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  1. In Fumizuki Academy, your school life is determined by your grades. How well you do affects how happy you will be. The Academy has classes that range from A to F. A class having the best conditions for the best students. This class could be called paradise. F class having the worst conditions for the worst students. This class could be described as a 'living hell'. Which class you will be in is determined by your placement exam that you will take in your second year of high school.

    If you end up doing horrible on the placement exams, there is a way to escape your fate. You and your class can challenge another class to a summoner test war. If you and your class win the war, then you and your class can make a request which the losers must follow.

    Summoner Test War (open)

    A summoner test war is a huge war where classes fight each other with their avatars. To start a test war, your class will send a class ambassador to declare the war. From there you, your class, and the opposing class will fight each other with your avatars inside an ESB field.

    An avatar is a representation of yourself in chibi form. They have their own battle gear and weapon. Their strength is determined by your test scores. The strength varies depending on the subject as well. For example, if you do well in math but bad in science. Your avatar will be stronger in a math ESB field but in a science ESB field you will be weaker.

    An ESB field is a limited space where you can use your avatar. The ESB field appears when a teacher approves a battle. Depending on the teacher, the subject changes. A math teacher activates a math field while a science teacher activates a science field. As stated before, the subject of the ESB field affects the strength of your avatar.

    If you are defeated in battle, a specific teacher, nicknamed Iron Man, gets you and you are required to take a remedial class. If you lose a war, you and your class can't fight in a war for three months but for the sake of the roleplay, we will make it one week.

    Which class will rule the school?

    (We are staring out by us going into the classrooms for the first time. Feel free to declare a war on the first day if you want)
  2. Tsuki and Asura approach their new school but only a smile radiates from one of the two siblings. "Onii-chan, I placed horribly. I just know it!" Asura says with a sigh then walks onward ahead of her brother. Tsuki frowned and knew no words of encouragement would help her but she did her best and that's all he could ask for. She clearly wasn't placed as high as he was that's why she was in class E and he was in class C. "Chin up Asura. It's not like we won't see each other. There's also the whole upgrade/downgrade policy here so we may even meet on the battlefield as well." Tsuki says which did bring a small smile to his sister's face. She nodded as he rubbed her head then after entering the building they went their separate ways for the time being.
  3. Kaely stood in front of her new school with Jarden. She sigh as she looks at Jarden . "Well bye Jarden " she walks off to her class. Kaely opens the door slowly and show no one in there yet then sigh "oh well " she walk to a wall and sits down next to it.She takes out a book and takes reading waiting for others to come.

    Jarden looks at kaely walk away and he sigh "oh well ". He walks to his class and opens the door. "Wow if I go higher I can be in class A soon". Jarden walks in and have a seat and takes out a book reading
  4. Samara looked at her class letter. She laughed calmly, pleased with her amazing grades. "Yes, I got in E!" She yelled out into the empty street. Most of the time she was pretty relaxed, but she was overflowing with glee, so she just had to yell. She ran a hand through her blue hair, walking towards the school. The street gained more and more people as she approached her school. She mindlessly hummed, as she strolled through the halls, absorbing weird looks from passing people. (Couldn't figure out what the plural of passerby was)

    Upon entering her classroom, she spotted a dark-skinned girl with black hair, sitting in a chair. Samara approached the girl cautiously, not recognizing her.
  5. Asura felt a presence approaching her ten quickly snapped her vision towards the girl who was approaching her. Her gaze was seemingly empty but it did have a "Hi. Let's be friends" kind of look to it. Instead of speaking up first she waited for the other girl to talk to her. Other than that she was silently wondering what her brother was doing. It wasn't like she disliked class E but it was literally one step up from F who had crap equipment from the get go.
  6. "Hi, what's your name?" Samara calmly asked, not afraid of new people. Her eyelids were getting heavy, as she did not sleep last night. Sam prefers to sleep during class.
  7. The first day of school. Excitement fills the air as students all headed for the learning institution eager to make new friends and meet up with old acquaintances. There was, one individual, however, who showed complete disinterest over the prospect of making friends and meeting acquaintances. Rather, he found the idea of effort wasted on such a trivial thing quite nauseating.

