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  1. The cigarette thread got me thinking about those awful things we just can't quit. (cigarettes are bad. sorry friend.)
    I bite my nails like it's going out of style. Next week I'm going to my dentist to get part of my tooth extended because all of my nail biting has managed to wear it down, so I figure I should probably stop already holy cow. Don't want to fix something just to wreck it again. Problem is, I can stop for a couple weeks, and then I zone out and BAM, all my hard work down the drain. I've tried everything, but no dice.

    Do you have any bad habits? Do you have just plain weird habits? Do you have any success stories/remedies? (pls help me. end this suffering)
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  2. Coffee. Fuck me sideways - I would die without it.

    I also have an eating disorder; anorexia nervosa - though not as extreme as you're imagining right now. I don't puke shit up.
  3. I don't think I'd classify a disorder as a habit lmao

    And yeah, caffeine can be brutal. I remember my mom used to drink pepsi and Timmies all the time, and she stopped cold turkey. Got so sick she had to be hospitalized.
  4. I am a top tier level procrastinator. >:[ If it's something I don't enjoy or dun like to do or dun wanna do I will find all kinds of things to keep me busy except the one thing I SHOULD be doing.

    I didn't get the christmas tree down until a few days ago. .________.;
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  5. Eating ice is a bad habit of mine that I've been doing since I was a kid :( It even lead to me getting strep throat once and missing school for a week. I don't eat it as much as I used to so that's progress?

    I also have a bad habit of biting my nails which I try to remedy by polishing them.

    And let's not forget sleeping a lot and procrastinating :(
  6. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Oh you.
  7. Ha ha ha VEEEEEEERY funny XD
  8. ikr. I should be a comedian.
  9. Not that funny XD
  10. Coke zero. I drink way, way too much Coke zero, and not enough water. It's really bad. :( I don't drink coffee or tea, because I don't like hot (or bitter) drinks, but because of the Coke I have an addiction to caffeine. Not really sure how to wean myself off of it, other than just enduring a week of being the grumpiest person ever.

    Also, I have really bad posture and spend too much time in front of the computer. Way too much time. Doesn't help that my job is a desk job.
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  11. I have Trich and I have an addiction to plucking out pubic hair..
  12. A bad habit for me is staying in bed longer than I plan to before getting up... rarely though, would it get be into trouble because I would rush with everything else in the morning before going to work :D
  13. Oh gosh, I do the same thing. Both ashamed that I do it and relieved to see that someone else does too.
  14. You... pluck out... your pubes?! O lawd, that sounds painful!

    I've a bad habit of drinking from a cup, forgetting I have a drinking cup and, later, getting a new one when I get a fresh drink. Next thing I know, I'm surrounded by 3-4 drinking glasses! I'm better about it these days, but aiya... I'm also fairly cluttered around my desk, though neat with my closet and chests...

    I also fap too much.
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  15. Trich is the compulsive disorder to pull out hair... XC I pull other hair but pubes do hurt so yeah.
  16. I drink way too much tea.

    I also have a bad habit of thinking I'm capable of doing something.
  17. I have a long, long list of bad habits:

    -Smoking cigars
    -Nail biting
    -Chewing on my lip and mouth
    -Chewing on stir straws
    -Way too much coffee
    -Pulling pranks on people
    -Hookah (guess that falls under smoking)
    -Not cleaning
    -Staring at people when they look me in the eye (I have aggression issues)

    I'm just a bundle of joy I guess.
  18. I stay up too late and don't get up early enough quite frequently
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  19. Biting fingers. Cussing a whole lot. Being angry too much. Frustrated with certain things too quickly.
  20. I peel the skin, layer by layer, off my lower lip until it's bloody and raw, and then continue to rip at it until I can't find any loose skin bits to tear away. My lip is a mangled, cracked mess like 24/7.

    Oh, and usually if I have to pee during a video game or while I'm writing, I will staunchly refrain from leaving my seat until I am on the brink of death. For like, no reason.

    ADHD, bruh.
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