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  1. The air ship made a woshing noise as it traveled through the sky at top speed. It was a mercenary air ship full of mercenaries that hunted down wanted criminals and took the "pay day" or the bounty on their heads. This one had a specific place to go and they weren't far from their destination. The mercenaries had put the ship on auto pilot and had punched in where their destination was, it was a small backwater desert planet at the other end of the galaxy. They were talking and laughing. And just seeming to have a good time. "I dunno why there is such a big bounty on this guy that we're going after. He doesn't seem so tough from his file" The man says. "You fool, money is money. So stop complaining." Another says. "And you're a dumbass, Blackluster Kalhoon is very infamous." Another says. The the rest of the men laugh. They already had a young female as a prisoner.

    Another looks at a tall male with scars all over his face and also an eye patch- he seemed to be the leader. "After we capture this Blackluster Kalhoon, where are we going to take'em? Well Bones?" He asks. The man they called Bones smirks, "Well, how about the prison planet that pays the most for their bounty. Jacobs, search it up." He says to a young blonde male- who nods. He pulls up a screen and began to press on it. "It says here that the prison planet called Crematoria will pay top notch for both criminals." He says. Bone smirks, "Excellent." He says. He then looks over at Sloane Keysa. " seems you'll make us rich after all." He says as he blows smoke out of his mouth from a cigar. She had been taken extra precaution against and was put in a make shift cell.

    "How much farther to our destination?" Bones asks. "Not too much longer." Another man says. Bones nods and scoffs, "All this trouble for a prisoner. On a rock with no name in the backwater part of the friggin universe." He mutters. "We're entering the atmosphere now!" Another man says just as the ship began to rattle and shake upon enter the atmosphere. Down below, a young man with brown scraggly hair and beard wasn't too far from where the ship entered the atmosphere. "Great... I beat that is Bones and he's got more of a crew with him." He mutters to himself and shakes his head. He knew that eventually he would be found. He was wanted for many murders, so many that he practically lost count. He sighs and then backs into a crevice. "I wonder how long it's going to take them to find me?" He says to himself.

    Back on the ship, Bones looks at his crew. "Alright, three of you are staying here. While the rest of us go after Blackluster. You are only staying here to make sure that the other prisoner doesn't escape." He says to them. Three men stand up and volunteer to stay behind. Blackluster smirks, "They think they can capture me? I would like to see them try." He says with a smirk as he walks in the shadows of some cliffs.
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  2. Sloane wrestled with her chains, growling at the men holding her hostage. She was doing so well, staying out of the way. She had even made sure to get captured as a human so they wouldn't see her true form. She wiggled with the chains, slipping one hand out. She held the chain with the other hand and pressed her body up against the cell bars.

    "So, I hear you will be catching Blackluster?" She smirked and waited for the men to look at her. She pulled the side of her shirt up a little, showing off her slim hips. "You do know I can help you get him right?"

    "What the hell is she talking about?" One of the men called to the other. One walked over to the cage, looking over her body. "SHut up. You don't know anything. You were the one that got caught, remember?" One snarled at her. She readjusted her body, pressing it harder against the bars.

    "Aye I did get caught, but maybe I got caught for a reason." She grabbed the soldier and pulled him against the bars. "Maybe I was supposed to help you."

    "Hey! Leave him alone." One of the guards walked up but the one she had her arms on waved him away.

    "Do you want me to help you?" She smirked at the guard. "Do you think your big bad boss will let you?" She could feel the other guards growing angry with the one she had her arms on. She pulled her hand back. "Your decision. I will be more used to you finding him. Plus..." She leaned in and whispered. "I really hate that guy and would love to see him get what's coming to him."
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  3. Bones stops just before he was going out of the ship and his men ran right into him. He heard what Salone had said. And then he looks over at her and scoffs, he had to prevent himself from laughing. He moves his cigar to the otherside of his mouth. And walks up to her."And why should we trust you? How do we know that you won't just simply run away?" He asks. And then he stood there and thought about it. Blackluster was a hard person to catch and he hated to admit that he may need her help capturing him. He sighs and looks at his female prisoner. "Fine you can help, but you don't get a weapon. We have the weapons. I don't trust you." He says. "But...but boss!" One of the men stammered and Bones turned and galred at him. "I'm head of this operation, what I say goes, understand?" He snaps and the rest of the men nod.

