Bad Moon Rising

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  1. Name: Rayne Walker
    Age: 18
    Extra: Nose ring on the right side, pentagram necklace, deep gash marks on her back (left side) and a bit mark on her right side.

    It was good to finally be home.’ The thought ran through Rayne’s mind. Her vacation was rather odd and painful. But she wasn’t complaining, she secretly loved it. This was her last year of high school, after that she wasn’t too sure what she was going to do. Rayne chuckled to herself as she walked to her car. ‘I have time to decide what I want to do.’ Right now Rayne was just excited to go to this party. She started the car and pulled out of the driveway. Thankfully the weather was still warm but the night brought a cool breeze with it. She smirked as she drove down the road to Darren’s house. Memories replayed through her mind as she chuckled, recalling Darren and how quickly he had gone from the little nerdy kid to one of the guys that all the girls wanted to be with.

    She shook her head and turned up the radio. Pulling out her cellphone she typed out a message.

    ‘Hey! :) Are you coming to Darren’s tonight? I’ll finally get to see you after 3 months. lol.’

    Sending out the message Rayne hoped she would respond, if not she hoped to see her there. Smirking she put the phone in her pocket. Tonight would be good, she just had a feeling. A shiver ran through her body and she smiled. Looking out the window she saw the almost full moon shining brightly, ‘just a couple more days.’ Rayne smirked at the thought and turned the radio up full blast, rolling her necks she heard it pop a couple of times.
  2. Name: Summer Holmes
    Age: 17 and a half
    Appearance: (can't find a pic right now) short wavy brown hair, a tad longer in the front, honey-brown eyes

    Summer, laying on her bed, received another text. Alerted by the buzzing of her phone, she grabbed it and sent a quick reply.

    "Yeah, I am! Can't wait. I'm about to get ready. :)"

    To tell the truth, she never really liked parties. Sure, she enjoyed dancing and getting drunk and hanging out with friends with shitty music blaring in the background as much as the next girl, but she managed to get invited to them quite often and she sometimes preferred to be in her room, practicing her lines for drama club or blaring music. And really, she didn't want to be anywhere near Darren.

    However, her best friend was gonna be there. It had been ages since they last saw each other, and she really wanted to catch up. Talking to Rayne would be worth, she was sure.

    Rolling off her bed, she pulled several too-short skirts out of her drawers until she finally found a suitable black dress. She threw it on and didn't bother with anything else, including brushing her messy hair. She ran down the stairs, told her older sister she was going out, and hopped into her run down Volkswagen, driving to Darren's place.
  3. Rayne’s phone buzzed as she received a text message and smirked. Hitting another red light she opened it up and read it with a smile.

    "Yeah, I am! Can't wait. I'm about to get ready. :)"

    Smiling brightly Rayne put the phone down as she turned into Darren’s street and parked a little further up from his house. Getting out she locked the car and walked towards the rather large home he lived in. Music was coming from inside and she could smell all the cigarette smoke and marijuana and of course the alcohol. Rayne chuckled as she walked in through the side door which lead down to the basement.

    The music instantly became a hundred times louder than it was, the smell of everything intensified. She swallowed hard and shook her head for a moment. Someone ran up the stairs and Rayne wasn’t surprised at all to see Darren walking up with a rather large smile. He looked at her slightly confused and raised an eyebrow.

    “Rayne?” He asked.

    She chuckled and met his eyes. “It hasn’t been that long.” She said to him and walked passed him, down the stairs.

    A cloud of smoke consumed the large area, bottles of alcohol were scattered about, some empty others not even touched. Everyone was split into sections, there was the gamers who sat on the couch mashing buttons on a controller, the smokers off in a corner, some getting high others already high, then there was the group sitting on the bed all of them with someone doing something. She shrugged it off and kept walking, trying to find a place to sit, ignoring the intense stares coming from almost everyone. She couldn’t see Summer anywhere and it made her slightly upset.

    Rayne bit her lip before finally taking a seat on one of the chairs close to the television. A beer was shoved in her face and she was slightly startled. Looking up she saw Darren and smiled at him. Taking the beer she twisted the cap off and took a sip. He sat down next to her, his arm resting over Rayne’s shoulders, he reeked of alcohol, cigarettes and pot, along with some B.O. she didn’t know how drunk or high he was but he didn’t look too bad.

