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  1. Everything about the word earth was something the humans dreamed of when they found there was more planets in the universe but as they probably could tell that most of them are not inhabited. There is just one far away from this section of the universe that also connects to earth which is called hell. Damien used to live their a long time ago but as the humans involved he wanted to be right there and watch them as they increased with technology and well online.

    The connection between hell and earth seemed to get more closer but also distant. Not a lot of people would actually know this but Damien did. The realm/planet/portal between earth and hell was getting closer to each other and more and more things could get out except Damien didn't want those things out so he protected the portals with his own magic.

    It was a nice day with the sun almost setting when he caught sight of something falling from the sky. What it was he wasn't sure but however it made him glad to fallow it to find out what it was. He followed the falling light until it hit the ground hard. He stood at the boarder of the creator and saw a girl in the middle of the mess.

    "An angel how delightful." He muttered and walked over closer to her. He let his demonic features show. Black bat wings exploded out of his back and 6 pairs of horns showed up onto his head showing that he was powerful demon. His tail split into 6 matching the number of pairs of horns he had also showing power.

    He walked even closer to her so he was leaning over the unconscious girl as power surrounded the demon with electrifying amazement. "Now what should I do with her." His voice rough and snakelike as it turned to his original sound.
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  2. Emily wings were silky and white. They were bigger than other angels, showing she was of high authority. Her hair was long and wavy. The color of it was brown and although no one could see it, her eyes were a beautiful forest green. The angel didn't recall how she had fallen but she knew it was for a reason. Emily slowly awoke and opened her eyes. She saw a demon but thought she was dreaming so she closed her eyes again then opened them. She still saw the demon buy this time she screamed and back away. She wore a long white silky dress that was laced at the bottom and at the bottom of the sleeves. Her shoes were white flats. The angel girl named Emily Heveian flared at the demon before her. Heveian was the last name of the angels who lived in the castle in heaven. She was the young princess and her sister, Amber, was to be the next queen after her mother. Her father died in a battle with the devils when Emily was five and she had faint memories of him.
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  3. A deep chuckle came from the demons mouth as his tongue stuck out. His tongue was almost like a snake and only few demons had it. They were the ones under the devil or in the royal line. Damien was suppose to be king of the underworld but he gave it to his brother even though they both knew he was way stronger then his brother. His brother only had 5 pairs of horns. To him it didn't matter he liked earth better then he'll. it was a lot more interesting to watch the humans scream and run around with all the wars.

    Damien hissed slightly as he tapped his chin to think of what to do with her. The first thought in his head was to kill her. Killing her would be so amazing. He had never tried angel blood before. "What I think I'm going to do is kill you. I've never had angel blood before so I think it will be sweet and amazing." He hissed slightly as he thought about how amazing her blood might be.
  4. "My sister will send the guards after you!" She said. She stood up and backed away. She was unarmed and didn't know how to fight. 'Royalty sucks when it comes to things like this' she thought. She folded her wings. "I won't let a man of rotting flesh kill me." She spat a him. She looked around then claimed down and smiled. "Whoa! So this is what earth is like!" She said in a amazed and surprised voice with some happiness.
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  5. The minute he heard sister would send guards after him he smiled. "Amazing. You must be the princess. Well I might have use for you but now I'll take you as my prisoner instead of eating you. Sucks that I won't have a taste of your blood but I think I like my new idea better." He hissed out as he started to drag her by her hand not caring if she stumbled or tripped he still held onto her with his hard grip.

    He took the backways so not to be seen by humans. No human can know of his existence and he rather not have them know. He liked watching them and he didn't want to kill them yet with the things they seemed to make. His house was a mansion cause he had years of collecting money and everything he could to become the millionaire he was today.

    He had the latest technology and everything updated with fast internet and dozens of different tablets from different companies and TVs in different sizes in different rooms. He walked through his house with her as he walked to a new style hidden doorway with facial, hand, foot, horns, tail, wings recognition to unlock the doors to his secret hallways.

