Baku: Unlikely Guardian

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    A Demon from Ancient Japan somehow gets to the Modern era of the United States...NOTHING CAN GO WRONG!

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    Hidehara Urushihara
    The clouds were twinkling with rain, slowly building up to the point where rain might as well be a weapon of choice. The thunderclouds boomed along the ocean as the lightning erupted at one of the islands nearby. Hidehara was at one of the islands, he was fighting one of the demons that had been after him for awhile. If one wondered, Hidehara is a Baku....and no he is not a beast with an elephant trunk, oxtail, tiger claws, and some sort of weird body. You could say Hidehara was another generation of Bakus who are disguised as humans. Well, Hidehara is the second generation, so he is kind of new to the whole thing. If one wonders what Bakus are, they are demons that feed off of dreams and nightmares from whoever they desire. They get that power from the dream or nightmare and change the dream to their will.
    Back to the story, though: Hidehara had been followed by a specific demon for many months, more specifically a Bakuneko. "You just won't go away would you?!" He spoke in a thick Japanese accent as the Bakeneko hissed and proceeded to attack. Hidehara hissed and used his 'tiger' claw to swipe at the creature, it was easy as the demon only wanted his power. Some sort of weird rumor that if one consumed the Baku spirit, they will have their power...or some...stupid thing like that. So once his claws swiped at the bakuneko, it seemed very easy but it seemed like the demon had a 'fail-safe' move. With a swipe of a tail, Hidehara had been dragged out of the hill to fall toward the water. But with one hand, he grabbed one of the edges and watched the demon fall. Hidehara then started laughing. "THAT...was your plan?! You're pathetic!" But when he turned his head, he saw a darkened figure up above him. " are." The man then kicked his head making him fall into the water and go unconscious.

    It didn't take long for the man to wake up on wet grounds. He could barely see where he was but it knew he somehow got into lands alive and somehow didn't drown. "Ow...what happened?" He mumbled as he got up and felt his head. Nothing was coming out, which he was thankful that it was just going to be a headache. His red eyes wandered around the area to see that there was no sign of life. He turned his body to see what he thought was the ocean, but it ended being a lake, a large lake. "Where...Am I?" He whispered as he walked away from the lake to keep on walking. But he is suddenly stopped when a huge moving object passed by him. He blinked, frozen in place as his head turned to the object, seeing that all it had was four feet shaped like a wheel and it was moving...all by itself! "What IS THAT?!" He gasped as there was no human or horse dragging the huge object and it caused him to be more puzzled. "Maybe I am dreaming...ow." He sat down on the ground, a few feet away from the weird, grey-colored, rocky yet paved walkway as he shook his head. "Once this headache goes away, I will figure out where I am and how to get back to Kururugi Village."

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    Arizona desert, 2016

    There was always so much to do and never enough time to do it. Cassandra Westington finished stitch Najo's hand for the fifth time that month and gave him a very stern look, "Young man...STOP.." she said and he gave her a very innocent looking shrug, "I KNOW what you're doing," she said motioning to his hand, "You have been lucky but some time you are going to impale that hand and sever something important and then what? HUH?" She frowned and shook her head, "How will Maira and the kids have food?" she asked, "Stop the Knives," she watched him leave quietly knowing full well he did not hear a word she said, though she spoke in perfect Athabashan. It had taken a while for her to learn to communicate in their native tongue and many of the Navajo among whom she served laughed at her early attempts. They completely underestimated her stubborn will and tireless work ethic. She liked to think she'd earn a bit of their respect in these last seven years.

    She's graduated from John's Hopkins School Of Medicine and wanted to set up practice in a place where she would be needed and useful. She wasn't in medicine for the money, it was who she was. There had been a few cases during medical school where she'd intervened without anyone catching on that she'd done so, but she'd been loathe to watch someone die when she could prevent it. Her extra-abilities as she called them, did have limits, but she always tried. Luckily people just gave her credit for an excellent bedside manner and keep mind, and not a magically enhanced ability. Not that any of those great scientific minds would have been willing to admit she had such powers, but nevertheless, whatever their limited scope of mind would allow them to believe, she did possess power beyond her own physical being.

