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    Seoul, South Korea

    10:00 PM

    Snowing lightly, with some wind

    "Fantastic baby" - Big Bang

    When the reassuring darkness of the night swallows the capital of South Korea, Seoul, whole the life of the city turns on itself. There are many things that happen in the dark, many things that can never be spoken of, countless things that are to be shared to everyone if you have the right cards on your hand. A place that the government cannot reach because of their own regulations and rules, protected by the ones they despise. The irony makes the darkness chuckle. Usually the streets would be painted with blood, the more abandoned streets have never been clean of anything. Be it alcohol, drugs or blood. The mafia was not responsible for all of it, but somewhere along the many lines connecting to the cause they would be there.

    However now it was around Christmas times. The date was 12th of December, which called for a truce between the two biggest group in Seoul. The Kim's and the Park's. This year it was the Park's leader --Joon-Ki Park-- that was responsible for the party. It was decided that it would be held at Heaven's sin nightclub. Everything was to be offered. Drugs, alcohol and even special services behind closed doors, or opened depending on what they preferred themselves. There was not a single policeman in sight, and even if there was, they would not be stupid enough to thread one foot into the mafia business on their own. This was their night, it was a night of truce between two big families, not between them and the police. The Park's party were always different from the Kim's. It would be at a nightclub instead of a manor, it would be in the middle of town instead of secluded, and the alcohol would be less expensive.

    Despite the difference, the party was always nice. Many met up or met new friends from the other family, little changed from the two of them shooting at each other the next day, but drunken friends did not care about allegiances.

    This year's party was in full swing. The security allowed anyone in with the written invitation as jealous young adults had to stay outside for the night. It was a VIP's only party. "Sins" were already in full swing, a quick look into the different corners and rooms of the clubs would be enough to know, and there were already a few lightweights laying on the floor from the little alcohol they had consumed. Laughter that was almost overpowered by the booming music could be heard everywhere, cheers were being shared and some took the opportunity to exchange gifts with each other.

    All before it turned black.

    "EVERYONE! STAY CALM!" A voice from the dark would call out, a male voice shouting from the top of his lungs. "IT IS JUST A BLACKOUT FROM THE SNOW THAT IS FALLING OUTSIDE! THE BACKUP GENERATOR WILL TURN ITSELF ON SOO-"

    The music returned and the lights flashed everyone's eyes. But everything was not the same, in the cover of the darkness one had sinned more than the others, and all Hell was about to break loose inside of "Heaven"
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    The Park's
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    Heaven's sin
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    Joon-Ki, Hyun
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    @Justinaholic @Luxii

    Hakeyeon had arrived early together with his brother, Joon-Ki, to this years annual Christmas party at Heaven's sin. Obviously the boss of the family had to attend and this was one of the few times of the year where he had the opportunity to get himself something to drink! All of the bartenders back at the HQ had been told by his "dear" older brother to not give him anything, just because he had just turned 19 years old this year, did not mean that he couldn't drink! They were the mafia! They were meant to be outlaws! Okay, he had a slight heart condition, but he took his medicine and the doctor's did not say anything against him drinking! Though he had been strictly told to watch his drinking so he didn't drink too much, but one drop of alcohol could not be too much!

    He had helped his brother prepare for the party with what he could. He checked that there were alcohol in the bar, checked the sound system briefly and cleaned up a couple of tables against his will. Even though he was not the underboss and just a simple gang member, he didn't see anything wrong in helping out, despite it being cleaning and minor jobs. A part of him was hoping that if he was good enough then Joon-Ki would turn the blind eye when it came to alcohol, just for one night! With him he had a little plastic bag filled with small presents. It wasn't a lot, but he had baked before and had tons of leftover cookies. The thought of eating them all himself had crossed his mind, but he loved sharing. He wanted to give some presents to the Park's --obviously he had already given some to Joon-Ki and Hyun-- but there was nothing wrong in sharing with the rest of the family! Plus, he could share some with the Kim's. He wasn't too fond of them, but this was Christmas! A time for joy!

    The club went from completely empty to filled in only a couple of minutes after the party had started. The Kim's had always been on time, it was probably something they were just used to. Haekyeon didn't know much about their family, but he did know they were the "kitties" of the gangs. Who would want to be a cat when they could be the big bad wolf?

    During the night Haekyeon had bounced from one part of the dance floor to the other, he had managed to sneak in one can of beer --not enough to even get him buzzed-- and distributes cookies to whoever he managed to bump into, before he left the plastic bag at the counter of the bar where the bartender had put them out nicely on a little tray. They were chocolate chips! Everybody liked chocolate chip cookies!

    "Hyung!" (older brother) Haekyeon called out as he waved over to Joon-Ki, gesturing for him to join him on the dance floor, but the music had easily washed away his voice in all the noise it was creating, so he ended up being ignored. He pouted a bit to himself, crossing his arms and pushing out his lower lip like a child, before he made his way over to said man. "Hyuuuung~!" He whined loudly as he grabbed onto his arm to get his attention, tugging him a few times towards the dance floor. "Let's dance together! Come on!" He laughed, just before everything turned dark.


    Hakeyeon's attention was grabbed by the voice shouting wherever in the darkness. A blackout? Did it snow that much? He had seen it snow before they arrived, but had it picked itself up? It didn't truly matter as he knew that they had a backup generator in the club, the lights would be back on soon enough. He thought that they had blown another fuse, wasn't really the first time that happened in one of their clubs. The darkness didn't scare him, not one bit if he was going to be completely honest. It had when he was younger, but he wasn't the kid that got locked inside of his room anymore. His brother had taught him to not fear the dark, but this time he wished he was up on his toes a little bit.

    As the generator was slowly powering itself up Haekyeon suddenly felt something hit his throat, he let out a little cough at the sudden impact and brushed it off as someone panicking in the dark, maybe someone who had a phobia against it, but that was until he realized that something was wrong.

    He couldn't breathe.

    His heartbeat shot up as he could hear his pulse thrumming in his ears, his grip tightened on his brother's sleeve as he tugged it a few times. He tried calling out to him, but his voice refused to listen to him more than a small whisper, a whisper that died in the many murmurs of the other visitors in the club that were wondering what was going on. His tug became more and more desperate for some attention, for some help as he began feeling dizzy, his head getting lighter and his tugs became more frequent, but weaker. It didn't help that he was panicking, desperately trying to breathe, but it didn't work. In a way it felt as if there was something in his throat, blocking the air from getting into his lungs. Deadly silent tears began running down his cheeks as he tugged more and more on the sleeve in his hands, wondering if the last thing he was going to see would be the complete darkness he was currently surrounded in.

    Then the power turned on again, but it turned off somewhere else.

    He gave Joon-Ki's sleeve one last tug with the last bits of his strength, before collapsing down on the floor in a very ungraceful manner.

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  3. M Δ L

    Affiliation: The Kim's-Boss|Location:Heaven's sin|Interaction: N/A|Mentioned:Joon-Ki Park, Haek Yeon Park|Tagged: @Justinaholic @CrystalTears

    A deep sigh escaped his lips as Mal settled his cheek into his open palm, his elbow balancing on the edge of the table in his private VIP corner of the club. His legs were crossed, the tip of his shoe tapping the leg of the table lightly, as he plucked a red grape from a glass bowl placed in front of him provided by one of his men. Surrounding him was a group of six, all dressed in the standard Kim family black tailored suit jacket and pants, but instead of a white shirt each sported a holiday red glossy dress shirt and a white tie. To stand out, Mal sported a red jacket with an intricate snowy design and matching pants with a white dress shirt. There were others in the Kim Family who opted to take the night off because of the truce between the two families, wearing club style clothing and dancing within the crowd of Heaven's sin.

    What a way to spend his special day...forced to attend an event in such a sinful environment for a man Mal only wished would drop dead. Tonight should be about him, Mal, Malfunction. Those fighting to get into the club should be fighting each other to attend his own party to celebrate him. The gifts scattered around the club should be for him, the gift one of his men was holding for the Park family should be a gift given to him...but no. Instead of celebrating the day about him, Mal had to hold his breath and keep composure to play off this so-called "truce."

    To Mal, there was no real truce. If he had a choice, he would never call it. But, it was tradition for the Kim and Park family to settle down during the winter holidays for their men. Their men had the month off to spend time with family and friends without the worry of being suddenly ganged up and attacked. Or, ordered on a job that could put their lives' at risk. While they had the month off, Mal knew he didn't. Business was still a go for him. Eyes still glued onto the Park's and any other threats that could be bubbling up.

    But, tonight should be a night of fun?

    "I am ready to leave," Mal sighed, popping a grape into his mouth and chewing slowly, eyes scanning the rest of the club. "Where's our host? Someone find him."

    After a few shuffles of feet, a single man ran out into the center of the club to find the boss of the Park family. Mal shooed away a few personal waiters included in the VIP section, knowing the club had no clean options for him to eat or drink. The club felt so filthy that Mal found himself constantly rubbing his hands vigorously together to the fear of his men around him. Their eyes twitched as they read Mal’s hands, concentrating more on his fingers that always sported the claw rings with the dried, speck of caked on blood on the tips. They knew of his growing irritation of attending the event. But only few knew of today being Mal’s special day…his birthday.

    “Can…can I get you anything else, sir?” a man spoke up.

    “No, but you can enjoy your time here. Have a drink…some food…enjoy the recreational activities provided for us,” Mal answered as a hand swayed over the club. “We don’t want to insult our host for not enjoying our time here.”

    With hesitation, the man left the VIP area to try and have some fun under Mal’s instructions. The night continued with more packing into the club and some brave men timidly walking up to Mal to introduce themselves. For those attending the club with their invite, seeing Mal was their very special holiday gift. Mal was notoriously known for being a mystery. Very few civilians or those who work “underground” have ever even seen Mal in photographs let alone in person this easily. It was their chance to give a great first impression in hopes of someday joining the Kim’s. Mal only nodded and gave short answers to their many questions. At times he would ask them for a piece of paper to scribble down one of the many addresses he used to evade police detection when curious enough to continue the conversation another time. He wasn’t in the mood to give interviews and find background information for these potential new hires. That job was meant for someone else in the family. It was too tedious and cut into Mal’s valuable time. Besides, he had a few men who were qualified for accepting who was in the family. Though, Mal had the final word.

    The lights abruptly cut off. A brief moment of confusion swept the club as a sudden announcement interrupted the blasting music.

    Mal calmly took out his phone, letting the bright light of the screen create deep shadows across his structured face. The club was at a low hush, voices whispering to each other about when the lights would return. Snow was to blame of the blackout, but Mal only heard it as an excuse. If he was hosting the party, there would be no blackouts, no interruptions; nothing would stop the momentum of the party. It wouldn’t be at this shitty, disgusting club, but at an elegant venue with a true holiday theme. Beautiful decorations displayed on every free space possible with a Christmas tree as tall as a natural pine would welcome those to the center. That’s the party he wanted to be at.

    As quickly as the power was off, the backup generator kicked in to bring the party back to life. After the cheer of the revival of light, the party started again at the dismay of Mal. He continued to play with his phone, his thumb swiping up across the screen as flashes of blue and red bounced against his face with the muffle beeps fighting against the music.

    There was another interruption. Glancing to the side, Mal spotted a fallen small man laid sprawled on the ground with a hand grabbing at his sleeve.

    “Oh my goodness, will someone help him?” Mal asked flatly, his eyes focusing back on his phone.

    One of his men nodded and began to step away from their area, but Mal caught him by the elbow of his sleeve and shook his head silently, not breaking concentration from his phone.

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  4. [​IMG]
    "Lana, you're too stiff." Sean quickly rose up from his seat, his dance shoes making small clacks against the polished hardwood flooring. A husband and his wife were getting lessons today, Sean usually didn't blow off a party where his gang was showing up, he made it a point to show up for such occasions when his family did. However, this time was different and he was given the option to not go and he could have declined. Which he did. Mark and Lana were getting married in a few weeks and it was only natural for a traditional wedding that they have their first dance, and while it wasn't like the movie Dirty Dancing, Sean tried to encourage his clients to let loose. It brought happiness and closeness to the couple and heaven forbid if it didn't spice up their sex life. Dancing was very sensual, one could find the most valuable info by watching a person dance, Sean believed that wholeheartedly. He gave a smile and lifted his arms to his chest and down again to imitate breathing "The first dance as husband and wife is more symbolic than an action. Moving together as one shows the elements. A relationship must be as sturdy as a mountain but as flowing as a tide, you show this in your first dance." He gave a chuckle and lifted the remote from his pocket, turning the music on once more, this time it was slow and melodic, much like how their dance song would be at first. "One more try then you two are free to go" He watched them move, studied them.

    The couple was done with their dance and were collecting their things to leave, Sean set up another session for them in his phone and bid them farewell as he collected his own things and closed up his studio. He felt that he was missing something however, as his phone was quick to remind him, it was Mal's birthday. Of course, how could he have forgotten, the night was still young however and he assumed the family must still be at the club, why not stop there and say hello once he picked out a gift for his boss. He had not received a message from Hansol yet but that didn't phase Sean, the man he adopted as a father was a fickle man, he liked his peace. He hoped he wasn't getting in trouble however. Hansol had a knack for that. Sean wore dress shoes as usual but he had a pair on converse in the trunk of his car in case he had somewhere else to go. He also adorned a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and black suspenders, his shirt hung out of his jeans but he didn't mind, dark denim jeans that had a few holes in them, he dressed out of place but he looked damn good in it. If he was going to head by the club he would need to buy a gift. The air of Take Me Home Tonight by Eddie Money rang into his ears, such a good singer, Sean loved Eddie Money. He had no other ideas for a gift, him and Mal weren't exactly best buds, but he took a deep breath and turned into the parking lot of a local surplus supply store.

    Thirty dollars of his life to get this gift, well two but one of them was huge. He didn't have wrapping paper but somehow had tape in his trunk and that's how he made a gorgeously wrapped present with all the writing of current events in Korea, newspaper. If he had the time he could probably find a dog in the mess of his car. He even made a bow, but don't ask him how crafty he got on something someone would rip apart anyways. Sean tugged off his leather jacket and slipped it into the car before he closed the door and locked it. He gave a heavy sigh and took the box into the club. Hoping the families wouldn't be trying to slice each other, he wasn't in the mood for an altercation.
    This was strange, the club wasn't jumping with people dancing and Sean felt so upset by this. There were circles of people around one section of the floor that he couldn't see but it seemed like someone had probably taken too many drugs and overdosed on the dance floor. Wouldn't be the first time it had happened. Sean's eyes scanned for his boss and found him sitting alone rather, this too made him upset but he couldn't think anything of it. Holding his gift tightly he walked up the steps, saying hello to a few of the associates before setting the box down on the table with a grin that took half of his face, patting the top of the box with pride. He loved birthdays. And he had thought of the best gift, the gift of jello in every different flavor, Sean loved Jello and he knew everyone else liked Jello even if they didn't say so, everyone loved Jello, it was just a fact. He bought the biggest box and even if mal didn't like his gift, it would give him a good laugh... Sean hoped. "For the birthday Happy Birthday Boss!" The fact that Mal wasn't smiling didn't phase Sean in the slightest, he was cheerful today.

    Hansol- @Jihae

    Mal- @Pray4me

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  5. Affiliation: The Kim || Location: Apartment → Heaven's sin || Outfit: Christmas!|| Interaction: Mal, Sean & Hyun (indirect) || Mentioned: Hansol || Tagged: @Pray4me @Leucothea @Jihae @Luxii ||

    In his hand he swung a cord around, the speed making it into a dangerous whip that threatened to poke his eye a few times, but his white rimmed glasses protected him against its attack. His feet were placed on top of a desk that hadn't been cleaned for months, his heels planted down in a dried out soda spot, though one removed itself when his right leg crossed over his left, linked at the ankles. A pair of pink headset were placed over his ears as he listened to sweet, sweet codes that were read out loud to him by the male AI he had programmed a few weeks back. Of course he was reading it off one of the ten PC monitors in front of him at the same time, but hearing it read to him was some sort of guilty pleasure, especially when he knew that it was understood. How many times had he walked up to someone in a bar and began babbling on about the digital world and its weaknesses? A firewall. . . Psh, those were a joke if they weren't programmed correctly. They needed a good algorithm in order to pass through, they needed false leads so that the hacker thought they were getting somewhere, but were being sucked down into a digital wormhole. It was for the sake of buying time so that it was possible to track his IP-address or maybe even hack him back. The blonde had fashioned it as a sport to do the later, because tracking an IP-address was too easy if the hacker was stupid enough to fall for a false code in the first place.

    "Hacking complete,"

    He planted his red shoes on the ground and let out a little groan, before he folded his hands together to crack his fingers. "Ooooh~! That is soooo sexy!" He moaned to himself as he pushed himself closer to his desk and keyboard, his fingers levitating towards the keyboard out of pure instinct. "Damn! That gets me every time. If only I could make you bend me over AI," he murmured to himself in a disappointed tone before focusing a little bit more at the task of hand. Numbers were typed at a rapid pace along with a few letters here and there, seemingly random for anyone that didn't know the world of hacking, but it was all well-placed codes that couldn't be written wrong in order for it to be a successful hack. This was the fun part of hacking, the active part and the part where he got to dig around to find all sorts of dirt. He loved it dirty. The dirtier the better.

