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    Alexandria Summons

    Alexandria Summons always said her definition of fun and everyone else's definition of fun where probably two different deffinitions.

    "Fuck you!"





    Grasping her hand the brunette twisted her body away from the crumpling male figure, curling up on herself as she hissed a slur of curses under her breath.

    The male laying I'm the grass cupped his face groaning loudly in pain.

    "I hope it's broken you prick!"

    Whirling around on the male with a snarl on her lips, Alexandria gave him a pointed glare.

    "Next time do what i say, got it."

    "Fuck you."

    A sharp Yelp filled the air as the dark eyed woman drove the toe of her scuffed combat boot into the ribs of the other teenager.

    "I'm going to kick the shit out of you, you scum sucking-"


    "-Cunt hair eating-"


    "-Shit stain!"

    Another brutal kick left the male wheezing and hacking.

    "Alexandria! Stop!"

    Twisting her body her eyes locked on another woman, her deep forest colored eyes narrowing in rage, face twisting into an expression that matched the fury in her eyes.

    "You want some too?!"

    Shrinking away from the enraged woman the smaller female ducked away making Alexandria scoff unimpressed.

    "Next time I suggest you listen when I say something."

    Stalking away from the whimpering male Alexandria crouched in her stride for just a second to snag the straps of a worn out pack back, the devil of a woman was going to be late because of that prick, and then she'd hear about that from her mother too. Not that she cared, her mother was a drunk anyway.


    Slinking into class, the female ignored the stern glare from the professor, slumping into her chair, dropping the bag she always carried to the floor. As the strap scraped along the top of her hand the girl let out a sharp hiss, earning a couple glances, ones that where turned away quickly by her sharp snarling glare.

    Looking over her hand she growled at the blood that oozed from her split open knuckles, just great, how did she explain that...
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    Keara McPrice
    One peaceful morning, all she wanted was one peaceful morning but that wish had been thrown into the wind as she saw her boyfriend's best friend getting his ass kicked by the infamous Alexandria. Of course it was when she wanted something as simple as a easy going and peaceful walk to school. Bitting her lower lip Keara felt herself contemplating if she should help the poor guy or not. Inside she hadn't wanted to cause he called her an ugly square and told Keith that he should hook up with the dumb blonde bimbo Summer, but she had known that if she hadn't said anything Keith would probably go off on her because she saw him struggling and didn't help him at all. It was like their football code and now she had to be in on it cause she was dating no other than the popular and uber cool head of the football team. They contrasted each other since she was the quiet nerdy type as people seemed to call her, but what was wrong with spending your Friday night in a library instead of getting drunk and contracting some sort of STD at a party.

    Finally making her kind after at least three minutes of watching Alexandria bash his face in Keara found herself stepping in as her hands wrapped tightly around her messenger bag as if that was going to protect her if she decided to turn her rage around. "Alexandria! Stop!" Keara found her voice way louder than what she wanted it to be but found herself shrinking back to her small size as the other had turned to face her a wild look in her eyes.

    "You want some too!"

    And with those four words she brought her bag closer to her side and walked away not sharing eye contact with Liam, the boy who was whimpering and crying on the ground.

    Once she had finally reached the school she just made her way straight to class. No talking to Keith or Fionna, one of her best friends. This morning had scared her severely and what made it worst was that she shared a few classes with that crazy sociopath. Alexandria had been well known around the school, but not in a good way. Everyone was terrified of her and the boys on the football team that had an experience with her never came back from that.

    Damn, you just had to be all high and mighty didn't you.

    Sighing, Keara found the seat that she always sat in and plopped down moving her bag right beside her. As soon as she had become situated she pulled out one of her favorite books, Finders Keepers by Stephen King, and began to read until she had gotten in trouble and had to put it away. It had been about twenty minutes into the class before she had seen Alexandria finally make an appearance. It hadn't bothered her and she hadn't thought about it until she looked around and had seen that every seat was filled except...the one next to her.

    Since her and Fionna didn't share this class she had no one to sit by so that chair stayed empty but now Alexandria and all her pissed off glory filled it. The hiss that the girl emitted was animalistic and the glare she gave basically stated her dominance over everyone. Keara found herself sinking lower into her seat as she tried to keep any eye contact from being shared between them and silently found herself hoping that she hadn't remembered her from what happened earlier.

  3. Keara would not be so lucky, Alexandria never forgot a face, even if she saw you for a flicker of a moment, the raging storm of a woman would never forget you. Photographic memory they said, made her a god damn genious, something no one knew, and probably the only thing that kept the teachers off her back.

