Baldur's Gate II

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  1. So, does anyone still play this Classic DnD based RPG off the 2nd Edition? I still play and love this game to death, but sadly my new computer doesn't have a disk drive, but a website called beamdog Enhanced the game. So now you can just download it and play ^^

    So, the reason I made this was to see how many other people played or use to play this game.
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  2. I totally covered this in my Retro Games thread.

    Best party for total OP!


    I could play this game in my freaking sleep, I've played it so many times.

    I did good runs, neutral runs, evil runs, kill all the things runs, solo runs, kill all the things again runs....

    Irenicus is an awesome and memorable villain voiced by the guy who gets typecast as awesome and memorable villains, David Warner.

    All the NPCs are nuttier, funnier, insaner, and bickering-er than all of the other Bioware games, hands down. They did it first, they did it best.

    Oh, and don't get me started on the new banters from the upgraded editions. Especially with the new NPCs thrown into the mix. There's a massive website dedicated to collecting the scripts of the various banter combinations - many of them gutwrenchingly hilarious.

    BTW, Kensai/mage ftw, otp, op, and a bunch of other internet acronyms.
  3. I have played this game millions of times myself, yet I just got the Enhanced Edition for the fact I can no longer download the version I obtained when it first came out. I'm trying out the new classes, first one is the Dwarven Beserker which so far is impressive. A little too much I believe ^^

    My party normally consists of

    Me(Whatever I am)
    Yoshimo (Until I get Imoen back)
  4. Ah, I have both games!

    My cousin inducted me to BG2 first and I got hooked enough to get interested in its prequel as well. I never got to finish it, though, but now I kinda want to go hunt my old copy back...
  5. If Jan and Minsc aren't in your parties, you are literally playing the game wrong.
  6. i approve of that statement

    also, Binky
  7. I bought it when it first came out, then bought it again after the discs were destroyed by a bad DVD drive, then bought it a third time via Steam last year.

    All is well. :D
  8. I'm still trudging through my replay of Beldur's Gate, just so I could start off on this game with a character I already, er, finished. I was gonna use a character I had in my old computer for the very same thing, but then it broke. Anyway, answering your, er, question, no, I haven't played it yet, but when I get the time I will.
  9. You gotta have Keldorn in there somewhere for Carsomyr, unless you feel like playing the Paladin class yourself.
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