    She frowned as she watched Najo leave only to see someone sitting at the end of her pathway holding his head. Odd. She made her way out to see what was going on and she heard the man speak of a headache and finding out where he was. Her brow lifted as she crouched beside him and placed a gentle hand on his shoulder. "Can I help you?" she asked, "I am doctor Westington. Perhaps you'd like to come into the clinic so I can have a look at your head...."


    Not far away Kiera watched and waited. What was this demon doing with her charge? She lowered herself to stand behind Cassandra and wrapped large white wings around her protectively. It had been a long while since she'd had to protect Cassandra, but she was always ready to do so. There was something wrong with this demon though. He was mumbling and he was allowing himself to be seen by humans, not unheard of but definitely not their normal mode of expression. Her keen gaze scanned the area for any other demonic activity but found none. Something was very wrong with this whole picture. Why hadn't he noticed her presence? Hm. She kept her wings about Cassandra just in case. There was no telling with demons, and she'd learned the hard way to be vigilant. Angels didn't always win every battle, as she was now well aware.

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    Hidehara Urushihara

    Hidehara sat there for a bit until he felt something get close and it made him turn his head, cautiously staring at whoever was coming. The woman coming over made him freeze as her appearance was very strange...foreign to him. Her eyes were big, her hair was almost bright brown. But thankfully she spoke saying she was a doctor and she can check his head. It wasn't uncommon for women to be healers since it was seen as a nurturing thing and it helped soldiers after a long battle. "Thank you." He spoke as he was about to stand up until he saw another woman behind the brown-haired one and it made him stop and stare. His eyes turned red for a good moment before going away. Something about her really made him feel off and it caused him to look at the healer and then to the 'white-winged' woman. He rubbed his head as it was throbbing more and more, "Where's the place?" He spoke more in Japanese as he would have no choice but to follow the healer woman, but he was going to be careful with the woman with wings as he felt off. And yet, he was trying to figure out if the woman is the healer's friend or not since there was no immediate threat after all.

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  5. Cassandra's hair blew across her face as she listened. Japanese? How had this man ended up on her reservation with a head injury? "You are about 100 miles north of Flagstaff, Arizona in Tuba City a Navajo city..." she explained in what she hoped was understandable Japanese as she helped him stand. His eyes turned a very weird red color and he seemed to be looking past and behind her at something. She turned her head and saw nothing so her gaze returned to his and she saw the color had faded. How ever odd. At any rate, she needed to get him inside. She was multilingual so she had a rudimentary understanding of Japanese but she was being tested on her pronunciations and communication skills, "Let's have a look at that head first though and we can talk about everything else after we make sure you are well."

    Kiera saw the red and her own eyes shown almost white in their intensity in reaction. She could tell though that he was not behaving as he normally would and so she just maintained her protective stance and kept a wary eye on him. ~I will not allow you to harm her, Demon. You will do no damage here.~ She spoke directly to him knowing Cassandra could not hear her. She was curious as to why she could hear the Demon but she did not dwell on that, only on keeping her safe.


  6. Hidehara Urushihara
    Hidey now stared at Cassandra like she spoke another language. "Flagstaff?.....Arizona? Tuba City?....Navajo?! Lady, I don't know those names. Just tell me how far am I from Kururugi Village." He felt a lot of pain in his head as he stared down at his kimono, seeing it was wet, and having multiple spots that were stained red. He knew it was the fight he had with the Bakuneko and possibly from falling down the cliff by an unknown assailant. He did, however, see that this winged woman was going to be an 'enjoyable' presence and only turning his head slightly, did he give off a growl. "Don't worry, I only harm people that harm me." He whispered to the winged woman, as he was dragged along to...who knows where. The words he spoke in a whisper honestly could not have been caught even by the winged woman, so he dismissed any future interaction with the woman. "Your friend's interesting." He told Cassandra, mentioning the winged woman. "And don't worry, I have enough money to pay." He mumbled as he was thankful that the bag of money was still in his pockets. He was surprised it was not lost in the deep cold waters somewhere, but it didn't, and it was a relief as he needed medicine fast.