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  1. People pushed their way out of the elevator doors in a great hurry to catch the celebrity who just entered the building. Sighing as the door closed, I noticed that there was one man left; maybe he was another employee in this building. I didn't pay attention, though, but I regret doing that. One moment, I'm just glancing at my reflection on the elevator walls. The next moment, there's a hand on my mouth and a gun pointed to my head, and it's none other than the "employee" who'd be pulling the trigger.
    Gee, what a great way to end my once-a-month visit to my dad's office.
    I don't see him often because he's always here, in his so-called "second home" (which I think he considers his first), talking to clients and reading the law, making calls and occasionally going to court to defend. He's one busy lawyer, alright, what with him being the best around here.
    Back to the present situation, I was extremely puzzled. How was this guy able to get through the tight security here? This hundred-floor building was one of the safest to be in. Was he really an employee in the first place?
    Oh, maybe we'd end up passing through the lobby, and everyone's going to seeā€”Nope, he had already pressed the button leading to the isolated parking lot.
    I'd always imagine what I'd be doing in scenarios like this. Apply martial arts to the arm holding the gun? Kick him down there and press that emergency button? Bite the hand that was covering my mouth?
    Nope, I didn't do any of that; I was frozen in place. I couldn't even bring myself to look around. I could hardly breathe, but as I struggled to do so, I heard the sound of tinkling bells. I felt vibrations in my pocket, then I realized that it was my phone making that sound.
    I'm screwed.
  2. I caught sight of the young woman almost immediately, although there were plenty of people in the elevator in the first place. As everybody except the two of us had left, I hurried to cover her mouth and point the gun towards her head. This should shut her up, I thought as I pressed the button in the elevator, causing it to move towards the parking lot.

    Everything had already been thought of, everything was ready. I knew that they were waiting for me down there. This far, everything had gone according to the plans. As the doors opened, I led her towards a black van waiting for us not far away. A guy came out, opening the doors for us to go inside. As we got inside, there was plenty of space in the van. A brown blanket laid on the floor and the guy who had opened the doors got inside with us. I sat her down on the floor leaning towards the wall, and I, myself, sat down in front of her. The other guy sat down in one of the corners.

    "No panicking this far", I said, looking at the woman. She seemed to be rather calm, and it surprised me, although I hadn't thought of what to expect. "Don't you dare to move, scream, or anything like that", the guy in the corner said, and I nodded slightly. "You'll regret it if you do", I said.
  3. The guy pretty much ignored my phone, or maybe he didn't hear it, as I was taken to a black van. Another guy was there, I noted, sitting at the corner of the van. I gulped as I wondered what they'd do next.
    "No panicking this far," the guy who pointed the gun to my head said, looking straight at me. My dark brown eyes met his for a second, then I looked away. He was right; the situation hasn't sunk in. At least not yet.
    "Don't you dare to move, scream, or anything like that," Guy #2 said.
    "You'll regret it if you do," Guy #1 added. I raised my eyebrows as a gesture of understanding, leaning back and staring at the ceiling of the van.
    Who were they? Why were they doing this? What did this have to do with--
    Why me?
    I never thought, in my wildest dreams, that a scenario that would occasionally come to mind would actually come to life. To make things more complicated, this van looked exactly like my best friend's van. To make things even more complicated, I think that was what made me feel comfortable... Too comfortable, in fact, that I end up not paying enough attention to the two guys who just made me their hostage...
    Now that scared me. My eyes widened at the realization as I was snapped back to reality.
    "Oh, shit," I muttered. What did I do to end up here?
  4. I thought of the phone that she still had on her. I guess I should have taken it when it rang out in the elevator, but for what good would it be to throw it away? Someone would come looking for her, anyways. Finding her phone destroyed would certainly make them wonder. I looked at her thoughtfully as the van had started moving.

