Bad Days

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  1. Most of the time, Striker had good days. He was happy, and talked to everyone. He was effervescent, and generally thrilled to be alive. He laughed, he went out and did things, he flirted--he lived his good days to the fullest. He talked and laughed and did whatever he could to be as happy as possible. He liked being happy. As he grew up he noticed that not everyone seemed to take advantage of it but when he had his good days--he never wanted to go to sleep. He was so scared that the next day he would wake up and it wouldn't be one of his good days. It would be one of the days where it felt like he was drowning in an ocean and he couldn't breathe but he couldn't just die, either.

    Those were his bad days. They were rare, but they happened. Striker was a foster kid the first seven years of his life. Foster care. . . foster care sucked to be perfectly blunt. Most of the parents were only in it for the extra checks at the end of each month and most of them were pretty creepy people. They didn't actually like children and he was often hurt when he talked out of turn or accidently messed up. Those seven years of foster care had really messed him up. That was one of the reasons that so many foster kids turned into delinquents. He had once been told that juvie was a lot better than the foster system.

    Then, he was adopted--by a great couple who already had a few older children. They took him to a few therapists who diagnosed him with depression when he was ten. He got medicine, and most days he was fine. But some days he just wasn't. Some days were like the ones before he got the medicine.

    On his bad days, he stayed in his dark room, under his covers, with his phone shut off. He didn't want to see or talk to anyone. He didn't want to eat or laugh or hang out. He just wanted the feeling to go away. He just wanted to sleep through it.

    But sleep almost never came. He suffered there for hours, just lying on his bed wrapped in his blankets.

    And currently, he was having a bad day.

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  2. Night walked around the living room aimlessly. His emerald green eyes looked at a particular door, where his cousin was inside there, suffering depression. He ruffled his messy black hair, helpless. "How can I help you?" He whispered to himself sadly.
  3. "How can i help you," Rayne stared at Night watching his every movement. Not even once did she enter that room, nor asked about it. It never occurred to her that she wanted to help Striker, after hearing he had been to therapist she was a bit afraid. Was he that troubling? She was playing with her light pink hair which was tied in both side and began circling her fingers around it, maybe i should give Striker a visit. After all they were somehow related right? The more she thought of it, the more curios she wanted to go. Rayne had always been the type of girl that had a plain blank expression on her face, rarely did she talk to the people around her and when she does it would be when 'food' will be in the topic.
  4. Night looked at the girl who just entered the room. "Hello there, Rayne." He managed a small smile, before plopping down on the sofa, thinking up of ways to help his cousin.
  5. Rayne blinked then looked behind both her sides to make sure Night was talking to her, "Hello..." her voice was soft yet gentle. She took one last look at the door then stared at Night, she believe it was the first time they had a conversation.
  6. Night patted on the sofa seat next to him. "Come, sit down. I am not going to bite." He laughed softly, sea green eyes glittering. The girl seemed pretty, her pink hair and all.
  7. This time Rayne rubbed both her eyes the same time thinking this was all a dream, but it wasn't. Slowly she made her way to the sofa and sat down carefully and remained quite. "..." she stared at the ground for a few seconds then began having a deep thought. Maybe Night knew something about what's behind that door, she planned to ask but thought about it again. "D-do..." her voice was so soft it barely can be hear, she just began mumbling things.
  8. Night heard Rayne mumbling something. He turned to face her.

    "Hmm? You said something?" He asked, eyes full of question. "Speak up, Rayne-chan. I can't understand people mumbling." He added after a moments' pause.

    Night looked at the door again, wondering if he should knock and go in or just barge in. He was afraid that he might go chaotic on them. However, he might also be having a hard time sleeping, and he could try to help him sleep.
  9. Suddenly Rayne stood up facing the other way, "..E-eto..!" she said with her loudest voice, although it still sounded a bit soft. "D-do.... you like puppies?" fail. she failed to ask a simple question and replaced it with a stupid one. She looked back at you and noticed you were staring at the door, he does know about it. He looked like he was thinking of something important, maybe it was best not to ask about that room.

    "N-nevermind...." she mumbled to herself.
  10. Night turned around, surprised at Rayne's question. He then laughed lightly, and sat back down with her.

    "No, I..detest anything related to dogs." He replied, giving her a sad smile. He looked distant as he recalled his bad encounter with dogs.

    "When I was...10, I think, I was being chased by a puppy. It wasn't playing, I knew that. But I did nothing to provoke it, see? He got me in the end, biting me everywhere. I was rushed to the hospital after that.."

    He turned to look at Rayne. "Sorry if you liked dogs or anything. I just can't stand them.." He said. To him, when he see a dog, he knew it was going to be a bad day
  11. "I-i don't mind...." she said, "It wasn't actually the question i wanted to ask..." Rayne mumbled again, after all she knew he wouldn't hear her. "Ah! I know, let's play a game so that we could forget about that little incident." she was always like this, whenever she knew that someone was down she tries her best to make them feel better. Slowly she twirled her hair one last time then removed both her ribbons, her hair was laid back and softly curled along the sides. "Here," she stood up and walked in front of Night then knelt down tying the two ribbons together. "This is what i do whenever i feel down, maybe this will help." she showed you the ribbon that had triangles then a diamond in the middle.

