Ball Jointed Dolls

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  1. Heya ^^

    I own 2 BJD's myself and i love them. does anyone here have their own dolls? Do you find them nice? Ever want to buy one?
  2. Hi there! I'm a BJD owner as well. ^.^ I've got three and a half at the moment.
    We have a group as well, it's for all dolls and toys. You should come and check us out.
    There's a couple more people here who have/want dolls as well.

    The Toy Box
  3. That's great to hear. It would be cool to connect with other BJD owners. thank you:
  4. I enjoy BJD, but I can't afford to buy them.

    What I do enjoy doing is doing BJD makeup on myself. Like VenusAngelic or DakotaKoti...and yes, I know all about the fake DakotaKoti and the rude Venus, but I still think they have a cute style, even if they aren't that great of people in real life.