    About an hour later, everyone - except the woman, of course - knew that we were soon there. She still seemed pretty calm, maybe a bit scared, but who wouldn't be, I thought, taking a bite of an apple that I held in my hand. We had gotten orders not to feed her, but that didn't stop me from eating, did it? I looked towards the guy in the corner, Jason, and he looked back at me.

    "Hey you, girl", I said, not really knowing what else to say, as I got a rope from the floor on the van. I didn't feel like it was necessary to tie her up, but orders were orders. I sat down beside her, leaning towards the wall just like she was. "I know that you've been good, but I have to tie you up. Safety, you know", I said, showing her the rope. I grabbed her shoulder and turned her around, her back facing me. I took a hold of her wrists putting them behind her back to tie them up.
  5. Okay, this phone was bothering me. I didn't mean for it to be in my pocket, but I placed it there at the last minute, right before I entered the damned elevator. Now it's hitting my leg and making my sitting position uncomfortable. I want to plead to the guy, "Take the damn phone, it hurts!" but that would give him access to my contacts, and we all know that would be really bad.
    My mouth watered as I watched the guy in front of me bit into an apple. Though I'm not a fan of apples, I'd be willing to bite into one right now. Another regret: not accepting my dad's offer to go out for dinner. Maybe if I joined him, I wouldn't be stuck in this situation.
    "Hey you, girl--" Did he not know my name? Oh, right, I haven't told him yet. I wanted to say "this girl has a name", but I decided against it. Maybe he shouldn't know. Or maybe he did know, and just didn't want to address me that way.
    "--I know that you've been good, but I have to tie you up. Safety, you know." He showed me some rope, and I bit back a complaint. I was already still and silent, and he had to tie my hands. Gee, thanks.
    I was pushed sideways, my back to him, and I could feel the rope on my wrists. I groaned; soon, I'd have red marks and rope burns later on.
    The van suddenly swerved, making me hit my head-- hard-- on the side of the van. "Shit," I cursed, and the van swerved to the other side. I hit the other side of the van, but instead of my head hitting the side, my body landed on the floor... on top of my arm. I let out another curse just as I heard three gun shots over my head.
    No wonder the driver had to move a lot; there were people shooting at us.
  6. Everything had gone according to the plan, things had been great until I heard the gun shots. At first, I couldn't really connect - what was that sound? The thought of anything happening that wasn't according to the plan felt weird. It didn't take long until I realized what was happening. I saw the woman as she hit her head on the side of the van, which made me wanting to grab her and keep her from getting hurt even more. How unlucky, I thought, that I had just tied her up as the van started swerving here and there, as she couldn't really do anything to ease the fall every time she hit something.

    Jason looked almost as panicked as I did, although he was focusing on the shooting. It wasn't until now that I realized that the doors were open. How was that possible? I hurried to get to the woman, not wanting her to get hurt, and picked her up. I dragged her to one of the corners further away from the shooting, having no idea what to do. Could it be some safety guards from where we had kidnapped her? As I thought about it, I realized that it could be true. It wouldn't surprise me if they had a high security system over there, I thought, as I pulled her closer to me, holding one arm over her chest, her sitting in my lap.

