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  1. This is entirely subjective.
    Not everyone will have a favorite TV show (or even a favorite book, if you don't watch that).

    However, TV shows are pretty cool.
    We're there any TV shows that made you cringe, or make your skin crawl?

    So yes, TV shows, web series, anime, drama, etc. counts. Movies? Nah... TV specials. Sure.

    I have a few!

    Pickle and Peanut (2015) (0.5/10)
    Rating: TV PG
    Seriously, what was the Disney company thinking? Here, you have two anthropomorphic Bros that are... Food items. Pickle's a giant Teddy Bear, and Peanut is a cool, relaxed one. The graphics are enough to make your eyes bleed. While they make effort in the plots, I find that this show crosses a LOT of lines. There's plenty of bodily fluids (blood, spit, etc.) Plus, it's Disney. This is like a heartless ripoff of Regular Show. Don't watch it.
  2. The TV show Under The Dome, based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, was terrible. I watched it with my mother before I read the book and it was horrible on all counts: crap acting, crap writing, crap dialogue, just crap all around. Then I read the book and understood the full depth of how awful it was by adding that "holy shit this is a terrible adaptation" layer on top to finish off the garbage casserole that is the Under The Dome TV show.
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  3. Yeah, most adaptions can't live up to the novels. The harder they try, the more they fail.

    I can't say I've watched a whole lot of bad TV, but then again, I usually stick to ID channel. The only crappy shows that I've really seen are reality shows, and everyone knows that absolute trash.
  4. I think Shadow Hunters is pretty bad. The acting is very meh, especially from the actress but apparently it has been renewed for a new season. Go figure.
  5. Aside from obvious targets, like Duck Dynasty?

    To get murdered with pitchforks in 3... 2... 1...

    I'm stuck between The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones.

    The former for being so badly written that I am honestly fucking baffled at how it's still on the air. The latter because they seriously felt the need to pepper in more rapes in an already morbidly dark story, because drama = good storytelling.

    That being said: I don't hate Game of Thrones. I know why it appeals to some people. It simply isn't my particular cup of tea. (Then again, I'm generally worn out with ubergrimdark stories in general. The Battlestar Galactica remake was the last time I enjoyed something so overly dark. I'm already sick of this trend of making every fantasy and sci-fi story dark as fuck. So I'm sure that, at a later date, when I'm finally in the mood, I'll enjoy Game of Thrones. Maybe.)

    I do however hate The Walking Dead. I'm honestly exasperated by how fucking lazy the writing is. They spent nearly all of season 2 sitting on a fucking farm, talking about doing things, one day. I also loathe the show due to off-camera drama involving the lead writer being terminated for complaining about having their budget cut atop having more episodes demanded of them. (It's why they sat on the same sets for 90% of Season 2.) This show represents everything I fucking hate about modern TV writing wrapped up in a neat bow tie. Only a couple of the characters are even kind of interesting, and mostly in the sense of "just how fucking far can they stretch their arcs in silly string?" This show is made of cancer, from the top producers being greedy assholes, to the writing being so utterly fucked in pacing and narrative tone that even basic concepts like "how to balance an emotional scene" get chucked out the window.

    Seriously. I fucking hate The Walking Dead. Every inch of it. The first season held some promise, only to get immediately skullfucked season 2 onward. Fuck AMC.
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  6. TURN has a really good premise: An ordinary farmer becoming a spy for George Washington in the American Revolution. Nobody acts like it's certain that the Americans will win the Revolution. Lies, secrets, and tangled relationships all piling up because this man's been (sort of) coerced into being a spy. Even the B-plot was pretty good because the actor they got to play Robert Rogers was great.

    Unfortunately the writers also created this cheating/ love triangle plot that eventually grew to be the most important thing in the show, but I was never a fan of it. That plus that the British officers nearest to the main character were either cartoonishly evil or cartoonishly incompetent and that the season one finale was really underwhelming meant that I didn't come back to watch season two. Maybe it recovered, but I don't know.
  7. Arrow season 4.
  8. Archer.