    "Let me see. . . What have you been up to, you naughty boy?" He asked as he clicked through the hard drive of the computer he had hacked into. It was funny how people thought that deleting it from the computer erased it from existence, it was still safely tucked somewhere in the hard drive, far from particular hard to find too. "Oh-ho... You filmed this? Wooooow! You are dirty!" A laughter bubbled up in the room as he dragged the file into his own computer --on a different monitor-- and then closed out of hard drive. A hacker had to act fast, a second too long and he wouldn't be able to duck back out without being detected. He was a ninja! The digital one! The most deadly one! "Aaaand now. . . " He smirked to himself. ". . . Let's refresh your memory . . . shall we?" He smirked as he pulled up the owner's monitor and happily put the file over, pressing play to let the curtains rise for the owner of the computer.

    The webcam had already been hacked so he could see that the man was seated in front of the computer, probably looking at some business files. How surprised was he going to be when his affair video was shown to him? The one he deleted two weeks ago?

    ~~~Somewhere else~~~
    In the midst of searching through his inbox, a little figurine showed up on his screen. He tried clicking away, but it did not take the imagine away. The figurine was of a male with pink rimmed glasses dressed in a white cat hoodie, blonde hair and dark eyes, obviously dyed hair. The little digital figurine had a huge envelope sealed with a little heart. It winked at him before it opened the envelope, and out of it came the video he could have swore he had deleted.

    Underneath it all was a message.

    "If you do not wish this to be given to your wife. Please follow these instructions. Otherwise, this will be sent to your wife in two days~ Go to the given address with a bag filled with 5 million dollars. If not, then expect divorce papers~!"

    ~~~Back at the HQ!~~~
    "Ooooh! I can hear his world cruuumbling!" Gongchan wriggled in his chair excitedly before he stood up and turned off all of his monitors except one. Happily he skipped over to a nicely little wrapped present --that was wrapped in a childish teddy bear wrapping paper-- and another smaller package that had santa hat wrapping paper all around it. The ribbon around both presents weren't the best and prettiest, but it was what Gongchan had managed to do on his own. He was skillful with his hands, but those ribbons just did something to his brain that made it malfunction! Speaking of "malfunction", he had to hurry up so he could deliver the presents! He stuffed them inside of his teddy bear backpack, and strapped it to his back, before he ventured out into the cold to catch a taxi.​

    Usually Gongchan wasn't too big on the annual Christmas parties. He was a bigger fan of staying at home in front of his computer to either hack, blackmail or play video games. Of course he went out every now and then, but he enjoyed the time inside a lot more, especially if he had a partner to enjoy the indoors with. Snuggles in bed --or more-- were always welcomed after all. However this year the party's date had ended up on the Boss's birthday, and of course Gongchan wanted to give the man a present! They were nerd buddies! They had to be together on such a day! Unfortunately the party was there too. . . so Gongchan was forced outside of his apartment and into the social world.

    He was slightly late to the party, but he managed to sneak his way inside with his invitation that he pulled out of his pockets, hurrying inside since he hadn't brought a jacket with him. The music was loud, but he enjoyed it. It was one of his favorite songs actually! A song that would be stuck in his head forever now that he first thought about it. His headset was still hanging over his shoulders as he adjusted his santa hat a little bit. He was Santa Channie right now! "Abooooji~!" He called out as he looked around in the club for him. His eyes caught sight of Hyun in the corner of his eye and he sent him a quick wink and a flying kiss, but he was on a mission so he would have to hit up with him a little bit later. Gongchan zoomed in on where Sean and Malfunction was --ignoring everyone else on his way there-- as he flung his teddy bear backpack around so it was sitting on his stomach.

    "Hey! Sean! You're here too! I got your present too! Buuuut~! Birthday boy first!" Gongchan laughed as he handed first one gift. He had gotten the male a NES. It was old, but definitely one of the best things in this world. Gongchan usually played on his own NES every now and then. "Aaaand. . . Here is your Christmas present!" He added as he handed over a smaller pack. That was the Legend of Zelda game. He wasn't sure if the boss was huge on RPG games, but at least now he had a game for his NES! His eyes traveled straight over to Sean as he dug more in his backpack. A present miraculously made it out of his teddy bear backpack and he handed it over to Sean with a bright smile. He had gotten the male a pair of leather pants, and that was completely on purpose. He really wanted to see the male in those pants, because that butt --which Gongchan had studied whenever he had the chance-- deserved a pair of hot pants! "Aboji! Let's get a drink together! I wanna get wasted!" The nineteen year old Gongchan said as he laughed and looked at Sean. "You too! We need to get drunk!" He slung his little teddy back so that it was on his back again and adjusted his santa hat to not be over his eyes.

    "Where's Hansol? I got him a gift too! And I need to get him waaasted!"

    ▇▇▇▇ “난 너무 멋져” ▇▇▇▇

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    MENTIONED: @Leucothea @CrystalTears
    INTERACTED: @Pray4me

    December 4th was a trifling time. It was the anniversary of Min Jung In's death. Though meaningless in multiple cases, G was certain to visit his former boss' grave with full anticipation during his lunch. He asked one of his workers to come with him and monitor his actions just in case he got too "emotional." When the clock struck 11PM, the superior and his peasant stepped out of their conglomerate kingdom, the weather gray and cold with their sandwiches in hand, signaling the start of the upcoming winter. A black car with tinted windows pulled up in front of them. The front passenger seat's window rolled down for confirmation that the two were not going to be harmed during the drive. Stepping into the car, the superior whispered an address into the driver's submissive ear and smiled to himself, as the driver commemorated him for visiting someone historical and dead.

    Oh, if only he knew.

    Within half an hour, the three arrived at a cemetery. The area was spacious and full of life; trees and flowers scattered across the plot neatly as a nice gravel path hugged the graves around it, giving the dead two meters under comfort from above. G and his worker stepped out of the car after G told the driver to stay put.

    He was glad to be the new CEO of Samsung. Being the most powerful position in a well known company, he didn't have to raise his voice around those lower than him, his workers always obeyed his orders with no intention talking back or questioning orders.
    If there was one good thing about society, it would be that people were put into their place. Those with a different mindset or opinion get labeled as unworthy and are immediately shunned by the negatively-biased media.
    Heels from formal work shoes clattered against cold gravel for what seemed like miles until both G and his worker arrived at a gravestone. It looked different from the rest. Wealthy. Significant. Holy.

    "Do you know who this is?"
    "The previous CEO of Samsung. Served whole-heartedly until his death on December 4th, which happens to be today."
    "Do you know how it came to be that he lies two meters (6 feet) below us?"
    Void chatter filled the two of them up to satisfaction, unraveling questions that didn't need to be answered but was nice to say anyways. Their voices were quiet, too quiet, and everything they said was seeping into the ground below, blanketing the one body they chose to visit today.

    "The cause of death has been unknown, so people resorted to blaming his death on you. What's the significance?"
    "I do not think you would like to hear my opinions of you using that tone. Please correct yourself immediately."
    In the corner of his eye, G could see his worker clench his jaw with a roll of his eyes. If it wasn't for the fact that a cemetery was a place to be formal, G would have mentally and physically bruised him before ruining his life by making him jobless and broke.
    "The death of Jung In Min is unknown. I do not know anymore about the topic. Why do you ask, sir?"
    G smiled at the changed response. His worker was a tenacious sycophant, and it didn't take G long for him to know that his worker might use him for leverage in the future. Unfortunately, G has full intentions to keep his position as CEO and he vocalizes that mere fact to his worker very clearly.
    "Months into our sexual affair, Min Jung In found out that I was using him for mere leverage from some little birdy. Unfortunately, he already signed the contract to appoint me as the new CEO and he could not take it back. He stabbed himself with the knife he found in my bedroom and now he's where right where he should be. Dead. I became CEO of Samsung Electronics that way." G ended his sentence with a sinister smile, but reflecting back on his past was enough to make him frustrated.

    G waltzed over to Min Jung In's pathetic grave with a heartless gleam slathered across his face. Unzipping his black skinny jeans to pull them down slightly, urine began to trickle down a marble headstone, an exhale of sinister pleasure escaped from G's nose. The worker merely shifted his eyes around the desolate environment with ennui, in case some mourning bystander witnessed the cold emotions pouring from his boss' genitals.
    "Do you know how I got back into remission for a full year?"
    "No, sir. The cause of that is unknown."
    "Oh, good.~ I was afraid that another little birdy might let out more secrets of mine. Let us keep that information where it should be."

    G zipped up his pants satisfactorily, eyeing the sin he committed with a brief glee. G motioned his worker to follow him back to the car with a flick of his hand and the two walked back in silence. In the corner of his eye, G's nameless worker bowed at him, and just like that his day was enjoyable and one for the books.

    The ride back to Samsung consisted of more mindless chatter, something about gifts and the like.

    "Hey, get something for my superior's birthday."
    "That's funny, I didn't think you would have a superior with your attitude."
    "Again, do not use that tone of voice with me."
    "I was only joking. Anyways, what does he like?"
    "You know, I'm not quite sure, but I saw him eating candy once. Jelly, I think. Get him those. Oh, and also give him something in the retro area. Games, movies, fashion. That's going back in trend, is it not?"
    "I'm not too sure. When and where would you like this gift to be brought?"
    "To be honest, I really don't give a shit. Making sure the gift gets to him at some point is a much more important thing than due dates and location."
    "His name?"
    "How silly."
    "Ugh, tell me about it. Look him up he's probably done something infamously newsworthy."
    "I'll do as ordered."
    "Oh, don't be cheap about it, either. Purchase a huge amount of things for him since we don't really have a budget at this point. Plus, if I look cheap, he's not going to be happy about it."
    "What, does he beat you or something?"
    G exhaled a single laugh at his worker's casual remarks. His gaze shifted over to his lower-rank with a friendly connotation before his face morphed into something much more serious.
    "Don't talk to me or mention something like that ever again. Do you understand?"

    Heaven's Sin became the life of the night. The stars were dabbling in illicit dances and the moon was drunk off girly cocktail drinks. The night alone was all that it took to slip G into a pit of utter disgust. Loud noises and crowded bodies were not his thing, and he could smell sweat with every seductive body he passed. Walking over to the VIP area for the Kim's was a whole new chore on its own, because for what seemed like every two minutes, some female or male would put their gritty hands on G's shirt to "get a better look." The only thing that they got back was a simple, "I really don't think you want to take me home." with an angry shove to bolster his statement. G questioned the Park's choices of their VIP list, but it didn't matter him too much. It didn't take long for him to see figures of familiar silhouettes, and it made G very excited to actually see people, especially Sean. Walking up to the Kim's VIP area, he could see the rest of the members giving gifts to the birthday man, Mal.
    "Hey birthday boy~ I bought you your gift, but I don't really know when it's coming, so... enjoy it fully when it comes to you~"
    G half-smiled at Mal before giving him a small wink. Because Mal was technically his superior and because it was his birthday, he didn't want to totally kill the mood, which he was very capable of doing after what went on when he was walking over to the VIP area.

    Feeling a bit stiff and angsty, G rolled his shoulders and stretched a little bit as an attempt to release some tension that was creeping up his spine.
    "Alright~ Let's go people! I need to fucking party or get wasted or something or else I won't be happy!"
    Although he said that, G immediately sat down on the VIP couch and let out a sigh of relief that he actually had enough patience and effort to get where he was.
    And then he remembered that he was supposed to go get wasted by Gonchan.
    "Fucking hell, I don't even know why I sat down if I was going to get back up again..."
    As soon as he stood up, the club full of blaring lights soon went dark. The stereos made a loud, ear aching, ring as a reaction to the sudden blackout and people were in a minimal frenzy. Unsure of what was going on, G just sat back down and waited for the lights to turn on. Eventually the blackout was over and G's sight adjusted to the sudden change in light. He could see some other figure lying on the ground and he almost wanted to burst out laughing. Stifling his laughter in, G put his hand slightly over his lips and kept a solid blank expression.
    "How concerning."

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  7. [​IMG]
    It was a bright sunny day, the scenery was quiet, few birds chirped as it seemed something had scared them off, something loud. Sure there was music in the air, from a few speakers that hung on the walls surrounding a glistening pool filled with bright cyan water. At the bottom was a dead male, his mouth wide open as if he had been screaming but no teeth remained in his mouth, his hands and feet tied up like a hog. Beneath him was a 100lbs brick with chunks of molar and root, all red and stained with the blood of their owner, they had been ripped out. The speakers playing some Smooth Frank Sinatra. It was almost dead silent in the home itself, until..

    "You gotta be shittin me Tony, where is my damn money?!" A loud Brooklyn accent roared into place, seeming to rattle a few plates. A male tried to talk back but it seemed like he was gurgling, pain filled. "I don't know, we gave it to Fred, he said he was gonna drop it off to ya honest! That the last time I seen it" The man behind the pain filled voice shook his head, his mouth filled with blood which he tried to swallow, this man had both his incisors removed, like a backwards vampire. It was hard for him to speak clearly and every so often, he spat out blood onto a plastic blue tarp, someone had planned to do this to him. He muttered a quick 'no' and sputtered once more. His hands were tied as well, to two ten gallon buckets of raw cement. The growls of a creature large in size ringing in his head, yet he dared to not look around for the creature.

    His eyes were locked on the shirtless figure that walked about, plotting what to do with him next. This was Trevor, the drug dealer of dealers, he was a king and he was feared like a god. Many had tried to one up him but this male, he felt nothing, he was nothing. The human embodiment of fear, and what's worse, he seemed to love it, feed off of the pain of others. Tony blinked and his eyes met with the unreadable gorgeous blue eyes of Trevor, his eyes shone like the brightest blue sky. Tony shivered and tried not to speak.

    Trevor's hand went up to the males teeth once again, his hair in specks of chocolate and green, his face serious. His thick Brooklyn accent roared again "Oh, he don't have my money, his ass is at the bottom of my pool. You hear that?" Trevor stopped talking and looked at the empty space of the room, in one area, as if another person was standing there with him. Tony managed to move his eyes, no one was there. Hear what? Who was he talking to? Trevor laughed and waved Tony's switchblade around in a loose fashion, Trevor's laugh got more violent in nature and sound "You hear that? This fucker says Freddy's got my money... Does Freddy have my Coke too? Huh? you and fuckin Freddy been snortin my damn cocaine. You still got it? Still got it in your fucking teeth Tony" Trevor used his other hand to snag a tooth with the pliers he held, Tony shook his head lightly and screamed 'no no no no' Trevor nodded yes and pulled. There went another tooth to add to the small collection on Tony's bloodied lap. The man screamed and Trevor just laughed, he loved humor.

    Trev forced the man still with his switchblade hand and was about to steal another tooth when his phone rang in his pocket. He looked bothered by it, but he knew who was calling, it was his brother. As evil as Trevor was he wouldn't not answer a call from his brother, he was family after all. His eyes flashed by Tony's and the blade went to his nose "You say a fucking word while I'm on the phone and you lose your Hot Dog and meatballs." Trevor fished the phone from his pocket and moved away to answer the call, it took a few seconds but the response was instant. He loved getting calls from his brother at the worst damn time. The conversation was simple:

    "Hey Bro, what cha up to?"
    "Nah I just have some company over, they all chillin in the pool. One fucker got drunk and he just fell in so we had to cement his teeth to his face. It was gross. How's school? How's your grades, you keeping those up?"
    "How's your girl?"

    Tony took this moment to scream for help though he could barely speak. To his dismay Trevor lowered the phone, put it on mute and grabbed the blade from the kitchen knife block and waltzed over. "I said to be quiet and you don't listen. You know how rude that is? Too damn rude" Trevor straddled the male and unzipped his pants. The screams of bloody murder rang out, good thing he lived in the middle of nowhere. A gunshot followed, echoing into the sky and scaring the far off birds. Trevor fixed himself and stood up, letting the man fall limp. His member shoved into his mouth. The living man scoffed, what a mess. He picked up the phone and continued speaking with his brother, until he remembered..

    It was Mal's birthday. How could he have forgotten.

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  8. JOON-KI

    #BCCCFF Heaven's SinHis BMWThe Hospital Sledge Park Family Boss Favorite Weapon Joon-Ki's Outfit Haekyeon
    Joon-Ki didn't really see the reason for this "truce" between his Family's Gang and the Kim's. They would all just shoot and fight one another tomorrow; nothing would be different. He only agreed to hosting another one of these parties because it was tradition; even though he ran Park like no one else before him, he still took traditions deathly serious. He was sitting in his V.I.P. Area of the club, taking small sips of his Vodka and Whisky Mix. He only drunk the hard shit, nothing light would get him the way he liked to be when he got drunk. He loved feeling the burn down his throat, it made him fill alive. Everything he did had to be an adrenaline rush; if he was fighting someone Joon-Ki had to always go for the extra mile. He loved smashing people's heads in and turning them into a bloody mess of unrecognizable matter; it was fun for him to torture people before he killed them. He was known as a bit of a psychopath around Seoul. Most gangs weren't crazy enough or arrogant enough to go after him and The Parks; only The Kim's had the idiotic bravery to go after his family and live the next day. He looked towards the dance floor and shook his head as he saw one of his men dancing with a Kim gang member. "Aye motherfucker!" He motioned for his member to come up to the V.I.P. Area.