    "Neo, get out. We'll keep them busy and you two can escape", I heard Jason say, and I met his serious-looking gaze as he pointed towards the opening. Was he serious? The van slowed down, barely noticeable, but it was enough for me to understand that I had to get out of there with the woman. I looked at her, uncertain and actually a bit scared, although I did my best not to show it. "We have to get off here. Just hold onto me", I said, as I remembered that her wrists were tied up behind her back. I smiled slightly as I remembered it, and shrugged. "Well, just trust me, then", I said, holding her with both of my arms the best I could as I moved closer to the opening. Down there there was a forest, pretty big it seemed. I glanced at Jason who nodded, and I jumped, with the woman in a tight grip, pulling her towards my chest, praying for her not to get hurt in the fall.
  7. My head was throbbing, I was feeling really dizzy, and I couldn't exactly comprehend what was going on. I felt myself being pulled to what looked like the corner of the van, someone holding me close, preventing me from moving around. Just what I needed; any more moving and I might as well pass out from all the damage my body had taken.
    "... And you two can escape," the other guy said to the one holding me. What? Escape? Where? I opened my eyes wide and saw that the door was open, revealing lots of... green...
    "We have to get off here. Just hold on to me--" the one closest to me said, then realizing my hands were bound, added, "Well, just trust me, then." He held me with both arms, and I could do nothing else but lean heavily on him. At that moment, it seemed, my head hurt more, but as we moved closer to the open door, I forced myself to pry away from him just a little bit so that not all my weight would be on him. I watched for some sort of signal for the jump, which was given by the other guy who was staying behind. I was suddenly held tightly as we (or rather, he) jumped, straight into the forest below. I did my best not to scream, settling with whispered curses instead.
    Milliseconds later, we found ourselves rolling down a small hill, and at some point, I felt myself being let go. I couldn't control my fall because my hands were at my back, so I had no choice but to endure it until I hit a tree or shrub or... something that would stop this.
    My right side hit a tree, and that was the same side I fell on back in that van. I let out a groan of pain, watching as the world started spinning. I started to drift away, then I suddenly remembered the guy who held on to me as we (he) jumped.
    What happened to him? was the last thought on my mind before faintly croaking "help" and passing out.
  8. I hit the ground with the woman still in my arms, which made me slightly relieved - I hadn't lost her, yet. I was pretty confident in finding her even though I'd let her go, since we were all alone now. I tried to hold onto her though, but the speed and pain from the fall made me let go of her, even though I didn't want to. It just happened.

    When I had finally stopped, I found myself lying on the ground. I laid there for a few seconds, trying to calm myself down - I was probably pretty bruised after the fall. I thought of how unlucky she must be, not being able to ease the fall with her hands. I sat up and looked around, determined to find her before anyone else did. I didn't have to worry though - further down the road I could see the van and some other car disappear, being only small dots for my eyes to see. Soon they'd be gone, and it'd be just me and the woman.

    "Are you there?" I asked once I found her, but I got no response. I sat down beside her, realizing that she must have passed out. I felt a bit sorry for her, but tried my best to think of the mission, and nothing else. I picked her up and started walking, although I didn't know where to go - Jason hadn't really told me what to do next. I sighed as I realized that I didn't know where I was. I walked a bit in the forest, but still pretty close to the road so that I wouldn't get lost.

    After a while I sat down, I had found a river. I put her down on the ground and looked at her, taking some water on my palm and made her forehead slightly wet. "Hey, wake up", I said, pretty tired from carrying her around the way I had.
  9. Heavy breathing, heavy eyelids, heavy body, heavy EVERYTHING. I gained consciousness but my body wouldn't budge to show anyone that I was actually alive. I could hear something liquid... Water. A stream, perhaps? My hearing sense isn't that great so I couldn't be too sure.
    I managed to let out a sigh to let whoever it was know that I was conscious. I really couldn't move just yet, I felt like time slowed down for no one else but me, and I didn't like it.
    "Hey, wake up," a voice called out. I felt water trickle down my forehead, and it was not too cold. It was warm, actually, and I was strangely calmed by it.
    A few moments passed, and I got control on my hands and legs. Slowly opening my eyes, I met the gaze of guy #1.
    "Holy crap!" I screamed, rolling away from him. Remember how I wasn't sure if I heard water? At the last moment, I really heard the water--smelled it, even-- just before I stopped myself. God, that was so close. That managed to get me out of my drowsy state, though, which was good.
    "I'm alive, I'm alive," I muttered, suddenly feeling my phone crunch under my weight. "Fuck."
    I rolled away from the river, facing him. I had to shake my head to get my brown hair away from my face. I felt slightly dizzy after that, thanks to the damage my head took. Damn it, thousands of brain cells gone.
    The moment my brown eyes met his, I strangely felt this huge wave of defeat. I was far away from home, I didn't know where I was, I was injured, and my phone was already broken. Never in my life have I felt this kind of defeat. I was completely at his mercy now.
    'Giving up so easily, Elle?' a voice inside me asked. 'Do you even know why you're here?'
    Well, that's what I wanted to know. I began speaking, but coughed and cleared my throat a few times. It was too dry for comfort.
    "Now you know I can't get any help, much less run away in my injured state, could you please tell me why I'm here?" I asked.
  10. I flinched as she let out a scream, and I backed off slightly. I looked at her, a bit surprised. Well, maybe I shouldn't be, I thought - she has all the right to be upset. After all, I - or we, since I wasn't alone in this - had kidnapped her. And she probably had no idea why. That must be confusing, I thought, as I hadn't thought about it before, how this was for her. I smiled slightly as she spoke - she was right. I wasn't sure whether I enjoyed the situation, being in charge for once, or if I didn't. Would I like it better if she didn't look so... helpless? In a way, I felt sorry for her. I knew I couldn't let that show, though. Then the whole image would be ruined. Everything. I met her gaze, not sure of what signals I gave to her really, as I spoke.

