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I am hoping to recruiter some more members.

[Fieldbox=Plot, blue]
In a time where students who where deemed unfit to properly learn. Those who had a bad reputation. Those would would taint the good ones. They are sent to a special school. One where the only rules are the rules that are made by the students. What was considered a way to contain them with out causing problems for the others, turned into more than just that. A school where students run it. Where students make the rules. Where anything can happen and any one can shift sides. A school where three factions have become known. Where you pick a side, or you stick to the side. A constant battle for territory. A raging war that is unknown to most outside the brick walls keeping them in. The only light in sight was to finish out the year alive. [/Fieldbox]

The OOC and IC are already up and we do have a summary going for what happen. We still need quite a few spots field. So just click ---->

All are welcome! I hope you guys take a gander at it!
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