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  1. Five days. It had been five whole days since Earth had been saved by the baleful forces wishing to invade it, and cause unimaginable harm.

    So while the forces that had saved Earth and humanity itself from capture were in themselves inhuman, it was generally accepted that they had saved them, no matter what, and as such, it was granted that the alien species, the Kindred, were allowed to choose any males that took their fancy. While it had been originally met with outcry from humans, it was hard to argue against it - for one thing, the chances of being taken were slim, with the amount of men on Earth, and secondly, how could anyone really disagree to the demands when they had saved them from the threat of invasion - and it was known that the Scourge were beings intent on torturous activities, and far from being benevolent things.

    It followed then that the days that passed since the saving were filled with the introduction of the Kindred on the planet, searching for 'brides' to take onto the Mothership. While chances may have been slim, some men were inevitably taken, and that was the reality for many of them, with the Kindred all searching for the same shared desire - to lay eyes on the man that would fulfil those desires.

    That desire was one that the renowned 'Beast' was searching to fill, the young Kindred currently leant against the metal of his species' ship. He had been there for a while now, simply taking in life on Earth, and ultimately, many of his kind arriving back with human men on their arm. Most were reluctant to leave with them, of course, and Alexei could see that on the humans' expressions, but some, surprisingly, were taken with the idea of actually venturing into a 'spaceship' and becoming a bride. For Alexei, humans were similar somewhat in appearance, and the thought of making one his bride was something he desperately wanted at this point. He had suffered torture at the hands of the Scourge, narrowly avoided death, and this was a prize in his eyes, and one he felt he deserved. Yet, here he was, currently alone and without any such luck. He had searched, sure, but no one had really caught his eye as such - he was under the impression that he ought to be filled with a sudden outburst of emotion when clapping eyes on the man that was destined to be his.

    It was made more difficult for him, in some cases. He was nicknamed 'Beast', for crying out loud, and with good reason. His appearance, while typical of a Kindred, was somewhat different too - large, uniquely designed horns grew from his head, and shoulder blades, far different in appearance than his fellow men. The nickname both came from that, and Alexei's tendencies to grow angry. He didn't have an anger problem, far from it, but his temper was something he struggled to control, and with his angry outbursts, the nickname had seemed fitting.

    Sighing heavily to himself, particularly when he wasn't a fan of the weather this planet held, he miserably kicked a stone out of his path as he ventured down the path again. He was growing slightly desperate at this point. He had held hope out to find a boy; a male he felt romantic interest for in the first initial meeting, a burning desire of sorts, but no such feeling had been felt, and honestly? He did feel that perhaps he was being too fussy... He gave himself the deadline of a week, and with only two days left, he was ready to just grab anyone and hoist him back to be his bride, regardless of how he felt about him.​
  2. Royale Wyatt wasn't a believer of aliens since he'd always assumed them to be a figment of human's imagination. Sure, there are plenty of planets out there in the universe but surely no life exist in any of them other than Earth no? That was until two months ago where the first attack was launched against them. Since then, his mind was blown to pieces.

    Thankfully another alien race came to their rescue though he was doubtful of their intention. Why would anyone save another while risking their own safety? And true enough, the day that Earth was saved, their motive was revealed. They wanted brides and not female brides too, he didn't think that there would be homosexuality within aliens but then again, does it count if there is only one gender?

    While he isn't gay, Royale isn't too concern about been selected. Not with billions of males on Earth, the chance of being selected is so slim that it's not significant. Besides, he doubt that he'll be that lucky. Especially not since he had just finished his nursing degree.

    The new nurse had a rough start in life, his parents was involved in a car accident when he was three. He bounced from foster home to another before moving out when he's sixteen. Since then, he'd survived on scholarships and part-time jobs. He doesn't have much but he'd survived so far.

    What he doesn't realized was that a simple trip to the grocery store would change his life forever.
  3. For Alexei, seeing women for the first time had been a bit of a mindblowing experience. On his planet, of course, only one gender existed, and to him, that was his reality. So to come to Earth after his species' salvation and realise that there were not only human men, but a second gender in females had caught him off guard, and it had taken the usually extroverted male a few hours to even get his head around it.