    "It's your father", I said, not sure of how much she already knew - if anything at all - or how much I should tell her about. I sighed. This had nothing to do with those other guys, really - Jason or anyone. They had just helped me get it done. The original plan was that they'd let me off with her, the woman, in a cabin. I knew I wouldn't be able to get it all done by myself, and so I had spoken to Jason. He had gathered a couple of friends, and then it was set. Thinking about it, I realized that I was alone now - neither Jason or any of his friends owed me anything. They were done with their part. I bit my lip.

    "He has..." I shrugged, not feeling like talking about it, at all. I turned my back on her. "You're here because of something your father has done", I said, facing her again. "It's about revenge. Now, don't ask about it - don't even say a word about it", I said, walking up to her and grabbed her gently by her arm. "Can you walk?" I asked, and nodded in a direction. "We're going this way", I said, hoping that we weren't too far away from the cabin.
  11. As I continued to gaze questioningly at the kidnapper, I saw this strange expression on his face. I can't describe it, and just as I was about to figure out what look was on his face, he opened his mouth to speak.
    "It's your father."
    Wait, did I seriously hear that this was all because of my father? My mouth turned into a huge "o". What did my father do to make this guy kidnap me?
    "You're here because of something your father has done," he added. Just as I was about to voice my thoughts, he said, "It's about revenge. Now, don't ask about it - don't even say a word about it." I frowned; how the hell am I going to know, then?
    I don't recall seeing my dad so frustrated over something in his work. Everything seemed to be easy for him, but maybe this guy had been guilty of something.
    Well, it's not like I'd know. I feared that maybe if I spoke up, I'd have a gun pointed at my head again. I think I'll just keep quiet about it... For now.
    He gently grabbed my arm, asking if I could walk. Well, I couldn't exactly get up now, could I? This rope on my wrists is going to be the death of me.
    At the same time, I wondered: why was this kidnapper so gentle? I thought they weren't capable of being gentle. I thought they were intimidating and forceful and rough.
    Maybe I haven't seen the other side of him just yet. Maybe he was only being gentle because I was already injured. Maybe he's also wondering why I'm so calm and... Quiet... For a person who was kidnapped.
    Well, we're strange that way.
  12. I walked with her, letting her lean towards me now and then if she needed to, because, after all, she was injured. I knew I wouldn't be able to carry her all the way through the forest though, and I didn't feel like staying in the forest longer than needed. I glanced at her now and then, although I, for most of the time, remained silent, as we walked. I was quite busy keeping an eye on in which direction the road was in, just to make sure that we didn't get lost.