    As he walked through them he brought the girl into a cell for magical beings and he pushed her in and locked the door. "This is my house and you will go by my rules. Do you know how much I love this human world. If your good I can show you what they make and what they do with things like these stuff. But if you don't fallow my rules you will get tortured." He hissed at her making sure she knew he was in charge.
  6. She didn't mind the fact that he dragged her here but she wasn't used to being locked up she landed on her butt with a umf!

    When she heard him say he would show her the human things she smiled and got on her hands and knees. "Really?!" She said then sat up on her knees and squealed. Emily was 15 and had been tutored but she still required learning so she looked him in the eyes, her expression serious. "Tomorrow is Saturday. I want to be in a public school by Monday or I will use the call of the angels and have them torture you." She said.
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  7. A laugh left him as he chuckled. "You can't use your powers in there love. See. As. Of. Right. Now. You will go by my rules and do what I say otherwise I won't let you go to human school. And how are you suppose to be human if you can't even hide your wings. Such a shame if I would have to show you how." His voice hissed.

    He sat across from the cage with the key in his hand out of reach of the angel in case she had ideas of trying to get out. "I know this world better then you, sweet little girl. Your an infant in this world." He said and hummed slightly. He made the key disappear into thin air as he reached out and grabbed the angels chin.

    "Will you do as I say. Or do I have the pleasure of torturing it out of you. If you think your call of angels can help you go right ahead and try. I'm not a weak demon and I will not bow down to a simple call. That call effects every demon but me. I'm special girly and I won't tell you why so you won't get anymore information out of me." He said letting go of her chin.

    "I can leave you here to think about that for a moment or you can tell me your answer right now. If you go by my rules I'll let you stay and roam the human world with me but if you don't I'll leave you in that cell so I can torture you every day." He purred slightly hissing with excitement.
  8. "Fine.....I'll obey. And I can hide my wings!" She snapped. She stood up then stopped. "I can't while I'm in here though." She sighed and sat down, leaning against the wall with her wings folded. She looked at him. "What do you look like without all that scary stuff?" She asked and crawled over to the bars. She looked at him, curiosity sparked around her.

    Emily has a slim body and a D sized chest. She has no fat on her other than that spot though. Her face is round and cute and her nose is cutely small. She is a peach skin toned color (like the colored pencil) and she is 5'4".
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  9. Damien shock his head slightly but decided to show her what he looked like without all the horns and tail and wings. "Well when you see me as human you know you can never go back to your angel realm ever again." He said not kidding about that. He didn't like when people saw his humanish form. He never really liked it but he knew he had to have it to live like a human.

    The horns started to disappear in his black hair making his hair more shaggy slightly. His hair was like emo hair. It was his wings next that seemed to disappear into his back. Then his tail seemed to go poof then gone. Last but not least were his eyes and tongue. His eyes were a bright red color before in his demon form but after his eyes changed into a cold ice blue color. He was tall reaching 6'6 and his muscles were huge. His human form looked about 18 in human years but he was so much older then that.

    "Now girly, the name you will call me by is Spade and you will have to put on a magical collar that is invisible to the human eye but I can keep track on you if you have it on. Also you will have to tell me everything about yourself no matter what it is." He said. Instead of saying telling him about the angel world he knew she would have to tell him about it anyway if he told her to tell him about herself.
  10. Once she saw his human form she squealed. "Your so cute!" She said then shut up when he talked on. She sighed when he finished and put her hands down. She looked atthw ground. "I'll start with myself. My name is Emily Heveian. I'm 15 in human years but 217 in angel time. My breast size is a D, my hair is naturally long and wavy and brown. I don't wear contact lenses or glasses, my sister is 20 in human years, my father died when I was five or six, I'm a princess of the royal family in heaven, I died in a battle on earth before I was reborn as an angel, I like the sky, I love the water, I like sweet foods, I drink coffee, tea, water, milk, and juice. My shoe size is seven and a half and....I love cute things! Anything else you wanna know?" She asked him, looking into his eyes.
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  11. That wasn't what he wanted to know but he really didn't care. He hummed slightly before looking at the female. "Well what was your life like up in the angel realm." He asked her as he didn't really care. He could give this to his brother if he really wanted to but he just wanted to know for his safety and not for hells safety.

    He grumbled and growled slightly as she said he was so cute in his human form. He hissed and turned away from her. He didn't like that word. Cute. That was something he hated even thinking that word. A collar appeared suddenly in his hands as he turned back around to the angel.