    "Human beings are indeed such simple-minded creatures. They relish on the idea of making bonds of friendship with others without even taking into account the true nature of those they blatantly and blindly put so much of their trust on. That's just asking for people to feed you with lies and ultimately betray you in the end. While making friends isn't bad, it would definitely save you some trouble in the future if you've given much scrutiny into finding out someone's true colors first. That said, you can always have acquaintances. Let's you keep those candidates for friends in close proximity while not giving them too much trust in the process." Yoru thought to himself as he sluggishly made his way to Fumizuki Academy. He had zero motivation with doing things unnecessary to his continued survival and he only goes to school because of the meager allowance he receives from his aunt and uncle. He barely gets by with that small support so he was forced to take a part-time job at a local convenience store near the school just to get enough money to sustain his ideal life-style.

    After what seemed like an eternity, his sloppy footsteps managed to take him to his assigned class, Class 2-E. When he arrived, he realized people were already present. With a nonchalant "Good Morning", he walked towards his desk with a passive look on his face. No need to warrant unnecessary attention nor take part in bothersome and tiresome activities first thing in the morning.

    Sumine Sachi, on the other hand, was very enthusiastic on the first day of school. Although her uncanny helpfulness caused her to utterly fail the placement test, she didn't regret her actions that day. For her, helping others in need and being of use to them is more rewarding and is of higher importance than a meager placement test. With that in mind, she reached Fumizuki Academy in no time while cheerfully humming an upbeat tune.

    Before long, the pink-haired girl reached her designated classroom. Upon arriving at the dilapidated room, she took it upon herself to dust the room to make it more presentable for the other students.

    "All done. I hope that we could acquire better equipment and facilities in the future, though. Cleaning the room itself doesn't help much if we cannot make use of some of the equipment." She thought aloud as she put away the cleaning materials that she used.
  8. Kealy sit in class looking out a window as her hair flows back in the wind and a little bird landed on her shoulder while she was reading. "well hello" she said in a very gently and cute voice. She don't notice the new girl.
    Jarden just keeps reading his book about demons
    Ryan and Winter stand in front of their new school then walks to their class
  9. Asura sat there in class E feeling as though she was standing out entirely since she seemed to be the only dark skinned girl in the entire class. She saw other students coming in and silently wondered how her brother was faring it class C. She figured he was in the same boat as her in that class. Little did she know she was pretty much right on the money with that thought. In the meantime she cleared her throat and answered the question of the girl that approached her. "My name's Asura Akinatsu. What's yours?"

    Tsuki looked around and tried to make new friends but it seemed like everyone was ignoring him for some reason. They had yet to know who'd be representatives and ambassadors in their respective classes so it seemed like he wouldn't be able to keep anyone's attention until they all found out who was what. He sighed and took a seat at his desk in the back corner which was coincidentally the same spot as his sister's desk in her class.
  10. It wasn't as if Issac disliked going to school; he was actually pretty excited about the first day, but he was pretty reluctant to have responsibilities this year. After coasting through an easy first year, he was suddenly dumped into a position of responsibility: class F representative. He couldn't think of a good reason why, though. He assumed that it was his previous academic history, though not great, that showed he had some capacity to hold some type of leadership position. He had wanted to complain, but since he was already appointed, he might as well stick it out for the rest of the year. Hopefully it wouldn't be too stressful. Then again, it was class F, so expectations weren't exactly high. Maybe Issac could do something about that.

    Issac spent most of the morning wandering about the campus. He didn't want to be in class too early, but he figured he shouldn't be late. With a about five minutes to spare, he arrived into the classroom. The entire scene was pathetic. The classroom was dismal at best; it was hardly worth calling a classroom. The class didn't have much more than the bare minimum, some dilapidated desks and cracked wooden chairs were all the classroom had in the way of student seating. The class still had a chalkboard unlike some of the better classes that used laptops or whiteboards. The blackboard itself was scratched and marked, showing years of heavy usage. It was quite the depressing sight. At least there was nowhere to go but up.