    It was getting dark. I could still hear the cars on the road, but I wasn't sure whether that helped me or not. Maybe the cabin wasn't here, after all. I had begun to lose hope, but I didn't say anything to her - I didn't want her to see how confused and worried I actually was - as I, with a determined look on my face, put one foot ahead of the other. "It shouldn't be long", I said, after walking for probably a few hours. I suspected that she was in pain, but didn't say anything about it. Pretended like she was OK. My feet and legs were hurting at this point, but I knew that complaining about it wouldn't make things better.


    "I see you're tired", I said, looking at her. We had been walking for quite some time, and now it was too dark to continue. In a few hours it'd be too dark to see anything at all, and so it would be foolish to continue. Luckily, there was a river nearby where we were. "I think we should rest here and continue tomorrow", I said, helping her to sit down. I sat down too, and in my pocket, I found even more rope. I remembered putting it there the previous day - "just in case it's needed" Jason had said, although I had thought it wasn't necessary - and I looked at her, thoughtfully. She wouldn't be so stupid that she'd try to escape in the state she was in, would she? I knew I couldn't afford taking any chances, though. I got closer to her and gently laid her down on the ground - it wasn't that hard since she couldn't do that much to resist - and sat down beside her feet. "Only for the night", I said, grabbing her feet. "It's OK, right?" I said, looking up at her, although I was already holding her ankles together with my left hand, ready to tie them up, as I had done with her wrists.
  13. The moment I stood, I leaned against the kidnapper, even though I knew it was quite risky. He could easily take advantage of my vulnerable state and torture me right here, right now. Well, this in itself is torture, really. I know I'm a bit on the lighter end of the weighing scale, but I feared I'd be heavy. I dragged my feet, barely walking because of the injuries and the lack of energy in me. He looked forward the whole time, looking for... something. Maybe he was looking for something like an HQ, where everyone else would be waiting. Maybe the "man-made torture" would start then. That is something I fear.
    I couldn't tell how much time had passed, but it was getting pretty dark, and I was forced to watch my step and be aware of my surroundings. The birds have stopped chirping a long time ago, and it was the crickets that replaced them. We still kept going, though; wasn't this guy already tired from all the walking and searching? It didn't seem like it, though; he looked quite determined to find the place, wherever it was. Maybe if we were still in that van, we'd be there already.
    "It shouldn't be long," he said, breaking the silence between us. I simply sighed and nodded. How long would it take before we get there? Did this guy even know where he was going?
    ... Maybe we shouldn't have jumped off the van.
    I had to bite my lower lip to prevent myself from complaining. A thought came to me all of a sudden, completely taking me off guard.
    What if I turned back now? What if I catch him by surprise and be gone before he knows it? I can hide behind a nearby tree and he'd have to backtrack, and the moment he does that, I'll go from tree to tree and eventually escape back to the road, where I can hitch a ride to the police station and tell them everything I knew. Heck, I can probably hit him down there and run away.

    "I see you're tired," he said, interrupting my thoughts. From the corner of my eye, I could see him looking at me. I just hoped that my thoughts wouldn't show on my face. I got too caught up in my thoughts to see how dark it already was, and we're still not in that certain destination. There was a river nearby; was that the same one I nearly fell into a few... hours ago?
    He helped me sit down, and I saw him take some rope from his pocket. Just as I was about to bring my legs up to my chest, he gently pushed me down, holding the rope in one hand and holding my ankles with the other.
    "Only for the night. It's OK, right?" he asked.

    "You're kidding, right?" I asked, raising my eyebrows in surprise. Why would a kidnapper tell me that he'd only tie them together for a night, let alone ask if it was alright with me? He'd tie them either way.
    "Do what you want," I sighed, hoping that I gave him the impression that I was just too tired to argue. Rolling to the side since my hands were hurting my back, I mumbled, "it's not like I have much of a choice, anyway."

