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    • Seoul, the leading and rising global city within economics, is home to diverse culture and wonderful sky that shimmers it fluorescent lights and bright signs along the sea coast. This is the home of millions of people that communicate and interact with each other every day on the stuffed and busy streets to earn more money, some fancy their cars while other opt out using their bikes or feet. When the darkness swallows the sun that is when the city comes to life through various entertainments where people flock from every corner of the city to get a taste of the flavors Seoul has to bring.

      However there is no light where there’s not a shadow. Whispers coming from private hangouts, bars or secret building can be heard haunting the city as the lights gives in to the darkness. There is no success without a little bit of dirt, this is where the gangs of Seoul come in. The ones who battle for territory or money to buy the most luxurious possessions around, to slowly creep up the political ladder and take over the city, wiping their rival of the face of the earth. Crime rates are as usual, but more mysterious deaths are occurring. Politicians showing up dead, teens dying of drug overdose, bodies being found in the strangest of places.

      In this lifestyle there is no “exit” it is only. “Join” or “die”.


      There are currently two large families roaming the streets of Seoul. These families have been in conflict for a very long time. The many rotations of bosses did not change the fire between the two; it rather fuelled it with even more gas.

      However the playing field has suddenly changed, when there is a third party that will enter. Somewhere in the midst of their loving family there is a traitor, and who knows where he will be?

      The Kim’s have been a mainstream gang association for as long as anyone can remember, and as long as it has been written down in their own secret records. They began as politicians, but after quickly finding out that the normal world of politics were too slow and not as effective as they thought, they slowly turned to a different battle tactic. The family is still active in politics, but now they are in charge of political murders, blackmailing, fraud, brothels and human trafficking. They deal with the more “elegant” side of crime, despite it having its habit of getting rather messy. Their symbol is that of a white tiger.



      The Park’s are the rivals of the Kim family. They appeared shortly after the Kim’s and are the more violent group around. They originate from a family of martial artists and athletes who rose to fame. They are in charge of drug distribution, illegal gun trades and other smaller violent acts that “randomly” happen on the street, but they do not aim for politicians like the Kim’s, they only take out those who were unable to keep their end of the deal. The Park’s will not have any debts that will not be repaid in time, they will make sure that the deal is held and that one payment is received. It doesn’t matter if it’s money or a life. Their family business leads to a lot more arrests than the Kim’s, but money can do a lot. Their symbol is a black wolf.

    • [​IMG]
      These are the different roles each respective family. First come, first serve! Check the Cast list to see what's taken and not~! <3

      Boss (1)
      • Leader of the family
      • Makes all the decisions
      • Takes care of the new members
      • Chooses which members will be accepted and those who won’t

      Underboss (1)
      • Co-leader of the family
      • Reports to the boss, acts as his secretary
      • Takes over if the boss is killed
      • If the boss is out of reach, he is in charge.

      Gang members (3)
      • Official members of the family
      • Receives orders and carry them out
      • Allowed to bring in suggestions to the underboss before it goes to the boss
      • In charge of keeping the associates in check

      Associates (1)
      • Not official members yet
      • When deemed trustworthy and ready they can be promoted as an official member
      • This is where the spies are
      • Under surveillance by the gang members if necessary

    • [​IMG]
      Kim Kun-Hee

      Kim Hansol

      Gang member 1
      Tariq Jermaine Jones

      Gang member 2
      Kim Jun-Ho

      Gang member 3
      Sean Jonathan Argo

      Gongchan Sik
      "Ace" / "Channie"

      Joon-Ki Park

      Kim Hyun Ki

      Gang member 1
      Haek Yeon Park
      "Haekyeonnie" / "L7"

      Gang member 2
      Khemkhaeng Narkhirunkanok

      Gang member 3
      Tokyo Maraj

      Trevor Laundy
      "London" / "Trev"

    • [​IMG]
      To be honest I do not feel as if I need this, since this is an invite only and I know that all of the people I am inviting are awesome and super nice people. . . But I'll do it anyway xD I'm sure you guys won't need to read these, but take a peek if you're curious :P (There's some important messages here, so maybe you should read :X)