    They all gulp with fear. The ship finally lands, causing them to bound around a little inside the ship. "You call that a soft landing?!" Bones snaps as one of his men peers around the wall from the cockpit. "Sorry." He says and Bones rolls his eyes. Then Bones looks at his men, "Well what are you waiting for? Undo the rest of her chains!" He barks. The men scramble and do what they were told and unchain Salone. "There. Fine since there is a change in plans, we're all going." Bones says. None of the men protested against what their boss said. They all go out of the ship with Salone in the middle of them. "This damn rock is bigger than it looks, it'll take forever to find him!" Bones snaps as they continue to walk. Not to far away, Blacklust had moved closer to the men, of course being in the shadows of the rocks and cliffs. He was trying to get as close a possible to them, so that he could take one by one down.

    Using binoculars that he had with him, he got a better look at them and then relized that they weren't alone. "Great...why did they have to capture her? Not Salone...anyone but her! And why are they allowing her to go along with them?" He says to himself. And then he smirks, "Are they that pathectic that they have to use her to do their dirty work? Really Bones? How pathetic." He mutters. Since they coudln't see where he was, he decided to shout out to them. He knew this place better than anyone. Sound travled really well, it made it to where no one could pin point the exact location of the thing that made the noise. "Really Bones? Going to all this trouble to capture little'ol me? Are you that desperate for money? And how pathetic! Letting a woman do your dirty work! You really sunk to a new low Bones." He says. Bones was getting angry, he looks at the man with all the tech stuff. "Pinpoint, where that is coming from now!!" He snaps. The man began to tap the screens. "Umm...the scanners can't, the accoustics are too great, you can't tell where it is coming from." He says in a nervous tone. "Damn it all to hell!" Bone snaps. Blackluster leaned against a rather large boulder that hid his entire frame and smirked.
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  4. Sloane followed them, stretching and smirking as they all watched her. She scoffed when Bones said she didn't get a weapon.

    "No weapon? Fine I will do this the right way." She smiled, feeling the wolf within her fight for the urge to come out. "He is over there but I don't think we should go there. He is waiting, probably has a trap set up." She thought for a minute before beginning to walk across the barren planet. She didn't want to be with Black but... Wait... Maybe they could work together in order to get out of this bind. He wouldn't do that though, or would he?

    "Do you want me to go ahead and try to catch him?" She questioned and looked to Bones. If she could make some sort of deal with him, just to work together to get out of this place. Bones gave her a look, a steady look that read no. "But if I can go... " He held up his hand and she quieted herself. She turned and squinted her eyes, trying to pinpoint Black's location.

    "Hey Black!" She screamed. "Where you at? You know you miss me! Those nights in Havana were pretty nice!" Bones shot her a glare.

    "What are you doing?" He questioned with a sharp tone.

    "Do you want him or not?" She spat back and continued walking on the dark planet. She waited, hoping that Bones would let her run, let her change into her true form.
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  5. Blackluster just rolls his eyes at her. Bones wasn't so sure about this, he was beginning to regret his decision on letting her help them. Then Blackluster decided to speak. "Yeah right you wish!" He shouts. "They may have been nice for you, but it was hell for me!" He shouts again. He peers around the boulder he was hiding behind and see that she was close. And he also saw how many men Bones had. "Really Bones? You know better than just to have a hand full of men for me. I'll destroy'em and then take your ship and leave you here!" He shouts. He knew this would make Bones annoyed and angry. And Blackluster was right, Bones was letting his anger get the best of him. He lets out an a growl and then sighs as he looks at Salone. "Fine, you can go and capture him. I don't to risk my men dying on me. So what are you waiting for? Go get'em." He says. Blackluster sighs. "Damn it." He mutters and then slinks around, where no one can see him, to a large boulder that was in the shade of a cliff.
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  6. "I'm coming Black! Better run!" She smirked and looked at Bones. She began to change into her true form, her limbs shortening and her body becoming smaller. Black fur began to pop out of her skin as her fangs emerged. Her eyes darkened and her hair shortened to match the same length as the fur. A tail popped out and she crouched next to Bones.