    Next to the quiet woman, Alexandria gave a sharp snort one corner of her lips curled into a knowing smirk, her dark green eyes focused on none other then Miss. Keara herself. Hand forgotten for the moment the taller female shifted her body, legs stretching out, body leaning back in her seat. All the while her gaze remained fixed on the smaller framed bunettee, and slowly Alexandria began to break her down.

    She knew her gaze would scare the other woman, she scared everyone, but she knew the particular look she gave the one sitting to her left would really haunt the woman. Generally Alexandria passed out animalistic snarls with glares to match, but the one she gave to the quiet Keara was inquisitive, curious, but lurking deep in those innocent emotions was that spark. Alexandria was still pissed from earlier.

    Moving her hands to her jean clad thighs, she scraped her nails to creat a rather irritating sound, the heels of her black boots grinding against the tiled floor with a shrill squeak.

    "Yes, Miss. Summons?"

    Lazily her gaze moved from Keara to the professor, a predetorial grin splitting across her face, "Whose the bait?"

    When she wasn't screeching like a banshee Alexandria had a lovely voice, even if what she said was nasty and vile. To the confused quirk of the head she recieved, the larger framed woman jerked her thumb in Kearas' direction.

    "You mean Miss. Keara McPrice?"

    The professor didn't seem to care for the way Alexandrias expression changed from a curious animal to full blown rage.

    Alexandria knew that little runt, that was the football dweebs girlfriend, and if her past didn't speak loud and clear, the vicious monster of a woman HATED the pig skin, helmet wearing, morons with a passion.

    Eyes darkening to almost a black the air grew tense as Alexandria leaned back in her seat, her expression winding tight into a deep sneer. Dropping her gaze, her thick slightly curled hair shook in front of her face, hiding the unfathomable rage she wore like a prize.

    Alexandria contained herself, something that was almost unheard of, generally it didn't matter where or when the beast would unleash herself, however this time she chose not to.

    Gripping her thighs tightly the brunette caused her knuckles to reopen their wounds, blood spilling in light trickles down into her pants.

    All she needed was a little control, and it was taking all she had not to assult the smaller female, who did she think she was saying Alexandrias real name, around here she was X. Who did thay girl think she was stepping into her argument, and to top it off, who did she think she was to sit there and look the way she did...enraged Alexandria had wanted to lay into the other woman...but she couldn't.


    Because she's beautiful, and to mar such a lovely face would make you even more of a monster.

    The thought startled her, and for a second her body relaxed, her face, altho none would be able to see it, turned the faintest shade of pink as she captured her lower lip between her teeth.

    Alexandria couldn't wait for that bell, she needed to get away from this Keara woman.
  4. It was working for a while, her plan to just focus on the lesson and get the hell out of there as quickly as possible. But the key word In that statement...was. Keara could feel the look the Alexandria had been engraving into the side of her head. She breathed in and sat up straighter really trying to focus on what she was writing on the paper, but once again that focus was broken as she heard the floor cry out with a loud screech.

    "Whose the bait?"

    Was she really asking about her? Keara looked over at her quickly, seeing as to now her gaze was shifted to the teacher, Keara tried to figure out just why she was. Then as soon as possible her gaze moved to their professor and silently she begged the woman not to say anything, or at least give her a fake name! But the older woman who looked to be in her late forties ignored he silent prayers and said her name anyways.

    "You mean Miss.Keara McPrice?"

    Jus kill her now, cause if someone wasn't going to do it the ball of rage was going to bash her face in and probably break a few bones. Why had she guess that, because after Alexandria had found out her name, Keara had found her eyes shifting over to see how she would react and her reaction wasn't the good kind. Though she highly doubted that it would be if she remembered her from earlier. Great just great, today was going to be the best day of her life it seemed. She had the scariest person in the whole town knowing her and now she was going to have to hear Keith complain to her about Liam's condition.

    Class to her at this moment couldn't go any slower. It felt as if time just wanted to grace her with the presence of Alexandria, even if that presence wasn't needed.

    Come on, come on!

    Keara thought to herself as she watched the clock finally hit the time for the bell to ring and cried of happiness internally once it had happened. The bell had screamed at the signaling that it was time to go to the next class and Keara welcomed that scream when on any other day she would dred it.

    Gathering all of her stuff together as quickly as she could Keara stuffed it all in her messenger bag not caring how neat it was then stood up trying to run to the door before she got caught behind a crowd full of people. Sadly though, she had. Maybe if she was lucky enough Alexandria would just want to leave.

    But today was proving that she wasn't that lucky.
  5. Alexandria jumped at the bell, her whole body quivered, knees banging up against the underside of the desk.


    Cursing rather quietly under her breath, the girl finally realized she hadn't moved a muscle, and now her body was going to make her pay for it. Lifting her fingers from her legs she flexed them slowly, trying to regain feeling, at the same time she stretched her legs out and leaned back. Everything was sore, but that's what happens when you sit locked up in the same position for almost a half hour.