    I'm sorry, I know a lot of people like it, but I just... don't see it. o_o First off, I hate the animation style. It looks too stiff and cheap, and it just comes across like they tried way too hard to make everything look realistic -- which isn't really a good thing in animation, especially where your character designs are concerned. Animation lets you do things that you can't do in live action -- you can exaggerate facial expressions and body language for a more, well, animated effect, and you should! Because when you try too hard to be realistic, you get characters (and especially characters' faces) that look stiff and emotionless at best and dive straight into uncanny valley territory at worst (motion-capture animation, anyone?).

    And I don't get the humor, either. Yes, I get that it's supposed to be dry humor. Yes, I get that it's supposed to be a James Bond parody. Doesn't matter -- it still falls flat for me. And I'm not sure why, either. Maybe it goes back to the characters' emotionless faces, maybe there's something wrong with the timing of it all... I don't know. All I know is that not a single joke on that show has ever made me laugh or even grin. It's all just... so dull. I never get any comedic punch out of it.

    Oh, and this is really just something that's weird as opposed to bad, but... The opening theme's animation is like, exactly the same as that of Cowboy Bebop? Even down to some really minute details?

    Like, I want to give them the benefit of the doubt and say it's supposed to be an homage, but, Cowboy Bebop seems like an odd thing for them to reference. Archer's supposed to be a spy movie parody, yes? If anything, shouldn't they be referencing... spy movie openings?

    And I've tried looking this stuff up, to see if the creator of it ever said that he was inspired by Cowboy Bebop or something. I found something where he listed a bunch of other sources of inspiration, and I could see where he was coming from with all of them, but... CB's opening still looks way more like Archer's than anything else he mentioned. Seriously, the resemblance is uncanny.

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  9. Gotham.

    just... it took ten fuckin episodes to get just about okay. The name dropping of future super villains was really fuckin on the nose and stupid and FUCKIN DUMB! Selina Kyle is called the Cat? Pamela Isley got her name changed to "Ivy" and her apartment you see her in is filled to the fuckin brim with plants? Are you fuckin serious? Then there's Edward Nigma....We don't talk about episode 1 Nigma. This show for the most part saved itself, but then Season 2 happened.... and yeah, this fuckin dumb as fuck show is a pain.


    To me, from what I've seen it's basically "Sex and The City with Super Powers!" it's not meant for me, but god damn some of the dialogue is downright bad!


    Season 1 was fine for the most part, Season 2 was good! but god damn Season 3 just took a massive dump and pissed all over 1 and 2. Fuck this show so much, fuck it, fuck it, fuck it, fuck it, fuck it, fuck it, fuck it, fuck it. fuck it I really hated the show so much after season 2.

    Most Reality TV shows in general.

    I don't need a reason, these are just downright fuckin shit. So.Fuckin.SHIT.

    East Enders/Coronation Street/Hollyoaks/Emmerdale/All dum soap operas.

    No word can describe how shitty, or how I hate these fuckin shows so much.

    Doctor Who.

    This is just my personal opinion. I only really enjoyed Christopher Eccelston era Doctor Who, watched Tennant's run was not bad, pretty decent run. Then came Matt "Playdoh putty ape palms face" Smith and then came in Moffat's hack writing. I really find Doctor Who massively overrated. I'm not taking a dig at people who enjoy it, I just don't really can't get into Doctor Who. I hope Peter Capaldi is doing a fine job, love that guy.
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  10. The 100.
    It's bad enough that it's horrible queer-bait, but the writing is so dumb at points. Some of the things they just gloss over or don't show should have been obvious signs it wasn't worth my time. It was many years ago that I watched or read anything where characters had plot armors comparable to some of the worst ones in this show. Some of the best characters are killed off in the most nonchalant ways ever, and minor characters often die like flies too. Then there's these clowns that can survive more or less anything. The argument that it's a post-apocalyptic show and one should expect characters to die doesn't work when deaths are this poorly handled.
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  12. I couldn't make it past 3 episodes of Orphan Black. I sat down to watch it based on a few people's recommendations, but holy shit, I have never before encountered a show where I actively despise every single character. The main character has zero redeeming or relatable qualities and it's impossible to find a reason to care about her problems, her foster brother is turbo obnoxious, her ex boyfriend who played Vaas in Far Cry 3 is a super bag of dicks, and... yeah. When I found out about the whole plot of the show being about the main character being a clone and several others living all over the place and there's an assassin out to kill them all (who I predicted was also a clone the second I was told the premise, which 100% correct apparently), I was hoping that they'd succeed just to prevent me from having to sit through another episode.

