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So, I'm now looking for a Marvel/DC-style gritty story involving costumed superhumans, hurrah! This will involve (a lot of) action, a romantic subplot, shadowy organizations, secret experiments, hurt/comfort, and did I say asskicking, explosions, expensive collateral damage action? I'm female IRL, but I have a male character concept in my head I want to try out, so I'm looking for someone to play the female superheroine. Also, while I know this is the libertine section, there will be more plot than pr0n. Right, so on to the rules.

The Rules which I shamelessly ripped from my other thread

  • I'm only looking for one partner to fill this.
  • This will be taking place through PMs. I like my privacy.
  • Both characters will be above 18; or even better, above 21 (highly, highly preferred).
  • I'm looking for an advanced writer - that means little to no spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors, and the ability to write fluidly and descriptively.
  • Quality over quantity. I don't have a post length requirement save for no one-liners; write whatever you're comfortable with, whether that be one paragraph or ten. That being said, don't expect me to match your post length. I won't force myself to write more if I can't. My average ranges between two to five paragraphs, longer if inspired. I will never expect you to match my post length, either.
  • [BCOLOR=#000000]!!!Important!!![/BCOLOR] I have a life, occasionally crippling personal issues, and other roleplays to attend to, so don't expect me to reply five times a day. Sometimes (unlikely these days, tbh), I'll be able to reply once a day. At other times, once a week (or longer, depending on circumstances). If you harass me for replies, I'll put you on ignore. It's that simple. I won't tolerate OOC rudeness. Update! I'm now also working on a novel, so that means I need to devote time to that as well. You may ask me "is everything okay?"; but if I see "why the hell haven't you posted?!", say hello to the ignore list.
  • Sometimes, things just don't work out. If so, I'll let you know. If you're going to get pissed if I decide to drop, particularly if it's during the first few posts, don't contact me. Likewise, let me know if you lose interest.
  • I'm not the amazing plot twist machine. Assist me in progressing the plot and coming up with new obstacles to throw in our characters' paths. Minor characters/NPCs will be shared.
The Plot

Do you remember me?
Do you remember us?
Do you surrender your dreams or your trust?

In a modern, metropolitan city overrun with crime, [BCOLOR=#000000]<Your Character>[/BCOLOR] is its resident defender, taking up the mantle of protector after returning from overseas. The citizens of the city look up to her as a deity, a bringer of justice, and a beacon of hope. What they don't know is that, during [BCOLOR=#000000]<Your Character>[/BCOLOR]'s years as a mercenary, she did some questionable things for very questionable people, all in the name of money. This ended when she refused an order to murder an innocent family - including its young children, leading to the mercenaries' leader declaring her a traitor and ordering her death. Slaughtering her now-hostile former comrades, she escaped and returned home, hoping to devote the rest of her life to guarding the helpless. In doing so, she hopes to achieve redemption and erase the sins of her past.

[BCOLOR=#000000]<My Character>[/BCOLOR], a morally ambiguous man with minor psychopathic traits (and who can thus also be seen as more of an anti-hero than a classic villain), is an old teammate of [BCOLOR=#000000]<Your Character>[/BCOLOR]. An ex-soldier who manifested powers after contact with a strange meteor, he was subjected to a series of cruel government experiments and emerged changed, with a seething contempt for the world and most of the things in it. Despite this, [BCOLOR=#000000]<My Character>[/BCOLOR] and [BCOLOR=#000000]<Your Character>[/BCOLOR] developed a bond during their missions together, that bond eventually becoming something more than friendship. But when [BCOLOR=#000000]<Your Character>[/BCOLOR] "betrayed" the team, [BCOLOR=#000000]<My Character>[/BCOLOR] attacked, only to have her take him down - and shoot him through the eye - before departing the scene. Filled with a need for vengeance, he eventually traveled to [BCOLOR=#000000]<Your Character>[/BCOLOR]'s city and settled down, slowly taking control of the various criminal organizations there while working as a notorious gun-for-hire for those who could afford his services.

[BCOLOR=#000000]<Your Character>[/BCOLOR] eventually realizes that her associates are being targeted one by one, dispatched in various brutal ways. Not only that, but criminals she's interrogated have spoken repeatedly of a new arrival who's likely "the devil himself". [BCOLOR=#000000]<Your Character>[/BCOLOR], disbelieving of the rumors, goes to investigate and is led to an abandoned warehouse, where [BCOLOR=#000000]<My Character>[/BCOLOR] reveals himself. They get into a brawl, only to be interrupted by a mysterious third party hell-bent on killing them both. It is then that our characters realize they must work together once more, or die apart.


If you're interested, please drop me a PM including a short writing sample (any old roleplay post will do). PMs without writing samples and posts on this thread will not be considered. Feel free to check my resume/group RPs (in my siggy) for writing samples of mine. Thank you, and have a good day.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I will be picking a partner whose style I feel is most compatible with mine, so please be patient. Please don't be offended if I don't pick you.
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