    Lifting her right hand to her lips once she had finished stretching she found a smear of blood, seems her teeth had broken skin, shaking her Head slowly Alexandria reached down and gathered her bag. With a rather fluid motion the girl lifted the bag and slid from the desk, standing and shouldering the worn out pack with more grace then most other students could preform.

    Inside Alexandria felt funny, she couldn't feel the anger, stress, pain, she was plesently numb for the moment,

    Geez must have really zoned out

    Raising her gaze and rolling her shoulders she felt all the rage and emotion flood her body, eyes falling on the rather delicate looking Keara. Alexandria felt her body jerk painfully to attention, instinct told her to snatches the girl by the hair and hiss a nasty comment or two. Instead she let the girl walk on by and crammed her hands into her pockets, ignoring her natural feeling to hurt someone. Hissing as her wounded hand scraped rough fabric she jerked her scraped up fist from it's pocket and liked it over.

    I'll have to go see Donna, she'll patch it up.

    Donna, the thought of the school nurse made Alexandria crack a ghost of a smile, destination set she moved toward the door with slow easy steps, allowing Keara to escape.
  6. Keara felt a small smile form on her lips as she made it out of the class alive. Though sadly she still shared the last block with her, but amazingly she also shared that class with Fionna and Keith so two people that she could sit by. Pulling her bag closer to her body she turned a bit watching as anger management made her way out of the classroom and instinctively found herself making eye contact. Which in her case was a bad move. Her eyes were a gorgeous shade of green, green eyes had always been her weakness...but her eyes were scary, they held sort of a unemotional look but still were full of hatered towards...well everything.

    Keara found herself standing there enthralled by her eyes before a tall figure came up beside her pulling her out of her trance. Turning quickly to face whoever was standing in front of her Keara was instantly frustrated as she saw a pissed off Keith and a beaten up and bruised Liam. Great, she expecting this but not so soon after it happened.

    "What the hell Keara!" She looked at him and shrunk down automatically since they were already in a hallway full of other people who loved seeing them fight and gazes just shifted to them naturally. "Well hello to you too Keith" she mumbled under her breath and he was unamused by her comment. "Look stop with the bullshit, my best friend was getting his ass kicked and you did nothing to help him!" That must have been the story Liam had told him.

    Yeah she hadn't run in there with fist balled up ready to fight but at least she had tried to help him. "I tried to help him but it's not my fault he was getting his face bashed in" her voice wasn't changing, it was still quiet. Keith seemed to get more upset with what she said and ended up punching the locker that was right beside her, since it was code to never hit a woman no matter how upset. "Well you attempt didn't work, so next time why don't you try harder or I don't know get some help!" He screamed in her face and she just felt everyone laugh internally, everyone except Liam who was chuckling softly. "Come on Liam, let's get you to the
    nurse" Keith had pulled away from her and pointed his head and that direction but before they left Liam made sure to show his hatered for her.

    "I told you, dating the fucking lame ass nerd gets you no where, Summer would have at least banged you by now, or gave you some pretty nice head" he broke into laughter and apparently Keith had found it funny since he let a few snickers pass through his lips. Keara had felt them coming, the tears that seemed to come natrually since they reached the third year of them dating. Biting her lip hard she passed by them quickly before Liam got the chance to clown on her tears and found herself bumping into Alexandria as she tried to make a quick escape to the bathroom.

    Keara gave her a small glance as her eyes became red with the forming tears and made her way to the bathroom giving a small apology hoping that ghe girl hadn't wanted to bash her face in for that. Her and Keith had never been happy since she wasn't nearly as popular as him, and it hasn't made it any better that Liam made it even more harder by finding every way to push her out the picture. Well I guess his job was now even more easier cause...

    She didn't want to be in the picture any longer.
  7. When Keara had made eye contact Alexandria froze, not many would look the animal in the eye, and it left the lanky woman unsure of what to do, it sort of grounded her and the bully wasn't sure she enjoyed the feeling.

    Alexandria wasn't sure what to do, so she quirked her head to the right, hair tangling to one side, was something wrong? Confusion fluttered around her eyes before irritation took hold once more, about ready to snap at the other female Alexandria lost her chance when a shadow caught her attention.

    Amusement filled her features, it was Keith and Liam, more like priss and bitch, both didn't stand a chance against Alexandria and the monster of a woman knew that. You think by now Liam would understand he didn't have a prayer, but he still poked the angry tiger and liked to yank her chains.

    However the amusement didn't last long,

    "What the hell Keara!"

