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  1. Genre
    Historical Fiction
    Post- Civil War United States, specifically the Arizona/Nevada territory
    Four men have been accused of murdering a pregnant woman and horse thieving. Taking flight into the wilderness, two separate posses have been formed to track these killers down. One is lead by the husband of the woman who was murdered. Fueled by blind wrath, they seek to set the four men to the noose without a fair trial. The second posse, was sent out by the sheriff. These lawful men, seek to set the men before a judge.
    I shall be the narrator/game master and YOU will create a unique character to join either the (a) the suspects, (b) the husband, or (c) the lawmen. The RP shall end once a conclusion to this single conflict is reached. Each group will start at different locations and must choose how to proceed. This game can be cut and dry if the players just want to get down to business, however RPing with the NPCs is encouraged. Interacting with NPCs and environment will all go through me (i.e if group (a) decides to sprint hard for a ridge, they must wait for me to say what is happening to their horses etc etc before proceeding)

    Thanks for reading! If there is interest for this, then I'll make a more complete write up and flesh it out legit, but for now I think this is enough to get an idea of what I am brewing :) Please reply!

  2. Man, it's been a long time since I did a Wild Western piece for roleplaying. I don't have my fingers in many active rps as of yet, so I'm definitely interested.

    I'll be creating a character for the suspects.
  3. Excellent judge! :) I need to find at least two more people now... one for the husband's group and another for the lawmen then we can start! I think we might need to give it another week maybe
  4. Roger that. I hope we can drum up some interest.
  5. I am interested in a historical roleplay from my region. Would a female character be suitable? Perhaps the victim's sister? If not I might play a male.
  6. This sounds interesting. Is it suitable for one of the lawmen to be a tad rebellious?
  7. Thanks for more interest :D making me smile :)

    @AAB Female characters are totally acceptable and you can also be the victim's sister, that is alright with me. Just keep in mind that your character will be treated as historically accurate to the times (or as much as I can without ruining the plot :P)

    @OnyxTrumpet That could potentially be very fun Onyx, though do you mean being a lawman that does not wanna capture the suspects?
  8. I like your avatar and I look forward to this roleplay.
  9. I had meant rebellious in a way that he thinks in shades of gray as opposed to the usual black-and-white mentality of typical lawmen. He might see some good in the suspects and the husband's team, and at the same time might not necessarily wish to abide by policies and protocol during delicate circumstances.
  10. Sounds good yall will be our three players. I'll post something more substantial on the setting then yall can post your characters... I will link you
  11. Will this exist?
  12. I really hope this will exist.
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