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    I'm sick and tired of peeling and biting at the skin around my nails until they start bleeding -- and willpower alone is not enough to make me stop.

    And if breaking that habit means covering my fingertips with painter's tape then SO BE IT.

    On the bright side, I'm not having nearly as much difficulty typing with these things on as I expected to.

    So, any bad habits that you guys have (or had in the past)? Any tips on breaking them??
  3. Technically I don't even bite my nails, not anymore anyway. I kicked that habit quite a few years ago.

    Problem is, now I peel and bite the skin around my nails, and I feel like that's just been getting worse and worse recently. Seems like nearly every day I reach the point of bleeding.

    Which made me realize that, whenever I put a band-aid around one of my fingers, it stopped me from messing with it for a while... hence where this idea came from.

    Although, I'm pretty sure I did something similar in an attempt to break my initial nail-biting habit way-back-when. It's worth trying if you're alone with no one to question your bizarre actions.
  4. I do the nail skin biting thing too. My wife broke me early on with the actual nail biting. My family is still shocked to see me with nails.

    Other bad habits?
    • The need to correct people. Grammar, spelling, facts, history, etc.
    • Smoldering fury for people posting politics and sjw garbage on my social media feeds.
    Thought I had more off top of my head. Guess not. Also, Kaga, chewing gum. Buy you a bunch and keep it handy. If you catch yourself doing it, grab a piece. It helped me a great deal after getting a really nasty infection in my thumb.
  5. Oooooh, I can relate!

    I don't bite my nails, but I'm terrible about biting the skin underneath and around my nails til, yep, they bleed!
  6. I have this shorter lock of hair on the left side of my hairline that is just tortured. I constantly play with it, I twist and pull and tie it in knots.

    I've always played with my hair, ever since I was just a lil' kid. I tried putting a stop to my hair torturing at one point but it obviously didn't end successfully. My mom has always complained about the habit too, she says my playing looks painful. Which it sometimes is.

    I'm a lost cause with this but I wish you luck on your guest to defeat your nasty habit.
  7. -Whistling (People on TS knows)
    -Tapping on desks with my fingers (note: my nails are pretty long)
    -Randomly leaning onto people (usually friends) during class
    -Putting my feet on the computer tables
    -Sniffling my nose (You don't know how annoying this gets)

    Hey at least I don't chew my nails :D
  8. Man I used to nail bite/skin pick so badly. I started when I was five and just couldn't stop. I tried everything, but it was almost like a comforting habit and I couldn't shake it. :E Then earlier this year, after wearing fake nails to my brother's call to the bar in May, I decided I liked the way the nails looked and was going to stop. So I did.

    I still have no idea how it happened? I literally just decided I didn't want to bite my nails anymore after almost two decades. I struggled so hard, tried every trick, and rolled my eyes at all the people who said they 'just stopped one day,' yet that's what happened to me. Now I have gorgeous, strong fingernails that I take great care of and no longer have to tend to bleeding finger tips, sores and avoiding hand sanitizer like the plague. I wish I had more info to give you! I guess vanity and determination won out for me in the end. One thing that did help me while in the process of breaking the habit, however, was to give my hands and mouth something else to do, and also allow myself one nail on each hand to bite if necessary. For me, those were my thumbs. I couldn't touch any of the other ones. I don't know if you have any rings, but I found fiddling with one of them helped to keep my hands busy!
  9. That's... a very good idea! I'll have to remember that.

    Yup. That's my exact problem. @_@ Except I tend to peel at the skin, too. It's always a combination of peeling and biting.

    It just occurred to me that chewing gum wouldn't stop me from peeling at the skin, though... but I guess solving part of the problem is better than none.

    Oh, yeah, I always play with my hair, too. Thankfully I don't seem to tie knots anymore, but I do still constantly twirl my hair, often times reaching around to the back of my head so that I have more hair to play with.

    But that habit doesn't cause me to make a mess of my skin or even really damage my hair too badly, so, I'm not nearly as concerned about it.
  10. Fiddling with a ring would probably be a huge help if I wore rings. But alas, they always get stuck on my fingers, so, I'm not really a fan.
  11. I use to bite my nails when I was younger, from anxiety I guess? Also bit the skin but not crazy enough to draw blood o.o just wanted to make them look neat lol.

    Nail polish solved this issue but you should definitely get some hand lotion that smells really strong and tastes bitter. It'll help.

    I mess with my eyelashes, a lot. I like to clean them but end up pulling them loose, eyebrows too. Not to where I'm losing chunks of hair but I am aware of it o.o.

    That's all I got at the moment lol.
  12. Nail biting (used to have it kicked by applying that clear coat stuff to them to leave a bad taste in my mouth) but have that back now in full swing. Chewing paper is another one I have, had it for as long as I can remember, never been able to break it. And loosing my temper way to easily is another big one. None of them currently fixed, might start buying clear coat nail polish again to try and fix the nail one since it worked really really well for me last time.
  13. Ugh. I always tell myself I'm doing it to make them look neater... because who wants that extra bit of skin there, right...? I might as well just peel that right off....

    But then I always make it look way worse and way uglier, not to mention I remove way more skin than I should. >.<
  14. Haha I understand the feels.

    Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream - Burt's Bees

    This is pretty helpful for me. It smells really good (love lemon scents) and keeps the dead skin at bay. Plus you're less likely to keep your fingers in your mouth unless you're like those people who eat...chapter stick.

  15. Ok but here's the problem: I'm not usually picking at dead skin.

    Often times I'm just bothered by perfectly healthy skin that I feel the need to bite off.... >>
  16. <_< I would rip off healthy skin with the dead skin. You need something bitter to train your mind to stop biting your fingers. O.o It'll help!
  17. Smoking, biting my nails and peeling loose paint. I swear I cannot go past a spot on the wall where there's a chip in the paint without trying to peel it. When I was younger I was one of those kids who would put glue all over their hands, wait for it to dry then spend a good twenty minutes peeling it off. I also peel my skin off whenever I get sunburned. =/ It's a horrible habit.
  18. People bite nails... I let mine grow out until the top layers begin to peel and I always pick at it. Ugh.
  19. Letting laundry and/or dishes pile up for several days before bringing them out.
  20. I'm not the only one who does this? Okay then. That's refreshing. I thought I was weird. I mean, I am, but you get what II mean.
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