    Also going to throw The Walking Dead under the bus. It didn't help the show's case that I've read most of the comics (I stopped after I think volume 21 because it seemed like a good place to stop, and it was becoming clear the series was just going to keep forcing new conflicts and villains for the sake of never ending), but I did watch all of Season 1, and found myself struggling to get to the end. When somebody died, I didn't care. When people were melodramatically whining about something that wasn't immediately relating to surviving, I didn't care. Then I heard the entirety of Season 2 was on Hershel's farm, which is not a long time, at all, in the comics, and it ended up being an unbearably unwatchable season even for die hard fans. And then out of curiosity, I checked out clips involving the Governor and not only did they completely fuck that character up, but they ruined Andrea, who in the comics is a super badass who's literally killed more people than everyone else in the series. I also know that people have a super hard on for Daryl and that, but I can't help but feel they just made up a new character at the expense of actually making existing ones likable in the slightest.

    What the fuck, AMC.
  13. Pre-warning, spoilers are litered all over this post.
    Skip my opinion on respective shows you care to watch spoiler free later.

    Every Reality Show

    What's that? No writers, everyday life with dumb ass drama for the sake of views?
    Why could people possibly not like this?

    Anime's so long they last an entire childhood

    Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Pokemon, they all fall under this.
    This is honestly though more because I just hate filler, and I especially hate something that refuses to end.

    I feel kind of bad with this one though, because I grew up on some of these shows.
    But then when I could stream and wasn't reliant on Cable, and at the same time made a friend in high school who is huge on Anime's and (Primarily British) Movies and TV Shows, my exposure to other shows and animes sky rocketed to where I was basically forced to look back at things like Naruto with a "I feel Nostalgic, but speaking practically you suck balls" outlook.

    Sword Art Online

    This anime initially caught my interest because it's premise was something I so badly wanted.
    But with me already completely ready before seeing a single episode to fully embrace it and love it to pieces, it still managed to make me walk off revolted.

    The writing was lazy was hell, the main character isn't likeable at all, so much so other characters constantly tell him he's such a good person is a desperate attempt to make the audience think that's true. Their romance is as simple as one lazy kiss scene, one embarassing undressing and BAM! He's a child who lost her parents! Let's adopt her after the first hour of searching failed? WHAT!?

    And not to mentioned the writers also got way too eager and rushed the storyline. Seriously, this shit felt like I dropped into the middle of a forum RP run by two horny gamer teens with way too many plot ideas but insisted it all be kept to one RP.

    Season 1 and 2 Rant (open)

    Basically, the anime set's it up that if you die in the game you die in real life, and the only way to get out is to beat all 100 levels of the world (100 different maps, each one connects to the next but the only way to get through is a world boss). So they clearly had a lot of wiggle room to milk this one premise out like Naruto, Bleach or One Piece if they wanted to. But no, they rush it in 12 episodes. Because by then they're on floor 70 something and just beat another world boss. Our main character notices their leader is alive (no-duh, he's one of your best players) and out of the blue attacks him! Turns out said player was indestructible and was the games designer in disguise. So what does he do? He kills both Kirito (the main guy) and his girlfriend Asuna when she rushes to defend him. So they're dead right? Anime over? Nope! Their souls somehow get stuck in some gamer purgatory where the big bad basically goes "You caught me, I'm bored, you all can go free". And suddenly almost everyone is back in the real world...