    “Rayne Walker...” he spoke, his breath assaulting her nose. “What the fuck happened to you?” He chuckled.

    She chuckled back at him and met his eyes. “What happened to you” she asked raising an eyebrow.

    He gave her an odd look. “What the hell is that supposed to mean? I’m still the same person.”

    “Oh but of course.” Rayne smiled as she spoke with sarcasm. “Then what makes you think I’ve changed?”

    He was taken back but he smiled taking another sip of his beer. “Look at you...”

    She laughed. “So what...a girl can’t start taking care of herself? Not much has changed.” That was a lie. “I just threw on some make-up and put on a nice shirt. This is a party isn’t it?” She asked with a smile.

    He laughed and met her eyes. Going silent for a moment he just looked at me. Their eyes were locked. “It’s good to see you again.” He said and got up.

    Rayne smiled at him and took another drink from her beer. They used to be such good friends and then...well...things change.
  4. Summer parked her car two blocks away --the curb was quite crowded-- and she could already hear the faint sound of bass shaking the ground. For the third time she wondered if this was the best idea, but she glanced at the cell phone curled in her hand and her resolve strengthened. She could do this. She could so do this. Screw Darren and his cocky smirk and how much he's changed. She could depend on Rayne.

    She walked towards the house much more slowly than she would normally, shortening her usually long strides and letting her shoes scuff the asphalt. She breathed in the smell of the night deeply, letting her eyes flutter shut. It was a beautiful evening, and the pale moon above was waxing. The gentle breeze rustled her hair and got strands of it in her eyes.

    She took about ten minutes to get to the house. She wondered if she should knock but decided against it. It was time to put on her brave face and turn back into Summer Holmes, resident party girl and social butterfly. She threw open the door and was immediately gratefully for the lack of attention. She coughed at the smell of cigarettes filling her nose and lungs, and made her way to the living room, where she caught sight of Darren. She gave him a curt nod-nothing more than a bob of her head, and started looking for Rayne, sending her a text announcing her arrival and flopping dramatically on the sofa with a couple making out on the other end. She got a strange sense of satisfaction to see them pull away at the sudden disturbance and glower at her.

    What could she say? Cockblocking had funny results. She decided to get up and head towards the cooler to get herself a can of some cheapass beer brand.
  5. Rayne’s phone buzzed in her pocket. A large smile spreading across her lips. Looking up through her hair she scanned the basement to see if she could spot her best friend. She was walking towards the cooler and Rayne smiled even more. She contemplated the idea in her head before chuckling slightly. She was gonna do it, she hoped it would scare the crap out of Summer. Standing up slowly she crept up towards her. Ducking in front of her she wrapped her arm around Summer’s waist and picked her up. Holding down her skirt so that no one could be a pervert.

    Running through the people Rayne rushed up the stairs and out the side door. Making her way to her car. The whole time she tried hard not to laugh or make a sound. She wanted to keep the girl as clueless as possible but Rayne also couldn’t help but indulge in Summer’s scent, so sweet, homey, soft, succulent, innocent...She took another deep breath before putting the young girl down on her car hood. Rayne looked summer right in the eyes, those gorgeous honey-brown eyes, a smirk playing at her lips. “Hi...” Rayne muttered the smirk forming into a smile.

    Summer looked better than Rayne could remember.
  6. Summer, who had been flailing the whole time, slumped on her back, lying on the roof of the car for a couple seconds, relieved, before rounding on her and sitting straight up. "Rayne! What the hell was that for? You scared the shit out of me, oh my god-" She cut herself off and she stared at her friend. Wow. She looked... different. She wasn't sure if it was makeup, or the cock of her head or the curve of her mouth, of maye the way she held herself, but there was something off. It wasn't necessarily bad, but it was certainly strange. Her eyes had a dark quality to them. She realized they were both standing there silently so she let herself break out into a large smile. "Oh my god, Rayne! It's been forever. You look good," she teased and nudged her. "I'll forgive you for kidnapping me. Good god, I thought you were a rapist! I was too shocked to scream." She noticed she babbling and let her words trail off. "...And yeah," she finished awkwardly, looking down.