    The man knew he was in deep shit now; Joon-Ki never called someone over in a club when it was for good news. He stood up and was about a foot or so taller than the gang member. Rubbing his chin with his free hand, he took another gulp of his drink and slammed the glass down on table; breaking it in small pieces. Pulling on the man's hair and forcing him down on his knees; he looked into the man's terrified eyes. "Just because we're playing this little game of being civil for the night, doesn't mean you can go around fucking with those tight-asses." He snarled and wrapped his hand around the man's neck. "Next time I see you dancing with one of those bastards..." He grabbed his cigar from the ashtray and lit it, letting it burn for a few seconds. He turned back around to the gang member, who was about to piss himself. "... I won't be soo forgiving." He slowly shoved the lit cigar into the man's face. His pain filled screams were washed out by the music and Joon-Ki just smirked. "Now that you understand... go have fun." He pushed the man away from him and sat back down; as if nothing had happened.

    Though he treated all of his men as his flesh and blood, he wouldn't let them get away with something like that without some form of punishment. The gang member knew he was lucky. Most of Joon-Ki's punishments usually ended up with the person going missing and turning up a few days later, disfigured and looking like a shark had chewed them up and threw them back up. He wasn't having a good night and to see one of his own men dance with the enemy didn't help him feel relaxed in the slightest.

    His night was fucked from the minute he stepped into the club and spotted members of Kim all around. He didn't trust them and he knew that those sneaky bastards probably would try something that night; he knew how those motherfuckers played their games. While The Parks did business in a more chaotic way, at least they showed their true colors. The Kims only showed a small part of their true nature. The other part they all shared in common was sneakiness and cowardice tactics. Joon-Ki truly wanted them all to be set on fire or thrown in a vat of acid. Both scenarios would satisfy him.

    Forgetting about the other gang and his own idiotic gang member, he started smoking his cigar and was becoming more relaxed and calmer. One thing about him that even a stranger could see after just being around him for a few seconds was that, when Joon-Ki wasn't upset or angry, he was as emotional and readable as a statue. Only his eyes showed the ferocity that lied inside of The Park's Alpha Male. The only person that has ever witnessed the compassionate side of him, which most don't even think he has, is his dear baby brother, Haekyeon. Speaking of Haekyeon. He spotted the cheerful boy heading his way. "Oh great..." He shook his head and was already standing up when the boy came bouncing his way.

    He wasn't really in the mood to dance or do anything, but drink and smoke. Knowing his brother though, he knew that the boy would keep pleading with him to dance; until he eventually gave in. "Fine..." He let himself be dragged to the middle of the dance floor, shoving a few people out of the way. His large physique took over a big space. "I'm only doing this for you Haekyeon." He grinned, actually smiling for the first time in forever. He started moving a little, getting into the groove; when the lights and music went off. "What the fuck now?" He looked around in the darkness, feeling his brother's hand on his arm. He knew that Haekyeon use to be terrified of the dark; he had to make sure his brother wouldn't have a panic attack or anything like that. "Just stay calm... the lights will be back on soon."

    As if on command, the lights and the music came right back on. He squinted his eyes as the light blinded him for a few seconds. "Damn it... fuck!" He yelled over the music. Joon-Ki didn't notice that something was wrong with his baby brother until he felt a hard tug against his jacket and then heard a thump against the floor right beside him. He turned around and spotted his brother passed out on the dance floor. "Haekyeon!" He yelled, as he dropped to the ground and placed his arms around the boy's head. He looked at him and pulled open his shut eyelids. The boy's pupils weren't focusing and that just made Joon-Ki want to break someone's neck. He could see the tear streaks running down Haekyeon's face. He balled up his fists as he motioned for his boys to come over to him.

    "Yo! Get the fuck over here and bring Haekyeon to my car... now!" Even the music wasn't loud enough for his voice to not be heard by his men. Standing up, he looked around the room and just growled at anyone who's eyes connected with his own. He knew that Haekyeon's heart condition could sometimes cause him to pass out, but he was on his meds and they had been working for the past few months. Whatever caused him to pass out this time; it definitely had nothing to do with his bad heart.

    He bit down on his bottom lip until he felt blood coat the tip of his tongue. He was fighting the urge to charge over to the Kim's V.I.P. Area and beat the living shit out of all of them. He knew that they had something to do with what had happened to his brother; or he thought they did. He would've broke their necks right then and there if he wasn't the only one able to bring Haekyeon to the hospital to get checked out. He didn't trust anyone when it came to caring for Haekyeon; no one would be able to take care of his baby brother like he did. "Fuck this shit..." He stormed towards the exit of the club, not without first shoving a poor bartender to the floor; who had a full tray of alcoholic beverages, which all smashed onto the floor as the bartender came crashing down next.

    Stepping over the man, Joon-Ki walked out into the now snowing outside. He looked up into the sky as the snow lightly started covering his black hair, turning it into a black and white art piece. "Haekyeon better be fucking ok." He walked over this his BMW and spotted his men placing his brother in the back, who was still unconscious. Usually he wasn't one to go to the doctors for anything; having doctors come to him and perform whatever procedures that were needed in a secluded warehouse. For Haekyeon though, he would go to the official Seoul medical hospital or anywhere else that would be able to help him.

    Before starting his car, he turned to the gang member that sat in the Passenger seat. "I want you to text everyone else and tell them to meet us at the hospital." The gang member nodded and was handed Joon-Ki's phone, which had every member of The Park's contact numbers in it or some kind of way to get in touch with the ones who didn't have phones. As the member started texting and calling several important Park Members, Joon-Ki started his car. Speeding out of the club's parking lot.

    At every red light, he looked back at his brother, who was laying on two gang members' laps; they were trying to wake him up, but nothing was working. "Come on... come on. Turn fucking Green already!" He yelled at the light, which finally turned green and he sped down the streets; not caring about cars honking at him with he skipped a few red lights. "We're almost fucking there." He spoke as he drove down the last street towards the hospital.

    Once the hospital was in sight, Joon-Ki nearly smacked into a parked car; that's how fast he was going. "Get him out." They all hopped out the car and he walked towards the entrance. The gang member that had Joon-Ki's phone would wait outside for the other Park Members to come. He knew that his men were a wild bunch, but they would drop everything when they heard that Haekyeon was in the hospital; or they better drop everything. He needed to speak to all of them about what their next actions were going to be. He looked back at his brother's limp body, as the two gang members carried him into the hospital.

    Joon-Ki went to the front desk and slammed his hands on the counter. "Hey. My brother needs a doctor, now. I don't want to hear that; "please wait right here sir" shit, or that; "you'll have to take a seat and a doctor will be with you momentarily" bullshit either." He looked at the nurse, who knew he wasn't playing any games with her today.

    Nodding her head, she called whomever she needed to call for an available doctor. A few seconds later, a doctor could be seen walking down the hall towards Joon-Ki and the men holding his brother. "Yeah, I don't want to hear anything you have to say. My brother was at a club and the lights went out. When they came back on he passed out. Find out what's wrong with him, fucking now." He walked towards a vacant room, with the doctor talking to the gang members as they placed Haekyeon on a bed. "He has a bad heart, but that is not what caused this... I fucking know it. You better do something for him, or I'll break your fucking neck." He didn't care that he was threatening a doctor right about now; it wouldn't be the first time he threatened someone in the medical field and it wouldn't be the last.
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  9. TARIQ

    #E68066 Heaven's Sin(Parking Lot)Inside Heaven's Sin Hollywood Kim Family Gang Member Favorite Weapon Tariq's Outfit Mal || G || Sean || Gongchan || Jun-Ho
    Tariq had gotten to the party a little late, since he had to DJ at a way more exclusive and upscale club a few hours ago. Heaven's Sin definitely was not the type of club he would ever promote for any reason. The only reason he was even stepping into the establishment was because his gang had a yearly truce party with The Parks; the most classless and dirtiest gang there was. Also it was his Boss' birthday and he couldn't mess that, even if it meant he would have to spend a few hours inside of a club full of people who just looked like they were riddled with diseases and filth. He wasn't one to cause too much drama, but in Heaven's Sin there was bound to be some form of chaos; either from the two biggest gangs having a heated argument or some drunk idiot throwing up on his very expensive outfit. He could've headed home and changed into a less flashy outfit, but he wouldn't be Hollywood if he didn't always dress like he was going to a Red Carpet Event.

    Sitting in his car, he looked at all of his beautifully wrapped gifts. Though it was only Mal's birthday today, Tariq still bought gifts for all of Kim. It was close enough to Christmas, and he wouldn't be around on the 25th anyway; he would be spending some time with family. He was also booked to DJ for some newly formed KPop boy band's album release party on the 24th. He had a busy schedule, being the most sought after DJ in South Korea; he never went a day without someone blowing up his phone about playing at their birthday or for some crazy club opening. The life of a highly in demand Music Prodigy was a hectic and busy one, but worth it in the end. He smirked at the gold and silver wrapping that each gift had. He made sure the wrapping paper was placed on each gift perfectly; even though it was going to ripped off in a few seconds, he still loved to have the outside look as good as what was on the inside.

    When it came to gifts, he usually bought the most expensive things there was; that was just his style and he loved The Kim members like a second family. They were more his family than his father side of his family. Tariq was only going to spend the holiday with his mother's family. The side that accepted all of him and didn't care who he laid down with or what he did in his life. He couldn't believe that a gang treated him kinder than his own family did. It was crazy and he would never forget any of them no matter what happened further down the line in life.

    "Ok, time to go see everyone. They're probably all drunk by now." He laughed, as he hopped out of his car. He placed the bigger and heavier gifts on the hood of his car. Tariq didn't notice the men coming towards the parking lot, until he heard someone yell out something he couldn't fully hear. "What..." He moved to the side as the men carrying an unconscious male moved towards a BMW. The man in the other ones' arms was Haekyeon Park, a member and the youngest son of The Park Family. He knew about the higher level members of the rival gangs, just like everyone else and vice versa. He was slightly worried about the guy; just because they were suppose to be enemies didn't mean he couldn't care about him being ok. "Man, I hope it's nothing serious." He watched as Joon-Ki Park, the Park Boss, headed towards his car.

    He was nearly ran over by the BMW; luckily he reacted fast enough and jumped to the opposite side of the parking lot. "I mean, I know he's in a rush but... HE COULD'VE FUCKING KILLED ME!" He yelled to himself, watching the car leave down the street. "I really do hope he's ok though." Sighing heavily, Tariq turned on his heels and started making his way to the entrance of the club. The gifts were heavy and some were too big to carry with the others; so he had to leave them outside until he got some help to bring them in.

    The 6'5", 275 pound man definitely made an entrance everytime he walked into a building. It wasn't that often that people saw someone like him walk around South Korea; when he was younger he hated it. Now he liked being different and having all eyes on him. He looked around the club and spotted a few Kim members in the V.I.P. Area. He grinned their way; before he had a few lower ranked members help him bring the gifts to the table. He had to sidestep a few thirsty men and women who just couldn't keep their hands to themselves. "I'll get back to you later..." He was lying; he just didn't want to hurt their feelings. He had very high standards when it came to dating or getting with someone. They had to actually want him for him and not just because he was some large piece of candy for the night. He could be very flirtatious and slutty at times, but he didn't give his body to any random horny man or woman without them earning it first.

    He knew one man that gave his body to anyone willing; his friend Gongchan. He was the first one Tariq walked up behind. Giving him a hug from behind. "Hey sexy." He grinned, moving from him to Sean. "Hey." He moved to the seating area and looked at Mal with a smirk on his face, as the assorted gifts were placed on the table. "Guess what Santa brought you all?" He laughed and started handing each Kim member their gift.

    He was good at reading other people and he knew he was giving each person the right gift, or he hoped he was. For Mal, he bought the man a unique piece of artwork. He didn't know what it was meant to be, but he did know that Mal would love it. He also had a stack of 5,000 dollars in a smaller bag just as an extra gift since it WAS his birthday and all. "Happy birthday, Old Man." He grinned at him. He handed Gongchan his gift next. It was a diamond choker, which he knew the man would adore. "You'll probably wear that and use it in ways it wasn't mean to be used..." He winked at the man, handing Sean's gift out next. Tariq knew how hopelessly romantic the man was so instead of getting him something expensive and flashy, he got the man a collection of the fifty most romantic movies in Hollywood History. "Here you go Mr. Romance." He couldn't hold back his laughter anymore, as he pushed the huge bag towards Sean. He loved teasing the man when it came to how romantic and emotional he was, it was cute and Tariq loved picking on him because of it.

    G was the next one who's gift he almost couldn't come up with. G is one of the only members of Kim that Tariq can't really read emotionally and find out what makes the man happy. When he first met G, he actually thought that the man was a robot or an unemotional demon. He eventually found out that G loved causing pain and all that BDSM crazy shit, so he thought up the perfect gift. "Here you go G... enjoy." He slid the heavy box over to the Underboss of The Kim Family. It was a box full of BDSM items and he tried to keep a serious face, but he just couldn't. He knew how to start a party and he could even make someone as moody as G and even Mal smile once in a while. It was just in his nature to cheer people up when they needed it. He had one gift left but that gang member hadn't shown up yet; he would just leave it in the seat until he showed up. "Now... where are my gifts?" He raised an eyebrow, hoping to see that at least one friend/member remembered to get him something.
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  10. TOKYO

    #63DB33 PhotoshootHeading To HospitalHospital Envy Park Family Gang Member Favorite Weapon Tokyo's Outfit Haekyeon
    "Is this what you want?! Do I look good?! Do you love it?!" Tokyo was having a blast at his Photoshoot; it was for a local magazine and he couldn't believe he was picked to be on the cover. He never took any job very seriously, but something about Modeling always gave him a different kind of rush that wasn't likely to get him killed if he pushed too hard. He has been through multiple careers; he always went back to modeling when nothing else worked out though. Today, he was shooting his first magazine shoot ever and he knew that he was going to be all over South Korea. He changed his name and appearance when he moved from America; there was a lot of insanity going on in his life. He HAD to leave or he would be dead or in jail for the things he was forced to do and the things he did because of his own issues and demons he still refuses to acknowledge he needs help with.

    The photoshoot had taken his mind off of everything else that had happened that morning. He nearly set his apartment building on fire, because he was playing around with his torch gun. Something about fire always got him going and he can't control his urges to burn things when he sees a fire. It was a good thing that his friend had been staying over and stopped him from setting the entire place on fire. He was trying to keep his mind occupied by getting into the shoot more. The outfit was his favorite part about the whole entire thing, really. He was in a neon print like outfit; everything about it just screamed Tokyo Maraj. If he did an amazing job, the owner of the magazine would let him keep the outfit. He would wear it soo much that it would start to tear and rip after awhile.

    The photographer wanted him to jump around like a wild man. The magazine's brand was wild, bright and crazy; everything thing he was and more. He jumped in the air a few times with different poses, loving every second of it. "Like this!?" He shot his hands into the air as he did a spin, which looked amazing on camera and showed the outfit off perfectly. When it came to being in front of the camera, he was a natural and he was born to model. He dropped to the floor and stretched his body out as far as he could. Resting seductively against the white, expensive looking, rug. "I think this position really shows it all." He grinned at the photographer, who seemed to be falling in love with how photogenic Tokyo was.

    After an hour and a half, the photoshoot was over and Tokyo got to keep the neon ensemble. He had changed back into the clothes he wore when he first got to the studio. He didn't want to wear the outfit until the magazine came out and then he could surprise his friends and everyone else in Park with the first copy and the outfit. He took a few minutes to relax and chill on the couch in the studio. He was a little tired after literally jumping in the air over and over again. Taking a few slow and deep breaths, he took out his phone and noticed a miss call. He had left his phone in the pants of his outfit when he changed for the photoshoot; not wanting to be distracted if the thing went off. Unlocking his phone, he listened to the voicemail and all the color in his face went away when he heard a familiar deep and menacing voice.

    Tokyo hadn't spoken to this person since he left America four years ago. He had changed his name, appearance, phone number and anything else he thought would keep them from finding him. He was totally wrong. Somehow his past was about to catch up with him and he didn't have anyway to get out of what he did that forced him to leave in the first place. The message was a long one and even though he knew the person on the line wasn't talking to him really, he still felt the skin on the back of his neck crawl and his stomach started hurting. Once the voicemail ended, Tokyo quickly deleted it and laid his phone on the couch.

    He placed his head into his hands and rested against his knees. "How... did they get my number?" He shook his head. He had it all planned out perfectly; how did they figure out where he was in just four years? He thought it would take way longer than that. It wasn't like he was all over the news or anything, he was just starting his Modeling Career; he wasn't famous at all in the modeling industry to be known and recognized in America already. He didn't know what to do or who to tell. No one in Park knows why he left America and he doesn't plan on telling them. He doesn't want to put anyone else in danger because of his stupid mistakes.

    When his phone buzzed next to his right thigh, he nearly jumped out of his skin. He groaned to himself; picking up the phone. He was shocked, but relieved at the same time to see a text message from Joon-Ki. The man was The Park's Boss and he respected him like a big brother. Even though Joon-Ki was known to punish people in crazy ways, he was less crazy than the people that were after Tokyo. He looked at the message and his jaw dropped in shock and worry. "Haekyeonnie's in the hospital?" His eyebrows raised all the way up and he could feel tears of worry and sadness start to form. "I need to be there." Forgetting about his own issues for the moment, he grabbed the new outfit and placed it in it's bag and thanked everyone at the photoshoot; then ran down the stairs towards the parking garage.