    Letting out a loud howl and took off, kicking up the sand behind her. She ran, sniffing at the air for Black's mysterious scent. She caught one that smelled different and turned her body to follow it. Black, you asshole. You better listen to me and figure this thing out. We need to work together. She thought, hoping that he would actually listen to her. She skidded to a stop, looking down at the boot prints. She placed her paw in them, rubbing it so that Bones couldn't follow her.

    "Black..." She called, slowing her pace so she was quietly padding across the dirt. She skidded behind a boulder and glanced around, trying to find a high place to look down from. "Black, I need you. Like in seriousness. Can we talk?" She sounded pathetic and she wanted to shoot herself for sounding pathetic. If this plan didn't work though, then she would be dead.

    "Black." She called again, feeling the human form fight her for control. She stopped and looked around again before she climbed up on a set of rocks. She skidded a little and jumped, landing heftily on a boulder. She continued walking across the boulders. "Black, damnit. Come here."
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  7. When she switched forms, he didn't look happy at all. Shit! he thinks and the moves again. But Blackluster was in his true form, and you would be surprised at the places that he could squeeze in. He managed to slip into a crack. Good thing I ain't claustrophobic. He thinks as he finally reaches the other side. He was now on hire ground and switched back to human form. Flattening his body he crawled across the terrain- so that none of Bone's men could shoot him. He hear what she was say about needing his help. And he could help but snort at what she was saying. He wasn't too far away from her. He didn't believe her at all. "Right, like I am going to believe you." He mutters. He finally spots her, seeing that she was trying to get to higher ground so that she could look for him. He smirks, that ain't gonna happy missy. He thinks. He follows after her in his true form, making sure that he didn't make noise or a huge shadow, which would give him a way. He hovered just a little above where he had been walking. His wings silently flapping as he continued to follow her. She's going to try and capture me and bring me back to bones. Then he rolls his eyes. Like that is going to happen. He thinks adding to his thoughts. Then he noticed that she had gone into the wide open area. Well it's better late then never. "Well Salone, you want I come!" He says as he angles his body and folds in his wings. He angled his body so he was pointing down and directly at her- he was going to dive bomb her.
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  8. She heard him behind her and turned around quickly. She jumped up at him, slamming into him in the process. This flung her to a different rock. She landed on her side and climbed back up so that she was standing.

    "Cut it out Black and listen to me! You and I are both..." She shifted back into a human. A dagger was on her hip. Her hair blew around in the wind. She kept a scowl on her lips. "Stop it." She moved to the side, looking at her ways to escape if he tried to get her again. "Black." She looked up, meeting his eyes. This will either go two ways. He will attack me, or listen to me.

    "We are both wanted. We can work together and get off this place or they can get both of us. Either way, we win. Once we are done we can leave each other." She crossed her arms. "Since we both hate each other, ya know. Actually I don't even know why you hate me... I mean you were a dick to me so I hate you." She shook her head. "Never mind. So will you listen to me?"
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  9. The dagger wouldn't affect him while he was in his true form, his scales were like armor. He scoffs as he lands, "Why should I trust you? You're working for Bones! And you know he's been hunting me for years." He snaps. "And what the hell do you have to say that is so important? What are you going to drag me back to Bones an act like you've captured me, we go to a prison planet of some sort and then escape there and go to a far off planet?" He asks. He had just thought of that plan on his own. But he hated to admit if she had the same plan... that is was a good one. He sighs and then looks at her. "Fine...I'll listen to you...but I swear to God...if you betray me in any way, I'll have your head on a pike." He snaps as he crosses his arms. He then switches back to human form and begins to search. He noticed she got tense. "I ain't searching for a weapon. I"m searching for something else." He says. "Aha!" He says and pulls out a cigarette, his last one. He puts it in his mouth and lights it. "Well go on with what you have to say." He says as he exhales smoke.
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  10. "Always the charmer." She whispered. She walked up closer to him, walking around him slowly and giving him a once over. She stopped in front of him, just inches from his face. "We can do this one of two ways. I can bring you there and then we take it, or we can go at night and take the ship. Then once we are far enough away we can split." She snatched the cigarette from his lips and took a deep puff. She blew it out and handed him back the cigarette.