    Rage, that's all she felt, face numbing, hand shaking, heart racing rage. It swirled in the pit of her stomach, made her body lurch and sway, watching the scene unfold before her, everyone watched and like it was some kind of sick tormented show.

    Alexandria wanted blood so badly she could taste it, her head swam when Keith struck the locker hard enough to dent it's surface. Red, she was seeing red by the time the two clowns in crowns slinked away, Liam throwing a nasty comment.

    If Keara had been more focused, she wouldn't have ambled into Alexandria, had she been focused she would have seen the way the taller woman's eyes turned almost black with rage when she saw the smaller woman tearing up. Alexandria had hit a few women before, but they had always been her size and ran from a similar crowd as she. Never had she dared lay a hand on something fragile, maybe a nasty comment or tormenting the girl, but never had she actually struck a woman like Keara, and now she finally understood why.

    They were gifts to this world, fragile angels roaming the halls. Keara was an angel as far as Alexandria was concerned, it wouldn't stop her from hating the girl and wanting to torment her, but the scene she had just witnessed had.

    "Just watch where you're walking next time."

    Her voice was low, soft and almost kind, but the fury on her expression didn't match.

    When Keara moved so did Alexandria, right after the two clowns.

    "Oai! Fuck faces!"

    Reaching out she grabbed fistfulls of two different shirts and swung hard, spinning both boys like a house in a hurricane her hands moved with adapt speed. Now holding the fronts of their shirts she brought them both in close.

    "I need to have a little word with you two, especially you."

    Her fury turned to Keith as her lip curled in a snarl.

    "After school, outside, bring all the help you want, cause your going to need someone to pick you up off the sidewalk."

    Shoving violently, it was shown to everyone just how strong Alexandria really was.

    "Cheap shot me and I'll break your collar bones."

    Moving between them she stalked away, she really needed to get her hand looked at.
  8. "Oui Fuck Faces"

    The words were so loud that everyone had turned to see what was happened, and so had Keara...but purely out of curiosity. It was just Alexandria being herself so she still wondered by people acted surprised when she had don't stuff like this. But for once, Keara was surprised herself...she had already dislocated some part of Liam's face so what else could she have done to him without being sent to jail.

    "I need to have a word with you two, especially you" the words were directed towards Keith and she wondered why the girl was so upset. Well other than the fact that she had just purely hated Keith with everything in her. "After school, outside, bring all the help you want, cause you're going to need someone to pick you up off the sidewalk" ooh's and ah's were placed after her statement as everyone was now getting ready for whatever was going down after school.

    Great, this day just had to go straight to shit from the beginning didn't it. Keara watched as she walked off and quickly made her way to her next class the tears just disappearing as her curiosity just grew more. But thankfully, Fionna was in her next class so she could have someone to talk to. Keara was always the first person to class since this had been her favorite, it was a psychological class which made her engrossed with the class even more.

    Keara had went to the back of the class like always and sat down near the window just so that she could have something to look out of. But of course the first thing that crossed her mind, the death threat that Alexandria had given Keith. It was probably spreading like a wildfire at this point, and that theory was further proven as a her best friend the punk red head made her way over to her then sat down opening her mouth to ask about Keith and what had happened.

    "He just went off cause I didn't protect Liam when he was getting beat to a pulp by Alexandria" Fionna had smiled at the thought of Liam getting his ass kicked but was right back on the topic of Keith so fast. "I can't believe he went off for that, you're the shortest thing ever so how are you supposed to defend him against an angry giant" Fionna sighed but turned smiling to her. "I'm just happy he's getting his ass handed to him by that...gorgeous angry beast" Keara rolled her eyes at the description and chuckled softly looking at her. "I'm guessing you still haven't gotten over that crush" Fionna shook her head widly with a mischevious smirk.

    "No, hell no! One day she'll sweep me off my feet and then show me her wild side in the bed, could you imagine all that pent up anger during sex with her...oh just the thought makes me ex--"

    "Please stop, that's just freaking disgusting" it was as clear as day that Fionna didn't play for the straight team cause she had been infactuated with Alexandria for a pretty long time now, but Keara in the other hand found her terrifying. "Oh stop you're just jealous that I'll get passionate and hearted angry sex while you get to date a prick" Keara rolled her eyes and watched as other kids started to pile into the room. She wasn't jealous, not one bit...but she had to admit that Alexandria did strike her curiosity.
  9. Bursting through the nurses door, the long legged woman changed, generally no one was in here, and she figured she had a couple minutes before the pig skin throwing bastards showed their faces.

    Gliding along the floor to the soft music Donna always had plahing, the giant of a girl captured the gentle old lady around the waist from behind, it wasn't known to anyone, seeing as they didn't share a last name. But Donna Downey school nurse, and cookie baking extrodinair was Alexandrias grandmother.

