Bad Reputation [Demon x Human Request]

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  1. Alright, everyone, let's gET ROOOOIIIIIGHT INTO THE CHECK.
    (Please kill me I hate Keemstar he's a fucking joke)

    I'm gonna make this short and sweet. Would have been nice if everything I typed didn't disappear upon myself accidentally hitting the escape key on my mobile keyboard.

    I need a partner for my demon character.
    I don't quite have a plot yet, but here's a few things you should know:

    - I don't care if you play male of female.
    I doubt romance will happen, but if it does, it will only happen with a male.
    - Anime photos only.
    - Your character must be 17-23.
    - I can't post everyday. I can manage about one post a week.
    - PM only.
    - Fade-to-black ALWAYS if anything were to happen at all.
    - Casual-Low Advanced writing.
    So, like, minimum of 2 paragraphs with 6-8 sentences each?
    - Talk to me OOC. Befriend me. I don't bite.
    - Yandere is a possibility.
    - Be open to swearing, somewhat mild violence, and comedy (lol).
    - Be open to doubling, though you don't need fully fleshed out doubles.

    That's about it I suppose.
    I apologize, I only have a character right now and no plot. But that's fine, right?
    We can figure something out together.

    Also it's 2:15 am, therefore I don't really wanna spend so much time on this.
    Please PM me.​
  2. I'd be interested. ^w^ But I have to warn you my writing length varies from a one liner to really short paragraphs. I'm sorry.
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Thread Status:
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