Ball Jointed Dolls

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  1. I feel I've only just scratched the surface on this hobby and I can't seem to find out too much more info. It's like walking into walmart and they change around your isles. It confuses me and makes me feel disoriented!

    Does anyone else know much more than just the basics about these dolls?

    All I know is I want one of the larger dolls at about 60 to 70 cm tall and apparently I enjoy the SD style. I love the Asian very thin look it comes with. It reminds of a tiny pop star. lol

    I was hoping to get a little discussion going to see what other people enjoy. If ANY at all enjoy it like I do.

    I already have one ball jointed doll, but it's a basic rare anime doll from my collection. But as you call tell the joints are loose and horrible for posing. LOL
  2. Hi there! First off, I sugguest you join the DenofAngels forum! ( It's a great place to learn about BJD's! Secondly, your Utena doll isn't really a BJD. She's all kinds of awesome though! By SD I'm going with the meaning of 'Super Deformed' instead of the Volks 'Super Dollfie' right? There's lots and lots of anime style dolls out there, including Volk's Dollfie Dreams! Also Obitsu's and stuff.

    A lot more questions can be answered by this Live Journal.

    I own several BJD's of the resin stringed variety and if you need any help please PM me or you can join the Toy Box group here on Iwaku!
  3. I know i am just learning about BJD as well, i have three currently. One is my beloved Inuyasha with sculpted hair and such that sits rightfully on my desk. My Dante up in the corner of my room (both are 16" in height) though they really arent the true BJD and finally my legit BJD Renske. She is a resin stringed MSD Babobi 14" Ju Girl Doll. I love her as she has these massive elf ears that a buddy of mine bought down in the states from someone! I would love to one day have a crafted one of some of my charas.

    I know the familiarity of your newbie status as well FJ22 but its a fun hobby to start to learn about.
  4. HAHA tell me about it! I would love to have some dolls modeled after my characters from my writing after I get good enough. But again, they're quite expensive. I think i'll start from scratch with those and make the clothes myself. I love the fact that I can make my own wig if I really wanted to. :D
  5. Hi AceofMana! :D I'm sure you mean 'Bobobie' and actually since you have a Ju girl, that sculpt belongs to their sister company Resinsoul. She's a gorgeous sculpt, one of my favorites from them!

    My first doll was a Bobobie/Resinsoul Bei, his name is Sheraton. I got a Bobobie/Resinsoul girl, a Li, a year back and then sold her off but she was very lovely I just wasn't sure what to do with her after I got her.
  6. I've looked more into it. I've fallen in love even more with the Mecha Angels <3 My gawd, so big and pretty. Now to save up the rough amount of money and narrow down my choices.
  7. Ahaha fail on my part but yes Bobobie Ju Girl. I love her because of her massive ears (i have this thing for elven ears that aren't stubby). I want to purchase one myself later one down the road, but what i have no idea. All i know is Renske needs some companionship and well Inuyasha and Dante sculpts aren't quite the same lmao