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How much stuff can you stuff in your Stuffy if your Stuffy's stuffed enough stuff?

  1. Uh...what?

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  2. 16!

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  3. I don't know...let's find out!

  4. Who cares? Let's eat pizza!

  1. 'Ello, loves! Bahiyya here! I'm just going to tell you later now...I have many nicknames. Bahiyya, Phaegan, Phae, Chiharu, etc. Whichever you choose to call me by is quite fine with me. I'm turning 19, and I've been roleplaying for four years. To me, I would say that I'm a decent roleplay. I greatly despise text talk roleplaying, and I also have this obsession with describing small things in roleplays, like the layout of a room or something. I guess that's good, no?

    I am a rather crazy person. I come up with the most weirdest plots for stories, and I tend to just roll with them and develop. That's the best way, no? Anyway, I am a bit of perfectionist. And if you look up the word "organized", you will find yours truly there.
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  2. Meow! Well you're just my type of rper! Welcome!
  3. Glad to hear see it. Thank you for such welcome, mine furry cat friend!
  4. May I ask the reason behind your marked out words?
  5. Eh, 'tis a minor, joke, yes? Usually one would say "Glad to hear it!", however I am not hearing it, rather seeing. When I crossed out later, I have a lazy tendency at times, so its more of a hinting joke.
  6. I'm a cat, I'm not exactly used it abnormalities. If one says something, I must take it literally!
  7. Apologies for the confusion! :bsmile:
  8. Yes, for I am a medicine cat! I must know the exact plant, the exact animal, the exact thing that hurt them! I mess up, they die!
  9. Hi there, Bahiyya! :D We're happy to have you with us!
  10. @wildpelt: Well, we shall not allow that, no?
    @Diana: Happy to be here, mate!
  11. I cannot allowed my cats to die with nary a poppy seed to ease the passing!
  12. And so shall it best be avoided!
  13. You seem like fun. Its nice to meet you. I'm decently friendly, and have a fair amount of roleplay experience. I'm also delightfully mad. ^_^
  14. @Lycaon: Why, hello there mine fellow mad friend! I'm quite glad you find me loads of fun!
    @dunruffle: 'Ello, mate!