      • Basic Iwaku rules apply. This is not a LIBERTINE/RED STAR RP! That means that all sexual contents (everything that goes beyond simple kisses here and there...) needs to be taken to the PM! Keep your sexy times there! And enjoy it of course~ ;D <3
      • Be nice to each other~ Don't think it'll be a problem, but I just want to make sure you kids behave! Even if a few of you are older than me I will call you kids! *shakes rebellious fist*
      • If there are any heavy themes in your post, then please put up a spoiler and or warning so that people are prepared ^^ Some topics are more sensitive to others than yourself, so be considerate!
      • This is a MxM roleplay! I do not want to see anyone make a female character! There can be NPCs that are female (duh) but don't make a character that's a girl! There will be none of that here!
      • You can be rude jerks and all kinds of meanies... IN THE IC! None of that meanie stuff You hear that Lover and noona?! No picking on me >: D That's not true, you can pick on me because I know you love me <3 in the OOC! I will get mad! >: O Just you wait!!! *shakes scary fist*
      • There will be guns, drugs, violence, bad language, probably a lot of blood and drama here! So have a lot of fun! :D
      • As you could probably tell there will be a traitor. The traitor will be randomly picked out and I will give said person more information privately in a PM when the time comes. The traitor can come from EITHER PARK OR KIM so don't feel safe either of the group, but there will ONLY BE ONE!
      • I'm sure there will be questions for "outsiders", or people that do not belong in a group, but at the moment I say "no". I want the groups to have a reason to interact with each other. The Kim's can make gun and drug trades with the Park's, the Park's can order a hit on someone that's "in their way" from the Kim's.
      • This may be set in Seoul, South Korea, but THERE IS NOTHING WRONG IN NOT CHOOSING AN ASIAN FC! There's actually non-Asian's living in Korea! I know! I'm shocked too! #NotSarcasm. Moving on! xD
      • There will be events that have been held annually where the two gangs meet up. It can be a street race for money or drugs or something else, or it could just be a party. Days of the year where the two gangs have a ceasefire.
      • THERE ARE MORE GANGS THAN THE TWO OF THEM! There will be smaller gangs, so feel free to kill as many NPCs as you want! :D Just don't kill a character without permission okay? I'll get angry! *gets out frying pan and waves it threateningly*
      • No overly powerful god people allowed! We all have flaws, we all get hurt, we all do mistakes. So make sure that your character is just like that! :D If we're perfect, then there's no fun in it right? ^^ <3
      • I'm sure that this will be open for multiple characters, but first take one and then see what's left ^^! I don't want someone to not have their wished position because someone took it with their second character, first one and then you'll get to pick from what's left! :D
      • Anyone that's worried by NOT finding a specific character after it has begun... don't worry! I'll make sure to link it in the Cast list! :D I just like having everything in one place xD
      • AAaaaaaaaaand... I think that is it! XD This turned out WAAAAAY longer than expected... sorry for making you read so much! *bows*

    • I'm sure we'll cover the entire thing in beautiful BBCodes and pictures everywhere xD (Realistic only please~!) so I'm not demanding a picture, but be good and give us one >: O!
      Nickname/Alias (optional)
      Birth date
      Day job (Optional)
      Preferred weapon

      Hair color
      Eye color
      Distinguishing features (tattoos, scars, piercings, etc.)

      History (Optional)


      (If there's anything to add :P)​

    • @Leucothea @Justinaholic @Luxii @Pray4me @Jimin @Jihae


      A small update! I'm down with a fever, but it won't stop this IC from getting up >: O!

      Which is why I am here with a little update ^o^!

      Here is the IC update:
      The RP will be set close to Christmas. This annual temporary peace party has been arranged by the Parks (they take turns). The location will be a club (obviously ;D) that is owned by the Park boss ^^ This party is NOT mandatory. The bosses has to be there (to prove that they can not kill each other for a day :P), but none of the members have to come, it is a party for a reason :D

      The IC itself will start with a blackout. A blackout where the traitor will strike. He will injure someone, not kill yet. This is to spark up conflict between the two groups. ^^ >: 3

      Here is the OOC update:
      This means that we need to pick a traitor and his target! Of course, it won't be fun if it is not random so it will be random :P I guess I'll know, but I am very good at keeping secrets <3

      There are 12 characters.



      I'll pick whatever numbers are left, if you have multiple characters then pick multiple numbers!! :D

      1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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  1. So.... I think I've made one group RP before... I'm very much a newbie... So PLEASE T~T Forgive any newbie mistakes I'll do and don't be scared to help me along D; I think there'll be plenty of mistakes for you all to point out, so feel free to do so >-<!

    @Luxii @Justinaholic @Jimin @Jihae @Pray4me (The GaD gang! :X <3) @Leucothea (Maybe you're interested too...? :D)

    *hides in a corner all embarrassed suddenly*
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  2. You know I'm so in.~
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  3. Well first of all that plot and everything is amazing and secondly, I would love to snatch up,

    The Park Family Boss
    A Kim Family Gang Member?
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  4. Thaaaank you for joining~! <3

    Yaaay~! You should go read the ruuules lover... :X <3
    First just take one, and then we'll see what's left Lover~! I'll reserve what you want though! :D
    Thank you for joining~! :D
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  5. Could I remake Trevor? :3
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    (even though my profile pic is clearly not having it xD... Zion work with me here)
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  7. From Reborn? OF COURSE! :D <3 I'd love to have him here! :D
  8. YAAAAY! :D I'm so happy to have you on board! :D
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  9. AAAAH! I JUST SAW YOUR COMPLIMENT! ANDE! DON'T DO THIS TO ME! D; *hides in a corner all happily flushed* >//////<
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  10. Oh well than Park Boss for starts then XD my bad, just read the rules lol. I have a habit of not reading rules... ssshhh secret xD
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  11. Really XD I love complimenting you Lover XD
  12. I'll reserve it right away sir~! (and I hope you read the part of no bullying me <-< >:T)

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  13. Yeeee!! I'll get my sign up for him when I can get my ass off Destiny. (pardon language but this game is taking over my life)
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  14. I got that Park underboss! :D <3

    I'm so stoked for this! :x

    I think I'm gonna reserve Park Jimin as a FC too . . . But this is subject to change. XD
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  15. Language is not a problem~! Curse all you want :D <3 XD Take your time, no one is in a hurry just yet! :D
  16. You're so decisive noona... #NotSarcasm
  17. Ok, I'll stop XD.

    I don't work Friday so might be able to get Boss up then^^.
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  18. Can I have Kim family underboss?.. Please?.. If you don't want to give me that it's fine too xDDD
    (passive aggressive over here)
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  19. Hwaiting lover! :D <3

    It's open and all yours~ <3 :D
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