    Nevertheless, he found them all disgusting - why wouldn't he? His life had revolved around men, his reality being that only his own gender was in existence, and as such, he didn't find himself even glancing twice at these weird 'women' creatures. No, his mind was fully on finding himself a male bride, and that was his aim that moment as he trailed into the neighbouring town. His kind had spread across the world in their searches, and as if coincidences had it, he just happened to be in the same town as Royale was. But what were the chances of the Kindred, the one they fondly nicknamed 'Beast', even setting eyes on Royale anyway?

    Well, as luck would have it, curiosity had just gotten the best of Alexei. The human shops and habits intrigued him greatly, their food and what they ate something he still struggled to take in, and so opted to venture into one of the nearby grocery stores to comfort his growing curiousness. While the objective was to find a bride, that didn't mean he was excluded from just getting to know the human world, right?

    By now, humans were well aware of the Kindred, and seeing them walking around was still a wary process, but it wasn't long before they left, so humans, despite seeing the aliens just wander around looking for brides and not trusting them entirely, they had no choice but to wait and see them finish their searching and finally leave Earth. And ultimately, when Alexei strolled into the store (despite being rather handsome even as far as humans were concerned) with his odd horns protruding either side of his head, they had little choice but to nod in acknowledgement and leave him to it... even if the men in the store at that moment were all on edge in worry they would fall victim to his desires.

    Although they needn't have worried. No, Alexei, only seconds after entering, let his eyes fall on Royale nearby, and was instantaneously filled with a sudden hotness; a burning, lingering longing to go over and pull him into a romantic embrace. A smirk crossed his face immediately - this had been the feeling he had been waiting for for all these days.​
  4. The newly graduate had agreed to cook dinner for his friends cum classmates as part of the deal. He didn't mind that even though money is tight for him this couple of days. He's grateful for all of their help during the study break and without them, he wouldn't be able to finish his studies. For an orphan like him, his friends were his family member. As he pushed his cart, he noticed a Kindred staring at him and couldn't help but shiver under his glances. Shaking his head, he moved quickly away from his sight towards the fresh vegetables section. A stew would be the main course for the dinner and for that he needs to get some potatoes that would go well with the carrots he had. Add a couple of home-grown herbs into it would be perfect.

    As he picked his potatoes, he couldn't shake the feeling that he's been watched. Royale brushed it off immediately and focused back on the task at hand. No way he could be this lucky, right? There's nothing special about him to begin with. He's of average built, of average height and of average looks. Everything about him speaks of average. He's the type of guy who you will not find if you throw him into a sea of people. He is under the assumption that those aliens must be looking for males that are attractive. He wasn't keen to be selected, especially after discovering how they procreate.

    "Let's just get this done and over with." he mumbled under his breath as he picked the last potato.
  5. "Get it over and done with? Eager, are we? You humans are awfully amusing," the Kindred grinned, taking that as his cue to casually stroll across, biting hard on his bottom lip to stop himself seeming overbearing - but the feeling was pretty difficult to control. He had spent days searching, travelling across three cities, and here of all places, in a little grocery store on the outskirts of the small town, he had found his bride.

    "Come along then, we'll be going," he cooed, swiping his hand up automatically and with clear amusement twinkling his eyes. If he had any doubts about the other before, holding his hand had confirmed everything - the spark that tingled up his arm and down his body was confirmation that this boy, however average he may be, was perfection itself in Alexei's eyes. "You'll make a superb bride, dear. Just perfect."​
  6. "W-what?" Royale was stunned at the sudden appearance of the alien. He wasn't expecting him at all and his last sentence wasn't directed at him to begin with. Hence he was taken aback when his hands were grabbed by the male. While he might be considered to be handsome, he didn't imagined himself to be a bride at all, not with the future he has in nursing. He didn't care about being on the spaceship and while he might be grateful to them for saving Earth's arse, that didn't translate to his willingness to be offered like a tribute to any alien.

    "I'm not going with you. Are you out of your mind?" He hissed, once his mind caught up with the situation and by now a small crowd had gathered around them. "I'm not your bride so let go of me." He insisted, trying to draw his hand away from the unknown stranger. There is no way he's abandoning his current life on Earth and follow someone to the outer space. It was absurd and out of the world. "I said, let go of me you big jerk."
  7. Embarrassment wasn't something Alexei necessarily cared about. Hell, he was leaving the measly planet in a few days, so feeling embarrassed didn't compute whatsoever - his mind was entirely focused on fetching this boy onto the ship. Though what he hadn't expected was the feisty attitude he displayed. He understood that it was surreal, of course he did. Alien or not, he realised that being taken from your planet and forced to become a bride to a Kindred was a little hard to take in, but they had earned the right to take the humans, any human they wanted.