    "I know we have a terrible past. We are both wanted. If we work together we can get free from this place. You can get back to... wherever you currently are." She looked over at where Bones had been stationed. "We need to figure this out though. He will come looking for me soon." She heard Bones' deep voice calling something.

    "Shut up! You are going to tell him where I am! Give me time!" She screamed back and crossed her arms, giving Black a look. She took in an inhale, not looking forward to doing this with him. She had to pretend to like him even though her stomach was turning. She had to pretend that she liked him even though she could kill him right this second if she could.
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  11. Blackluster stood there with his arms crossed as his moved the cigarette to the other side of his mouth. You could literally see the gears working in his head. "How about we go with what I said, play along and then once we land, we still play along. And when they're all in the area or room, we sneak out, take the ship and run." He says. Then he sighs, hating what he was about to say. He then clears his throat, trying to find how to say it. "Well I hate to say it...but... we need each other. So it might be a good idea not to split up once we get the ship. Ya know where we will be safe at? Probably Helion Prime. Since it's the safest planet that I know of and people don't judge you on that planet either. Even though they are a God fearing people." He says as he exhales another puff of smoke. "So what do you say?" He asks. "And don't worry I can play the part of the captive pretty well." He adds.
  12. Sloane walked around him again, wondering what she would get out of this or even if she could trust him. She stood up on her tippy toes and peeked over the slew of rocks. She ran a hand through her hair, trying to figure out what she could do with this plan.

    "Fine, but you have to follow me. What do we do once we are locked up? You have a plan to get out of the cell? They are going lock us both up once we get back. Bones will probably torture you." She ran her hand across her lower back. "Already did to me."

    She turned back around and looked at him. "So, what are we doing once we get in. I mean in in. How are we supposed to talk?" She pointed her finger in his face. "And how the hell do I know that you aren't going to leave me?"

    A bullet ricochet stopped her talking. She turned and looked at the stone next to her with a bullet embedded into it. "Better think quick." She muttered.
  13. Blackluster smirks, "I've escaped from Bones before, I can do it again." He says. "I'm very crafty." He adds. "Well for now, since we have to wait until we land, we should pretend to hate each other and not speak a word, except maybe a possible insult to one another. And then when we land, after we fight off the ranks...since we'll be fresh meat so to speak, then I will give you the details on how we're going to escape. And I hate you, but I don't hate you that much, I won't leave ya behind. I won't leave ya and depart not until we're on Helion Prime, got it?" He says. When the bullet richocet, he looks at her. "Well it's better late then ever to pretend you caught me, do it before Bones looses his temper and come and finds both of us." He says and then peers over the rocks. He could see better than her and he saw that Bones had lost his temper and was heading in the direction. "Well you better hurry up and act like you wrangled me, becuase he's coming now and he don't look to happy." He says to her. "And by the way he's got two guns with him too. Meaning if you don't do this now. He'll use one gun on you and the other on me- that is if he can catch me." He says.

    Bone was walking up toward what Salone had gone. He was beyond pissed off, she had been taking too long. "SALONE!" He shouts. "You better have captured him and are fighting with him right now...or worse!" He shouts as he fires the one gun in the air once as a warning. "So quit playing around and show yourself, get your ass out here now!" He snaps. Blackluster looks at her as if to say well? what now? "Well hurry the hell up before he gets here. I don't feel like being shot or shot at." He says.
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  14. (This might have a lot of swears just so ya know. My chars swear like sailors sometimes xD)

    Bones rounded the corner and Sloane punched Black hard in the mouth, sending him down to the ground. "Fuck you." She screamed, pulling his arms back behind his back. She took the cuffs she had grabbed from Bones and cuffed him. Bones held his gun out at the two of them and she yanked Black up.

