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  1. When you're in a bad mood, how do you deal with it? Do you want people to give you space or try to cheer you up? How would you prefer people try to help?
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  2. I sleep or leave cuz I'm done with this bullshit

    Worst case scenario i cry the shit out
  3. I would rather be left alone. I will come out of it own my own time and I don't want my mood to be reflected on someone else. The best way to help is some space for the time being.
  4. When I'm in a bad mood people leave me the hell alone. Like the Black Plague.

    It takes a lot to get me upset with someone or something, you have to actively work at pissing me off. 99.9% of the time I am going to be that happy go lucky guy people know me as outside of the net. I don't get upset easily, I tend to let things go.

    But when I get really upset with someone, it's World War 4. Skip 3, blend that son of a bitch in with my 4. And because it's very rare for me to get angry like this, or upset, I tend to become a rather nasty person to deal with. One wrong word is all it takes when I've hit my boiling point, and then people head for the hills.
  5. Leave me the fuck alone or face terrible consequences.

    I'm pretty moody and get annoyed/irritated easily. Not to mention I love having my alone time and sometimes I don't wanna deal with people.

    If someone can't get that, usually I end up snapping at them and saying some mean things so they can get the hint.
  6. When I'm in a foul mood, I want nothing more than to take it out on people. However, I have enough control over myself to know I need to wall myself off until I calm down, so that's what I do. I'm such a placid person normally, and I don't often get angry, but when I do I have no idea how to handle it constructively. There's a lot of wanting to yell and hit and throw things. Every little thing bothers me when my nerves are on fire like that.

    So when I know I'm in that kind of mood, I lock myself in my room until I find out some way to calm down. Sometimes I have to throw pillows around. Sometimes I scream. Sometimes I can manage to calm down just by watching cute videos and/or beating stuff up in video games like Torchlight II. Mostly though, you just want to stay the hell away from me.
  7. It really depends on the type of bad mood for me. If I'm hurt about something, I'll find a secluded place (like the pantry lol), hide in there and cry. If I'm angry, I rant and rave about it. If I'm completely pissed off, I just stop talking and start doing some physical chore.

    In the first and third scenarios I don't usually want anyone around. And in the second scenario, I just want someone to listen.
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  8. I really hate when people try to cheer me up when I'm grumpy. D: I try to get as far away from people as possible, cause I get mean. So I sleep or watch teevee.
  9. I don't usually want to talk about whatever is making my grumpy because I am a secretive person about that sort of thing. So I usually try to distract myself until I feel better. Walks are good.
  10. I need my space. If I get angry I will get up and walk away until I've calmed down. Fortunately this doesn't happen much. It takes a lot to get me really upset.
  11. Bad mood. It really depends on what bad mood your talking about.

    A) Sadness. Still a bad mood, cry, bath, find something fun I don't normally do and do it, talk to people who can comfort me, Rain being one of them.

    B) Rage. I do not deal with my anger well when you finally pissed me off enough to make it a bad day. I am a ranter. I talk Rain's ear off or one or two of my close friends. It boils inside of me of me for a while. If it's an actually fight with someone. . . I'm that lady who has you sit down and we talk about it. I had the idea of conflict between someone I care and I. So I have to fix it right that second.

    C) Everything goes wrong. LIKE YESTERDAY. Curl into a ball of sadness and sob and rant. Take a bath and stuff my face with junk food.
  12. When someone is in a bad mood, you give them space, or a lending ear, or a hug. Depends on what they need or want. But trying to cheer someone up when they're obviously dejected and have every right to be? Nah. I would never tell anyone to cheer up, smile, put on a fake mask. For me, it's the equivalent of, "Stop being so whiny, you're making me feel uncomfortable!" As if it isn't decent to show your true feelings in front of other people. Let people grieve, or rage, or whatever. That's the only way they'll heal.

    So no, I don't like it when people try to "cheer me up", even if they don't tell me that explicitly. I feel very strongly about that phrase for some reason. When I'm in a bad mood, I just shut other people out until I know I won't lash out at them. Things could get very ugly when I'm too influenced by my own emotions. Space clears my head.
  13. I need space at first, helps to get my mind back into positive gear if I'm not also concentrating on not spreading the grump
  14. I close in on myself and bottle it up. Conceal, don't feel, don't let it go. :| Then I curl up in bed and sleep, and eat the emotions.
  15. I want to be left alone. Being cheered up just makes it worse.
  16. I want space.

    Unless we're talking cats. Any furball enter my FoV and I'll cuddle that mofo to death.
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  17. When I'm in a bad mood(which doesn't happen that often actually), I just head over to my PC and play some games. I don't really mind people talking to me when I'm in a mood, and I find it also doesn't last very long. Within ten minutes or so, I'm back to my usual calm self.
  18. For me, there isn't a blanket answer to this. Some situations I'd rather keep to myself (such as having issues with work) while others I'd feel better in the company and affection of others (such as missing places or people).
  19. Isolation + music/games/stupid shit on Youtube. The last thing I want when I'm pissed off is people trying to talk to me.
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