    Once he was in his car, he left the area and drove down the streets towards the hospital. He was very far from the hospital. Tokyo was trying to keep himself from crying, not knowing exactly what happened was freaking him out and making him more worried by the second. Him and Haekyeon are close friend. The boy was probably the closes friend he had in Park and he didn't want to see him hurt in anyway. Every stop sign and red light just made the anxiety he was starting to feel, increase; which wasn't good when you were already not the greatest of drivers in the first place. He smacked into another person's car. Luckily both vehicles and the passengers were ok. "Sorry! My friend's in the hospital!" He yelled out the window, only getting curse words thrown back at him. "Rude..." He rolled his eyes and tried his best to keep calm as he droved down the last few streets.

    He barely took the time to park his car before he was already unbuckling his seat belt and popping open the car door. "I should probably park my car before I get it towed..." Nodding his head, as he took the spot closes to the exit across the street. It took a small jog/walk to get to the entrance of the hospital. "Hey... where's Haekyeonnie?" He asked the gang member that was standing outside the building. When he was told where Haekyeon and Joon-Ki were, he gave the man a hug and walked into the building. He hated hospitals. They just smelled of dying people and bad food.

    "I'm looking for Joon-Ki Park & Haekyeon Park." He told the lady at the front desk, who pointed to a room on the far left. "Thank you..." He smiled at her and ran off to the designated room, nearly falling into it. "Joon..." He couldn't finish his sentence when he saw Haekyeon laying in the bed, not moving at all. "He's... he's." The doctor reassured Tokyo that Haekyeon wasn't dead, which made him sigh in relief. "So, what happened?" He was confused and didn't know what to do; he just hoped everyone else showed up soon so they could all be there for Haekyeon; like the family they were.
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  11. Loki

    Wayward Gangster-
    Affiliation:Park Family
    Location:Ice Cream Shop->Corner Park->In Hiding

    “Thank you,” a little girl smiled as a pink ice cream rose nestled in a green paper cone was handed to her by a tattooed hand. “Happy holidays!”

    She and her mother smiled as they nodded their heads before holding hands and walking down the empty street. The vendor looked around once more for any other potential customers before closing up shop. He unloaded the stainless steel bins of ice cream and sorbet into a giant freezer located in the back of the tiny, square shop, switched off the nitrogen hose that kept the steel circular surface freezing cold for his craft, and washed all the utensils in a nearby sink inside the tiny open room of the shop.

    He shook his head, knocking away the silver, blue hair from his chestnut eyes, scrubbing the metal utensils as a low breath escaped his lips. Even with the snow falling all over Seoul, people were still in the mood for this specific kind of ice cream. Somehow, the rose ice cream brought people together. Children, teens, adults, and the elderly always flocked to him in couples, eagerly describing to him the perfect rose in their thoughts for their others, watching with excitement as he would craft them exactly what they wanted until he handed them their gift. The smile on their faces was always warming, briefly letting Loki forget his own worries and troubles as he appreciated their smile.

    But, once they left, everything came back to reality.

    December was always the hardest to go through. The holidays always brought family together, but not Loki. The only family he had for now is the Park, a ruthless mobster family that owned Seoul along with one other family, the Kim. Loki wasn’t familiar with the history of the two families or how the rivalry started. He didn’t care. While the Park family took him in, accepting him as a low rank member, and providing him will all the basic necessities for living, Loki still didn’t feel like he belonged. Part of it was his own fault for not pushing himself further into the family. Many in the family still had no clue who he was or his name even though he’s been around for at least three years. Loki preferred it that way.

    Tonight, the Park was holding a Christmas party nearby in a well-known club. Attendance was optional, but knowing how the Park was, most were going to be there. It was the party to end the year, bringing both the main families of Seoul and all the smaller ones together in a truce for the holidays. December and parts of January were the happiest times of the years in the gang life. Grudges were on hold, the act on taking revenge was on pause, hate for each other was still present, but subsided with the spirit of the holidays wrapping around each person tightly.

    Loki pulled down the garage door of his shop and inserted the key into the lock before tugging on it to make sure. With the fluffy snow blanketing Seoul, all Loki wore was a thin gray sweat jacket, black jeans, boots and a baseball hat turned backwards. He tucked the thick side-bangs behind his ear and made his way down the empty streets with only the streetlights as his company.

    Each stepped walked him further and further away from the party, leading him towards a small corner park surrounded by apartment high rises. He pulled the hood of his jacket over his head and took out his phone with a small dove charm dangling happily. No messages, but only photos of his younger siblings back home displayed on his lock and home screen.

    Loki wiped away the light snow on one of the benches of the park and took a seat, staring at his phone. The park was constructed more like a community garden with a variety of perennial plants and bushes planted around in an organic patterning with low maintenance trees lining the corners of the small oasis. Loki would frequent the park during his walk home from work and feed the birds that always waited for him to arrive. Tonight, all of them were hidden away in warm spots around the city.

    Just because he was thousands of miles from his real family didn’t mean he had to celebrate the holidays in a slump. No, there were plenty of things to do to bring the holiday spirit to him. Instead of spending the holidays with the Park, each year Loki would volunteer at a hospital or a retirement home, making and serving food or wrapping presents for them to open. If he was too busy with anything, a hearty donation was sent anonymously by him to every major charity along with donated gifts for all age groups. It kept his mind busy and made him feel good.

    At his studio apartment, a tiny pine tree the size of a two shelf dresser was placed on a window, decorated with white and blue lights and tiny clear glass ornaments. Besides that, a portable fireplace was always burning with a single stocking hanging carefully away from the flames. While he always refused anything given to him by others, having the Christmas decorations around brought a smile to his face.

    “I’ll be back soon. I promise,” Loki whispered with his deep voice to the photo of his younger sisters on his phone before staring blankly at the park.

    His head snapped up. The district surrounding him suddenly went dark. Loki exhaled, a large cloud of steam erupting from his mouth as one building switched on its lights from a good distance away. Loki squint his eyes at the brightness from the single building against the rest of the night sky.

    His phone buzzed in his hand, a quick message popping up on his lock screen. Loki’s eyes only needed to take a quick look at the sender of the message before unlocking his phone to instantly delete it.

    The last thing he needed was to be messaged by someone from the Park. Whatever the message said, whatever the emergency was, Loki simply didn’t care.

    He wasn’t stupid though.

    Loki stood, wiping the snow away that gathered on his lap, shoulders, and on top of his head, and disappeared down the street, out of sight and out of mind.

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  12. kim

    Amidst the falling snow gathering at the tips of his black, designer shoes, speckled an apple red liquid contrast to the white canvas below. Plop plop plop; it went; slithering down his skin splintered knuckles and painting an abstract Pollick composition with the mixture of blood, not of his own. Chest rising, palms scuffed up something foul and a vicious glint in his artificial blue peepers almost animalistic. The adrenaline, the rush of clear superiority that color gave him and a sense of invincibility long buried away to make another appearance. People were scared of him when he was like this, a predator with no lingering will or conscience to stop himself, and damn did it feel good. A sensation difficult to come by unless you were smashing skulls in or plucking fingernails of those unwilling. But here, he was only getting started; the game had just begun.

    Raising his hand for one more blow, a deafening thud could be heard when his fist met with the warm flesh of the poor sod in front him, adding more to the masterpiece on the crunching snow when he spat up a sick mixture of reddened bile. "How many times do I have to tell you," Junho hissed under his breath, warm condensation curling off the pink of his lips while his nose crinkled with disgust. "I don't enjoy being lied to, and you know that." This current mishap was over drugs not being delivered and promises being broken, which resulted in a loss of good product to God knows who and money certainly not being fished into his eager pockets as he wanted it to. A double loss in his eyes, a flaw in his intimidating demeanor that really didn't make him particularly happy, so it was another person on the chopping block to pay for such childish mistakes.

    His men released their tight grip from the foolish fellow and let his body sink onto the cold ground, giving Junho just enough time to straighten his designer suit and run his tongue along the warm liquid running into the band of his Rolex. Snow dusted into the chocolate waves of his hair and the wind picked up, tossing it about into various directions to conceal his set of dangerous eyes only briefly. The man down below slumped against the metallic wall and began to laugh sluggishly, his ragged breath rumbling in the confines of his tattered ribcage as he attempted to form full sentences. "I don't have to listen to you," He sputtered, pounding on his chest to regulate whatever life he had left inside it. Bits of blood and spittle dribbled from the corner of his mouth, and he smiled a wide, stained grin. "You will never live up to your father, filthy hon hyeol."

    In that instance, it was like something had activated inside Junho. A dormant switch he finally dusted the cobwebs off for another go at regaining his dignity. A suffocating anger that was pulsating in his ears and drowning out the questions his men were shouting at him, asking if it was alright to finish off this good for nothing soul and save them some time. But Junho stood there, a fire in his eyes and a sense of loss lingering behind his shoulders. He couldn't move, react even. His muscles seemed to tighten, joints growing achy, and his mental state suddenly begging for repentance.

    He was always an accident, a mistake; a bastard to a filthy prostitute taking dick for a living as he was told so many times by his father. But here he was, standing above some worthless handler who managed to snap his ribs clean off and reach for the exposed weaknesses deep within. Junho, now, was that vulnerable young boy sitting across from his stepmother years ago with a knife pressed close to the veins in his neck. She should have done it, he thought, dragged that blade clean across to cease whatever life he had ahead of him and left his school uniform stained with that half-blood of his. He wouldn't be here today, a long-forgotten memory that would save the time of countless people who hated every ounce of his guts and replaced by the real golden child of the Kim family; someone more worthy.

    Someone who wasn't a bastard like him.

    Maybe, just maybe, the world would have turned out to be a better place in the end.

    The tips of his fingers began to curl inwards, cutting off circulation and whitening the skin pulled taut over his bones, opening whatever small cuts he had on his knuckles to let them bleed even more. Slicking his hair back with the liquid and covering his eyes for a swift moment, Junho suddenly burst into a fit of high-pitched hyena laughter that not only scared his men shitless, but the beaten up stranger as well. "Hon hyeol? Half-blood?" He repeated, mocking almost, allowing that dirty word to marinate on his tongue for a few more seconds. He gave one of his men a wave of the hand to fetch him his notorious weapon of choice; a single, triple studded knuckle duster to slide elegantly onto his fingers for the big finale. "I may not be full Kim, but I have the name, do I not?"

    Junho took a few steps forward and bent down directly in front of him, slipping the tips of his digits into the slit of the man's suit and feeling the golden threads glide across his sensitive pads all the way up to his collar. His fingers snaked right around oh so lustfully, fingering the knot of his tie until he grabbed a handful of the fabric with a sudden jerk, snapping his body forward to bring his face just a tad bit closer. He reeked all sorts of awful, this man; warm, choppy breaths ghosting onto his smooth, tan face in dilapidated huffs to the point it didn't even phase Junho. It was the metallic smell of blood that did. "I have the wealth, the men, all of my bitch of a father's inheritance and half-blood was the first insult that came to mind?"

    A pause, far too long for him, and the brunette began to slam his body into the hard wall a few times in attempt of waking him up, hoping the powerful impacts gave him just enough life to answer him properly. The male was growing incredibly impatient, quite apparent in his tightened jaw and intense glare. "I'm not finished with you yet."

    The man looked at him through half-lidded pools with eyebrows knitted tightly together, searching for some excuse to the particular insult he used. "Deep down inside I know it hurts. You have everything in the world, but you're still a lonely bastard standing in daddy's shadow." That blood-stained smile returned, and he spat viciously, speckling bits of crimson on Junho's face as a justified closing of his fleeting life. "Fuck you."

    Junho's nostrils suddenly started to flare, and he reached up to smear the fluid in streaky lines straight across his plump cheeks, readying his face for the internal war to come. No other words had to be said between the two of them and Junho finally let himself go, releasing every ounce of anger bubbling beneath the surface into this doomed stranger. One punch turned into a handful, and the excruciating amount of force caved the man's face entirely in, making it almost impossible to recognize the life that once resided there. The air grew chilly with the wind suddenly starting to slow and the snow returning to trickling down into his fudge-colored tresses. It was practically quiet now, other than the moist squishes his fist made beating into the fleshy heap over and over again to make himself fully satisfied.

    Blood splattered the snow, his clothes, as well as his exposed skin to the point his men had to turn away, saying nothing more to allow their superior to finish with his foul play as he pleased. How he took care of things wasn't their right to comment on no matter how immoral or wrong. Junho was simply Junho, and talking about his past life wasn't something he took lightly.

    "Fetch the car." The brunette suddenly ordered, shoving himself off the filthy ground and pulling the handkerchief out of his breast pocket to clean the bits of brain and bone from his hands. Sliding the knuckle duster off, he tossed it to the other individual to take care of it as he scrubbed the thick crimson off. "I'm late for the party already."

    "What about.." The remaining male had started, forcing himself to look at the heap of tattered flesh and sinew slumped against the warehouse, feeling the vomit start to linger behind his throat. Certainly though, this was rather vanilla compared to the various other acts Junho had to take part in.

    "Oh, him?" Junho quirked his brows upwards, nudging one of the body's hands off to the side as if checking he was entirely dead. "Leave him."

    "But what if the police—"


    After cutting him off with an aggravated shout, Junho spat on the corpse before turning away and opening the door to the car that had pulled up. A fresh pair of slacks, button-up and suit jacket had awaited him as he typically came prepared for these sort of instances. They usually never ended pretty anyway. Breathing in through his nose and out through his mouth, he tried his best to soothe his nerves to the best of his ability before heading to the party. He had friends to greet and cute people to stare at but that word still stung like salt in a wound. echoing in the depths of his chasm.


    Clothes changed, skin cleaned almost entirely, knuckles bandaged up and composure settled as best as he could make it, the male made his appearance to the party fashionably late but still more than willing to ease his nerves with the warm sensation of hard liquor in his aggravated system. He needed it, badly. Dressed in a suit of all black, including both tie and button-up, Junho slammed the back-seat door shut with the birthday gift in hand, something his men had picked out specifically for Mal while helping him. The brunette wasn't exactly good with gifts, let alone during the holidays, but he remembered birthdays despite not being close to anyone in particular within the family. Except, maybe Hansol, though, Junho had no trouble picking out gifts for him.

    Even before he made it inside, a group of individuals were all group-carrying a smaller male to a car and one of the stragglers elbowed Junho passing by, causing him to grit his teeth and drop the present into a pile of slush near his feet, practically pissing him off just as much as he was walking up to the damn place. "Fuck.." He grumbled under his breath, bending down to retrieve the now soggy present from the ground and sighing to himself at the disgusting mess it now appeared to be. His men had wrapped so it nicely as well. Tucking the monstrosity under his arm, the male snaked his way inside to now relax his troubled mind with sensory cues of thumping music and drunken shouting. Anything was better than those words repeating in his mind.

    A few stolen shots and a heaping glass of Scotch now, the male was working his way through sweaty, night-life bodies before noticing the Kim's family VIP lounge off to the side, catching eye of a few familiar faces he was comfortably acquainted with already there. Of course, while the alcohol was already working his system in slow increments, the sensations gently mellowed whatever aggravated nerves he had entered with. Though with the hairdo he was sporting and knuckles all sorts of bandaged up, it was quite apparent that his mental state wasn't exactly all there. The rest of the group knew what type of work he riddled in, and most knew not to speak of it, but a few of them still showed concern from time to time. What a drag that was.

    "Wrapping kinda got fucked but uh.. Happy Birthday, Mal." Junho said rather flatly once approaching the table, sliding the muddy present directly onto the sleek surface and turning to take his seat on one of the couches off to the side with nothing else to be muttered. Even he didn't know what was inside that soddened wrapping paper, but Junho figured it was something of value. A watch, a scarf; hell, it could have been high-quality drugs for all he knew.

    Sinking back into the softness of the velvet couch cushions, Junho craned his neck entirely back to open his throat for the remaining bit of Scotch left in his glass. Downing it all in one go, the male smacked his lips with a content, audible pop and began breathing in sharply through his teeth to enjoy the wonderful burning sensation slithering down his throat. The brunette wasn't entirely the social butterfly type much like the other group members excitedly dancing around him over Christmas gifts, but that was quite alright. He had a special date with a certain someone named Alcohol that night anyway and he was going to make sure it was a long one.



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  13. Affiliation: The Park's
    Location: Heaven's sin
    Interactions: None
    Mentioned: Joon-Ki, Haekyeon, Mal, Junho

    Hyun Ki had avoided this winter party for the last few years. The thought of being around members of his former "family" left a rotten taste in the boy's mouth. He didn't need to see the disappointed glances, the scathing remarks behind palms. It wasn't a secret that he was one of the self-proclaimed black sheep of the Kim family, turning his back on a life of "civilized" crime and decadence. Instead choosing to trade designer suits for jeans ripped at the knees, fine wine for cheap vodka, Rolex watches for sleeves of tattoos.