    It really was good to see Rayne, but she couldn't stop feeling almost... intimidated by her. She seemed so confident and comfortable with herself. It wasn't like she was completely different, but there was simply a strange quality to her expression.
  7. Rayne couldn’t help but smile and chuckle at her words. “Ah, then my goal was achieved.” She laughed. “I should scare the shit out of you more often, it’s rather enjoyable.” The moment they both stared at each other felt good to her. She got to take in more of her gorgeous friend before the conversation continued. “I know it’s been forever!” Three months definitely felt like forever. At least for Rayne. ‘Not as good as you.’ Rayne thought as she was nudged. When she looked down Rayne frowned slightly. Tilting Summer’s chin up she met her eyes once more. “Something wrong?” She asked confused by the emotions coming off of her. Rayne felt confusion, timidness the slightest hint of fear, something she didn’t want Summer to feel about her.

    Bringing her arms out, Rayne hugged Summer tightly. She couldn’t help it, she wanted to be engulfed in her scent, it was so glorious. After she felt that the hug was long enough Rayne let go of her and met her stunning eyes once more. “How have you been? I haven’t seen you in three months. I’m sure something exciting must’ve happened in your life...any new flings?” Rayne chuckled. If anything were to happen between the two of them she wouldn’t want it to be a fling. “Care to walk and talk? The beer is in the house so we gotta make our way back at some point.” She laughed and stepped back, allowing Summer to move ahead of her if she wished.
  8. Summer smiled when she was hugged. She was getting worked up and confused over nothing! This was Rayne, her best friend. There was no reason to get worried or suspicious.

    "I'd love to walk with you." She hopped off the roof of the car and instead of walking ahead, she walked by the other's side. "To answer your question before, I haven't dated anyone. At the moment, I don't really want to." She shrugged easily. "Darren has completely killed any chance of me wanting to get with anyone. I know all guys are different, but he treated me like shit!" The last statement was said quite empathetically, and she looked up at Rayne with wide eyes. "That makes sense, right? I know I should stop being so rude with rejections, but I can't stop thinking 'bout it." She sighed, long and slow, and smiled again. "That doesn't matter now. I'm more curious about you? How was your mystery vacation? I've been burning with curiosity over the details." She prompted, and again she found herself staring at her friend. It was simply strange. Three months shouldn't be so long she'd forget how her best friend, the girl she climbed trees with in first grade, looks like. It was completely implausible. She decided she was simply just really excited to see her again.
  9. Rayne smiled when she agreed to walk with her, even after the whole kidnapping situation. Walking next to her felt good, proper. Rayne was a little taller than Summer, but not by much. Looking over at her she smiled, so very tempted to take her hand. “I still find it hard to believe that Darren treated you so horribly. We all used to be best friends before puberty took over his life and he landed in jock land. I swear he always had a thing for you. Maybe when you guys were together he was going through a rough patch. You know he always had issues, whether it was booze, drugs or family problems...” Rayne frowned slightly. She nodded in response to Summer’s question. “It makes complete sense for you to react that way. But try to turn a new page, you never know what might cross your path.” Rayne smirked as she met those intense honey-brown eyes.

    “Mystery vacation? HA! Not at all. But thanks for asking. It was umm...quite the break.” Rayne met her eyes, the smirk still remainung in her face as she chuckled softly once more. “I took a small road trip, alone; no parents nothing, just me and my mind. It was really interesting actually. I drove out to Washington state and stayed there for most of the time. On the way back I made some stops did some shopping had a taste of the local...uh...flavours.” Rayne smirked and chuckled at the thought, they were pretty damn good.

