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  1. In Fumizuki Academy, your school life is determined by your grades. How well you do affects how happy you will be. The Academy has classes that range from A to F. A class having the best conditions for the best students. This class could be called paradise. F class having the worst conditions for the worst students. This class could be described as a 'living hell'. Which class you will be in is determined by your placement exam that you will take in your second year of high school.

    If you end up doing horrible on the placement exams, there is a way to escape your fate. You and your class can challenge another class to a summoner test war. If you and your class win the war, then you and your class can make a request which the losers must follow.

    Summoner Test War (open)

    A summoner test war is a huge war where classes fight each other with their avatars. To start a test war, your class will send a class ambassador to declare the war. From there you, your class, and the opposing class will fight each other with your avatars inside an ESB field.

    An avatar is a representation of yourself in chibi form. They have their own battle gear and weapon. Their strength is determined by your test scores. The strength varies depending on the subject as well. For example, if you do well in math but bad in science. Your avatar will be stronger in a math ESB field but in a science ESB field you will be weaker.

    An ESB field is a limited space where you can use your avatar. The ESB field appears when a teacher approves a battle. Depending on the teacher, the subject changes. A math teacher activates a math field while a science teacher activates a science field. As stated before, the subject of the ESB field affects the strength of your avatar.

    If you are defeated in battle, a specific teacher, nicknamed Iron Man, gets you and you are required to take a remedial class. If you lose a war, you and your class can't fight in a war for three months but for the sake of the roleplay, we will make it one week.

    Rules (open)

    This roleplay will be about the multiple classes and the summoner test wars. There maybe some surprise events so it's not completely about that.
    1. Follow ALL iwaku rules
    2. Mary Sue and Gary Ste will be kicked out. They didn't get an invitation.
    3. No OPness.
    4. No fighting in the OOC thread
    5. Accept your defeat if it's clear you loss
    There will be 4 characters in each class making a total of 24. For now it's a maximum of 2 characters but it can be subjected to change later. Each class will have one class representative, the one who scored the highest, and one ambassador. All characters will be in year two.

    Class A |Full|
    Representative: Yoshida Misaki|XxGiaXx|
    Ambassador: Ayumi Rosa Kitonobe |Ice Queen|
    Sayo Inoue |RareSecret|
    Samaro |LoveMeowChow|

    Class B |Full|
    Representative: Ren Kiratomi |Ice Queen|
    Ambassador: Nanako Sawamatsu |RareSecret|
    Jarden Jones|Nylus|
    Aeon Wolf |ShiroKiyoshi|

    Class C |Full|
    Representative: Tsuki Akinatsu|Tsuki|
    Ambassador: Nagihiko Fujisaki |Akira|
    Winter McQueen |Nylus|
    Kaoru Daedalus |ShiroKiyoshi|

    Class D |Full|
    Representative:Akira O'Malley |Akira|
    Ambassador: Nadehiko Fujisaki |Akira|
    Kitsune Kissai |Ryuga|
    Jinx Arashi |ShiroKiyoshi|

    Class E |Full|
    Representative: Yoru Igurashi |Accelerator|
    Ambassador: Asura Akinatsu |Tsuki|
    Samara |LoveMeowChow|
    Ryan McQueen |Nylus|

    Class F |Full|
    Representative: Issac Kazami |Excesmyr|
    Ambassador: Michi Haru |XxGiaXx|
    Sachi Sumine |Accelerator|
    Kaely Josher |Nylus|

    Character Sheet



    Appearance: (Must be anime. One pic should be regular form and the other should be your avatar which is you in chibi form. Here's a website to help Thanks for the link Akira!)

    Class: 2-? (Goes from A to F including E)



    Quirks & Habits:

    Best Subject:

    Worst Subject:

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  2. OMG I love Baka to Test~ <3
    I'll make a form tomorrow when I get back from school if not tonight ;v;
  3. Remedial lesson for you! And you! Remedial lessons for everyone!!!