    But now that Joon-Ki had promoted him to underboss of the Parks nearly six months ago, missing this annual gathering was no longer an option. Joon-Ki had made that very clear. The boss being seen without his underboss was a sign of weakness, and Joon-Ki never showed weakness. In fact, even over the pounding bass of the music and from his place against the wall, Hyun could hear the boss chastising solow-ranking ranking member on his behavior. Joon-Ki was a hard ass, but he ran the Parks better than almost anyone before him, which garnered a large amount of respect, no matter who you were.

    He was happy to see the boss let the other off with just a warning, which meant Joon-Ki had to be in a pretty good mood this evening. Thank God for small favors. The last thing Hyun wanted to have to deal with was reigning the boss back in if he flew into one of his rages. Tensions were always high around this time of the year, but it was tradition to have a truce between the two groups even if it was only for a night.

    The only person that Hyun really didn't mind seeing was Gongchan, who had already given him a wide smile and a flirty wink before joining a small group of Kims off to the side. The last time he'd seen Gongchan, the boy's hair had been pastel pink, and now it was a bright blonde that suited him well.

    Hyun shook his head, arms crossed over his chest protectively. The underboss didn't really like crowds, too many bodies crammed into small spaces made him anxious and tonight was so exception. Joon-Ki might have yelled at him if he saw how Hyun denied any bit of drink offered to him. Something told Hyun that he needed to keep a clear head tonight, and besides, he wasn't comfortable loosing his inhibitions around so many Kim members.

    Watching Haekyeon drag his older brother off had a small smile tugging at the corner's of Hyun's full lips. Haekyeon was like a little brother to him, and was really one of the only people that could make the usually hard-faced Joon-Ki crack a smile.

    It was the lights, flickering off that had Hyun's blood freezing in his veins. The first thing that came to mind was a double cross, that some member of the Kim family had thrown the lights in an attempt to take out several high ranking Park members. But before he could even press off the wall, tattooed fingers twitching, reaching for the concealed knife in his combat boot, the lights came back on.

    There was a commotion on the dance floor, but there were so many panicked people in the way that Hyun was having trouble seeing what exactly was going on. His shorter stature didn't help matters either. Through gaps in the crowd, he could finally make out Haekyeon's collapsed form on the ground. Everything happened so fast, but Hyun was still separated from them so by the time the club had settled back down, he saw Joon-Ki's back retreating out of the building, Haekyeon's limp form cradled in one of the other higher ranking member's arms.

    "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" the underboss swore, shoving his way through the club as quickly as he could.

    How useless. Right when Joon-Ki and Haekyeon needed him, Hyun hadn't been able to get to them.

    His throat tightened, belly twisting into a hard, heavy knot of anxiety. What was wrong with Haekyeon? Where were they going--

    Every single thought flew out of the younger underboss's head, vision narrowing down to a single point, focused on the Kim boss's table. It was Kim Junho placing a gift on the table. Hyun would have known that jawline, the curve of his nose, anywhere. He hadn't seen Junho since they were teenagers, but watching the younger's mouth move, the way his lips curved around syllables that Hyun couldn't even hear, sent such powerful waves of emotion rolling over Hyun's whole form.

    He ran.

    With even more motiviation to leave, Hyun's legs were shaking when he finally burst out into the chilly winter air. Nausea crept up the back of his throat and Hyun was afraid he was going to be sick. With trembling hands, he pulled out his phone, thumbing over the text notification from Joon-Ki.

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  14. Affiliation: The Park's
    Location: The hospital
    Outfit: Casual

    Song: "Eternity" - VIXX

    Interactions: Joon-Ki, Tokyo
    Mentioned: Hyun-Ki

    Haekyeon slowly opened his eyes, remembering little what had happened before he lost consciousness. There was the blackout at the club, and then something --or rather someone-- had hit him in the throat. It made it difficult to breathe, he had panicked and then he lost consciousness. The bright lights made him squint as he tried seeing anything, his vision blurry for a few moments before he blinked it away and then surveyed his surroundings. It was white on top of white and then even more white, this setting was too familiar to him. This had to be the hospital. He blinked a bit more before meeting a pair of eyes, Joon-Ki was there and next to him again was Tokyo. "Hyung. . . " He spoke out, his voice was hoarser than what it would usually be, his throat still felt a bit clogged up, but nothing too bad. A few coughs escaped him as he had spoken up, his throat felt dry and very uncomfortable so he tried clearing his throat, but ended up in a coughing fit.

    "Sorry. . . Did I worry you?" Haekyeon apologized as he sat up with a little bit of difficulty, he could see a doctor entering and smiling at the sight of him being awake. Haekyeon actually really hated hospitals, it was the worst of the worst. Maybe because of all the time he had ended up spending inside of a hospital for examinations, talks and change of medicine up over the years. Though he was grateful for the hospital calling him in so often since those were the times he managed to get out of his room and into the real world, usually with Joon-Ki and they would buy some candy or something else sweet as long as Haekyeon was good at the hospital.

    "I'm glad to see you're awake," The doctor said as he flipped through a page on his clipboard. He had probably done some tests while he was unconscious. "It seemed as your windpipe suffered some damage. According to the tests we did, it seems to come from a blunt force to your throat. Did you knock into something or someone?" He asked with a kind smile.

    A few moments were spent in silence as Haekyeon was trying to remember what had happened. The lights had gone out, but he had stayed next to Joon-Ki the entire time. He did feel something hit his throat rather hard, but it couldn't have been Joon-Ki since their height differences made it really hard for him to hit his throat out of all the places. "When the lights--" he had to stop to cough again. The doctor furrowed his brows and exited the room for a little bit, returning with a glass of water and two pills.

    "Here. Have something to drink, the pills will lessen the pain. It will hurt for a good while whenever you swallow until the bruise heals," The doctor explained and gave a sheet of paper to the man that had burst into the hospital and demanded help. He was the older brother according to the poor receptionist who had been fearing for her life. "This is a prescription. Make sure he takes one pill in the morning and another one in the night. They're compatible with his heart medication so it will be fine," he reassured Joon-Ki before turning his attention back to Haekyeon.

    He swallowed the pills with the water before downing the entire glass worth of water down. It did hurt when he swallow, like having a sore throat during a cold. "--I felt something cold against my throat. . . Like. . . Hitting me. Could that be it?" Haekyeon asked and the doctor nodded.

    "That seems to be a probable cause. Be careful in the future okay?"

    "Yes doctor," Haekyeon smiled as the doctor walked out of the room to give them some privacy now that he had talked about what he needed to talk about. ". . . Hyung. I'm sorry. I kind of crashed the party for you didn't I?" Honestly he felt a little bit guilty for having his older brother become so worried and drop everything in order to drive him to the hospital. It was meant to be a party and people were meant to have fun! He still had a lot of gifts he needed to give out to people back at the club too. "Tokyo hyung. I got your gift back at the club. I guess I'll give it to you later," he chuckled before looking a little bit around.

    "Where's Hyun-Ki hyung?" He asked. They were definitely best friends --besides him and Joon-Ki of course-- and he was also the underboss so he was always wherever Joon-Ki was. It was an easy way to find the male at the very least.
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  15. Affiliation: The Kim || Location: Heaven's sin || Outfit: Christmas!|| Interaction: Tariq, Jun-Ho, Hansol || Mentioned: Hyun, Mal and Sean|| Tagged: @Pray4me @Leucothea @Jihae @Luxii @Jimin @Master Justin||

    A bright smile plastered over his lips as Tariq gave him his present. It was so nice to receive presents in return! Of course, like the child Gongchan was on the inside, he tore through the paper and flung it down on the floor. It wasn't their club so what did it matter if he didn't bother to walk over to a trash can? In comparison to the Kim's clubs this one definitely seemed less fancy. "Oh my God! This one is perfect!" Gongchan said as he looked at the diamond choker he had been given. This was totally why he wanted to work for the Kim's instead of the Park's. He got more money this way! A hacker got to live right? "What? You say that as if it is a bad thing Tariq~" He chuckled and almost regretted that he had put a choker on before leaving, otherwise he would have wore this one straight away! "Hold on!" Gongchan said as he began rummaging about in his backpack after the gift that had "Tariq" labeled on the little card, though before he managed to find it the power had shut off.

    "This is typical. They probably didn't pay their bills," Gongchan murmured underneath his breath as he wasn't really sure if that was the case. The Park's were poorer than the Kim's, but that didn't mean they were poor. Mafia business paid off really great after all. Though the blackout didn't really last very long, and the lights shut themselves on in no time. There was some commotion out on the dance floor, but Gongchan decided to not really care. It was probably some poor college kid that had gotten a drink too many, or maybe some drunks had began hitting each other over an imaginary girl. They were all members of the mafia, it wouldn't really surprise him if someone did faint from too much alcohol or a drug overdose. "Okay! Let's see now. . ." Gongchan murmured as he rummaged about before he managed to find a wrapped box with Tariq's name on it.

    "Here you go handsome~" Gongchan said as he handed over the box. It was filled with different body oils, one of them being Coconut Butter Oil of course, but Gongchan had gotten different flavors for the fun of it. "And. . ." Gongchan leaned in closely to Tariq and gave his neck a quick peck, his teeth grazing against the flesh. "There can be two gifts though. . ." He whispered against Tariq's ear --loud enough to be heard despite the music-- and then pulled away.

    His eyes locked on some people rushing out of the club with an unconscious boy. It seemed like someone had gotten a drink too many tonight! He watched as Hyun too rushed out of the club, frowning a bit as he had wanted to grab a drink with said male. This was the thanks he got for helping him out of the Kim's way back then? Rude! Ugh, that man definitely owed him a drink and a rough one in the bedroom. He'd just have to call him and make sure he paid for some alcohol!

    "Oh! Juno! You're here too!" Gongchan smiled as he looked through his bag that was now mostly empty, though he did have Hyun-Ki's gift that he wouldn't be able to give the other. "Here!" He said and handed him two boxes, both crudely wrapped up. One was a box of normal chocopies and the other was one with strawberry. They were so delicious! "Don't eat them up all in one go okay? Or actually. . . Go ahead. When you had your baby fat you were so cute!" Gongchan chuckled before his eyes glued themselves to Hansol.

    The man that was a sexual beast in bed, and daaaamn were their nights together some of the best ones! Sure, Hansol had some weird fetishes that went a bit far --even for Gongchan-- but they definitely managed to help each other out whenever the two of them felt a little bit lonely, and needed company. "Hansol! Come on boy! You're going to buy me so many drinks I won't know what galaxy I'm in!" Gongchan laughed as he dug around in his backpack and smirked as he took out Hansol's package. Of course he had gotten the other see-through underwear. It was really sexy, and he knew that it would fit the other! "Hansol!" He called out again as he threw his arm over the other's shoulder and pulled him in close, placing a kiss quickly on his cheek before smiling brightly. "Let's get waaaasted! Let's get Mal wasted too! Fuck it! Let's get everyone wasted! Sean! Tariq! Juno!! You too! We need to get so drunk we won't know what we're fucking!" Gongchan laughed as he pulled Jun-Ho closer to himself and wrapped his other arm around the male.

    "First round on Hansol! Second on Mal! They're so rich they can pay for all the others too!" Gongchan smiled brightly as he shrugged his shoulders a bit to prevent the teddy bear backpack slipping off. This may not be the club they were used to, but he still wanted to get everyone drunk! They could pay for taxis home, or they could drink and drive. They were the mafia! Breaking the law was what they did on a daily basis so what did it matter if they broke it a little bit more?

    ▇▇▇▇ “난 너무 멋져” ▇▇▇▇

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  16. M Δ L

    Affiliation: The Kim's-Boss|Location:Heaven's sin|Interaction: Sean, Gongchan, Hansol, Tariq, Jun-Ho|Mentioned: @Leucothea @CrystalTears @Jihae @Master Justin @Jimin

    Mal checked the time on his phone constantly between breaks of his RTS mobile game, growing more and more impatient. The associate right behind him holding the Christmas gift struggled to keep it from slipping through his hands. His arms shook and strained as the man shifted the heavy gift around.

    “Do you want to put that on the table?” Mal asked him, breaking focus from his game.

    “…” the man glanced at the free spot just beside one of Mal’s hands. He shook his head. “No sir. I can hold it.”

    “Then look like it. Back straight, arms resting against you, lift the gift higher,” Mal raised the gift from the bottom gently with a hand. “We won’t be here for much longer. I don’t like to be kept waiting.”

    Mal exhaled lowly, turning his attention at the dance floor. The mood of the crowd seemed to change with every passing second. While some continued to have as much fun as they could, the other half seemed to be more concerned about the incident happening on the ground with that small man.

    “It’s not a Park party unless someone dies,” Mal commented when a familiar face approached him through the mess of the crowd.
    His eyes narrowed slightly as names began to pop into his head. With that smile on the man’s face and a box in his hands, it was clear he was part of the Kim’s. Only someone in the family had to be that comfortable smiling towards Mal. He cocked his head as the box was placed on the table in front of him; listening to his men greet the new man with a quick “Hello”. Mal traced his ring nails along the box wrapped in the local newspaper, noticing his name within the small, black print.

    “What’s this?” he asked right as the man presented Mal with a special happy birthday. He licked his lips slowly. “Thank you for correcting yourself…Sean. Yes, Sean.”

    A high pitched voice rang in Mal’s ears even through the loud music of the club. The voice was too merry, too enthusiastic, too sweet that it took all of Mal’s strength to not react with a face. All he did was close his eyes and let out a breath as Gongchan swung his teddy bear backpack to the front of him.

    “What are you wearing?” Mal’s eyes looked over Gongchan, unsure to how to feel about it. He grabbed his next gift, eyes still on Gongchan. “New rule, when I say uniform optional that does not apply to you. I can’t have you representing the Kim’s looking like this. What will everyone think? That we have an army of cutesy boys?”

    He reached over, fiddling with the strings of Gongchan’s hoodie.

    “And you will call me either Sir or Boss. It’s only proper,” he patted Gongchan’s chest before sitting back down in his seat.

    There was something about being called ‘aboji’ that always stirred mixed feelings in Mal. It always caught him off guard whenever Gongchan addressed him with that word, cutting off any conversation, argument or the start of a shouting match. The word made Mal feel both cold and warm, the two battling within his body to give only confusion to him. Whenever Mal tried to solve the confusion about it, something more important would always take his mind away until it was brought up again.

    It was the only reason he never made much true fuss of Gongchan calling him by it. Mal wanted to solve the confusion the word brought him.

    Mal was content with the two gifts on the table, surprised his birthday was remembered. While receiving gifts from others was the norm for Mal, most the time the reason was to smooth over some sort of disagreement or situation. Gifts were one of the few weaknesses Mal would admit. Just the feeling of receiving something meant for him and the family made his day. But, when ones were given on special days, specifically his birthday, it took all of Mal to keep composure. He was sure by the end of the night few may be lucky enough to witness an extremely rare smile from him. As long as the night continued like this.

    Sure enough, as Mal was scratching out an eye on one of the teddy bears on Gongchan’s gift, his underboss unexpectedly arrived. Mal forced his eyes to not roll when Hansol came into the VIP area, but felt his fingers curl, his ring nails digging through the box of Gongchan’s gift nearly damaging what was inside.

    “Everyone is getting too comfortable with me tonight…” Mal responded to Hansol, his eyes following his underboss until the man sat on the couch.

    His associates around took a small step back, staring nervously at each other. Eyes landed on Mal’s curled fingers that relaxed as he placed the ripped gift back on the table.

    The two gifts were joined by a third. Tariq, one of the newer recruits, arrived unexpectedly like the rest, placing a birthday gift and an cash envelop in front of Mal. With a bright smile, Tariq passed out other gifts to the other members of the Kim family, eagerly waiting for them to open it. The atmosphere around shifted from an uncomfortable to a slight ease, until most around were embracing the holiday spirit thanks to Tariq’s cheer. Even Mal found himself a bit chipper, carefully opening Sean’s gift first and pulling out the first of many small single serving containers of Jello. He held one up to the dim light above, staring through the red jelly as it faintly glowed.

    “Is it vegan?” Mal mostly mumbled to himself as he flipped it to the bottom to read, not noticing a rushed man approaching the VIP section and taking a seat on the couch besides Hansol.

    The Kim VIP section erupted in laughter with the talk of getting completely wasted and witnessing some opening their gifts from each other. Each gift was given with love and thought, personalized to each likes and preferences. Even with what was going on around them in the club, the Kim VIP began to form and feel like a family coming together for the holidays. His associates relaxed, talking with each other and discussing more gift exchanges and holiday events. Mal offered those around some the Jello given to him by Sean, but shook his head at Gongchan’s suggestion of him getting drunk.

    “Oh no, I don’t drink,” Mal shook his head along with waving a hand. “Have it all on Hansol’s expense since the guy didn’t get everyone their gift. I’m sure the big CEO of Samsung wouldn’t mind spending some of his…hard earned money…on you all…who left this trash on my table?”

    Mal delicately lifted a soggy mess of a box with crumpled paper dropping in clumps on the table. The family around quickly hushed to complete silence.

    “What is this? Is this supposed to be…” Mal craned his neck to look over the box, his eyes narrowing. “…a gift to me?”

    His eyes scanned each shaky face. Some huddled behind those taller, others instantly looked away when eyes met Mal’s, most stood as still as possible almost hoping that if they did, Mal wouldn’t see them. Mal looked at each family member in front of him, Sean, Gongchan, Tariq, Hansol, until they stopped on Jun-Ho.