    Images flashed through her mind, horrified faces, bodies torn and ripped to unrecognizable shreds, blood...She swallowed hard as her mouth suddenly became dry, the thought of the kill, the rush it sent through her body caused her to shiver with slight pleasure, the scars on her back momentarily burning. Bitting her lip Rayne smirked as she reached back to scratch the scarred tissue. “It was enjoyable to say the least.” She chuckled. “How about you, what did your break consist of?” She asked Summer as they turned in towards Darren’s house
  10. "Wow. Next you should take me with you! My older sister wouldn't mind." Summer turned the doorknob and smiled at several of her friends that caught her eye and turned her attention back to Rayne. "Well... my summer was pretty boring, to be honest. I just laid around. I went to the mall a couple times, I guess. This town is so boring without you." She pretended to sniffle, always the drama queen, but her face broke out into her impish grin again. She simply couldn't stop smiling and she didn't really care!

    She led the way towards the cooler and grabbed a can for both her and Rayne, tossing the drink to her. "You owe me catch-up time. I wanna hear about Washington. You drove all the way north, huh?" They made their way to a small armchair and Summer sat on the arm to let Rayne sit. "Did you get caught up in some whirlwind romance? The whole thing sounds really interesting!"
  11. “Had I known you wanted to come, I would’ve brought you, you know that.” Rayne met her eyes. Catching the cold can Rayne followed behind Summer like a puppy, she chuckled at her words. “Not a problem, I got things to talk about.” She smiled as she opened up the beer and took a large gulp. “The drive wasn’t that long but yes I went all the way up there.” Taking another swig Rayne sat on the chair next to Summer and looked up at her as she continued to speak. She chuckled at her next words. “I almost got caught up in something...definitely a little more complicated than a romance though. But lets save that story for another time.” Rayne didn’t want to tell her anything and scare her off, when the time was to come, if Summer didn’t find out about her secret before that Rayne would tell her the whole story. For now, it’d be best to keep it away from her.

    Chugging the rest of her beer Rayne got up. Yes she drank it incredibly fast but that was only because she would need a lot of beers to get drunk, something that came with her new metabolism. “I’m gonna grab another beer and then head outside for a smoke. Come with?” She asked her best friend as she put her hand out for her to take.
  12. Summer, on the other hand, was a slow drinker. She took small sips while she talked, usually grimacing inwardly at the taste, bitter and burning the back of her throat. "Really? Going on a road trip with just you would be so cool! I mean, like, it'd be just us two, no parents to bug us. Like... some great adventure." Summer was a bit intrigued by the way Rayne seemed to talk about her trip, like something big had happened. She couldn't help but want to ask more, it decided to let it be until the subject came up again. She was certain it would. She looked down at her can, the cold condesation making the palm of her hand a bit numb. She was only halfway done with her beer, but whatever.

    She hopped off the armrest and grabbed her hand. The warmth of it was another assurance. She smiled and nodded. "Sure, let's head out! It's really hot and crowded in here." She smiled sweetly and waved at another friend who caught her eye before following Rayne out.
  13. When summer took her hand Rayne couldn’t help but smile, although slightly cooler than hers it felt good, comforting, enjoyable. Walking to the cooler Rayne grabbed a few more beers before leading both of them upstairs and out the side door. There were a couple of people in the backyard. Mostly just smoking and chatting. The difference in the noise level was insane it was still pretty loud in Rayne’s ears, but definitely better. Her ears were still ringing from being downstairs. Pulling out a cigarette she placed it in her mouth and lit it. Inhaling deeply she looked at Summer, a smile spreading across her lips. Glancing over her shoulder she couldn’t help but look down at the still silence below. Darren’s house was right on the edge of a ravine, naturally his view was gorgeous.

    The moon was glowing brightly in it’s almost full form, shedding light to the wilderness below, allowing the small nocturnal critters to see with a little less effort. “So...last year of highschool...It happened so fast.” She glanced over at Summer before turning around and taking a seat on the low wall. “What happens from there?” She asked and met her eyes.
  14. Summer was silent for a couple seconds, breathing in the night air and trying to ignore the smell of smoke. She realized her eyes had slid shut and turned back to Rayne, a small smile playing on her lips and the breeze blowing her hair in her face and eyes. It annoyed her, but not enough for her to reach up and and brush her bangs away. She kicked off her flip-flops and realized she still hadn't answered Rayne's question.