    Now that I was facing away from him, thoughts about escape immediately vanishing. Did I not follow his instructions and stayed with him the whole afternoon, when I was supposed to be safe at home and not in this damned forest? Did I not keep my mouth shut and let him bind my wrists with this damn rope, even though it meant being more prone to injury? Was I not calm enough for him?
    It was as if a light bulb was switched on inside my head. I hated to admit it, but I had put a bit of my trust in this guy. So much for trusting easily, I thought as I let out another sigh.
  14. I was pleased to see that she would let me tie her ankles as well, although it felt slightly odd. Had I been expecting her to disagree, to resist? I wasn't sure. I guess I knew, just as well as she did, that she didn't have much of a choice, anyway. She's probably just tired, I thought, as I tied her ankles, being careful not to tie it too hard - I didn't want her feet to turn blue, get numb or anything like that - but at the same time hard enough to be sure that she wouldn't be able to get it off. Not that I knew how she'd manage to do that though, since her wrists were tied as well. To be honest, I felt a bit bad about it, since she, obviously, had been nice and cooperative the whole time, and I didn't think that she'd run away. It could all be an act, I thought to myself, maybe she was just waiting for her chance to get away.

    "Some water, if you're thirsty", I said, using my hands as a bowl to collect water from the river. I turned to her after drinking some myself, and went towards her. She was leaning towards a tree now. I sat down in front of her, moving my hands towards her mouth to drink.

    When I had made sure that everything was set for the night, I laid down on the ground next to her. At this time it was too dark to see anything, which made me slightly worried that she'd try to escape, but if she did, I was pretty sure that she wouldn't get far.


    I could hear birds singing, and at first, I didn't remember where I was. In a couple of seconds I remembered it though, from looking at the surrounding, and the woman, of course. I woke her up, untied her feet, and we continued our journey through the forest.

    Luckily, in just a few hours, I caught sight of the cabin. "There it is! I've found it! Yes!" I said, smiling with my whole face. I quickly realized that it probably was a bit over the top, and did my best to tone it down. I looked at her, still with a smile, although this one was smaller, on my face.

    "So, here we are", I said, after getting inside with the woman, closing the door behind us. There was a kitchen - pretty well equipped when I thought about it -, a living room, a bathroom, and then, a basement. I had always thought it was quite odd for there to be a basement in the cabin, but I'd gotten used to it the few times I'd been there before. The cabin was decorated and with furnitures, carpets and everything, as if someone was actually living there. I had prepared it well. The door and windows were locked with multiple locks, and the cabin was well secured as it was. "I'll let your hands free for you. Just promise you'll behave good", I said, taking a knife from a drawer in the kitchen - which was also secured with a locker - and cutting the ropes holding her wrists together, off.
  15. I was about to drift off to sleep when he held out his hands to my face.
    "Some water, if you're thirsty," he said. I opened my mouth and drank, some of it spilling down my chin. After using my shoulder to wipe off the water, I licked my chapped lips, realizing how thirsty I actually was. That act pretty much convinced me that maybe he was really gentle. I didn't bother to ask for more water, though, when I felt my eyelids droop.
    "Thanks," I whispered, thinking that maybe he didn't hear me.


    I didn't sleep. I was up all night, twisting and turning out of lack of comfort. Usually, I'd lie down on my back, but that wasn't possible since my hands were tied behind me. I also stayed awake because I didn't know what this guy planned, and I wanted to be alert if anything else happened.
    I ended up staring at the kidnapper.I didn't know how old he was, but he looked really young when he slept. I kind of envied him for sleeping that peacefully, and since it was supposed to be me sleeping and him watching. I diverted my attention to the stars, doing my best to count them so I could fall asleep. I finally dozed off.