    Mal sucked his teeth, moving the shamble of his gift out the way of his face.

    “You, did you get me this?” he held out the gift in his hand, letting the rest of the wrapping paper drop to the carpet ground below. “…you must not like me very much, huh?”

    A brief pause of quiet as a mocked frown appeared on Mal’s face.

    “You don’t need to like me…all I ask is for your respect and cooperation. But, whoever you are, you decide to give me this; clearly showing that not only do you not care for me as a person, but as boss of the Kim’s. Look at it!” Mal turned in his seat to face Jun-Ho. “It’s been dropped, wet, tossed onto the table like nothing. Is this really something you would give to the man who is the embodiment of the Kim family? Do you not care of this family? Would you like to leave us? Because this shows that you don’t give a shit about us. Giving such a nasty thing like this not only insults me, but the previous bosses and high ranks of this family. How dare you disrespect them.”

    He placed the gift on the edge of the table, summoning a family member to bring a garbage can already filled with filthy napkins, half-drunk plastic cups full of alcohol, and other unmentionables common in a drug filled, sex crazed environment.

    “I’m done with this. I won’t have you ruin my and the rest of everyone’s time here. This is trash,” he swiped the gift into the trash. “And you’re trash. Take him out of here.”

    He gave a quick glance to his men beside him who nodded. One grabbed the garbage can to push down the mess inside, while one suddenly threw a clear sucker punch in the center of Jun-ho’s face. Soon, the man was circled by Mal’s associates, grabbing at each limb and punching whenever Jun-ho struggled in the fight. They lifted him off the couch, holding onto him tightly as others continued to throw punches with each fight Jun-Ho gave, as the one held the handles of the trash tightly.

    The man was dropped inside the garbage and held down against his gift sitting below him, hands and fists of Mal’s associates already covered in blood. Mal looked down at him coldly, tapping a nailed finger against his chin.

    “I don’t want to see you for the rest of the holidays. You’re suspended from our family, but I can already see you won’t care. I will remember this,” he switched hands with the Jello cup and squeezed it tightly over Jun-Ho, letting the red jellified chunks rain all over him. “This is my gift to you. Not kicking you out, permanently.”

    He flicked the plastic cup onto Jun-Ho’s face and shooed his hand.

    The men nodded and began to carry the trash across the dance floor, continuing to push Jun-Ho deeper into the bin while throwing the occasional punches to keep him still and hopefully quiet. The club goers all stopped whatever they were doing to stare at the scene, whispering in gossip to each other, taking photos or vids on their phones, while some either tossed their own trash into the carried bin in a sort of game. A loud laughter erupted as more began to toss whatever they had at Jun-Ho.

    “Hey you fucking loser!” one girl shouted in a shrill laugh.

    The bouncers promptly opened the door for the men to the snowy, night sky. The streets were completely quiet, blanketed with old and fresh snow that still fell after all these hours. With four heaves, the men throw the trash into the middle of the icy, drenched street. The garbage bin seemed to explode with the impact on the ice, littering the street with sin and pure disappointment.

    Mal turned his attention back to his men, a smile finally appearing on his face.

    “Please, let me buy the first round for everyone. I’m in such good spirits right now that a celebration is in need,” he bowed his head and raised a hand, snapping his fingers. “Drinks here!”

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  17. Reaching for his lower back, G tried to stretch in hopes that he could relieve some claustrophobia from the overbearing club. With a few bones popping in muffled symphonies, G transformed himself into organic simplicity. He contrived a way of spreading an approachable aura throughout his gestures and facial expressions in such a short period of time as he sat back down with the rest of the family. He always liked to deceive people into thinking that he could truly be a normal person for once, but he always kept that little fact to himself, even during his therapy sessions. He did not possess his usual crude demeanor for the first few minutes of being seated at the VIP section, instead, he decided to relish in the land of make believe by sipping a small amount of alcohol from a shot glass, “smiling” to himself as the alcohol warmed up his throat like a soup in the winter.

    Throughout his entire life span, his mood change was supersonic and forever changing, yet no one ever noticed that he had crossed the sound barrier. The family started passing out other gifts to the other members once everything got to Mal. Gifts that had not crossed his mind at all, for it wasn’t even Christmas yet. Gifts that simply didn’t matter to him because the rest of the family always seemed to give him a hard time, even when they didn’t try to. He could possibly bribe a mere homeless person working the corner to give gifts to the rest of the family and they wouldn’t even notice. He wouldn’t even care.

    His mood was slowly moving back to a pestering irritation by forgetting those gifts as he took another sip of the same shot glass. This time, the feeling of thin alcohol running down his throat was as unpleasant as cold coffee. His malleable mood was once again washed away as Tariq walked up to him with a box in hand. There was nothing that could make this male’s mood even better than receiving gifts. He knew in himself that he was a psychotic mess and he knew that other people knew of his crude and indecent tendencies. This fact alone made it especially difficult for him to receive anything in the form of wrapped paper and ribbons, so whenever the male got a gift of any sort, he was immediately in a joyous mood, a mood that can be a bit hard to tamper with if there were materialistic things involved.

    “Thank you..”
    A phrase that has diminished to a mere rarity for the male. He wasn’t into politeness, gratitude, or rewards unless he got something back in return, which wasn’t always considering his dominating nature. If the man ever showed some form of gratitude, he actually means it in his own peculiar notion. Unfortunately, because of his inadequacy for showing positive reinforcement, the majority of his kind words sound hesitant, awkward, and mumbled, making it seem like he doesn’t mean a single word of what he said. Those kind words end up being tossed and rolled off to dark corners by those who receive it, collecting heaps of dust until that one day, the male decides to show the absurd concept of kindness, if at all.

    A simple but awkwardly sounded thank you was all it took before the male reached for the box with gentle digits. The male sunk his teeth into his bottom lip with well-hidden anticipation before he saw what Tariq actually brought him. His face immediately went blank trying to conceal an unexpected shock. What was this? Everyone knew he enjoyed pain but this? This was on a different scale. Well, not really. The male succumbed to his masochist impulses the most during sex, letting his dominant side fade away completely beneath the sheets. The gift merely embraced his pleasures. He accepted it kindly.

    A second gift arrived from Gongchan, and by now the male had quickly learned and gotten into this routine of opening gifts solely for his “enjoyment.” Of course. More sexual gifts. Looking up at the new male who was casually wrapping his arms around him, he furrowed his brows in dismay; not to the male specifically, but to himself, thinking back to the present he received. “Why iseveryone getting me kinky shit? Who am I even going to use this on? Mysel---?” his unusually ecstatic mood was shining through as he cut his sentence short, revealing a humorous face and an uplifted brow that expressed the answer to his rhetorical question: Yes. He would use these gifts on himself. Not only did he like pain from other people, he loved pain from his own actions the most. “Thank you, Gongchan. I can use this with you later, I suppose.” The male did not shy away with his carnal relations with the associate of the group. In fact, he enjoyed it more than anything. Money, sex, snacks, and gifts were all it took to make the male a happy man. But it seemed that everyone was getting a bit too comfortable with him tonight as he felt overconfident lips press up against his cheek. Shocked and repulsed, the male looked toward the associate with an immediate urge to beat the shit out of him.
    But in this dark club, the curvature of the associate’s jaw, his lips, his hips, and his entire body sent the underboss into feeling his sexuality stir. He hesitated for a slight moment as his hands were getting ready to place themselves all over the male. In this moment, with a severe shudder, he heard his inner voice. And the voice said “No. Treat him like shit for ever placing his lips on you.”
    And so that’s what he did. The male quickly pushed the associate’s arm off his broad shoulders and gave him a quick sneer, tossing the gift he gave him away into the moshpit of the club like trash. “Don’t you ever fucking do that again. Do you hear me, Gongchan?”
    Nevertheless, the male followed the associate to the bar, completely ignoring his statement about paying for everyone’s alcohol first. Sure he was rich, but he wasn’t generous.

    Sitting on an uncomfortable, almost cheap, swivel chair, the man ordered a tray of shots just for himself, but didn’t mind or bother when other strangers grabbed the shots from his tray. With just four strong shots in, a dilemma was sizzling in an already body-heated room. Not wanting to look at the drama being held, the underboss just stared at the shot glass in front of him, casually tracing the rim of the glass with his middle finger, listening in, becoming an auditory observer. He wasn’t really paying attention to the drama at hand, but he finally decided to become visually focused when he heard name calls and laughter from the rest of the club. And that’s when he saw it. Saw him. Junho Kim getting recklessly thrown into a trash can, dragged out by the bouncers and Mal’s men, and trail of laughter and humiliation following right behind him. From the perspective of the underboss, Junho probably deserved it full on, so he released an inconsiderate laughter from drunken lips, a bit pissed off at the embarrassment that is the Kim family gang member. From the perspective of Hansol Kim, the drama was taken too far over some filthy gift. So once Junho was out of the club, the man immediately turned back to the bar, taking two shots down in mere seconds, feeling useless pity for the gang member wash over him. The underboss just sat there for a few moments thinking to himself: Should he go check on Junho or not?His decision was immediately cut off as he felt this unexpected head pain. The male thought it was just from the alcohol, since he was a mediocre drinker, but he could feel his brain throbbing inside of his thick skull, his pulse slowly starting to increase, his heart beating out of his chest, his veins---

    TRIGGERTRIGGERTRIGGERTRIGGER: If you do not feel comfortable with the mention of self harm, scroll away.
    His veins looked so attractive. They were a glorious array of hypnotizing colors mixed together to look like vaporwave. His veins popped out of his skin like a pill in packaging and that’s when the underboss remembered that he hasn’t taken his pill in a week. That pill was supposed to help him with his pain addiction, it was supposed to keep him in moderation, and it was supposed to keep him normal. But last week, he thought that he would rather lose his life than lose himself, so he stopped taking it. His eyes began to widen as the veins trapped in his arms slowly magnified. He wanted to slit them. He needed his skin to be opened up. Cut them until his arms were no more. But what about the rest of his body? He could probably do those parts later. He needed to see the blood pour onto the table and around him right now, he needed to feel excruciating pain at this very moment, and if he didn’t see that happen right now he would die of dissatisfaction.
    The underboss, in a mental and silent frenzy, eyed the remaining shot glasses in front of him wildly. He took a full one in hand, hoping that people would assume that he was just going to take a shot. The male grabbed it with all five of his fingers, slowly starting to squeeze it with a strong grip. He hoped that the glass would break into an acceptable tool, but he was also hoping that he would break free of his withdrawal.

    The underboss had never shied away from help before. He had never rejected the idea of normalcy. He knew just how mentally fucked up he was, so he was well aware of the benefits of receiving support. His psychiatrist diagnosed him with self-defeating personality disorder, but because he wanted to seek help so desperately and enjoys people obeying him and giving him what he wants, his diagnosis was at a fault. To this day, no one can find a label for why he acts this way, so everyone just puts him in the spectrum of that disorder

    He just needed to let go for a week, that was all, to feel his mental label full-on. He didn’t know how bad the withdrawal symptoms were going to be because he had never stopped taking them until last week. Now, he’s insane. Now, he’s a monster. The constant battle between him trying to stop himself from breaking the shot glass and making himself break the shot glass was taking over his mind like a virus. One of them won. And the shot glass broke. The alcohol stung at his fresh wounds immediately but he was still squeezing with impeccable tension. He wasn’t aware of the glass breaking for a few seconds until blood started to trickle from his hand. And that’s when he realized he needed to seek immediate attention from a professional before he does something out of his nonexistent moral compass.

    The underboss looked at the mess he created and started swearing under his breath like quickfire. He took out the wallet residing in his back pocket and threw out a million won (approx. $880USD) onto the counter in front of him carelessly, hoping it would pay for the broken shot glass and everyone’s drinks. He excused himself politely before making his way towards the club doors in a rush, feeling the broken glass in his hand poking at his skin and the blood run down his palm like smooth caramel. The walls were closing in. The cortisol was rising. All he needed right now was fresh air and some pills that he didn’t have on hand.


    Almost to the point of hyperventilating, G rushed his way out of the club in a hurry for air. Bursting the doors wide open in hopes for salvation, the air wasn’t welcoming at all to G’s withdrawing body. The wind was cold, crisp, dysfunctional, and sent shivers throughout the man’s entire being as G could feel the warm blood pulsing slowly through his left hand, spilling out and onto the white snow below him. A small lift of his hand sent a shimmer of light from the glass poking at his palm and G couldn’t get enough of its ultimate beauty. The way the glass shone from the club lights, the way the soft colors illuminated and kissed his face, the way the transparency of it all was soiled by his own dark blood, he was enlightened. It was almost sexually climactic.
    No; it was heavenly.

    G pressed his right hand onto his left with extreme pressure, digging the glass shards deeper into his flesh as the pain receptors in his hand went haywire. He smiled as more blood trickled onto his arm and seeped into his winter coat. He could hear the crunching of the glass as it seeped into his skin and tore away at the limb. He laughed quietly, almost maniacally, to himself, as he could feel his arm instinctively flexing at the pain. G was glad that he didn’t have to succumb to his mentality and take a pill, for he was satisfied with what he had done to himself.

    G looked up from his hand and brushed away his hair, immediately noticing that the glass stuck in his hand was causing painful obstruction, but he didn’t mind it at all, in fact, he embraced it. G continued to play with his hair, the glass poking out of the skin stinging as it brushed against his dark brown strands, but he didn’t stop. He wanted to irritate it more. He needed something to make the pain worse. To make the pain unbearable.And that’s when he saw it. Saw him. Lying there, desolate and broken. Humiliated and shunned by his own name. Junho Kim. Angered by what he saw in the club, G walked up to Juno in an almost indifferent manner. Like the man on the ground didn’t exist. Like he wasn’t even worth his spit. How dare he embarrass and soil the family name?

    “What the fuck was that back there, Juno? Was that some sick fucking joke? Get the fuck up. Now.”

    “I-I’m sorry, sir.. Yes sir..”

    G’s lips curled unforgivingly. Sorry? There was no sorry in his dictionary. The underboss had always been hard on those who gave him and those in the family a hard time. He will never forget, nor will he ever forgive. He looked at Juno rising, obviously in immense pain, but the Hansol he knew inside of him was not rising up to the task of showing some concern. G had always been in charge his whole life, and Juno will never see the end of it.

    “Sorry? D-Did you just say, sorry?... No, no.. Sorry won’t cut it. Not only are you the reason for a huge scene inside the club, but you have brought disgrace to our family name… All of this shit, and all you can say is sorry? Sorry won’t fucking cut it, you worthless piece of trash.”

    G felt the anger bubble and boil inside of his body, waiting to come up and annihilate the man right in front of him. Once Juno was standing and looking at him face to face, that was when he did it. Taking his hand completely full of glass, he slapped Juno with extreme force and in one swift motion, causing some of the glass to not only scrape and stick to Juno’s already tainted face, but it also stuck even deeper into G’s hand. He wanted to do it again. He wanted to feel and cause pain all at once. He wanted to hurt. He needed help.

    “Y-You’re right.. I am just trash..”

    “If you are just trash.. Why the hell are you seeing me eye to eye? Get on your knees and apologize for the dignity of this family.”

    “I’m sorry for being such a disgrace, sir..”

    “Sorry is all you can say again, huh?..”

    G scoffed derogatorily once Juno was kneeling on the cold hard cement. Juno looked absolutely pathetic, and it brought G extreme happiness to see someone look so dehumanized. He hated when people begged, but for Juno, it was different. He pissed him off. Though Juno was just kneeling there taking his punishment, G just wanted to fuel the fire and cause even more damage, more chaos. He lifted his foot high in the air before contacting it with Juno’s head, smashing it into the cement below. He exhaled a breath of minimal labor before doing it again, with less force this time, hoping that the second blow wouldn’t have killed him.

    “If you even want to remain in this family, I expect you to be at your best behaviour during your suspension. Do you understand? If I ever catch or hear sight of you doing something, I will have to come and check up on you myself. What I am doing to you will definitely be a lot worse, so do not make my job in this family harder than it already is. I already have those other shits to deal with and now you?.. God, you’re pissing me off..”
    With no time for Juno to say anything to him, G started to kick at Juno’s face with a powerful force. He could have aimed anywhere, but he wanted Juno to feel his anguish. He wanted to see Juno weaken and crumble to nothing. This was G’s fix. This was just what he needed to feel better, and he would have almost thanked Juno for letting him do such a thing, but that wasn’t him. Being thanked by the underboss was a virtue and a godsend. Seeing him act like a decent human was never going to happen. More pain needed to be given out. More dopamine.

    “All I fucking do is make things difficult for you and I.. I apologize. I don’t know what else to say— I’m a fucking disappointment. I deserve whatever you or anyone else does to me.. So please, hit me again. Harder.”