    Not Asuna though! That leads to the much more cringe worthy Season 2! So for some reason, her and a few other gamers were never released. And for an even more bizarre reason, the very next MMO (done by the same company no less) as the last MMO has everythign coming to it like flies. GEE! WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG!? For the first while nothing bad actually seems to happen, like seriously. It's all fine, they paint it like something bad is happening but in truth it's just Guilds doing PVP server shit. But that still doesn't excuse the general MMO or Kirito. Because firstly, they went from the first MMO of minimal magic and being highly skill reliant to being maigcal fairies everywhere. One of the few things SAO has going for it, gone! And then the other thing, the "Die in the game die in real life" deal? Also gone! Now when players die they just get a 'death penalty', but they NEVER DESCRIBE WHAT THAT MEANS! So all I can assume is some lost gold or something? But Kirito can't understand this, and throughout the entire season yells "I will never let a party member die!" which makes perfect sense in Season 1, but makes no sense at all in Season 2! Now, scarred from his previous experience I can get. But what he did wasn't being scarred, but outright denial of the game he was in.

    But then we get back to Asuna, and this leads to the only time you will EVER see me criticize a game for using a "Damsel in distress" trope. Because you got this character who was bad ass and able to fight well (even if poorly written) and suddenly she's locked in a bird cage on the clouds. Where the new head developer comes in and molests her on occasion before leaving, and then right around the end of the Season where Kirito goes to save Asuna the developers goes into outright rape mode. Trying to rape her in game in the middle of their fight. And the after the fight, when Kirito rushes to the hospital to find a now awake Asuna the developer attacks him in the middle of the parking lot with the intent to kill him. And remember Asuna is meant to be in High School at the time, so you've got a middle aged adult trying to kill a high school boy in order to rape a high school girl who was just in an effective coma for years.

    "Gwazi, why the hell did you continue after Season 1?"

    Because I wanted to see how bad it would sink, but then Season 2 stung so hard I just gave up.

    TLDR: If you like the premise of an anime where people are trapped in an MMO. Just watch Log Horizon, it actually takes it's writing seriously and actually does interesting twists with how such an MMO would play out and the player dynamics within it.


    Season 1 was solid. Season 2 was a bit lacking but still good. Season 3 I felt picked up a bit, but didn't do Season 1 justice still and had warning signs in it that things would turn worse. Season 4 was "Wait, what are you doing? No, plz, stahp!". Season 5? (/'-')/ _|__|_

    I could see it's decline for some time, but with the combination of:

    a) Restriction to Cable
    b) This was the only show I could watch and then share enjoyment with the Family
    c) The Superhero movie franchise success wasn't even starting yet

    It was something I had a hard time letting go of. But what made me finally drop it was them spending less and less screen time on the characters you cared about, and instead focusing on a flood of new and bland other characters. +Making everyone a mutant... Seriously? Those characters were awesome for several seasons without anything, there's no reason to change it now! >.<


    Not too much bad to say with this one, cause it's more just... mediocre. Like, with Daredevil Season 1 it kind of hurts because there was so much I liked, but what got missed seemed so vital it just hurt a bit. But Terranova? You got these refugees from a polluted future, they timetravel back into the Dinosaur era in an attempt to re-colonize, start over. And you basically see these people work to survive in the land against the Dinosaur threat around them. Cheesy, potential to be bad ass, but overall eh? Turns out they fell short, the characters were ok, I liked the guy who they had leading the colony. But otherwise they were all forgettable, like there wasn't even anything distinctly bad about any of them, they just... weren't characters really. Other than the Dad, he was really quick to punch people he didn't like, hell it was his reason for being in the colony in the first place.

    Basically it reaches it's finally, evil corporation wants to take over the other time for more resources. They get fought off because, apparently a whole other planets worth of resources only warrants enough of an advance army that the survivors can cut them off from additional support waiting about? Seriously, if you got even a remote chance of that happening don't delay, send in as many guys ASAP if such a mass amount of resources is on the line! Yea, you could argue "Waste of human lives!", but I doubt those corporations would care.