    He woke me up and removed the rope from my ankles, probably having too much on his mind to notice how sleepy I was. We continued walking, and pretty soon, we ended up near a cabin.
    "There it is! I've found it! Yes!" he exclaimed with a big grin on his face. Why was he so excited about a cabin in the middle of a forest? Was this really their HQ? I gave him a small smile, staring at the comfy-looking shelter in front of me. My curiosity overpowered my tiredness, and I watched as he opened the door to the cabin.
    Slowly walking in, the first thing I noticed was how homey it was. Seriously, there were carpets, chairs, furniture, a bathroom, and a freaking kitchen. Of course, there were locks on the doors and windows, but I still couldn't process the idea of this being a place for kidnappers and their hostages.
    "So here we are," he said, "I'll let your hands free for you. Just promise you'll behave good." He walked to the kitchen and got a knife, sawing through the ropes. The moment he freed me, I sighed in relief, rotating my wrists and checking for any damage. There was no damage done; my wrists were just red. Rubbing them, I continued to look at my surroundings.
    "My goodness," I breathed, "your leader's plan totally works." If the mastermind of this whole thing meant to keep me in this cozy and warm place, if this was really where I was going to stay, I'd have a difficult time plotting an escape. I expected something that resembled either a lab or a dungeon, but not this! Everything looked really lovely, even with the locks.
    "Is your master, leader, whatever you call your superior... an interior designer, by chance? If he or she wasn't evil, I'd probably hire him or her to design a new house for me. What's the name of the mastermind? Is he or she coming here later?"
    I sat on a couch and let out another sigh of relief. "This is officially my favorite couch." I positioned myself so I was lying down on it, and I continued looking at the kidnapper, waiting for his answer.
  16. I watched the woman as she looked around in the cabin, obviously impressed by what it looked like. At first I couldn't help but to feel a bit proud of myself, of what I'd accomplished, but soon I wasn't sure what to feel. My leader's plan? I looked at her thoughtfully as she continued to talk. I watched her sitting down, lying down. I pictured myself suffocating her with a pillow as she looked at me, obviously waiting for me to say something. "It's just me", I said, busy keeping my anger inside. How dear she thought that someone else had done this, that it wasn't all my work, that I was a part of something bigger, something that involved a lot more people? Me not being the center of it all, the reason why things had turned out the way they had? I bit my lip, leaning towards one of the walls.

    "There's no mastermind. And if there is his name is", I said, suddenly interuppting myself, thinking. Was I telling her my name? Why would it matter whether I told her or not? It wasn't like it was going to change anything really. And then I remembered - she probably already knew my name, since Jason had said it right before I jumped out of the van. I looked at her again. "...Neo", I said, "which is, myself", I continued, just to make sure that she understood it all.

    "I'm not evil", I said, fighting my anger inside, feeling like screaming at her. How could she be so rude, saying that I was evil? I hadn't been evil at all during all this time. "I've been nice to you, all along. I've cared for you", I said, frustrated and upset but keeping my voice in a normal tone, as if we were just having a normal conversation. "I've done this by myself. Those other guys just helped me get you here. They have nothing else to do with this", I said, walking towards her. "But since you think I'm evil, why not have it that way", I said, grabbing her arm harshly, making her sit up. "I told you to behave, but you're not. You want me to hurt you?" I said, seriously considerating it. That would shut her annoyingly curiosity up, I thought. "You want to cry like a baby, do you?", I said, pushing her down on the couch again, sitting on top of her, holding her wrists with my hands on each side of her head.
  17. Yes, I waited for his answer, but when my brain finally comprehended what he said, he was on top of me, bringing more pain to the already-injured body parts, holding my still-red wrists up like I was surrendering... Which I was doing. I gasped at the sudden change of his tone and mood, instantly regretting saying those words.
    "I thought there was someone else," I said out of fear. "I always thought kidnappers weren't gentle and I thought they'd care less about the conditions of the people they kidnapped--"
    I stopped mid-sentence as yesterday's events came to my mind in a flash, making my eyes widen. He seemed to be evil in only one situation, and that was at the beginning, when he pointed the gun to my head in the elevator. All this time, he actually cared. The worst part is, I failed to see that it was only him all along. When I asked him why he kidnapped me, he didn't tell me anything not because it was none of his business. It is his business. He's the one affected by whatever my father did. No wonder he didn't want to tell me anything.
    Guilt overpowered my fear and curiosity, bringing tears to my eyes. I couldn't look straight into his eyes anymore. I pulled my hands away from his holds and slowly pressed my palms to my eyes.
    "I'm sorry," I whispered, my voice trembling. "If hurting me is a punishment for being so prejudiced and for taking your gentleness for granted, then so be it." I prepared myself for what would happen next. I felt like I didn't deserve any of his kindness anymore if I wasn't even grateful for it in the first place.
  18. I looked at her, slightly surprised by the way she reacted to it all. She was willing to get punished, she understood that what she had done was wrong. I nodded slightly at her words, taking a hold of her wrists when she pressed her palms to her eyes. I took them apart, holding her wrists beside her head again. Then I put them above her head, holding her wrists together with one hand above her head. I wanted her to see.

