bad news....

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  1. I love cats, everybody does. Just figured out Im allergic to them :( not the kitties!
  2. The is the worst news in the world! D: Everyone should have a kitty!
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  3. I still love my cat, I have a black cat.
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  4. D: That's horrible! Cats are a gift to the world!!
  5. OMG I love Siberian cats, and they're on the list!
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  6. At least you love kitties still. It sucks to have an allergy make you bitter. My allergy to dogs makes me hate dogs. I never want to be around them. >>;

    I do love kitties, though. Not allergic to those, unless they have lots of dander. Even then, I MUST HAVE KITTIES. <3
  7. EVERYONE should have kitties.
  8. so, does everybody here agree that everybody needs a kitty?
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  9. Of course.
  10. That's just obvious
  11. haha, my cat runs around the house like a maniac, his name is Rowdy.
  12. Happy is the home with at least one cat, I've seen said.
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  13. Nice, I like that
  14. I have two kitties, but my second one has been missing for two months. I think she was hit or stolen.
  15. :cry: That's so sad!

    Also, I found out I was allergic to cats when I was about 12...

    We had 4.

    Then my mom was evil and got rid of 2 cats when I moved out and she moved to a smaller place. My boyfriend and I moved in together, and he is deathly allergic. So my mom gave my cat up. :sideglare: Now I have to forever live without cats. So sad! But that's why I've started volunteering at shelters ^^
  16. There are actually two main types of allergens in cats- dander and saliva. If you're allergic to dander, some breeds are nearly dander-free, or some individuals clean their dander religiously. I have one cat who grooms ~6 hours per day, and my family with dander allergens can sit with her on their laps without any problems. Saliva can be a bit harder to deal with, since it gets all in their fur when they groom. If you're unfortunate enough to react strongly to both allergens, you're probably SOL, but it's always worth looking in to.
    I luff my kitties. They're thirteen and fourteen, and I'm going to cry like a little bitch when I have to go to college and leave them. :c So glad I'm not allergic, though.
  17. Im glad Im not allergic to my cat, I can't sleep without her curled up beside me and she's really affectionate she almost curls up on your head!!! She also drools like no ones business which is kinda gross, but at least Im not allergic to her.

    *huggles* Maybe you can get a robo cat :D