    Oh, and at the end they pull a last second "Btw there's something more secret to this planet than Dinosaurs!". But... even ignored the lazy writing involved in such a last minute cliffhanger, interest was long lost before that point even. I only stuck around cause it was only 13 episodes long and so I figured I might as well watch it to completion (fun fact, it never got a second season).

    Show's I actually do like, but I have to address their flaws.

    Oddly enough, all of these have already been addressed by others.

    Daredevil - Season 1

    Those who are in the Daredevil threads likely know my issues with this rather well by now.

    But basically I didn't appreciate how they handled the villains. They ham-fisted a group of them in at once, which already speaks issues with a lack of screen time. And they fixed this, sort of. By focusing the vast majority on one villain, Fisk. But the issue was I could not take Fisk seriously, at all. For the entire season he consistently changed between someone so soft spoken I could barely make out what he was even saying, and someone who got such violent fits I was left question what nut ever decided to put him in charge of anything? Or work with him once he was there?

    Add in a romance that basically boiled down to "I like you!", "I like you too, but you're dangerous and I'm not sure!", "Look I blew up something!", "Hnnng!". I just felt like it was something where they tried too hard with Fisk. Because when people disagree with me on Fisk I can easily see why they do. Fisk really does have all the building blocks of great character development, but for me it just feels like it plays off his weaknesses too strongly. It got so much attention that I wasn't really given much reason to ever like or care for Fisk unless if it was out of sympathy for the under dog.

    That being said though! He popped up again in Season 2 (which I fucking loved), and although you could still tell Season 1 Fisk was still there he was suddenly a lot more demanding of your attention, and respect. And seemed far more in control of himself compared to last time. Definitely in progress of turning into a very strong and likeable King Pin in Season 3 if that continues.

    The Walking Dead

    Entire Show Rant (open)

    First Season was outright amazing, no complaints about it from me. But... then we got publisher greed Season 2 and it all began to sink. Long story short, the guy in charge of Season 1 is told to make twice the content with half the budget, he rightfully complains, he get's kicked like he was nothing, and the show tanks cause of it. Season 2 is practically all on the farm outside of the first episode or two of them getting there. All focused around finding one girl, when just the last Season they had people dying left and right.

    Season 3 they do the same deal again, except it's a Prison and instead of finding a girl they're worried about the Governor. He wasn't the worst (note, never read the comics to compare) but he was definitely lacking, and combined with his 'love arc' with Andrea being a fucking idiot of "I should kill him! But I like him! But I really should kill him!" it drags on what should be 2-3 episodes tops into an entire season, only the Governor to go bat shit nuts RIGHT at the end of it and kill his own men cause they were a little panicked (and I really do mean a little. They had a failed Assault, people had doubts. Something one motivational speech and decent planning could have solved).

    Season 4 and they're still in the Prison, now with the Governor's civilian populous. So the Governor returns with another colony (admittedly it is impressive how quickly and well he manages that, shows his skills as leadership if anything), but he also blows it just as quickly by hacking Hershel (farm owner in Season 2) with a sword and going total "KILL THEM ALL!", which in the heat of the moment his people do follow but immediately after snap out of it and go "Holy shit, that guy was nuts!". But then the second half they start wandering again, and eventually find a colony called Sanctuary... they're Cannibals who basically were the "We need to help everyone!" sort until a group of Bandits ruined their day and made them turn nuts. The majority of the season both before and after Terminal was them on the road, being separated from escaping either the Prison or Sanctuary and needing to find each other again. At some point during that (I can't remember, those portions are so much f a blur I almost forget it even existed and having to type this part after summarizing Season 6 when I noticed my timeline wasn't adding up) one of Hershel's daughters dies because... Drama with a Hospital supervisor. I mean she was scummy... But still, it was outright pathetic.