    They had saved them from invasion, particularly an invasion from the malevolent beings like the Scourge, so the fact his chosen bride, someone he immediately grew attached to, was acting so horrifically and calling him a 'jerk' (he had learnt that human insult already) was something his lip curled at.

    The infamous 'Beast' did have temper problems, and his eyes, normally an alluring gold colour, began to flicker to a more dangerous crimson - his eyes did often reflect the mood he was in. Red for anger, blue for sadness, pink if bashful... but normally, they were either their natural gold, or this ruby red colour.

    "I have the right to take any human man I would like," he hissed, voice taken on an animalistic tone, a growl of sorts forming behind his words as he, with an inhuman amount of strength, tugged him closer and wrapped a firm arm around his waist. "I intend to take you, m'dear. No arguments. I saved your pathetic world, I went through torture to have you, and I'm going to have you. Let's go, before I drag you out."​
  8. "No bloody way." Royale resisted against the alien who had his arms wrapped around his waist. He didn't enjoy being in close proximity with a stranger, less say an alien who intends to kidnap him. He placed his hands against the male's chest and pushed with all his might though it was a feeble attempt. Clearly he is much stronger than he is. This made him regretted coming out to the grocery store today. If only he knew that it would turn out like this in advance.

    "You go pick someone else and I'm not your m'dear bullshit. I don't care about that now let me go or I swear I'll kick your arse." He threatened out of a whim though he knew that it's pretty pointless at this state. However he's not going to go without resisting. He didn't understand why the world government would agree to such an absurd agreement to begin with. It had essentially tore families and lovers apart and while he had neither, it didn't meant that he's a willing participant in this.

    He noticed the male's eyes and was enticed by its vibrant intensity but he shook himself out of it immediately. "You big jerk, let go of me. You can't do this, I don't care what your kind agreed with whoever. You are not going to take me."
  9. "...I recommend you stop insulting your new mate, love," he cooed again, determined not to let the simmering anger show as he instead hoisted the other up and placed him over his shoulder in a fireman's lift, treating the other in terms of weight like he was lifting a child - in short, it was no problem to him carrying him out of the grocery store.

    Nobody attempted to stop him, of course. There was a deal made between their government, and the Kindred species, and sights like this -an alien dragging off a reluctant male- had become far too common. They had no authority to even attempt to stop Alexei, and as such, the alien hummed happily, feeling over the moon with finally finding his dutiful bride, strolling out and back to the ship. While it was a few days yet before they left Earth, he could spend those days getting to know Royale... and of course put him through the operation all the other human men had had to endure.

    Procreation was inevitable, and even if Alexei was young for his kind, even he had come to terms with having a child. It was literally part of society to him, and now he had his mate, he knew that children would come along down the line too... even if he himself dreaded the responsibility of it all. "Look," he began, swinging him around to hold bridal style - it was fitting, after all. "I'm not a bad guy. I look scary, but I'm a sweetheart who went through torture to save your world."​
  10. Royale was beyond upset at this treatment of his. He wasn't used to be embarrassed like this in public. It was humiliating to be treated like a child in public and not to mention those taunting words of his.

    He was ready to blow his top when his position changed. "that's none of my business, you jerk. Let go of me now, I'm not going to some other planet with you. Why don't you just kill me already."
  11. "Kill?" He repeated quietly, his gold eyes (this colour now his anger had diffused) flickering down to the face of his mate - at least, he was casting him as a mate, regardless of the reluctance he was given by the other. Mulling that 'kill' word over, his inhumanly handsome features contorted to that of evident amusement.

    "Oh, I'm not killing you. I don't wish any harm on my dear beloved, silly. You'll like my planet. There's none of your awful women there. Honestly, they're so strange. Gosh," he snorted, rolling his eyes, being able to escape the women being a major positive in his eyes for leaving to his home. "And you'll live with me. And it'll be great, being my bride. I'm pretty popular on my planet, actually, so you'll be cared for brilliantly~"​
  12. "I'm not fucking gay, you jerk." Royale cussed out loud, not caring that there are plenty of attention on him right now. He didn't see the positivity that the alien seemed so hang up upon. Going to a world where there's only males sounded like hell to him and he's not going there.