    "Here, will you get it from me, Night?" she closed her eyes and gave a bright smile, it wasn't even much of a game but it meant a lot to her. She waited for you to get the ribbon from her, for her it made her feel very happy when she plays it with someone else. But somehow pitiful.
  12. Night looked at the ribbon quizzically, wondering what she wanted to do with it. "Alright, I'll get it from you, do you play it?" He got up and took the ribbon from Rayne.
  13. Rayns stopped for a while then looked up thinking of an appropriate description, "Uhm... you play it by taking it from one another then say all the happy things that you've done in life, mama used to tell me that if you play this game you'll receive eternal happiness." just like a kid, so gullible. Easily believing that a piece of ribbon can cure any sadness, it was somehow pathetic. "Although it doesn't work that well... but i'm sure it will work this time!" she lifted up her hands and showed you the ribbon, she's done this before with her friends, well used to be friends now.

    "Do you still believe there's happiness in you? If you do then take the ribbon again and say it, if you don't then walk away." her voice was soft cold, yet her smile was so bright. She must have regret playing this game, it might end up like before.
  14. Night's green eyes glittered when he heared Rayne's game description. He laughed, a light, soft one, and took the ribbon.

    "I'll go first then," he replied, smiling a little. He then went through his memories, all the happy feels he had.

    "Well, when I found a cat in the tree trunk of where I used to sleep, it made me happy. It was a rare one, that cat. It had beautiful orange, white and black fur. The silkiest furs I've ever felt, I bet."

    He smiled at that memory. The cat was so friendly. He used to feed her with food he stole in the market, and she returned the favour by catching him small animals.
  15. Rayne stared at Night and smiled, he looked like he was having fun at least. "My turn," she said while taking the ribbon from him slowly, "Uhm, when i was little i used to have a friend, he always helped me through thick and thin. We used explore around the forest until one of us screams and run away," it might sound like a simple memory to others, but for her it was precious. He was her first friend, too bad he doesn't remember her anymore.

    "I'm sorry..." she looked down then held up her hands for you to take the ribbon, "The memories i have really aren't exciting, plus i forgot some of them..." she said in a low whisper, what's the point of lying anyway. It was true she forgot most of her childhood experience, since it was where most of the worst happenings started.
  16. The sound of a moving window was all to clear, a lifted up screech that seemed to be coming from within Striker's room. It took a moment, for the finger's to wedge beneath a very small gap and she pulled upward. To most, and originally it would be thought of a burglar well aside from the fact that, this form was not at all trying to be sneaky. With a thermos in her teeth Elizabeth pushed the window up finally all the way and nearly fell through face near smacking the carpet all the while a squeal would escape her lips. With the slightest groan she cursed and rolled over holding the thermos up. "I know your awake, climbing through your window sucks... I brought tea." Ok, why on earth had she brought tea?

    The tea was a chamomile and lavender mix, a natural sweet tea that was supposed to help a person sleep. For that moment dark chocolate bangs hung on her face and almond eyes remained beneath them a long deep breath before she would even think about standing. For now, she simply waited for him to take the thermos
    "Honestly, Striker, it might help, hurry up my arm is getting tired." Two things, she would be trying to lighten his mood, as well as help the constant run of sleepless nights. She had them herself, for the same reasons, she was friends with the kid, but she didn't pry, so she had not a clue.
  17. Night smiled gently at Rayne. "It's okay. Maybe you don't want to remember it? Maybe your childhood was actually exciting but something traumatic happened and your brain blocked your childhood memories so you won't need to remember it?" He paused for awhile, before taking the ribbon from her.

    "Let's see... I climbed my very first tree when I was 7. I was so proud of myself." He laughed softly, "my mum thought I was kidnapped, because I didn't return home for tea time, but I went back home soon after. It was a nice memory. My mum hugged me when I came back that day."
  18. "I don't want tea," Striker mumbled dejectedly, burying himself further into his blankets, "I just want to be alone. Please--please just leave me alone. I don't feel good and I'm really sad and tired and I just. . . I don't like it when you see me like this. Can you just--leave and close the window. It's too bright in here I don't like it."
  19. "No, that's not how it works..." She stood up off of his bedroom floor, nearly tripping as she moved her legs off the window sill, well it wasn't her fault, the window was a million miles high as it was, and climbing in it was not at all easy. With this she pulled the cap off the thermos... "Even if you don't like it, this is when you simply need people most." She closed the curtain that much she could do. "You aren't answering your cell, your not answering the house phone, I have texted a thousand times." She pulled her cell phone from her pocket, rocking it back and forth. With that she tossed it on his desk and then sat on the edge of his bed. With that she sat the thermos on the ground beside her and shook his leg vigorously. "Come on Striker, up and at em a bit... Honestly, a calm day with just movies and a friend or two, will do you some good, maybe even your siblings?"

    Her gaze stayed focused on him and him alone, it was obvious she wasn't going anywhere, at this point, it was common knowledge she came in through the window... But Elizabeth refused to leave his side at this point, not now, not in this state. leg's crossed she ran a hand through long brown hair pulling it off her face from here she simply waited.

    ((Her Bio, is on my blog, it will be rewritten later, if anyone is curious, the basics are there, and she was created strictly for this rp))
  20. Rayne laughed faintly, "Really now...?" she said, when she grabbed the ribbon she accidentally touched one of your fingers, her skin was cold like ice. "Eto.. I remember when i was younger my grandmother taught me a game called ' Karuta '. " she looked down at the ground remembering how t play it, "We used to play it all the time whenever i felt lonely.. which was almost.. everyday i guess." she said her voice fading, she then sent a smile showing she was okay. "Hehe, that was an old memory anyway."