    "Step up and claim your prize, Bones." She pushed Black, tripping him in the process. She grabbed his hands and pulled out her dagger, holding it against his side. "If you didn't rush me I could have given him to you with less bruises. God, you are impatient. You thought I couldn't do it? Do you really know who I am? The only reason you got me was because of that fucking traitor."

    Bones gave her a look and stepped forward but she stepped between the two. "Put the gun down, big boy. Don't want you shooting holes in my prize."

    "And you think that is your prize? I would have gotten him without you." He flicked his hand, backhanding Sloane. She pulled her dagger and went for him but a guard grabbed her, throwing the cuffs on her.

    "Fuck you too, Bones!" She screamed before getting hit in the face by the guard.

    "Boss, she's too pretty to be beat'n up." The guard said before throwing her over her shoulder.

    "Shut up. Get them back in the cell. We need to go." Bones walked up to Black and smiled. "Nice to see ya again." He took Black's face in his hand and turned it to admire the punch he had received from Sloane. "She did pretty good."
  15. (lol so does mine so don't worry about it xD )

    Blackluster had to hold himself back so that he wouldn't hit her when she hit him. When Bones touched him, he spit directly into his face. Spraying his blood when he spit. Bones let out a cry and wiped it out of his eyes and went to punch him. Blackluster ducked. And then Bones kicks him. "Get going now!" He says as he kicks him again to get him going. They soon reached the ship. Bones had ordered his crew to take extra precautions against both of them. Blackluster counted how many men he had and there was only five. By now he was in human form and he just shakes his head. And then he looks toward Bones. "Ya know...a five person team to come and capture me...that's just fuckin insulting. Remember what I did to your last crew." He says with a smirk. "Shut up!" Bones snaps and hits him in the face. Then he turns to his men. "Head for Crematoria now!" He barks and then the men go into action. Blackluster looks over at Salone and smirks with a wink. He manuvers his wrist the best he can and pulls something out of one of his bracers that was under the cuff. It looked like a small pin. He began to wiggle it in one of the cuffs. He would only stop when one of the men came near or Bones came check on them. He just looks over at Salon and smirks again.
  16. Sloane smirked as she walked toward the ship. God it felt good to hit him. She had wanted to for so long, and the look on Bones face! Priceless. She got thrown back into the cell and sat down on the floor, pulling her left leg back to her arm. She slid a small dagger from it and began playing with the cuffs, winking over at Black.

    "I'm not stupid ya know." She muttered, staring straight ahead but talking to Black. She heard the cuff click and she slid the dagger back into her boot. She would be able to go whenever she wanted now. She held the cuff in place as Bones came over and checked on them.

    "So you two don't like talking to each other either? Good! I won't have to keep telling you two to shut up." He screamed.

    "Do you really think if I liked Black that I would have captured him? You really aren't that smart, Bones." She smiled. Bones flicked his hand at a guard who slid his hand in the bars, grabbing at Sloane's shirt and pulling her close. She twisted in his grip and a sickening crunch echoed in the cell. The guard crumbled and Sloane stepped back from the bars.

    "Don't touch me." She spat. Bones looked down at the guard and walked away, shouting to increase the watch on the two prisoners. Sloane sat back down and avoided eye contact with Black, placing her forehead on her knees and waiting for this trip to be over.
  17. Blackluster smirks at her when she hurt the guard. By now he had managed to escape from his cuffs. He rubbed his wrists. When Bones or any of the men weren't looking even when there was increases securtity, he would quickly start working on his leg shackels. But when someone walked by and checked on him, he faked like he was still changed up. Just he was going to undo the first leg shackle, he got caught by Bones. "Aha! Tryin to escape are you? Well I'll fix that for ya." He says as he exhales smoke from his cigar. He orders all of his increase secrutity to hold on to Blackluster, which it did take the whole lot of them. He was fighitng, thrashing about and trying to wriggle out of their grasps. Even snarling and hissing as well as growling to hope that they would be scared off. But no such luck. Bones smirks as he places energy cuffs on both his hands and feet. "As a precaution." He says and does the same to Salone. And these were inescapable. Blackluster glares at Bones. Who just laughs at him as he blows smoke in his face. "That's what you get boy-o for trying to escape." He says and walks away from him laughing. "I swear to god! I am going to get that bastard!" Blackluster snaps. He looks over at Salone, who he could tell wasn't too happy to have the energy shackles on. "What you can;t be mad at me, I tried....." He says
  18. "Again, fuck you Black." She grumbled and leaned back in the cell, leaning her head against the bars. She closed her eyes and tried to calm down her breathing. She tried to tell herself that Black would get her out but it wasn't making her feel any better. The ship jerked and she moved around in the cell, sliding to the far corner. She looked up at Black's face and grumbled, moving herself away from him.