    "Hell~o beautiful!"

    A childish smile lit up the girls eyes, making them Shiney and bright, however the little old lady wasn't having any of her nonsense today.

    "Little lady! I have had two students come in here, what's this rumor about you laying into them boys after school hours."

    Alexandria groaned loudly and brought her hands to her face, honestly the teen should have seen this one coming. Trudging backwards the girl sat herself on the nurses table, hunched over, head in her hands, sometimes she wished that her grandmother didn't work where she attended school.

    "Donna, they threatened an angel, how could I not show some dominance and throw my weight around, I can't let them do that and not pay for it."

    After all wasn't that what this morning had been about, Liam had said something to an angel, by Alexandrias terms, the brunette and told him to shut his mouth and he dared to ask what she'd do about it if he didnt...

    Donna knew deep down she never should have told Alexandria that story as a child, but going through her parents divorce the girl had needed some kind of hope.


    The nurses office door opened again, revealing the two morons.

    "I'll be with you in a minute."

    Alexandria held her hand out to the woman, Donna sighed quietly and began to bandage the cuts carefully.

    "Watch for swelling."

    The words barely filled the air before Alexandria was gone, doging the two fools and out the door, off to would be a rather long day.
  10. The next block wasn't any better, she couldn't focus at all...the whole idea of Keith fighting that didn't make her worried for Keith but for Alexandria instead. She was going to have to stop it, he'll she had no choice because Keith couldn't get his face bashed In. Fionna saw her staring off into space and brought her back a few times only to give up when she saw her attention was wavered once again.

    "What the hell was wrong with you. Psych is your favorite class, and show!" Fionna asked her as they walked to their lunch period. Keara sighed as she looked around seeing that everyone was staring at her, probably because of what happened earlier...or now that everyone in the hallway knows that psych is her favorite show. "I was just thinking...nothing too important" her and Fionna made their way to the cafeteria and guess who was there already sitting at a table, alone.

    "He saved us seats, hell he hasn't done that since middle" Fionna walked to where Keith was sitting but Keara grabbed her hand leading her to a table I the corner. "Those seats weren't for us idiot...they were for his best friend and the slutty summer" she said as she sat down on a seat and sighed watching as Summer flirted around with him, laughing at non funny stuff and putting her hands all over him.

    "He's not even stopping her's like I just don't exist when he's around his friends.."

    "Cause you don't aren't popular and he is...I don't know why you got into a relationship with that jock in the first place" Fionna had started hating him freshman year when he became football captain and stopped talking to them.

    "Anyways I'm on a mission. We should get Alexandria to sit with us today!" Keara turned to her and sighed. "No...she didn't do it yesterday and she won't do it today so get over it" she pulled her lunch out of her bag and placed it I front of them both. Two of everything, since they always shared lunch and Fionna almost got into a riot over lunch princes.

    Biting her lip her eyes kept falling in Keith as everyone surrounded him, he was popular and she was just the need that refused to put out for him...she was thinking it herself, why did she even get into a relationship with him?
  11. Alexandria entered the cafeteria through a side door, slipping inside, to say she went unnoticed would be foolish, how do you not notice a woman breaching 5' 10", and probably still growing.

    Alexandria was covered with paint smears, a blue one across her cheek and a couple yellow handprints on her white t-shirt. Hair pulled back, having ditched her leather jacket somewhere it was clear from the looks of her she was probably skipping class next period.

    Shrugging her bag a little higher onto her shoulder Alexandria stopped at the door, lifted her chin and swept her gaze across the room. She was looking for something, or perhaps someone?

    Fionna would undoubtedly notice before Keara, while Alexandria never really noticed Fionna, she knew the girl was stalking around her on ocasion. It was kind of cute, but truthfully Alexandria didn't really do relations, people just didn't understand her the way she wanted them too. Which was her own fault, if she wasn't so grumpy -

    The thought ended when her eyes fell on the back of Kearas head, there she was. Long legs and strong strides carried Alexandria across the lunch hall, moving the a predetor who had found it's prey she came upon the two girls in moments.


    Alexandria knew who the red head was, a level emerald haired girl she knew from the underground boxing crew had a thing for the red head and chattered about her non stop.

    "Can I sit with you two?"

    Well wasn't this odd, Alexandria never sat with anyone, in fact she rarely ever came to thehoughthoughthishe cafeteria, but here she was in all her badassery asking to sit with the nerd and the punk.
  12. Fionna smiled brightly as she saw Alexandria standing at their table asking if she could sit with them. She bit her lip and nodded her head smirking at her, "Of course you can...pull up a seat" Keara was still dazed and confused at the girls request. Of all the people she had to choose them. "Sure..." Keara said softly looking down at the food she had prepared.