    Standing in the doorway, Issac swept his gaze across the room that would be theirs for the rest of the year. It was an interesting cast of students, at least. There was a maid standing in the classroom dutifully dusting the equipment as well as another girl sitting at a desk by the window. Issac decided that he stood in the entry way long enough. He stepped up to the front of the class. He took a deep breath and introduced himself to his classmates.

    "My name is Issac Kazami. I'll be your class F representative for this school year. As you can pretty much tell, we're at the bottom of the barrel here, but I don't think any of us are exactly satisfied with that. I'm sure we can at least get some better equipment. Anyway, I'm think this will be an interesting year, to say the least."

    It was a short speech, but it got the job done he though. Besides, he wasn't the best at public speaking. He hoped it gave a good first impression of him. He's sure that will change as the year goes on. As a class rep, however, he needed to look good on the first day.

    After his speech, he stepped down from the front and took his place among the rest of his classmates. The teacher hadn't shown up yet, so he might as well mingle for a few minutes until the instructor arrives. He started to chat to the girl who had been cleaning the room upon arrival.

    "Quite the responsible one, aren't you? Isn't exactly common to start cleaning so suddenly." He leaned casually against one of the desks. It began to lean and make a large creaking noise. A moment later, one of the legs snapped and the desk collapsed, taking Issac along with it.

    Falling on his back, he groaned in pain. "Of course, cleaning won't exactly help with the equipment problem." He stood back up. "Would you mind helping me clean this up?"
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  11. Kaoru Daedalus 2-C Kaoru arrived at the gates with an apple in hand, after finishing it upon arrival he looked around for somewhere to toss it. Peeking behind and on both sides of him he found no one and came to the solution of tossing it to the side. Walking on campus Kaoru had his on his shoulder and hands in his pockets, whistling a upbeat, but not exactly happy tune. Kaoru had done his hair nice today putting the azure hair in a sleek ponytail. When he got in the halls he saw a lot of the students together talking about their break. "I'm going to die of depression if I sit out here any longer. Where's my class anyhow."
    Kaoru reached in his pocket and took out a slip with his class room on it. It read: 2-C. Kaoru looked up from his note and around at the various doors going down the hall. "Thank god for simplicity."
    Kaoru walked down the hall past the chatter to the 2-C classroom, inside was completely dead. Kaoru closed the door and re-opened it expecting the scene to change. "Yo. Name's Kaoru." Kaoru walked in and sat on a desk near the door. "So what'd you guys do over the break?"

    Jinx Arashi 2-D Jinx had been in school for quite a while since it opened. Her grandparents were blind bats, misreading the time and sending Jinx way to early. Arriving before the gates were even open, Jinx sat outside until the principal came to let her in. Since then she had been wandering around until someone from her class showed. In the few hours she made a couple acquaintances, but no one she could call a friend yet. Every so often she would sweep by to see the empty 2-D classroom. Now Jinx sat on a bench outside in the courtyard. "Why did this have to freakin' suck!" Jinx grabbed a pebble and shot it across the courtyard. "Grr! My school year can't start out like this!" Jinx had gotten anxious of what was to come and started rolling around, sometimes pausing when a clear thought broke through her nervous train wreck.
  12. Sayo Inoue 2-A

    Sayo walked through the gates of Fumizuki Academy. She looked down at the letter she was currently holding. She was placed in class 2-A. Not surprising, for someone whose parents excelled at their careers. Sayo then looked up from her letter so her head was held up high as she made her way to 2-A.

    When Sayo arrived at the door leading to class 2-A, she opened it without any hesitation. The classroom had a soda fountain, plush chairs, and laptops readily available for the students to use. "Could be better." Sayo spoke those words, but in reality she was impressed. She knew what it meant to be in class A, but this was extravagant.