    Can I reserve class A and F represenitive? If not then Class A represenitive and class F ambassador? ^-^
  4. This sounds so cool! :3 I can't decide which class to be in yet though :/
  5. You got it @XxGiaXx
    I made you Class A rep and Class F ambassador since I want the reps to be different people.
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  6. Okay! That's fine!
  7. Want.... SO MUCH WANT Also: the perfect place to design your Character's Avatar
  8. Appearance (open)
    [​IMG] Capture.PNG

    Name: Akira O'Malley

    Gender: Female

    Class: 2-E Rep, 2-D Amb

    Personality: Akira is rash and does things without thinking but also she is very artistic, though most excelling in computer art rather than traditional media. She loves anime and is a big otaku, although her Irish nature makes her look like at first glance a weeabo.

    History: Half Irish, Half Japanese Akira spent the first half of her life in Ireland with her father, then coming over to Japan with her mother. It honestly didn't take her much time to get used to the culture and she'd already been learning the language to at least get around, though she has had a tough time learning the written half. She can't seem to remember much kanji and that's what's really keeping her from being in class A.

    Quirks & Habits: She's clumsy and will sometimes mess things up without meaning to. Even her mastery of the language is spot on as if she were a true native, every now and then when she gets really excited she'll let her real accent slip through. Don't let her innocent appearance fool you! She's a pervert~.

    Best Subject: Math, Art, Music

    Worst Subject: History, Japanese
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  9. @Akira
    Thanks for the link and also make sure to fill it in later.
  10. No problem and dont worry i will, im just out of it at the moment and wanted to at least put a WIP cs while i remembered to
  11. Can i have the class A Ambassador and a Class B Rep?
  12. Ima take up that Class F spot for the Rep.
  13. Name:
    Naoi Utsumagi
    Gender: Male


    Class: (D)

    Very Intellegent and a know it all, Smart a** and very competitive. He always seems to act very famine and appears a lot to be self absorbed and a loud mouth , mostly having a uptight prick feel to him.
    History of getting into arguments and fights. And skipped a few grades back long ago, He lives in a(n) rich cheap family that sent him to the school for it was a lower budget then most he selected.
    Quirks & Habits:
    cant stop touching things.

    Best Subject:

    Worst Subject:

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  14. [​IMG]
    "Michi Haru, at your service!"
    Michi Haru

    "Um.. you can check if you want?"

    "I'm not dumb, though!"
    2-F Ambassador

    "I guess I'm optimistic!"
    Haru is far from ordinary, the brunette believes in living in the moment, and possesses a very active imagination. A day with him is never a bore, the boy will always put a smile on your face, his optimism is infectious and very few are immune to his ridiculous amount of kindness. Haru has never been the type to take many things seriously, so threatening him won't really have an effect on him, insulting him will only result in him laughing joyously, and physically harming him will get you a nice bone crushing bear hug. Michi is usually if not always horribly unaware of his surroundings. However when it comes to dealing with his companions Haru is very sensitive, his feelings become hurt quite easily. Unfortunately for those around him, he doesn't believe in personal space, he's the kind of person that will walk into the bathroom while you're in the middle of taking a shower and try to have a conversation with you, he's the type of guy that'll come to you at night and ask to sleep in the bed with you because he had a nightmare. Cheerful, energetic and very kind, sometimes people believe him to be too kind, and think it's all an act.
    Michi usually relies on his friends, he is hopeless without them. He is very meddling he can't help but get involved with other people's business. The young man enjoys dressing up and acting; he'll invite his friend on wild escapades in which they dress up and snoop on people. Haru is a very lovable guy regardless if he's your friend or not he'll lend a helping hand if you need him. He's loyal and will do anything you ask without even knowing all the details. Quite the strange man and often does odd things, he isn't very violent, arguing with him is futile, just don't waste your breathe because you won't get the reaction you wished for out of him. Michi tends to bottle up his anger, not wanting to feel any negative emotions ever. Because of this he had a lot of pent up anger, it's safe to assume that he's just waiting for the right time to explode. Haru is not a complete idiot, he does a darn good job of pretending he has no idea what's going on, he in actuality he's definitely aware. On multiple occasions it has been shown that, when calm or serious, Michi can become very logical, reading further into things than he usually would, and actually reading the atmosphere.

    "I've had a pretty normal life!"
    Drunkard father
    lots of violence
    acting was an escape
    finally stood up for himself and his mother
    they relocated
    his father is looking for them however

    "You ask weird questions."
    Hugs.. he gives out a lot of hugs..
    Haru tends to downdownsize a lot of things.