    The ship continued on and Bones walked up to them. "Almost there, kiddos." He smiled, taking a large wiff of his cigar. He leaned down toward her and smiled.

    "Too bad your bounty is so high. I wouldn't mind keeping you." He raised an eyebrow and reached his hand out. She went to move toward him but couldn't cause of the new cuffs.

    "Don't you touch me you skum." She spat, leaning back as far as she could. He grabbed her boot and pulled her closer.

    "Don't talk back." He muttered and left, his officers calling to him that they were at their destination.
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  19. Blackluster sighs when one of the men said that they were on Crematoria. The hottest planet in this galaxy. It was so close to a sun that the prison was under ground. Bones smirks at his two prisoner. "700 degrees on the side facing the sun and 300 degrees on the darker side." He says still with a smirk. Blackluster could look out a window and watch as Crematoria's sun's rays engulfed the entire surface of the planet as the planet spun around on it's axis. There was no way anyone could survive on the surface. Soon they landed and it was a rough landing again. They all bounced around as the ship landed. Blackluster rolls his eyes as Bones yelled at his men. Two men grab him and drag him out of the ship, quickly going for an entrance before the sun met this side. A man and Bones drug Salone into the entrance as well. They were loaded on to a car with the men and Bones presses a button and the car began to move down further into Crematoria on tracks like a train car. It comes to a squealing halt at the end of the tracks. Then the two were dragged into a room, where the guards and warden were stationed for Crematoria. "I have two prisoners for you." Bones says. "Go on." The warden says. "I have Sloane Keysa and Blackluster Kalhoon." He says. The warden almost fell out of his chair, and he didn't believe him. "Bring'em in boys." Bones says and his men drag the two into the room. "Well I'll be..." The warden says. Then he looks at the guards. "Change shackles and lower them one by one in the rest of the congregation." He says and the men nod and do as they are told. They were then changed into heavy steel shackles. "Ladies first." The warden says. Salone was being lowered with her arms in the air where her shackles are is a long chain that was lowering her down into the rest of the congregation.
  20. Sloane groaned as her whole weight was placed on her wrists. She bit the inside of her cheek, hoping that Black had a good idea to get them out of here. Once she was lowered the shackles were removed and she found herself surrounded by other prisoners. Murderers, Rapists, anything that could be tried was in this pit she now found herself in. She wasn't worried about defending herself but she was already beaten up. She touched her ribs, the blow from Black earlier had fractured one of them, she was sure. She made her way to the back, away from most of the prisoners.

    The prisoners were too busy yelling at the guards to pay her much attention. She stayed in the corner, wishing she could turn to her true form and heal up but that was not an option. She slid down the wall and looked down at her feet, newly unshackled, and realized she had a large gash. She covered it quickly with the leg of her black pants and held it, keeping pressure to stop the bleeding.

    She looked up at the opening from the cell where Black was now being harnessed and dropped. A large man came up to her, one of the prisoners, with a smirk on his face.

    "Haven't had much ladies in here." He laughed, a deep, throaty laugh.

    "And you probably won't get any after me." She smiled and tended to her foot. She could feel his watchful stare on her and thought of the possible outcomes. She was ready to fight him if need be, despite her poor demeanor.
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