    Sayo stepped into the room, closing the door behind her, and walked to one of the many seats available. It didn't seem like many of the other students that were also in class A arrived yet. Either way, it didn't bother Sayo much.

    Nanako Sawamatsu 2-B

    Nanako arrived at the gates with a carton of milk in her hand. She was drinking it on the way to school. It wasn't exactly appropriate for the first day of school, but it was in her hand along with her bag in the other. "What class was I suppose to be in again, nyaa~?" Nanako wondered. She tried to reach for the paper within her bag, but she remembered that she still had milk in her hand. To solve the problem, she chugged down the rest of the milk and set the carton down. She could've just set the carton down the way it was, but Nanako was too worried about ants getting to her precious milk. Nanako shuffled through the inside of her messy bag and pulled out the sheet. Class 2-B. It was a miracle that she got into that class. Maybe the cat god was watching her from above. Anyhow, she put the sheet back into her bag and left to go to her classroom before she would forget.

    Nanako passed by class 2-A. Unable to resist the curiosity, she looked through the window that was connected to the classroom. "Seems like a nice place to take a nap in, nyaa~." She said while controlling her envy before moving on to her own class. Nanako opened her door to her own class. She felt at ease because there were desk there. That's all she needed in order to be able to take a nap. Nanako squeezed out a good morning to whoever was in there before taking one of the seats close to the door. From there, she closed her eyes and laid her head upon the desk before having her abnormal dreams.

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  13. Tsuki Akinatsu 2-C, aqua
    Upon hearing a new voice chime in over everyone else who was talking to their friends or making new ones Tsuki raised his hand to make himself noticeable then simply replied "Yo. Over here." to get the other male's attention. It wasn't really hard to notice him since he was most likely the one of the few select dark skinned guys in the class. In stead of waiting for the other male to come to him Tsuki got up and walked over. "I don't think anyone is gonna hear you dude. Everyone else is already making friends and alliances with one another. They haven't really announced the Reps and Ambs for each class yet either so I guess everyone is kinda nervous right now." he states then folds his arms.
  14. Samara Futago: The Younger Twin.
    (Sorry, been quite busy) "What a nice name," Samara sighed, bored with her name. She got bored very easily, and had a very short attention span. "Mine's Samara Futago," She leaned against a nearby desk, relaxing her tired body. It's not like she did anything physical--she only does that in gym--she just naturally had a tired body. "So, what do you like to do, Asura?" She asked in her normal calm voice, trying to strike up a conversation.
  15. Samaro Futago: The Older Twin.
    Samaro looked at his new school, the one that Samara had asked him to join, so she wouldn't be alone. He did get accepted to a prestigious high school, but his twin sister had to want him to go to the same school, and that's how he got here. "Hmmph, no surprise," He told the paper in front of him. Obviously, he had to purposefully answer a few questions wrong, or else he would of been embarrassing Samara for being so smart, while she was a bit... what's the word? Orokana, maybe. (Japanese for stupid, while Baka is for idiot.)

    Samaro grasped the handle of the glass door without hesitation. He knew that this was a place full of Bakas, and he wouldn't learn much at a place like this, but having an avatar might be cool. Especially since he was so good-looking. Samaro smiled to himself, picturing a chibi version of himself. Samaro tucked his hands into his pockets, as he walked coolly down the hallways, looking for room 2-A, his classroom. 2-F, nope, 2-D, not quite, 2-B, almost there, 2-A, yes that was him! He opened the door, prepared to find a group of wannabe nerds, but found a group of a wide variety.
  16. Aeon Wolf 2-B Aeon was driven up to the gates in a fancy Cadillac, He stepped out with his ear buds in and arched over to gather his things out of the car. He held his bag at his side and slung his instrument bag around his shoulder, he began walking past the gates. With his ear buds in he hadn't noticed everyone gawking over the him and the car now driving away. By the time he took notice he was surrounded, he was hounded by questions. Taking an ear bud out he looked at the crowd puzzled. "Look up Derek Wolf on your phones or computer. Hey any of you from 2-B?" The students shook their heads. "Oh, okay then. See ya." Aeon put his bud back in and walked past the crowd who lost their hype over him. He reached inside and turned the corner to his class. A girl was laying down on a desk, seemingly asleep. Aeon took a step back and checked the sign: 2-B. "Is she all that's in my class?" Aeon set his bag down and sat in a desk across from the sleeping girl. He closed the doors and paused his music, he set his his violin case down and unlatched it. Picking up the sleek black violin he began to play an original piece in the silence of the room.
  17. Jarden looks at Aeon and sigh then goes to reading his book about supernatural.

