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Bad Names/Slogans for your Soda Company

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Pirogeth, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. That's right you are starting your new soda company and you need to figure out a new name and/or slogan for your drink.

    It's like an orgasm in your mouth!
  3. Fizz on my face!
  4. But is it like a guy jizzing in your mouth or a girl jizzing on your mouth or you jizzing but feeling it in your mouth?

    I'm confused.

    Tastes like a party!

    (Includes traces of alcohol, chips, nuts, vomit, and urine)
  6. Needs more roofies and condoms.

    Does regret have a taste?
  7. Would a face like this lie to you?

  8. "gets you high, angel style!"
  9. Fishy Fizzle...

    "IT tastes like your girlfriend!"
  10. Anal Grape

    Now with 25% more gRAPE!
  11. Liquid Brown!

    Gives you the energy you need!
  12. Green Chunks

    It tastes better coming up than going down.
  13. Lepra Corn!

    For those moments were you really feel like you're falling apart.
  14. Fizzle'ma'Nipples!

    Gives you that nice, just been licked, fizzy feeling! :D