didn't think too much about what it meant by 'Hunted' and instead returned her attention to the conversation. It wasn't until he had mentioned adventuring the she spoke up again. "What kinds of adventures are we talkin' about, here?" She asked.