    It was nothing extravagant, just some homemade pot pie that she had made with a little chocolate cake she had brought. "So...word around the street is you're going to kick Keith's ass later today..." Fionna brought up without any warning to Keara who was now choking on the piece of cake that she had just gotten. Clearing her throat she sighed and looked over at Fionna who hadn't even cared cause she was just so deep in love with Alexandria.

    Honestly the whole puppy dog thing was annoying to her, oh god...was she jealous. No because Alexandria was crazy...but, different. But whatever she was now the third wheel because the badass of the school decided that she wanted to sit with them. Rolling her eyes at how swoon Fionna was she coughed loudly getting her attention and sighed as she looked over at her. "See what did I tell you Keara...The beautiful badass was just destined to sit with us today" She chuckled softly and another toll of the eyes came from Keara who was now even ore annoyed.

    But once again her eyes darted to Keith who was now making lusty eyes to the busty blonde, and she's never been the jealous type but what the hell! He was still in a relationship whether he liked it or not, but what if he was cheating on her with--

    "Keara did you hear me!" Fionna had waved her hand in front of her face sighing. "You have been spacing out all morning...if it's about Keith don't worry about it...he's a fucking whore anyways" she had taken a bite of the pot pie and smiled, "What you need to worry about is making me some more of these instead of that douche" Keara felt her cheeks heating up as she looked away from both of them. "That's not what I'm worried about..." Even though it sadly was.
  13. Dragging up a chair, Alexandria spun it around before draping her long lanky form across it, bag sliding to the floor and nudged under her seat. Folding her arms over the back of the chair the brunette seemed to relax, eyeing the red head carefully from her place next to Keara.

    "So...word around the street is you're going to kick Keiths ass later today."

    It was such a simple statment, and honestly it wasn't something she herself would have started with, but it was apparent that Fionna was enthralled with her temper. However her eyes turned to Keara as the poor girl choked on her cake, bringing an amused smirk to her face.

    Returning her attention to Fionna, Alexandria gave a half shrug, "No one threatens an angel with me around. Keiths going to get what he has coming to him, simple as that."

    Alexandria however was startled by the compliment Fionna threw her way, beautiful? How rediculious, if these girls had any clue about the flawless makeup she wore and what was under it, well they wouldn't think she was so beautiful then.

    Half listening as the punk prattled on with love sick eyes, Alexandria continuously found her gaze traveling to Keara. Now she was beautiful, soft eyes, hair that was perfect for playing with, and those precious freckles..

    Wait- was Alexandria attracted to the frail little nerd, impossible the brunette could easily break her in half, but something about her delicate features just mad Alexandria want to coo.

    Noticing where the woman's gaze constantly traveled, Alexandria felt her blood boil, "I can do something about that if you want? It won't take much to spook the blonde."
  14. "I can do something about that if you want? It won't take much to spook the blonde" Keara found herself confused, why would she want to do something about the blonde. Yeah Keara always found her eyes over there but it had nothing to do with her, unless Keith just pissed her off that much. Biting her lower lip she packed away the cake and pot pie back into the lunch box without saying a word to her. In fact she was still trying to piece everything together in her mind so she hadn't noticed the silence until Fionna was elbowing her under the table.

    "That's funny..." Was all that she said as she stood from the table deciding to leave Fiinna alone with her soulmate since she was done eating and just wanted to spend some time in the library. "This morning you looked as if you wanted to kill me now you're ready to spook anyone who flirts with my...boyfriend" she hesitated not even wanting to call him that. Why he wanted to even be with her was a myserty, to her especially.

    "I don't need you to spook anyone for me...Summer's beautiful, I never had a chance against that...busty, stupid, blonde, pretty girl while I'm just the small, smart, brunette...who's ugly and won't give my boyfriend oral sex..." What Liam had said finally got under her skin as she slid the lunch box towards Fionna so that she could pack her stuff up once she was done.

    A small sigh escaped her lips as she looked down at the floor trying to calm herself down. Looking over to Keith once more she sighed seeing that him and Summer were gone, probably screwing each other in a supply closet. "Now if you'll excuse me...I'll leave you two...I'll be in the library if you need anything Fi..." Keara brushed off the imaginary dust that was on her jeans then smoothed them down before she made her way out the door heading over to the large room that was her second home. Her next period was free so Keara always found herself here just reading, she had even known the specialist closely.

    But her curiosity had come ten times worse as she thought about what Alexandria had said.

    What does she even mean but an 'angel'
  15. Her temper, that was all anyone was ever going to see her for, her stupid temper. Rage contorted Alexandrias face as the darling woman stepped away, those awful things, they never should have left that mouth of hers.