    He slide his hands through plus the collar and clipped the collar onto her neck. She was now his property. "Are you going to be a good girl. If you dare run away I'll find you and torture you." He said looking at her serious. He then let the key appear into his hand like well you know magic. "If I unlock this door you will fallow all of my rules." He asked making sure she will do what he said.
  12. She looked a the collar around her neck. She wasn't a dog but hey, she was getting to see cool things. She looked into his eyes with a smile. "Yes." She said. She meant it as well. She really hopped this guy would keep his promise. "And the angel realm? Well, we mostly have fun and play but if necessary we right your kind. But only the warriors do." She said, thinking back to her old life.
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  13. (.......You there?)
  14. Damien or as she will know him as spade walked over to the lock and unlocked the door. He looked at her before opening the door turning back to his true form. His demon form back and ready to be used. He walked to the door and looked back at the female. "Are you coming. Today we are not going out nd I'll show you the technologies of this century so you will have to learn and be able to use these if you want to apply for school on Monday which I will call today so I could get you into school. You will probably have to take a test to see where you fit in school." He explained before walking into the living room knowing she would fallow.
  15. He was right. She did follow in fact, she was holding onto the back of his shirt. She was smiling and holding in her bursting excitement. Being treated like a worthless animal sucked but still. As long he didn't make her a complete dog like making her eat out of a dog dish and eating dog food and stuff like that. She was out so sue raised her wings high, stopping. Her wings glowed white before they dissapeared. She smiled and followed him, holding into the back of his shirt once more.
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  16. Damien didn't stop when he felt the girl grab onto the back of his shirt again. He walked to his technology room and entered. The room was filled with tablets, phones, computers and everything. Damien sighed lightly as he walked over to the easy stuff which were the computers. He had to make his way up for her just in case she was a slow learner. "Okay this is a very old computer and I are going to show you how to use it okay doll." He said bringing her over to a chair in the room.
  17. Emily twirled in the room. "Its amazing!" She said said and laughed a little. She sat down in the chair and put her hand on the computer. She copied all the data and how to use it. She opened her eyes and turned it on. She began typing fast as she got on YouTube and listened to Nightcore Justin Beieber songs.
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  18. Damien hissed at her as she tried to listened to Justin Berber songs. "That is a no go. If you are in my house you cannot listen to that crap." He grumbled and brought her along the technology stuff going from old to new. He knew she learned very fast so he just stopped at each one for a few minutes knowing she will do her thing before going to the next one.

    When he got to the last one he turned around to look at her. "Which one is your favorite to use. I'll get you one of your own so you don't mess with mine that are in my room." He said. He had another set of technology stuff in his room more specialized to his needs and stuff. The stuff in this room was to look at but also to test things out on.

    "There are iPads, tablets, and anything you want just tell me which brand you want and I'll get it." He said before moving over to the touch screen wall that had every known electronic in the world different colors and everything. "I love technology. It's the best thing the humans did for well everyone. I can take apart any one of these things and then put them back together." He said humming and smiling. "Now choose now and wisely." He said.
  19. She closed her eyes and thought. Her head was turning quickly as she decided. She made it surrounding the computers only and the things like computers. Once she finished which took like, three minutes she opened her eyes and pointed to a device. The device could be a tablet or a laptop if you hooked the keyboard to it. She smiled at him. "A black one." She said.
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  20. Damien clicked onto the screen and touched the black in color thing before pressing buy. To Damien it didn't matter the brand he liked everything about technology. "That's all. You do need a cell phone if you are going to live in this century so we will change rooms and go into another room." He said. He walked over to a door that connects to the phone room. There was also a music room and a speaker room but well he wouldn't show her all of it because then she would know he was obsessed with technology.

    "Here is the phone room. Go in here and pick the phone you want and since you didn't get an iPad I suggest you pick one of the androids instead of the iPhones." He said as he stood at the door and watch her pick her phone. "FYI you are not allowed to put anyone's number into your phone without my instruction. And since your applying for school I might as well too so I can keep an eye on you when your not at the house." He said humming slightly as he waited.
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