    Season 5 they're on the road briefly until once again finding another colony. This one actually has a decent person in charge for a change. Clearly not well versed (at all) with how to handle Walkers. But very skilled at keeping a town and it's people in check. A luxury she could afford to specialize on thanks to the wall her Husband helped make and something exposed in Season 6. That being said though, just weeks after Rick (the main character) and his crew arrive they town get's ruined. First by bandits a patrol group was spotted by (seriously, how the hell did it take the bandits that long?) and around the tail end Rick get's more authority over the town. Mainly because the towns doctor went mad, killed the Mayor's husband and in her grief sided with Rick's attitude of "Us VS Them". One plus I'll give this season though, they made one of the few death scenes ever that legitimately freaked me out.

    Season 6 then immediately follows (note I've only seen the first half, I like watching my shows in marathoned portions which with TWD air times means every half season) the next 2 days... I'm serious. They spot a giant hole full of walkers, trapped in by a truck (how the hell was that pulled off? And how they hell did it not break sooner?) and Rick seeing this yells at the Colony to fix this because eventually those walkers will get through and reach the colony on mass. So he starts a drill the next day, showing people how it will all work. Just as he's starting plot convenience comes in and the walkers escape so suddenly it's the real deal... And that's all of it.

    "Gwazi, with all that WTH are you watching it?"

    Guilty pleasure? That's the main reason honestly, I like zombie survival mixed with how people try to adapt when away from the zombie scene.
    But other reasons would also be some hope it will return to Season 1 quality (which it fucking won't), and despite all the awful there's always some sprinkles of good, that when I find it a I REALLY like (though that could just be from all the bad I have to watch through).

    I would feel bad for supporting it... But honestly like I said above I stream everything now. And since most shows don't provide legal means of that? The only way I'm effectively helping the show is through word of mouth, and those words are "It's bad, but I have a guilty pleasure for it".

    Game of Thrones

    I'm going to hate being that guy... But it shits on the books.

    No, I never read the books myself. But when you like the show, and you like talking about the show, you unavoidably run into several people who do know the books and know them well. And the consensus I get from all of them is that some of Game of Thrones best moments get's trivialized to appease to shock value? Touched scene of Kal Drogo asking if Daenerys is ok with having sex? Make it a rape scene. Sansa learning how to manipulate the political game? Have her get raped.

    In fact one guy who I met briefly at Anime Club put it best in one simple sentence. "Every time the show seemed to stumble, it's when they chose to vary from the books".

    And that's basically it. It's still a damn good show in my opinion, but once you talk to book fans enough you also can't ignore the issues the show is having from trying to vary too much.

    Doctor Who

    Yes the guy who usually has the Master as his avatar and sig is saying this.
    Yes the guy with a sonic screwdriver is saying this.
    Yes the guy who had a profile picture dressed as Tom Baker is saying this.

    But like GoT the critiques are minor, mainly it's quality is inconsistent. It's not like most shows where once you've seen some of it you got a good idea of the general feel, this show will change drastically depending on the Doctor, the Main writer, or even whose in charge of the specific episode. That and it varies from "So Episodic is barely adds up until surprise villain you're left confused by" (Christopher Eccelson), "Episodic and never having a strong main focus to lach onto at all, but has killer episodes" (David Tennant), "A massive complicated story across it all but too all over the place and poorly put together" (Matt Smith), "That but a bit more refined" (Peter Capaldi) or jumping ship from one style to the other so damn fast you leave the entire fan base lost and divided to a point of constant conflict (Tennant -> Smith).

    That and the show can get cheesy at times. REALLY cheesy. Understanding baby and horse? Sometimes outright refusing to mess with time paradox's, and other times going "Fuck it! I am invincible!" (David Tennant's Mars case withholding, because that conflict of interest was an actual character development and purposely done by the writers). This out right ridiculous at times... and I love it! :3

    And for the life of me I cannot get why. If you get me on it well enough I could try to tear into it full force (and soon have a Whoovian Master Time Lord utterly destroy me in explanations, reasons that date back to Old Who etc.) with stuff that normally makes me deeply despise a show. But Doctor Who just does it in a way I can't help but smile and get excited... AND I HAVE NO IDEA HOW IT KEEPS MANAGING TO DO THAT!!!