    Like an animal Alexandria slammed her fist hard against the table, shaking it's surface, her body quickly rising to a stand. Rage cored through her veins, and with a sharp kick her chair slid and toppled over, taking two more with it. Then like a wounded animal she fled the cafeteria hall, leaving behind her most precious posession, her back pack.

    No one had ever seen Alexandria without the worn out thing, and she had been so upset and infuriated she left it behind like a piece of trash.

    Once outside the girl began to lengthen her stride, she didn't have class next period, and her final class wouldn't be for at least another hour, not that any of that mattered. Breaking out into a sprint she ran, boots pounding the pavement rapidly, she just felt angrier and angrier, no amount of distance helped cool her pounding heart.

    So she ran faster, her lungs screamed for oxygen, her muscles burned like wild fire, but she didn't stop, not till her knees gave out sending the devil woman sprawling. Rolling her body into the cool grass Alexandria panted, chest heaving like a boat rocking in a storm.

    She didn't know where she was, she didn't care, it was quiet, it was peaceful, but she was still tareing herself apart inside.


    Shreeking like a banshee she cursed the sky's and the earth, the gods and devils. Alexandria hated life, she hated people, she hated herself, but no matter what she did or how ahead tried, her rage wouldn't go away, and she knew...the monster of a woman knew she would never belong in an angels world. And if Alexandria couldn't belong then people like Liam and Keith didn't deserve to eaither...
  16. She had sat in the library and cried, yeah yeah she was an emotional teen in a sucky relationship with a guy who would screw a sensual blonde just because she was throwing herself on him. But she didn't just cry because of that, she cried because everyone seemed to be against her...the only person she could trust at this moment was Fionna. Biting her lip she wiped the remainder of the tears she had and looked in her bag for her book. Great, she had left it. Keara sighed standing up and made her way back to the cafeteria to get it.
    Honestly, she was all for it...people were afraid but she just got off on her anger. Fionna smiled softly as she saw the girl had left her bag and stood up finally finding a way to talk to her alone. She bit her lip and picked up Keara's lunch box along with the brunette's bag hoisting it on her shoulders then made her way out of the cafeteria walking to see where Alexandria had went.

    She saw he running, it was as if she was trying to run away from something that was just haunting her. "FUCK!" Fionna began her own pace as she heard the loud screaming and breathed in as she saw her on the floor. "Alexandria! Are you okay" she placed Keara's lunch bag in the ground and sat beside her trying to see what had happened. "W-what's wrong?"

    It was pure confusion as Keara made her way back to the cafeteria and had seen the chairs turned over and her book resting on the edge of the table. Both Fionna and Alexandria had gone so she figured that they had hit it off as well. Sighing Keara fixed the chairs then grabbed her book sighing for the fourth time in this whole minute. It seemed as if everyone just connected with someone but her.
  17. The brunette had been scrubbing at her face, violently too from how red it was, she would show them, she would show everyone. Alexandria was fuming, lying on her back, if it had been a cartoon steam would have spilled from her ears, and god how she wished it did.

    As Fionna grew closer Alexandrias real features would be seen, along her facd, down the very middle was a rather nasty looking scar, and the work it must have taken to hide it for so long would surprise anyone.

    Jerking her body violently her head snapped in Fionnas direction, the look in her eyes spoke nothing short of murder, it was a look unlike anything Alexandria had ever had before. The green was gone entirely, consumed by the dead eyes of a murder, someone who could stab you in the most painful place and laugh as you drowned on your own blood.

    "What's wrong!"

    Her voice, it wasn't right, an animalistic roar left her lips as she threw her head back in rage, slamming her fists hard against the earth at her sides.

    "What do you think!"

    In a swirl of motion, Alexandria was back on her feet, her hands tareing at her hair, destroying the pony tail like a piece of string. The poor woman raged back and forth, eyes wild, hands opening and closing as blood dribbled down her palms from the wounds she was leaving.

    "He doesn't deserve her! Thay puss filled little shit worm doesn't deserve her tears, her side long glances, he doesn't deserve her sadness!! I'll kill him! I'm going to tare open his chest and feast on his beating heart!"

    For a second, Alexandria sounded more serious then she ever had in her life.

    "Damn it! How dare he hurt the angel!"

    A loud shrill scream left her lips again as her hands flew to her head, her mouth hung open, and the image was nothing but alarming as her screams turned to earth shattering sobs. Chest heaving, shoulders quaking, the badass fell to her knees sobbing violently.

    "HOW DARE HE!"

    Alexandria had yet to notice Fionna had her bag, and when she went for it, expecting it to be on her back, panic flooded Alexandria.