    "You can't just take me, I've got a life here. I'm not going to give them up and just go with you." the human tried to reason with him. He's still young and has a future ahead of him. He don't want to give them all up.
  13. "...Gay?" He arched a clearly confused brow. After all, on his planet where there were only ales, there was really no need to have a sexual orientation There wasn't a choice between genders. There was only one, and that was that, so 'gay' to him was a foreign concept, as was 'straight', 'bisexual' and every other orientation. Simply laughing it off as though this was human jokes or human sarcasm, he hummed happily to himself, far from the temperamental being he was known for-- though how could he dare to be angry or annoyed when he had his mate cuddled in his arms. Well, he liked to think he was cuddled. In truth, Royale was being firmly held and incapable of moving out of the intimate position. "You're coming with me, and i'll be right by your side when you have the operation. It's performed by the very best. Your human doctors are good, I hear, but my kind are skilled. We have the ability to travel space. Your kind have only landed on your moon, haven't you? I've been learning of human history to be able to bond with you, honey~"​
  14. "I'm not into man you jerk." Royale hissed at the strong alien. He hated how he was being held so tightly against his own wish. Despite that, it made his heart skipped a beat.

    "Wait wait what operations?" he demanded, glaring at the alien. He knew there is something fishy about the entire thing. There's nothing innocent about this at all.
  15. Glittering eyes met the inquisitive ones of his mate, grinning down at him to reveal slightly sharpened teeth - nothing too extreme, but sharper than the average human's. He realised that, if he just broke the news, the human would do everything he could to escape his arms, and to prevent himself stepping foot onto the ship, but was lying a suitable option when he had literally only just found his bride?

    Well, it was better than having to watch the other insult him and run off, right?

    "Nothing serious, just clears you up of human diseases-- we don't want an outbreak among my kind," he said simply, rather adapted to lying when it was called for. "Relax, love-- what do you mean you're not into men? Don't tell me you like those... women things?"

  16. Royale was highly sceptical about the alien's response. He'd never heard about such treatment that involved an operation. He eyed the male suspiciously, clearly not believing his words at all. Considering how he is now kidnapped, he sees no reason to trust him at all. He groaned inwardly as he showed no signs of letting him go. Been taken by a man wasn't on his agenda. He's as straight as an arrow and man never attracted him sexually.

    How absurd.

    "I'm not your love so stop calling me that." He hissed, "So what if I like woman, you're the weird one. I don't like man."
  17. "You can always learn to like men," he stated casually, refusing to get angry over his response, trying to remind him that it was bound to be a stressful time for the human male - being taken from home and forced onto a ship with an alien kind was obviously something that Royale would never have expected, and Alexei had to constantly reminded himself of that fact.

    "And you are my love. You're my bride, now quit arguing. As much as I love your voice, I need to focus," he murmured, trying to sense his way back to the ship, not quit used to the human surroundings just yet.​
  18. The young human growled in response. Learn how to like man? How ridiculous. He knew that one's sexuality can't be changed. "Then how about you learning to like woman?" He demanded, refusing to stay still He's not going to be hurled into a spaceship against his own wish. He had things to do, dreams to achieve and places to go. He can't allow the alien to take that away from him.

    "Jerk, let go of me. Goddamn it." He clawed the male's chest, hoping that it would trigger something in him. Perhaps he'll drop him and he can make his escape. He's not going down without a fight.
  19. The clawing, however, did very little to deter him, simply smiling down at his precious prize for salvation as he finally approached the grand, enormous Mothership, the fact he didn't have to be alone now he had his human a comforting thought indeed, particularly when he could just spend the days pleasuring him - surely it wouldn't be that difficult? The other would come around to liking men if he tried hard enough, right?​
  20. The sight of the the spaceship scared him. While he'd not displayed his emotions earlier on, he's shivering. "Stop, I don't want to go with you. I have other things to do, places to go and dreams to achieve. I can't go with you." He pleaded, his brave bravado long disappeared by now. He don't wished to be forced to like man or have sex with one either. "Look, please I can't go with you."
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