    I just played them both at the exact same time. They sync up incredibly well.
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  14. ...Are we talking about me? Is this supposed to be me?

    But yeah, I feel pretty similarly to Doctor Who. I love the show to pieces, but I acknowledge its shortcomings -- and, in a weird way, I actually sort of enjoy some of its shortcomings. It's sort of part of the charm of the show for me, and my enjoyment of it is a weird mix of legitimately enjoying the parts of it that I seriously think are "good", but also really enjoying the parts of it that I should see as flaws, but... I just get a big grin on my face whenever I try explaining some massive plothole or really cheesy episode to someone, and especially any of the ridiculous and over-the-top stuff that this show does sometimes. I just... I really love it.

    Oh. o_o Well, I mean, the Bebop opening is much longer, so I didn't expect them to sync up, but, yeah, just watching one after the other, Archer certainly borrowed a lot of stuff from it...
  15. This most recent season of Sleepy Hollow.

    The first two seasons were great: Revolutionary War conspiracy with monsters, witches, the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and trying to prevent an evil God from rising up. I loved it. But once they got rid of the Horseman and all that stuff, it just sort of went downhill. They just sort of lost their way with the show. I don't know what it was with that. They just sort of abandoned all this lore they had created and used in the previous seasons. So, yeah. That's my opinion on it.
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  16. Reading this thread I'm reminded of why we got rid of tv completely save for Hulu and Netflix.

    Too many things to dislike on modern tv. But I'll have to say that thing John Oliver is on. Worse yet people rally behind him like he's actually right about anything or he's a credible source in a discussion.
  17. I kind of feel like this point is super subjective.

    You're also literally the only person I've seen really complain about Archer's animation or art style. I mean, it's totally cool the show's not for you, but I have to offer the counterpoint that a big problem I have with a lot of animated shows is how over exaggerated a lot of it is, especially in a lot of anime. Sometimes a subtle change in expression and a more natural reaction sells a joke a lot better than suddenly making the character's facial features explode to super exaggerated proportions and act over animated about something. I don't think someone should exaggerate facial expressions or body language just because they can, it has to fit the art direction, and with something like Archer, it really works because they try to keep it realistic. The show works as an animated program because when they do do something obscene and outlandish, it feels grounded and almost believable because the rest of the show is, and if it was live action, it would just go right off the rails into cheap CGI and special effects realms that would be distracting.

    Like I said, it's totally cool you're not into the show, like anything it's not for everyone, but I can't help but feel you're trying to view it under the lens of animated programs you prefer and subjecting it to scrutiny based off of that standard. It would be like somebody picking apart the anime style of Full Metal Alchemist (or pick your poison, really) because it can be way over the top and distracting compared to something like Archer.

  18. It's also extremely sardonic. Every character is egomaniacal and compulsive in some manner, insecure, childish, and so on. I can get why people might not find it funny: None of the characters are particularly redeemable. They're all pretty horrible people and most of the humour comes from when they get hit with what they deserve.
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  19. I am so depressed that I have to agree with you. I love Sleepy Hollow, but ever since they got rid of Katrina, I feel like it's just lost it's edge. Pulling in mythology from all over the place rather than sticking with the apocalypse as it's predicted in the bible shifted it into a completely different show all together. I mean the Pandora thing was cool for all of one episode, and then it just let me wanting something new.

    I think my biggest beef is that they keep doing everything in their power not to get Abby and Crane together, and as a viewer, you can tell that's exactly what they're doing. I've been one of the main people cheering for those two to get together since the first episode, but with all the bullshit they keep throwing in the way, it just feels like they're doing it just to prevent that from happening, and then going to point it out as a testament to their relationship when they do get together.
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  20. Thanks, other Barry!
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