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Bake All the Cookies before a Staff Member eats them!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Minerva, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. Each post adds 1 cookie, Staff members can decide how many they eat, and you must count up again from the number they leave. Go!

    (I don't know if CVs would count for this, I'll leave that up to the first Staff Member to eat the cookies.)

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  2. 2

    Are these Oreo Cookies?
  3. They're any kind of cookies you want.

  4. Good. Mine are now all shitty oatmeal raisin ones! Muhahaha

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  5. 16.

    Anyone baking one cookie at a time is doing it wrong. Such is neither time or energy efficient.
  6. 6.

    It's an easy bake oven. We don't have enough money to buy an actual oven.
  7. I take your 7 Oreo Cookies, take off the top half, and eat the cream.

    Oh look... 14!
  8. Stop trying to beat the system :/
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  9. But do I not have 18 cookies right now?
  10. Fine, because it's the first time doing this game, I'll allow it.
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  11. Yeah! 22 Cookies! :3
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  13. You sure did! (26)
  14. But she's a staff member! She ate cookies!

    But she didn't clarify how many she ate.
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  15. Well, I haven't come for the cookies. I've come to watch y'all slave over them help bake them. Woohoo~
    38. Because a dozen is ideal. :3
  16. 52

    2 from me.
    12 from take your 12 Oreos and doubling them.
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  17. But.. But.. I didn't give my consent to have my cookies taken away. ;_;

    *Makes ten more cookies out of Savannah tears :D*
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  18. 74.

    2 mine.
    10 from the oreo trick on yours. :P
  19. 75 (open)
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  20. o_o Why does no one split there? ;A;