    Kaely looks at Issac who were talking to her and sigh "the class rep huh" she looks out the window thinking.

    Ryan walks to class E then opens the door. He walks in holding his bag over his shoulder. Ryan looks at everyone and takes a seat.

    Winter walks in front of the door of class C and takes a deeper breath. Then walked in "hi" she said to all her classmates and took a seat.
  18. Nanako Sawamatsu 2-B

    Nanako woke up due to the sound of a violin being played. She slowly sat up as she rubbed her tired eyes. Then, she stretched while she was still in her seat. She turned her head to search for the source of music in the room, only to find that it wasn't that far from her. It was a student with reddish hair that was playing the violin, only a desk away from her.

    Nanako wasn't mad that she was woken up. As good as her nap was, she understood that she would have to wake up sooner or later. Right now, she was craving some tuna and a head rub. Since she couldn't get their first one immediately, she decided to fulfill her desire for the second one. "Hello, nyaa~. Can you rub my head for me, nyaa~? I would appreciate it since I just woke up, nyaa~." She asked the man playing the violin in a tired voice, giving no regard to the piece that they were playing at all.

  19. 2-A. Well, it was only expected. Yoshida carefully placed the envelope back into her white binder, the important documents binder, and placed the binder back in her backpack. In her backpack held 9 one-inch different colored binders, 10 different colored pens, 5 mechanical pencils, 9 different colored highlighters, 10 notebooks, and everything else you could think of that a high schooler would need. You could say she was a bit obsessed with organization and that did damage to her bookbag. Last year she had went through 3 different bookbags. Yoshida pushed back a strand of her messy, white hair and began walking toward the classroom, her black combat boots clicking as she walked. Upon reaching the door labeled 2-A, the red eyed girl opened the door and stepped into the amazingly decorated classroom. Though she acted as if she hadn't noticed the fine quality of the room she couldn't help but admire the beauty. Yoshida ignored the others in the room and sat down at a nearby couch and coffee table. Placing her bookbag next to her, Yoshida pulled out a highlighted history text book and began to study. Though she wasn't bad at history, in fact she did pretty well in it, it was her weakest subject and she had always needed to prepare. Putting her green pen in her mouth as a holder, Yoshida pulled the elastic off her waist and twirled her messy hair into an equally messy bun. She had no idea what they were supposed to be doing at this point but she had time to study and that was always an option.
  20. "What?!?! Oh, come on! I really tried this time!" Haru's placement exam results were practically crumbled up in the emerald eyed boy's hands. The clumsy boy burst through the school corridor, annoying many people walking to their classrooms. He set the paperinto his book bag and continued to look for the 2-F sign. While searching frantically, Haru cane across the 2-A. His face was beaming as he eyed the laptops and the really, really nice furniture. If 2-F was 10 times as worse as that it'd still be a great classroom.. When a red eyed girl lifted her head and glared at him, her bright red eyes burning through his skull he jumped back. He knew who that was. Everyone did. Probably. Haru continued looking for his classroom. He had just seen the 2-A class representative. Finally, reaching the broken sign that read 2-F, Haru walked in, a wide grin plastered on his face. You could say it wasn't the least bit shocking to him to find a small classroom with broken down chairs and such. It looked like if he even stepped on the floor it would break under his weight. Haru spotted another teenager in the room and his grin grew into a full smile, ear to ear. "Hey there! I'm Haru! Nice to meet you!"
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