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Bad assery or total Jack Assery

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Arsenal XA4, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. We all have them at some point. Be it a killing spree in Halo or a Leeroy Jenkins Meltdown.

    Last night on SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 2, I found myself the last man standing of a five man team with three hostiles still walking around. I killed two with an AT-4 in one go then set out to hunt down the last man. We found eachother and had ourselves a nice shoot out, killing eachother in the process.

    What gets me is that my team got the win. I asked over the net 'How does that work?'

    To which one of my compatriots replied 'It's a win... Don't ask how, just accept it.'

    So what's your stories?
  2. Last night, I was playing Halo 3.
    Swords on Snowblind....
    Snuck up behind one guy, and cut him down, proceeded to jump into the air, and do the rushing sword attack on another guy, clashed swords once with the next guy, and then managed to move behind him before he tried hitting me again, cut him down, and then killed another one who had jumped at me.
    Quadruple kill.
    You rate it.
    Bad-assery or jack-assery.
  3. [​IMG]

    Navy Field: A.K.A. Fun with World War II naval craft.

    You see my ship in the above screenshot, right? I used that little fucker to bumrush a Northampton-class Heavy Cruiser. The guy couldn't fire back, even considering that I was dealing piss weak damage.

    My team mates finished the job, however.
  4. This is where, I as the GM of the adventure will post faux Articles from the Daily Planet, the Daily Bugle, and whatever other newspaper or blog that I find relevant to you as players of Epic Crossover.

    While I don't mind people contributing to this, please, please send me a PM first so I can make sure it passes muster. I have a particular setup in mind for the future so writing in notable events without consulting me is a great way for me to have to edit or remove the story.​
  5. Halo 2. Sniper rifle, head shot. I did the nutsack dance on their head. Jackassery.

    .....Then I lost my killtacular to some guy on a Warthog.