Bad Romance [ 1 x 1 RP]

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  1. The setting takes place in a modern timezone where YC is a young high school jock who has it all. He's got the looks to swoon any girl, the popularity, and maybe he's not doing so well in the smarts category because his grades are average but hey who needs intelligence when your a star athlete and likely to become famous when you graduate? Yes sir he has pretty much everything he's wanted, but oddly enough he doesn't feel happy and no amount of sex, partying with friends or training to be fit does anything to help him overcome it.

    Things suddenly change when he begins to find his eyes curiously set onto MC, an openly gay male with a passion of designing, and things quickly become heated when the two begin seeing each other in secret, as the jock has become curious as to what it's like to have sex with another male; eventually it leading to MC getting tried of just being used as a booty call. What happens when feelings begin to develop and drama starts?

    So yes this is actually a homosexual modern RP idea. I'm looking for a partner who can be descriptive, post in third person and can post from 1 to 3 paragraphs or we can least try to match each other post per post. Send me a PM or post here if interested :)
  2. Sounds interesting!
  3. Deffinitally intrested