    Best Subject:
    "I'm really good at math!"
    Like he said, math

    Worst Subject:
    "All of them!"
    Language Arts||Dyslexic in the house!

    Exam Scores:
    Language Arts||17

    Yoshida Misaki

    "Are you trying to imply something?"

    Class A Representative

    "There is not much to say.."
    Misaki is a very calm person. Unlike a lot of people, she is talented at keeping her cool and her emotions under control. She is rational a good majority of the time. No one can be that collected at all times; even Misaki will crack in certain situations. When someone she cares about is in danger, she will become full of fury and chase after them, doing anything to protect that person. In romantic situations, she has no clue what she’s doing, so she will become awkward and flustered if pressed too much. And then there are plushies. Misaki absolutely adores them, and is extremely protective about her stuffed animals.
    Because of her cool personality, people often think that Misaki doesn’t like them. But that’s not true at all. It is hard to get her to dislike you, unless she is utterly convinced you are repugnant. For example; if you throw insects at her and blast heavy metal music, then you will most definitely not be liked. Most definitely. Misaki will not treat you rudely outright, but instead put on a calm mask of indifference, speaking to you only when necessary. She chooses not to babble on with her words, and tries to go directly to the subject instead of beating around the bush. Though she tries not to be insensitive, sometimes it just spills out.

    "You haven't heard of the Yoshida family?"
    First born of a successful family
    lots of pressure
    never good enough
    loses total respect for family and moves in with cousin
    before being kicked out and having to go back
    sexually and physically abused

    "What is the point of this question?"
    She bottles up her emotions and shoves them deep, deep down. Yoshida often observes others without even realizing.

    Best Subject:
    "I have mastered all of them.."
    Writing||Language Arts

    Worst Subjects:
    "Like I said, I've mastered them all.."
    History||They're all dead anyway..

    Exam Scores:
    Language Arts||100
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  15. @Eight Ball
    I need a bit more. For personality and I need a chibi form of your person for your avatar.

    Accepted~ the chibi form of your character is not working by the way.
  16. Huh... that's weird.. I will see what I can do! ^-^
  17. Name: Ren Kiratomi

    Gender: Male


    Class: 2-B Rep

    Ren is a relaxed and humorous boy who loves making jokes. He sees no reason to take life to seriously and loves to mess around with anyone or anything. He is understanding, loyal, and smart for his age, not afraid to make decisions if need be. But there has to be a bit of fun somewhere to keep his interest!

    He was born into a middle class family
    Has 4 older siblings who are all successful
    His parents push him to be a doctor which he deems no fun at all
    He goes to school because his parents want him too

    Quirks & Habits:
    He has a habit of poking people and picking them up. He messes with his hair when he is nervous and he casts his fringe over his eyes when he is embarrassed

    Best Subject:
    Science and Math

    Worst Subject:
    Name: Ayumi Rose Kitonobe

    Gender: Female


    Class: 2-A Ambassador

    "Oh be quiet!"
    Ayumi is a bit of a violent soul, who tends to get what she wants out of life, but not by money, by will. She is really stubborn and hard to convince, though she is open to ideas. When she believes her idea is the right idea, she won't give it up. She has a bit of a sensitive side, but she is determined not to show it to anyone.

    "... No need to pry."
    Ayumi was born into a rich family, in which she though that she would have everything. But she wasn't even raised by her parents, she was raised by her head maid Milda, who taught her that her life wasn't always pretty. She died when she was 6, leaving poor Ayumi alone for the rest of her life. Since then, she has been stewing in a pot of anger, trying to get her parents to notice her, by improving her studies and becoming top of her class.

    Quirks & Habits:
    "SHUT UP!"
    Ayumi has a habit of snapping at people, or chewing on her lips when she is nervous. She also has a tenancy to butt heads with lots of people and other classes.

    Best Subject:
    History and Language

    Worst Subject:
    "Uh... Arg..... I DON'T UNDERSTAND!"
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  18. Note: for the dreamselfie you have to screen shot it (Snipping tool in widows is best) and upload it to an image sharing site (i recommend imgur)

    Double note: If you Pm me the link to the "Full Selfie" (the really long link [example: ]) I can do the uploading for you, I know its kinda a pain in the ass but hey you get to actually choose what your chara's avi looks like right? XD
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