    "Hm... I don't know," she admitted softly. "I mean, this is it! This is our last year of school. I'm planning on going to college, though." She sighed. "I just want to do something with this last year! I mean, we're seniors! Isn't this the year where we own the school?" She giggled at how silly that sounded. "I guess I want to make the most of it. I want to remember this year, not look back on it and wished I did something I missed the opportunity to." She wiggled her toes in the grass, liking the feeling of the blades tickling her feet and slipping between her toes. "And you? What are you gonna do? You wanna make the most of senior year, too?" Summer pressed, widening her eyes empathetically.
  15. “If this was a movie, yes we technically would own the school, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make the most of it.” Rayne smirked. “We can and definitely will have fun this year. I agree that this year should be remembered.” Chuckling Rayne decided to respond to Summer’s question. “I plan on going to college, not a hundred percent sure what I’m gonna be taking yet. I’m kind of stuck in between a few choices. I don’t want to disappoint the parents so I gotta do something.” She laughed before taking the last drag of her smoke and the last swig of her beer. Tossing the cigarette into the ravine she tossed the beer can aside. Popping open another she took a drink. Looking over at Summer she smiled. “You need to get some more alcohol in your system missy.” Rayne laughed as she heard the side door open, she glanced in that direction as his scent entered her nose before she saw him, the cool breeze carrying the musky, strong and unique scent of Darren. “Darren’s coming.” She motioned towards the door with a nod and then proceeded to meet Summer’s stunning amber eyes.

    He stumbled out the door and looked around for a moment before spotting the two of them. Rayne sighed and frowned slightly. “I think he’s looking for you...” She said to Summer. “Don’t worry I’ll be right here if anything happens.” The drunk man made his way to the two and Rayne took in his condition. He seemed like he was ready to break down. Stepping away from Summer she moved a little further away, giving them space. She could still hear the two easily so if anything was to go wrong she would be there before they knew it. Taking a swig of her beer Rayne pulled out another cigarette and lit it up. Glancing over her shoulder she met Summer’s eyes. ‘Don’t worry, I’m right here...’
  16. Summer laughed at that comment. "The alcohol will get in there, no worries!" However, she did down her first can and tossed it into one of the nearby trash bags, popping open a new one with a satisfying hiss. She took a large sip, nearly choking on the bitter taste. She shot a mischievous glance at Rayne from over the can, still giggling lightly. "I guess we could go to the same college. Who knows, we might even get a place together! Wouldn't that be cool? I think it would. I mean, it'd be just us two, hanging out." She took another sip, brushing her hair out of her eyes.

    When she saw Darren approach, she automatically became more guarded, her shoulders tensed and her normally-warm eyes hardened. She shot a nervous glance at Rayne, and felt a bit more relieved. "I wonder what he wants..." she murmured softly. She cleared her throat and raised an arm in greeting. "Hey, Darren!" she called, trying to keep her voice stable. "What's up with you, huh?"
  17. Rayne watched from the distance she was at. Taking small sips of her beer and decent tokes from her cigarette. Darren was pretty drunk. He could barely stand. He was swaying. Watching the change in Summer made Rayne a little sad. She suddenly became shielded and tense. Did it truly get that bad between the two of them? Rayne sighed finishing her smoke and continuing to watch. At least she was still social and peaceful with him.

    “Hey Summer. I’m happy I found you...I was looking for a while.” He spoke to her. “I know you know that I’m a little drunk right now...” He stuttered and Rayne chuckled in the distance. “But...I just really wanted to talk to know, us...” He spoke as he almost fell forward onto Summer. Rayne was ready to run over and pull him back, thankfully she didn’t have to. Finishing her beer she continued watching the two speak amongst themselves. Listening in of course just in case something was said wrong.
  18. Summer managed a light laugh. "Whoa, stand right!" She tried to prop him up a bit, helping him stand. "What is there to say about us, anyway? We broke up, it's done. So chill." She shrugged, trying to appear nonchalant, and kept looking away to glance nervously at Rayne for reassurance. She was really unsure about how she was to go about getting away from this conversation. The smell of alcohol was heavy on his breath, he was leaning way too close to her, and she was already starting to wonder why she had gotten into this situation.
  19. He pushed away her hand when she placed on his chest. Sighing he looked at her with sadness, Rayne could feel the emotions coming of him. “Come sit with me...please?” He asked Summer as he walked over to a small bench and took a seat. Holding his head he glanced at her for a moment before looking back down, at the grass. Rayne clenched her jaw as she watched the two. Casually moving closer, hoping that Darren, in his drunk state wouldn’t notice her. She grabbed the last beer she had brought out with her and popped open the can. Taking a swig shit lit another smoke as she leaned against a wall watching the two.

