Bad boys/girls needed!

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  1. Hey!

    I've been wanting to do a Master X Slave/Pet, or a Scientist X Experiment RP for a while now. I don't have a certain plot out yet, but that can be made with the two of our amazing minds!
    I hope its okay that I want to be the submissive role, seeing as I am on a dominant roll in my other RPs for the moment, and I want this to be more than just Master/Scientist and Slave/Pet/Experiment relationship, I want some of that cute dark romance!

    Send me a PM or answer here if you're interested! You don't need to have excellent grammar, punctuation or all that, but I do ask for no one liners and tell me before you disappear for a month please ^^! I won't get mad! :D

    Genres that can be included:
    Slice of Life
    Drama (loads of it <3)
    Dark (Nothing is too dark!)
    Suggestion? Please give me it!

    What about pairings?
    I do them all! MxM, FxM and FxF! This all depends on what you're comfortable with!
  2. Ooh i is interested c: M x F. Master/pet works for me havent done one like that in a long time