    "Marluxia? Marluxia!?"

    Tears still coloring her cheeks Alexandria looked around wild eyed, spying fionna with her back she didn't think twice.

    "Give her back!"

    Lunging Alexandria snatched Fionna shoulder and yanked her hard into the bigger girls frame capturing the bag in her other hand.

    No one knew this but at one time...Alexandria had a sister.
  18. This wasn't her normal anger, she was serious...Fionna found herself to be scared as she talked about murdering Keith. Her breaths were uneven as she saw the girl break down in front of her. Then wild panic took over Alexandria's figure as she searched around for her bag and when she found it all hell had broken loose. Fionna screamed as she felt a huge pain in her shoulder then felt her body smashing into the Alexandria's larger frame. Pulling away once the girl had grabbed her bag Fionna rose to her feet looking at her, "Y-You monster!" She screamed at her then ran the other way.
    Keara had finally made her way back as she saw Fionna running away from something that scared her deeply. "K-Keara she's fucking crazy! She said that she would rip...K-Keith's chest wanted to kill him cause you were u-upset over him" Keara listened to her words with confusion and pain. This girl had gotten so upset over something that had nothing to do with her. "I'll go talk to her" Keara said softly pulling away from a panting Fionna who was screaming after her not to go.

    Why was she getting this mad over what had happened, the girl basically hated her this morning...even looked like she would break her skull in. But now she was threatening to kill Keith because of what had happened. Maybe it was what she said.

    Keara couldn't stop thinking about these things as she passed a broken down figure. She sighed softly then walked in front of her sitting down in her knees right in front of her. "A-Alexandria..." Her voice was shaky as she tried to find the words to calm this girl down. She was talking about murdering someone and that was way to serious to even joke about so she had to be serious.

    "Alexandria look at me...I'm okay" her voice was soft as she pushed some hair behind her we and mustered up a small, and fake, smile. "Now stop with this I'm going to murder people would risk going to prison for a girl that you don't even know"

    Practical, she was being practical with her. They had honestly just exchanged words today so why would she even want to risk jail time with speaking about murder. Keith's parents could get her locked up if she even though about laying a finger on him.
  19. Hunched over, her head down, heavy breathing rattled the monsters body, she was so use to them screaming, to them running, Fionna was nothing special to Alexandria, just another wimp with a fantasy.

    As the red head ran screaming, Alexandria had opened the bag, something none had ever seen, and slowly she dipped her shaking hands inside.

    "My angel,"

    Whispering now her hands withdrew a ribbion, a soft satin pink ribbion meant for hair, it was speckled woth a deep red, upon close inspection it could have been anything, but Alexandria knew, she knew whay it was.

    She had been so engrossed in the ribbon she had not even noticed Keara, not till the girl had spoken, startled she snatched the bag and ribbon holding both tight to her chest, eyes wide.

    Keara would see it, Alexandria, the real Alexandria. Her eyes were a brilliant sea green, wide and glossy with unshed tears. Her cheeks flushed from her outburst of pain, but the scar, Keara would see that better then even Fionna. Slashing at an angle it covered from above her right eyebrow down across the bridge of her nose and extending along her left cheek all the way to her jaw.


    Her voice was soft, scared almost, her body wound tight like a coil, there was nothing monstrous now, no, Alexandria was afraid, hurt...

    "I'd die for a girl like you, "

    Alexandria was serious, and it shown in her eyes, like a brilliant light,

    "Dont you understand, your an angel, just like Marluxia. Just like her.."

    With shaking fingers, Alexandria reached out for Kearas hand, so delicate, so kind... but that smile...

    "Marluxia use to smile at me like that, such sad eyes...but there was many of us back then, now it's just me.."

    The green eyed brunette was mumbling now, her eyes distant.
  20. The badass was no more, just a scared little girl was there now. Keara couldn't believe what she had seen, a huge scar lay on her face..she wasn't going to react to it because it hadn't affected her at all. What affected her was Alexandria calling her an angel or telling her that she'd die for someone like her.

    The main thing that had taken her by surprise was that Alexandria had taken her hands and was now comparing her to someone named Marluxia. Keara had her teeth holding onto her lower lip as she looked around trying to see if anyone was near them, no one was which was perfect. "Alexandria come on...let me get you out of have a reputation to uphold and I'll make sure that you're still the scariest badass their is" She had chuckled softly and stood up still holding Alexandria's hands as she tried to help her up.

    But of course she was still about six inches shorter than her so it was pretty hard.

    She had lost all fear in her, Alexandria wasn't scary at all but instead just misunderstood. In fact she had felt bad know that she had even judged her so harshly since she had known the felling all to well.

    "We'll go to the library and talk one spends their time there anyways"
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