    I slapped her. One, two, three times, right across her face. I was cold as I watched her, seeing her watery eyes. I let go of her wrists, made her sit up, positioned her so that her back was facing me. I got black tape out of my pocket and started to tie her wrists together behind her back. She hadn't behaved and didn't deserve to have her hands free. When I was done with tying her wrists, I left the room.
  19. I felt the stinging slaps on my face thrice. I had to bite my lips to prevent myself from groaning from the pain, and soon enough I found myself facing away from him as he tied my hands using something tighter than rope. I presumed it was tape.
    The moment he left the room, I intentionally banged my head on the edge of the couch. It wasn't hard enough, since it was covered with some sort of soft covering, but it hurt enough to make my head spin. I suddenly remembered the time when I was hitting my head on the floor of the van, and he stopped me from getting any more injuries. Yup, I definitely took his gentleness for granted.
    Another bad thing was that just as my hands were freed, they were bound again.
    "That was really stupid of you, Elle," I muttered, "absolutely stupid." I banged my head on the edge of the couch for a few minutes, though not as hard as I did the first time around.
    Lack of sleep caught up to me and since I was injured, I might as well restore the few cells left in me. Using my head to move a pillow to the edge of the couch, I slowly lowered myself so I was lying down on my stomach.
    "Damn it," I said, feeling all my injuries now. It seemed like after he left, the pain magnified, and I could barely stop myself from cursing as I realized that the front part of my body was also badly injured. I did my best to sleep, and it came to me immediately. I felt tears slide down right before I became unconscious.
  20. After a while of drinking tea in the kitchen to calm my nerves down, I felt stable enough to go and see what she was up to. I'd thought about it, realizing that she couldn't know about it, that maybe I'd been too hard on her. No going back though, I thought as I put the empty cup in the kitchen cabinet before I went out of the room to check on her.

    As I got there, I saw that she was asleep. I tilted my head slightly. Was she really that tired? I went down the basement just to see if things were as they had been before - no windows, a madrass, a blanket and a pillow. No need for her to be down here if she behaves, I thought, as I made my way up the stairs and into the living room once again.

    I sat down on the edge of the couch, looking at her. It looked like she had been crying. I sighed. Hopefully her father was worried at this point. He was the one who was supposed to suffer, not his daughter. On the other hand, I'd thought of hurting her as a way of hurting him. Get it on tape and send it. Those other guys, Jason and all, would take care of it, if I just got it on tape first. I looked thoughtfully at her as I went back to the kitchen, preparing some food to eat.

    Once I had eaten, I went with the plate of pasta and chicken to the living room. I sat down on the couch, watching her as she was still asleep. I got a glass of water, put it beside the plate with the food, and then gently shook her shoulder so that she'd wake up. "I have food ready for you", I said as she opened her eyes.
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