    Hansol noticed something was going on inside Juno's mind. He could see him trying to hold something back in desperation like a forbidden insult, a bottled up rage. When Juno’s sob rang out into the night, G finally noticed the tears rolling from the man’s face. Feeling disgusted, he immediately scowled at Juno’s reaction, but at the same time, he felt a sense of guilt that wasn’t there a few seconds ago. G bent down slowly and sighed in irritation, lowering himself to the poor man face to face. For a split second, he thought back to the pill that he needed to take, and immediately he was trembling from his withdrawals. G’s heart was palpitating wildly and he could have sworn that he felt his pupils dilate and jitter in bizarre motions. He was breaking into a cold sweat despite the cold weather, and he knew his therapist wasn’t going to be happy with his actions when he reached the hospital. Juno’s talking ended up breaking G out of his thought process, and he focused his attention back to the beaten up man.

    Juno always seemed to be good at that, taking his mind off of things. When the underboss had a stressful day, he knew he could rely on the gang member to lower his anguish. He always appreciated Juno’s obedience and existence, and he treated him with kindness when Juno wasn’t being a complete bastard. But G, G didn’t understand why the forsaken was crying, nor did he want to understand his feelings at all. He was a superior towards the lowlife, but seeing those tears and the cuts on his face made him realize that in order to be the first or the best at anything, he had to stoop to a level he wouldn’t dare to dip his toes in. G clenched his jaw tight at Juno’s words, angry because his pathetic apologies still weren’t enough, and enraged because he actually wanted to listen to the man’s weakened voice.

    When Juno requested that he hit him, G felt a surge of shock coursing through his body. G looked into Juno’s eyes and he saw his entire existence staring right back at him. The curve of his jawline, his big eyes, his brown hair, and that masochist smile was reflected when Juno asked for a beating. Unsure and of what to do and a little bit frightened, G immediately stood back up, looking down at Juno with utmost confusion and repugnance. G started to get even angrier. There was no possible way that anyone could end up like him. Like a masochistic asshole. Insane and soulless. Furrowing his brow, G realized that Juno was worth his spit. And so that’s what he did. Saliva ended up flying towards the kneeling man in a scrutinous fashion. G didn’t care. He never did.

    “How dare you try to order me around like that. Do I look lower than you, Juno? Do I?!..”
    G stopped mid sentence to sigh. He told himself to calm down. In through the nose, and out through the mouth. Everything his therapist told him to do when he was feeling tense, he did. No more. This was enough. Seeing his own existence in Juno’s eyes was bad enough to affect him and change his behaviour for the night, and with that, the Hansol Kim inside of him bursted through tough seams.
    “I can’t hit you. And for god damn sure I can’t give you what you want. It will make me look weak. Plus, we’re in public. Not only will hitting you when you asked will destroy my image, it could end up damaging the family’s reputation even more.”

    Grunting in frustration, the male finally caved in from the guilt, tears, and fear. He bent down again, even closer to Juno’s presence, and forced himself to lift his hand to the man’s soiled cheeks, making sure it wasn’t the hand that was covered in glass. His left hand was numb and almost felt paralyzed, so he needed to go to the hospital as soon as possible. Turning his attention back to Juno, He forced a caress of his thumb, it was gentle, but it was also unwanted. Hansol wiped whatever was left on the man’s face away as best as he could.
    “Ya.. Uljima... (Don't cry.) Jesus fucking christ, I’ve changed my mood so much tonight.. I hope to god no one is seeing me do this..”

    “Don’t.. I-I’m fine, I really am.. I deserve the pain anyway.”

    Junho’s remark brought G back to reality. His sudden act of kindness wasn’t well deserved at all. Junho was right. Junho had done nothing but embarrass himself in front of a crowd and in front of his family. Stooping to his useless level was a bastard’s decision. The fact that he stooped so low because of mere tears made him want to throw up blood. G immediately stopped wiping the tears away, his face turned blank and cold like a bad habit. The male stood, ultimately towering over Junho once again, feeling the dominance in him rise like his indestructible insanity.

    “..You’re right. You really didn’t deserve any of my kindness. You will never receive my kindness from this point forward, am I making that clear? Don’t ever show your face around the family until I permit you to. Understand?”

    “I.. I understand, sir.”

    And on that note, the underboss was satisfied with the destruction he had caused, walking back to his car with a smile glowing like gold. He was a bit surprised that no drunkard had keyed his luxury when he was partying but he didn’t complain about it. Stepping into the driver’s seat, the underboss had one destination in mind, a destination that had always been a support group but a false prophet all at once. He needed to go to the hospital to check on his hand, but to kill two birds with one stone, he might as well get his medication from the adult psychiatric unit. With a quick turn of the ignition, he was off, completely forgetting to notify the family of his whereabouts.

    ca·pri·cious /adj/ given to sudden changes of mood or behavior.
    | HANSOL KIM | @Pray4me @Jimin @CrystalTears @PlastixRoyalty | SONG: No Flex Zone - Karmin + Watsky |
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  18. kim

    Those distinct velvet cushions seemed to bring his body even closer to the center of nothingness as sounds of laughter and cheers all muddled down to a low hum in the back of his mind. Reaching over with glass snug tight between his thumb and pointer finger, one or two shots of God knows what turned into several more. Down they went, right to his stomach and numbing whatever remaining ache he had from the previous mishap of beating a guy straight to death. While of course, it may not have been the most tedious task at hand for someone of his nature, but once Junho became stressed, it was a challenge to shake completely off. Cuts and bruises could all fade away with time and a few handfuls of painkillers in his system, but words and insults stuck with him far worse than what any gunshot wound could do to him depending on the situation at hand. The brunette was very critical of himself, practically to the point he hated his entire existence almost exclusively; a thought process he was taught at a very young age when things weren’t going particularly as planned. Horrible day? It’s all your fault; you’re a disgrace.

    You should have never been born at all.

    Setting the glass down with twitching tips, Junho leaned his head back against the couch and fluttered his eyes shut, inhaling and exhaling deep from the pit of his stomach until a surge of dizziness washed over his senses. He technically didn’t want to be here, a lost cause without reason, but he knew he would get a mouthful later if he didn’t show for at least a few minutes. It was the holiday season after all; he had to be a little cordial even though December wasn’t exactly his month of family and joy. Other than the annoying bunch making an appearance there, probably forced too, he had none. No parents, no siblings, no distant cousins or family friends; nothing. They all ran out on him when his father took his last breath and from that day forward he was alone and always had been. The absence of joy or elation even was derived from just that occasion. He didn’t want anyone, need anyone; it was just him and his job of earning money and beating people senseless in a constant cycle of ups and downs. What was there to complain? Life was shit anyway.

    As he was soaking there in a heavy pool of his emotional problems, a high-pitched voice had brought him back to reality only to make him sigh deeply under his breath. Without even having to think twice about who it actually was, a couple of awkwardly wrapped boxes were tossed into his lap with nothing but smiles and giggles. Opening up just one of his peepers, he bent his neck forward and stared at them for just a moment before looking back up to Gongchan with dark, furrowed brows. “You didn’t have to.. Really..” He murmured, words starting to string together due to the hard liquor tainting his tongue. Little by little, Junho took his time to tear at the wrapping paper until the contents were revealed in all their glory. Each of them, side by side, were plain boxes of different flavored chocopies, a relatively cheap, savory treat he enjoyed feasting on in his past time. The fact that Gongchan had actually took the effort to notice his unusual sweet tooth, floored him completely. He figured it was just a secret by now. Someone with his type of personality usually isn’t seen snacking on sugary macaroons or chocolates unless on a special occasion. But eating these sorts of foods brought him back to a certain individual from his previous days. A moment of time where he actually felt loved and wanted by someone without paying the price of a black eye or busted lip. A gentle soul, a sweet one. He couldn’t bare think of his face anymore, a name that made his heart flutter and breathing cease entirely. Now wasn’t the time, it never was the time. He left him.

    “Thank you for these, Gongchan.” Junho spoke up, straightening his offensive posture to set them carefully on the table beside him. While it wasn’t exactly a smile, much like what the other male would have wanted from him, the brunette still nodded his head as respectfully as he could. This had been the first present he received in a fairly long time, and he thoroughly loved it. Reaching over to open the standard, chocolate flavored variation to get his hands on one of the delectable sweets; Junho paused for a moment when the other went on about eating them all in one sitting and retracted his hand back. Baby fat? He had baby fat? Sinking his rather large teeth into the plumpness of his bottom lip, the male descended even further into the couch cushions to rid his mind of the embarrassment from his previous years. It wasn’t his fault he was still growing, he was only twenty-two and a handful of inches above a majority of the group members there. He may have been categorized as one of the younger ones, but he certainly wasn’t appearing like it much anymore.

    His fuzzy thoughts began to wander elsewhere as Gongchan finished with his rounds and Junho let out another hefty breath of air, needing another drink to bring himself back down to that perfect medium. While he was practically halfway there, having a difficult time focusing in on sensory key points already, the blonde returned to announce their wondrous plan of getting absolutely and utterly shitfaced, with Junho included. Of course, the male had no complaints to that idea whatsoever but was fairly surprised to find Gongchan pulling him closer to the other half of his body. If he had not been buzzed already, Junho was positive he would’ve let a few insults slip without having to think twice. The male was never fond of physical contact unless it was from someone he was comfortable with, and at that moment, his list was practically empty.

    “Easy now.” Junho said, escaping from his snug grip and taking his spot back on the lounge as everyone erupted with laughter and delight around him. Just as he was about to fetch his glass for it to be filled for another go, the area around them suddenly simmered down to nervous whispers and shifty pools in seconds flat. If it had not been for the eyes burning holes into his tan skin after a few passing moments, Junho would have figured it went silent for group discussion. Perplexed and a tad bit concerned, he scanned the sea of faces to see what was going on and stopped to notice Mal holding up the mess of a present he had bestowed upon him earlier that night. Dripping disgusting chunks of muddy wrapping paper onto the pristine surface and carpet below, Junho couldn’t help but swallow hard and stare right back at the cold, dead eyes now sinking a dagger directly into his entire being.

    At this point he didn’t care, for he knew he was fucked anyway.

    The night could only get far worse from there.

    As the venomous words blasted out one after another, bringing his head beneath the surface with each and every crashing wave, Junho kept his eyes right on his superior without flinching even the slightest. His throat grew uncomfortably tight, tongue suddenly arid and jawline clenched firmly as the male was being outwardly humiliated right in front of every family member present that evening. In all reality, Junho didn’t give two shits for the alcohol replaced whatever notion he came in there with, but clearly, Mal did. He always did. If it hadn’t been for his status and the number of people guarding the son of a bitch, the brunette would have made his disdain known with a bang before it all even started. But now, as a measly gang member sitting there looking like a damn fool and almost anticipating his appropriate punishment, Junho had nothing to do but sit there and take it like the little bitch he was.

    Trash, and nothing more.

    Filthy hon hyeol.

    Cocking his head upwards as if readying himself for whatever was to come, Junho pointed his nose away when glancing at his gift being tossed into the trash and the men surrounding him on that plush sofa. A presumptuous smile you could call it, tugged at the corner of his lips right before that one fist met smack dab in the center of his cute little face, crushing his nose inward briefly as a distinctive pop rang out indicating a now, fresh, broken nose. Ribbons of brilliant carmine flowed straight from his nostrils and into the crevices of his lengthy, bunny teeth as he continued to grin like the asshole he was. Not just because of the show that was being put on for the rest of his peers, but the way the pain made his toes curl and nerves feel substantially alive. The adrenaline had long started pumping, and his shame was entirely out the window at that point. He deserved this in every possible way, but for some reason, it still felt damn good.

    It wasn’t long until he was forced to stand and each of his appendages were held tightly behind him, giving the rest of his body full access to be struck as they so desired. One after another, the fists came flying and met with various points on his already bruised body, adding more to the blossoming colors of black and blue on his young, tanned canvas. That smile of his faltered just a bit as he threw himself forward against the stifling force, feeling the need to at least fight back to prevent his image from looking the least bit tarnished to those acquainted with him. But nonetheless, each time he struggled the more dangerous things had become. Kidneys knocked about, stomach smashed in, lungs gasping for orderly wheezes before one final backhand and he was lifted from the ground. Wild-eyed and frenzied for that one chance at drawing blood, it hadn’t been long at all until he was dropped bottom-first into the trash can to seize all dire movements he was contemplating of making. Much like a maddened animal forced into a small, confined cage, Junho’s knees were suddenly restricted against his heaving chest with ass pressed awkwardly into the moist package underneath him. He could no longer wriggle about and struggled to soothe his choppy wheezes as he glared at his superior viewing his wretched image from above.

    Suspended from the family and not to be seen for the rest of the remaining holiday Mal had ultimately ordered; oh what a tragedy indeed. Not like anyone gave a shit about his attendance because he certainly didn’t, now designated black sheep of this Kim family. It was the same thing all over again from his puppy dog days, rehashed and sent out in different terms to make him feel thoroughly disgusted with his actions in that moment of time. “Fuck you.” He wanted to say, bouncing the creamy syllables off the tip of his tongue and feeling the poison soak into the endings of his taste buds. “I hope you do remember this.” But in reality, nothing could be said at all and Junho gave a huff when the rain of red gelatin dirtied his suit jacket more than what his own blood did. The desperate desire to crinkle his nose and spit in the direction of this man had flared up inside him in an alcohol-induced rage, though he knew to keep it suppressed. Don’t dig yourself an even deeper hole than what you originally had or you’ll end up dead in the streets with nothing to remember you by.

    A flick of the wrist and the plastic cup went flying, hitting him square in the face and tumbling down to join itself with the rest of the waste before the men lifted him up to finish the job. Each ticking second Junho could feel himself falling further and further into that metallic can, making it just as inconvenient to situate himself and his long, cane-like arms comfortably without forking his lungs in entirely. If one sudden shift made the weight uneven, a punch to the face would follow, and he would slide right back in without much contest, sputtering blood all over his chin and swearing profusely under his drunken breath at how ridiculous all of this really was. Camera flashes and annoying laughter seemed to surround him as he was dragged out, along with more trash of soiled napkins and food piling onto his lap to make the “joke” much more humorous than what it intended to be. All fun and games of ridiculing the man-child sitting ass-down in a compiled heap of filth, Junho could only keep his eyes pasted to the flickering club lights to assure himself this nonsense would all be over soon.

    The temperature gradually dropped, and the club scene evolved into a clouded, night sky, giving him an indication that they were outside to officially finalize this abominable punishment. The shift of the can abruptly swayed back, four times, until he was tossed into the middle of the snow-dusted street and freed from that obscene enclosure once and for all. Piles of debris trickled to the ground all around him while he rolled onto his hands after the initial impact, coughing up mouthfuls of blood onto the snow as he was finally able to breathe properly and unhurriedly.

    “Fuck..” Junho cursed, glancing up to see the doors slam shut and leave him with only his thoughts and regrets in the middle of that desolate road. It was done, he was free. No one to insult him, no one to ridicule him and bash his face in countless of times to make him bluer than what he initially was. But boy, did he ache. Every part of his body was screaming for dear mercy with whatever movement he attempted to make. A stretching of an arm, a shift of the knees; both causing him to groan and simper as he situated himself onto his bottom to goggle at the red liquid staining the smoothness of his skin. Despite it all, it still was a lovely image. A warm homely sensation that made his nociceptors experience pain just how he used to when he was younger. Pleasurable, gratifying; an overall reward for being the piece of shit he always had been and still continues to be. He deserved this, he always did. If acting out resulted in this tender state of overwhelming satisfaction, then why not do it more often? He had nothing to lose, people hated him; it was that feeling he was thriving for. Plucking open the buttons of his suit jacket, Junho slowly pulled it off his shoulders and chucked it to the side along with the rest of the waste, revealing a thin, black button-up that was wrinkled to the point of no return. Although intact with tie professionally straight, blood still ran from his nose and lined his neck, soaking into the soft, dark fabric as well as staining the skin underneath.

    He was an absolute and utter mess, and he loved every second of it. Why? He felt vigorous. That smile of his crept onto his features one more time as he wiped the blood away, smearing it with wet snow and dirt almost proud he was still breathing. “What a night.” was all he could comment, concealing his fervent rage with miraculous beams and emphatic laughter, regretting none of the actions he had followed through with at all. Though it wouldn’t be much longer until that amusement turned into his usual anger, and eventually sadness, but time could only tell. Junho was a ticking bomb with a timer all jacked up.

    The gang member steadied himself carefully and moved his body as if he were to stand, but paused midway when hearing the doors fly open again. Glancing behind himself to see if it were people leaving or entering, he stopped his action completely when seeing who it actually was. Hansol, the Kim family’s underboss and his other superior, was the last person he wanted to deal with right now. Scratch that, the last person he wanted to deal with at all. Mal could do his magic and tarnish his reputation ten times over with a few beatings, but when Hansol did it, it actually hurt. Whatever little relationship of high and low ranks they were holding meant so much more than what he and Mal had. Hansol was kind to him when he did something right for a change, a feeling of praise and approval difficult to come by from just about anyone these days.

    Turning his head as fast as he could, Junho tried his absolute best to appear invisible, but being in the middle of the road surrounded by filth and a bent-up garbage can, it was rather challenging indeed. There was a sense of panic fueling his emotions, a frightened feeling of being viewed like this by someone he practically looked up to; a complete shift from the demeanor he was just sporting seconds ago. No longer a spitfire with a mouth that ran away from him, but now a small mutt with a tail snug deep between his legs.

    Those steps, bounding one after another in the most vehemently, daunting way made his stomach flop to the tips of his toes. Junho could recognize them just about anywhere, and from that point on, he knew he was as good as dead when it came to the Kim underboss.