    “I’m sorry Summer...” He said as he looked at her. Rayne couldn’t help but notice the gleam in his eyes as a tear rolled down his check. ‘Drunken, self pity monologue incoming...’ She thought as she continued to listen. “I treated you like shit...and it’s not fair because you didn’t deserve that...even though I was a fucking asshole to you, you still were there and I should have seen that. I’m so fucking sorry Summer. I have no excuses as to why I acted like that, I have nothing to say about it except that I really regret it and that I’m so fucking sorry. I know that I’m drunk but please...give me another chance...” He slurred his words as Rayne watched, an unintentional glare being shot at Darren as she growled lowly.

    Jealousy stabbing at her as she became angered. Would Summer say yes? She clenched her jaw and swallowed hard. She chugged her beer and threw the can aside. She didn’t want to hurt Darren, she couldn’t hurt Darren and this wasn’t Summer’s fault. Rayne simply was not getting her way and it angered her.Turning around she walked away, she needed to let some frustration out, walking around the front she found herself kicking the lamppost in front of Darren’s house. The metal groaned at the force of the kick as she dented it, almost causing it to fall over, thankfully it didn’t. She hoped Summer wouldn’t say yes, then Darren would be hurt. But Rayne would much rather prefer Darren being slightly hurt and upset then having herself angry at him...that wouldn’t end well.

    Rayne sighed and sat down on the curb, she trusted Darren not to do anything stupid, other than make awkward conversation with Summer. Finishing the rest of her smoke she tossed it aside and hung her head low shaking it. The moon greatly affected her emotions, especially when it was so close to the full moon, sometimes she felt like she was suffering from split personalities, that’s how bad it could get. Sighing once more she ran a hand through her hair, “...Just wait it out Rayne...just wait it out. Don’t get worked don’t need any accidents...” She muttered to herself as she sat alone. Drowning out all other sounds, trying to calm herself.
  20. The conversation between the two felt too long. Summer looked nervous, trapped, and was completely lost on what to do. If she was honest with herself, she really didn't feel anything towards him anymore. Instead, she sat quietly with him, awkwardly wrapping an arm over his shoulders and squeezing lightly, clearing her throat before she spoke. "Hey, it's no problem. I'm not mad at you anymore, apology accepted." Darren simply shook his head at that, and she stared at him, completely dumbfounded. Part of her wanted o just leave him there, but she knew hat would be a dick move. She stared at Darren's face, a bit concerned by the fact tha he was crying. He had never cried before. He had always been smart and cocky, and pretty... stable, in a way. Seeing him like this hit the fact that he was genuinely regretful home. She learned her throat, trying to be as gentle and direct as possible.

    "So, you want us to get back together?"

    He nodded, a string of incoherent words mixed with apologies streaming from his mouth. Something in Summer's gut dropped. She felt horrible, but...

    "I'm sorry," she murmured, looking down. She didn't want to see his face. "It's not because I don't forgive you. I do, it's just... I really don't want to be in a relationship with you anymore. I don't see you like that anymore, you know what I mean?" Her voice remained somewhat level, but she felt all sorts of shaky on the inside, especially when she peeked up and saw he was covering his face. However, he looked up a tiny trae of a smile appeared on his face, ever so reminiscent of his old one.

    "It's... I just want you to consider it. Another chance. Please."

    Summer swallowed, but wasn't able to stop herself from automatically replying "I'll think about it." She couldn't help it. Looks like things were still the same as before. Back when they dated, she could never really say no to him.

    She couldn't stay there longer. Instead, she excused herself and was disappointed to see that Rayne had wandered off somewhere, probably to give her privacy. She smiled. Her friend was always so conscientious about those sorts of things. She had an idea of where she was. Slipping out thought the back gate, she called "Rayne?", hoping she was in earshot.