Bad assery or total Jack Assery

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  1. We all have them at some point. Be it a killing spree in Halo or a Leeroy Jenkins Meltdown.

    Last night on SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 2, I found myself the last man standing of a five man team with three hostiles still walking around. I killed two with an AT-4 in one go then set out to hunt down the last man. We found eachother and had ourselves a nice shoot out, killing eachother in the process.

    What gets me is that my team got the win. I asked over the net 'How does that work?'

    To which one of my compatriots replied 'It's a win... Don't ask how, just accept it.'

    So what's your stories?
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    AUGUST 14, 2016

    With Varis dead and the general consensus to stick together established, Sam walked up to the twins. Given his grim interrogation of Varis scant moments before, it was surprising that he laid his other hand - the one he didn't jab into Varis' bloody stump - onto Sendon's shoulder in a gentle and comforting manner. "You kids have been through a lot, huh? Trying to avenge your family. Find closure." He nodded to Jacob. "And you've got your own ghosts, too." A smirk found its way onto his craggy, hard face when he recalled that feminine, ethereal hand Jacob summoned forth to use against Varis. "Looks like that might be literal."

    Sam gave his three companions a nod. "Maybe the four of us aren't so different after all. I agree - this Black Weaver is masterminding some nasty shit and Pattaya is just one stop. Let's go find these Greyson twins. We'll be certain to find either the Black Weaver or one of his lieutenants along the way. Varis said the Greysons are in Dublin. As it happens, I know someone who can get us there, no questions asked...."


    AUGUST 14, 2016

    "...You wreak havoc on my territory, kill two of my best enforcers in single combat, blow up a fleet of my armored trucks with stuff you stole from a hardware store...and you have the gall to show up at my very doorstep for a favor?"

    Sam, Sendon, Neren, and Jacob were surrounded by angry Thai gangsters armed with an assortment of illegally-obtained firearms in the heart of their headquarters. Sam had asked his companions to trust him when he led them here earlier. He brazenly walked up to the front door of the high-rise building and was instantly recognized - as he anticipated. And, just as he also anticipated, he was immediately taken into custody along with the others. Their escort up to the top floor was not kind and involved a lot of roughing up - mainly for intimidation rather than injury. But Sam expected this and coached his newfound friends to stay their hands. After what he witnessed at Varis', he had no doubt the Mentaris twins and Phantom could decimate the entire building's worth of goons...but right now, they needed help, not a kill count.

    Now the four of them stood at the top office of the high-rise and the personal manse and home of Wattana Chongrak, one of the few female ganglords in Thailand and certainly one of the more influential. She ostensibly ran a shipping business, buteveryone knew it was just a front for a massive smuggling operation, mainly firearms. Wattana was one of the less filthy criminals in the country - at least in Sam's opinion - largely because her weapons tended to go to warzones rather than other gangs and she tyrannically enforced an embargo on the flesh market.

    Sam had a few run-ins with her minions since he started taking out criminals in Thailand. He even killed several of her best fighters when they tried to take him down. But he always got the sense that she thought targeting him was a game, that she actually enjoyed the unique challenge of trying to eliminate a single man seemingly capable of putting several large wrenches in Thailand's intricate criminal underworld.

    His theory was confirmed over several late night personal encounters with the vivacious Thai ganglord, when she let her professional interest in him turn far more amorous.

    He suspected that this show of power was just that - a show. At least, that was his hope. He never really was that good at reading women....

    "Wattana, you could try to kill me here and now over past...altercations...." Sam began, "...or you could help me and my friends get out of town and be rid of me forever without a drop of bloodshed."

    "What makes you think I'd like to get rid of you without making you bleed?" she shot back.

    "Because you already heard about what happened at Varis'," he said simply. He was reasonably certain that that firefight had already hit the rumor mill. An hour was plenty of time for news to travel in the criminal underworld. "And you know I wouldn't come barging in without a backup plan."

    He and Wattana held hard gazes before she finally lifted a hand. Every gun trained on the four visitors suddenly returned to their holsters. Wattana crossed her long, silky legs in a manner that made her slinky dark-green dress slip to reveal a little more curvy thigh. With an almost bored look, she relented, "You did save me the hassle of sending my enforcers to deal with that slave-trading prick. Unlike you, he has no respect for human life. Excuse me, had."

    "His business was right on the edge of your territory," Sam said. "I figured you weren't going to be too happy about it. Glad we were able to help."

    Wattana read his sarcasm instantly. "I'm sure you were, Skullman, I'm sure you were." She raised a crisp eyebrow at his companions.

    Sam obliged an introduction. "My new friends: Sendon and Neren Metaris and Detective Jacob Phantom. They're from out of town. We're looking into Varis' employer. Our latest lead puts the trail in Dublin. I'm not sure about the others, but I certainly don't have any passport or other legal identification to get there. And we certainly don't have the money for a ticket...."

    "I'm sure you could've figured out a way, Skullman," Wattana said in an alluring drawl. "You were always very...good with your hands." Her tone then switched back into one that was more professional. She clapped her hands. One of her minions came up and bowed to her. "Arrange for a first class flight to Dublin and the necessary paperwork. These four gentlemen have done us a favor - however inadvertently - and we shall repay their kindness with our own."

    "A flight can be arranged for tomorrow afternoon, Ms. Chongrak," the minion said dutifully before departing to carry out his task.

    Wattana nodded and then looked over at Sam, the twins, and Jacob. "You will have guest rooms arranged here for the evening and a limousine will take you to the airport tomorrow." Then she fixed Sam with a smoldering gaze. "And will be joining me for dinner. And...dessert."

    Sam swallowed.

    A little later, the four of them were taken to their guest room, a suite-style condo a floor below with two bedrooms attached to a common area with a kitchenette. Sam's travels were generally involved far more modest accommodations, such as sleeping in shady motels or under bridges, so the suite was a luxury in and of itself. He set his bag down and flopped into a cushy chair with a contended sigh.

    "Well, that went better than expected," he told Jacob and the twins. "We'll be in Dublin in no time. And we can find those Greysons of yours, Jacob. If we're lucky, we'll also get a lead on the Black Waver, as well. Now, why don't you three tell me a little more about what's going on...?"
  3. [​IMG]

    Navy Field: A.K.A. Fun with World War II naval craft.

    You see my ship in the above screenshot, right? I used that little fucker to bumrush a Northampton-class Heavy Cruiser. The guy couldn't fire back, even considering that I was dealing piss weak damage.

    My team mates finished the job, however.
  4. This is where, I as the GM of the adventure will post faux Articles from the Daily Planet, the Daily Bugle, and whatever other newspaper or blog that I find relevant to you as players of Epic Crossover.

    While I don't mind people contributing to this, please, please send me a PM first so I can make sure it passes muster. I have a particular setup in mind for the future so writing in notable events without consulting me is a great way for me to have to edit or remove the story.​
  5. Halo 2. Sniper rifle, head shot. I did the nutsack dance on their head. Jackassery.

    .....Then I lost my killtacular to some guy on a Warthog.