    “What the fuck was that back there, Juno? Was that some sick fucking joke? Get the fuck up. Now.”

    “I-I’m sorry, sir.. Yes, sir..”

    Junho swallowed hard and did as he was told without giving the thought of objecting, immediately pressing his palms to the asphalt and shoving his cumbersome frame into a standing position as best as he could. He didn’t want to look at him, didn’t have the courage to do it but still managed to sputter out a few words to justify the actions he went through with. An apology even, something that, in reality, didn’t mean jack shit to Hansol when it came down to it.

    “Sorry? D-Did you just say, sorry?... No, no.. Sorry won’t cut it. Not only are you the reason for a huge scene inside the club, but you have brought disgrace to our family name… All of this shit, and all you can say is sorry? Sorry won’t fucking cut it, you worthless piece of trash.

    There were those words again. Disgrace, trash. The very same words Mal had crumpled up and spat in his face not so long ago inside the club, and while at the same time it didn’t hurt as much as it did now; hearing it from Hansol was an entirely different story. What was he to say? Nothing would ever amount to the shame he had brought to his superior that night, no “forgive me” or “I’m sorry” could mend the disgust he had for him now. Junho lifted his head and gathered up whatever lick of bravery he had to look at him, wanting to curl up into a ball and hide for the rest of his days at the searing pools peering directly into his soul. Right as he opened his mouth to muster up another lousy apology, Hansol raised his hand and struck him on the cheek as hard as he could, catching him completely off guard with the sensation of raw glass slicing into his skin. Although the gang member had experienced far worse in all of his years of living, it still hurt more than anything in the world. Returning his head forward to reply, Junho’s eyes were half-lidded with eyebrows knitted together, trying his absolute best to remain calm and collected as blood poured out from the gashes in his flushed cheek. He brought his hand to cover it up and halt the bleeding as best as he could, but small little clots had formed and seeped between his fingers, making his attempts practically useless in the long run.

    “Y-You’re right.. I am just trash..”

    “If you are just trash.. Why the hell are you seeing me eye to eye? Get on your knees and apologize for the dignity of this family.”

    It took Junho a moment to realize what he was being ordered and bent his knees just a little, attempting to make it as painless as possible but with the state he was currently in, it hadn’t mattered much anyway. Deep down inside the void of his entire being, it felt good to be treated this way; why lie about it? He was punished the same way as a child; there was no sense in running away now. Giving in entirely to the thought of bruising up his knees, he plopped down onto the hard pavement and bowed his head downward, counting the speckles of blood in the snow as he readied himself for another round of being beat senselessly. His mind was jumbled, tongue all tied up and words strung together as he collected another shitty sentence to present to his senior.

    “I’m sorry for being such a disgrace, sir..”

    “Sorry is all you can say again, huh?..”

    There was a pause, and Junho didn’t even bother bringing up his gaze to see what was coming next after that awful apology. He deserved this, and if anyone was better at distributing discipline it was Hansol himself; it hurt most from him. Shutting his eyes, the underboss’ foot met with the top of his head like a goddamn freight train, slamming his crown and bringing his head right into the dirt and grime below without warning. Junho forced himself not to flinch like before, but a small groan gurgled from the back of his throat that was thankfully muffled by another blunt blow. This is what I earned myself, he thought to himself, gritting his teeth and ordering his mental state to sit through this wave of rough treatment without any complaints, this is what I always deserved. But slowly, ever so slowly, he started to break. A porcelain mask chipping away to reveal the fragile child deep from within himself.

    “If you even want to remain in this family, I expect you to be at your best behavior during your suspension. Do you understand? If I ever catch or hear sight of you doing something, I will have to come and check up on you myself. What I am doing to you will definitely be a lot worse, so do not make my job in this family harder than it already is. I already have those other shits to deal with and now you?.. God, you’re pissing me off..

    There it was again, an influx of agony that threw him completely off. If slamming his head into the road underneath him wasn’t enough, then the handful of unforgiving kicks were. Hansol had no boundaries; Junho learned that long time ago, and this was a prime example of his tactics behind it. But what could he do? If Junho wanted anyone to put him in his place, it had to be him.

    The immense pressure was suddenly lifted from the back of his head after a few moments, and his dirtied face rose with globs of tears welling into the corner of his wide, chocolate peepers without even realizing. Streaking his raw, reddened face were splotches of dried dirt and blood, now fashioning glorious cuts from the hand that had struck him as a reminder for the infinite amounts of shame he had brought onto the Kim family name. Inhaling once, twice and finally thrice, an almost sick, guttural sob sifted past his busted lips to the point it even caught himself off guard. Junho was never the type to show weakness to those around him, let alone to his peers or superiors. But Hansol was different. The shame he had felt for embarrassing himself had long faded away once pulling his thin frame out of that filthy garbage can, though now on his knees in front of the Kim underboss who spat vicious insults and made him feel less than nothing, brought the shame back just as hard. Junho respected Hansol more than anyone within the group, almost obsessively even, and now, he had disappointed him. Somber mews seemed to dribble from his bloodied lips one after another, and no matter how hard he tried to contain them, he couldn’t stop. A small smile began to yank at the corners as he spoke in broken gasps, but for reasons he wasn’t entirely sure.

    “All I fucking do is make things difficult for you and I.. I apologize. I don’t know what else to say— I’m a fucking disappointment. I deserve whatever you or anyone else does to me.. So please, hit me again. Harder.”

    Those words seemed to catch the underboss off guard, and Junho just focused on him in silence, waiting for that request he made to be fulfilled oh so desperately like a child on Christmas day. But Hansol didn’t bother with it, not at all. He simply bent forward, searched for something within him and ultimately looked disgusted at his current physical state before rising again. Junho became confused, did he say something wrong? He was getting his head caved in only seconds ago, and now it was over?

    “How dare you try to order me around like that. Do I look lower than you, Juno? Do I?!..”

    The tears continued to flow, harder even, and Junho just watched his superior shout at him for offering himself up in a manner such as that. But what else were he to do? He needed it, wanted it. Why was he being denied something that he essentially earned for being the waste of air he was?

    “I can’t hit you. And for god damn sure I can’t give you what you want. It will make me look weak. Plus, we’re in public. Not only will hitting you when you asked will destroy my image, it could end up damaging the family’s reputation even more.”

    Denied again without much else to lose, Junho bowed his head like before and wept to himself as if defeated once and for all. Even when asking to be battered or knocked about willingly to teach him properly, he still was ruining everything for the family name, and even Hansol himself. Could he do anything right? Why was he such a fuck up even in that area? His shoulders began to shake as his thin frame racked with disgusting sobs, gripping the fabric bunching at his knees as leverage for how disgraceful he really was. Shutting his eyes, it grew silent for what it felt like hours before the underboss crouched down in front of him, causing him to legitimately flinch for once in a very long time. Opening his eyes, he became confused at this sudden sign of remorse that came out of nowhere.

    “Ya.. Uljima... (Don't cry.) Jesus fucking christ, I’ve changed my mood so much tonight.. I hope to god no one is seeing me do this..”

    The pad of the other man’s thumb grazed away whatever tears and grime that had slicked his face in just a few, gentle strokes, sending a peculiar wave of calmness through Junho’s shivering frame. It was a sudden shift in the once-thick atmosphere that somewhat confused the brunette, causing him to wonder to himself what come of it and why. He was more than ready to take whatever beating his superior was going to present to him, but in the end, he managed to skate on by without another bruise or cut to remind himself of this rather eventful night. It was just then Junho turned his head away in one, torpid movement, immediately averting his eyes downward and inhaling through the slits of his teeth at Hansol’s hushed words. The male knew he didn’t earn this sort of treatment, not after what he had pulled not ever.

    Don’t.. I-I’m fine, I really am.. I deserve the pain anyway.”

    There was another silence, though colder this time and Junho could feel that immediate shift return once more. The underboss retracted his hand away like he was something revolting and returned to standing above him like everyone else in the world. Sniffling, Junho wiped his eyes with the back of sleeve in an attempt to make himself not appear as weak as before.

    “..You’re right. You really didn’t deserve any of my kindness. You will never receive my kindness from this point forward, am I making that clear? Don’t ever show your face around the family until I permit you to. Understand?”

    Never? Junho couldn’t bring himself to look at Hansol one final time. That change made him feel ten times more worthless than what he ended up being, and the fact he would never receive kindness for a very long time brought those tears back again. He didn’t exactly understand the reasoning behind it, crying over kindness, but Junho felt so disgusted with himself that he honestly wanted to die. It went from smirks to crying in a half hour time span, and Hansol was the eventual cause of it. Why was he so weak? Why did he let this man walk all over him without complaining once?

    Breathing out a long, broken sigh, he finally answered to finish this moment between them and let the underboss get on with his night. Junho was merely wasting precious time for him with words not worth his time.

    “I.. I understand, sir.”

    Those steps had begun to fade away and Junho sat there without moving an inch, watching his blood and tears dribble onto the snow under him as the cold crept up around his shoulder blades. Hearing the car engine roar to life, Junho refused to move, simply shutting his eyes and listening to the sound of his superior's car drive off into the night.

    He didn't know what to do at that point. Call for a ride? Stay there and freeze to death? As good as the latter had sounded, he figured it was time to do something before it got any later than what it already was. Wobbling to his feet, Junho limped onto the sidewalk and began digging for his phone, hoping his men could pick him up and at least bandage him up before he passed out entirely.

    Boy, the questions they would have for him, it really had been a long night.


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  19. [​IMG]
    The night so far was going good, or so he thought. Mal hadn't said much about his gift but Sean didn't think too much of it, he didn't talk to Mal much, the man was either too busy or they just didn't have a lot in common to talk about anything at all. Sean wasn't one to pry until he got common ground with someone, that led to fights and he tried to stay out of those as much as possible. What was interesting was everyone's gifts for him. Gongchan gave him a semi heavy box, to which he stared at for sometime, trying to figure out what the cute man had decided to get him for Christmas. He had half a mind to take it with him and open it up at home in case it was a box of sex toys. He could never tell with Gongchan, he was a flirt and poor Sean, who couldn't flirt at all, couldn't read the associate. The spirit of December lifted in him once more and he opened his gift...pants? Sean set the box down on the table and lifted the pants out with confusion on his face. Why pants...leather ones of all things. Sean ran his thumb across the area he held, feeling the stiff leather underneath his skin. These would be hard to dance in he was sure of it. But he smiled and gave a nod to Gongchan who wasn't paying much attention as usual. The thrill of the party had gotten to the man.

    Carefully Sean folded the jeans back into their box and placed the lid on them slowly. He needed to get on everyone else's gifts before Christmas was over or he'd be a failure in his own mind. It wasn't everyday he forgot something about someone. He met a lot of people, but this gang was the closest he had to a family and one doesn't forget things about family. He was with these men almost every day when he wasn't working. Another man took his seat next to Mal and it was a man he's called father for a long time, Hansol. Sean remembered the very first day he met Hansol. He was a hard man, very mysterious but Sean bonded with him closely and seeing his face at this party made Sean feel a whole lot better.

    He had gotten a few other gifts, however the gift he got from Tariq was by far his favorite, it was the most thoughtful. Sean had gotten a full couple boxsets of Romance movies, from silent films to modern day romance films. And it had his favorite~ Dirty Dancing. His smile widened and he couldn't hold back the blush he had gotten from holding the bag and being called Mr. Romance. It was true, Sean just ate up Romance like a Rabbit with Lettuce. Not something he was proud of but not something he was willing to change about himself. He couldn't remember the last time he didnt listen to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack, he was a mess.

    Another member had joined the table with a gift that looked like it had been stomped on and ran over a couple times, the mud coming off of it was dripping onto the floor and if sean had OCD, this would have killed him. Not his club, not his problem. Without being noticed he had slipped to the bar to grab a quick drink, a straight Whiskey on the rocks to hush Gongchan up while he wished drunken happiness onto everyone. Sean returned too soon it seemed, he listened to the chatter but mostly to the music which seemed to give him permission to drift off into his own little dream land. His eyes were wide open and he kept sipping at his drink patiently, but his mind was clearly elsewhere. The sounds of laughter erupted and Sean was drawn from his mental paradise by Mal's arm coming into his peripheral. His head seemed to follow the arm to a cup of his Jell-O gift falling into a trashcan where he witnessed legs dangling from the rim of the can. Sean went to gasp and his windpipe filled with Whiskey.

    What inhumane thing was going on here? Sean coughed the alcohol from his throat with a soft "Fuck" Setting his Whiskey down his hands went into his pockets and he leaned back onto his heels. One hand gripped a single cigarette from his pocket, his last one. Sean really shouldn't be smoking, but at a time like this, while a man was being beaten senseless in a trashcan, the nicotine was something he needed. The mysterious G left the table as well. Having been stopped by another associate when his body lurched forward to help the man, Sean stayed put. He wanted to tell them to stop, it was just a gift, why all this abuse? He was still a member but he had never been as punished or humiliated as that man he knew not the name of had been tonight. Sean felt sick to his stomach, his hands became shaky in his pockets. He could handle blood, if he caused it, but if he didn't he felt weak like his legs would give out any second.

    Sean let his hand leave his pocket and guide him to the entrance where he slipped out as soon as everything had died down. Mal offering drinks for everyone didn't make Sean feel any better. His hands wouldn't stop shaking, he had left his jacket inside the club on one of the booths. The chill bit into his skin and it became uncertain if the shaking was from the cold or what he had just witnessed. He wanted to go home, but he couldn't leave Mal on his birthday. Sean pressed the cigarette to his lips, fishing for his lighter, cursing up a storm when his fingers couldn't work the lighter. He was freezing, no one needed to see him smoking either. The crunching of snow from off in the distance caught his attention. The bleeding man was leaving, making a blood trail along the snow from the pain he had recieved, or from another beating that happened while Sean wasn't outside, which Sean hoped that wasn't the case. Jun-Ho got further away and Sean returned to his cigarette, he wasn't going to get into conflict, he couldn't handle. Mal was the second to last person he wanted to disappoint by helping a banished man. Hansol was the first. He'd have a hard time sleeping tonight. He should call in to work tomorrow as well, get some relaxation in, drink himself to death maybe.. Smoke floated into the atmosphere and vanished without a trace.

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    Trevor had to clean his house again. Just as it were torturing a man took a lot of energy and made a mess. He had been a bit too rough and blood went everywhere on the floor, any respectable man would have used another tarp at least but that would have required him to drive to the store and risk the man escaping to get aother tarp when he should have been cleaner. It all came down to him mopping the floors with bleach one more time, which he did every week so it wasn't a terrible mess. Trevor liked his home to be as clean as a model home, no mess and everything in its place. However, as he stood outside staring at the hovering body in his pool, a smile crept on his face, he did such a good job. He had a thing against drowning, he was scared of drowning, but no better way to get over a fear than force someone to get over said fear for you.

    With his house clean and his mood brightened, Trevor sought to relax and make himself a thermos of hot chocolate with some bourbon for flavor. Course the alcohol would burn off and leave the flavor, which made it great because he liked to melt his own chocolate. It was snowing from what he could see of downtown which he would need to go for a few errands and he had to collect some money. Good thing his pool was an indoor one, for the more he spoke the more the snow seemed to drift over his house and start floating down. He fished for his cigarettes in his pocket and popped one into his mouth, not lighting it, just letting it hang there. One of those 'You put the cigarette in your mouth but you don't give it the power to kill you' stupid deals. Trevor hated that movie. He was a crazy bastard but like hell if he would make out with a cancer patient in a Holocaust victim's house. That was messed up and dishonorable. If the unlit cigarette was anything, it was because he didn't want the smoke to linger in his house. The smell stuck on everything and it would drive him insane.

    He quickly dressed into black pants, some boots and a plain Grey sweater with a tank top underneath and added a layer of two jackets. He didn't want to freeze to death. Trevor has a couple cars in his garage, the safest option would be for him to take his truck. It was slightly lifted but was 4 wheel drive, he wasn't sure how the roads would be. He brought his hot chocolate with him and headed out. Eventually getting stuck at a light where he and his unlit cigarette hanging from his mouth jammed out to the current songs on the radio, stopping at Company by Justin Bieber. Trevor fished for his phone once it vibrated, both of them had, his personal and his work, his work had one missed call but who was he to answer his phone while he was driving. The text however, he would answer while he waited for the light. 'Meet at the Hospital asap' what type of message was that? Trevor should ignore it seeing as he wasn't an official member. He'd continue on about his day until...

    Trevor squinted in the snow, he saw a figure that from behind looked very similar. His curiosity led him to find as he rounded the corner that it was Hyun-Ki. That crazed man was running in the snow. Trevor could let him go and get sick from the cold possibly hypothermia if it wasn't treated. One less Park for him to deal with honestly. "Fuck" he yelled, pulling his car off to the side and rolling down his window as the heat from his heater blew out the window at Hyun-Ki. "Hyun, get in the truck." he hoped that would be all he'd have to explain, he was certain the male had gotten the messages too. He had to wait. Trevor kept frowning, the cigarette still limp between his lips. "I'll take you to the hospital, I got Hot Chocolate and a heater, you're no good to the Park's frozen"

    Interaction- Hyun-Ki (@Luxii)
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