Backstory Challenge #2!

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  1. For this challenge; you create a backstory for the pictured character! You get to decide who they are, where they came from, what people and events shaped them into the person they are now!


    Create a character chart for this lady, focusing on her BACKGROUND
  2. Name: Portia Dane
    Gender: Female

    Age: 23

    Background: In all of her memories the ones of her childhood are the warmest and that is where her past holds the most meaning. Her home might be where her body rest but her soul remains in France. That is where her story began. Yes she lives in New Orleans with her mother but deep down her heart longs to feel the fresh air from the balcony of their home back in Picardie, France.

    That is where she was born and raised until the tender age of thirteen. It was then that her father hit it big as it were with an American recording company and his family was relocated to the states so he compose state side and work closely with the studio he signed onto.

    Yes the work is good and the money great but she misses him and hardly sees him anymore. His is almost always gone and it is only her and her mother that keeps one another company in their massive home. It was his father’s brilliant idea to settle them in New Orleans since it was most like their home with the French Quarter and what not but it was more noisy then their true home. The creole of the people here was different. It wasn’t something she was use too. Force to blend in Portia tried for years but soon gave up and turned to home schooling to hide from the misunderstandings and language barrier.

    French might be French but it’s not always the same. Her father tried for years to mold her and her mother into the American way of life but it never took hold. Her mother, Sylvia clung to their true French roots and never gave into anything American. No fast food never used a microwave and it was forbidden to speak English in the house, only French. Her father, Edward hated this. At 17 her parents divorced and that shattered her mother.

    Watching her mother crumble broke Portia’s heart and she never forgave her father. It was over the dumbest things she thought that the marriage fell apart. As soon as she was 18 Portia found herself working in a small café to try and earn her own way back to Paris.

    Portia was never one to dress as the others and her own personal taste and very French flare would shine through in all she did. Everything from her hair to her makeup and clothes. Portia loved to make a statement and her body did a great job of it. Covered up for work and work only some thought she did more than offer coffee and cakes but if they tried anything with her they would soon find out differently. She was different and held to a different standard. Since her father was half American and English she hated all Americans by default so that killed any chances she might have for romance. That didn’t matter to her. The only thing that mattered was getting back to Paris. That was home, the real home for her and her mother.

    Now her father did leave some money for her mother to live on but it wasn’t enough for her to move back to Pairs. That was the low blow to them both and that too was another point of contention between Portia and her father. After the divorce she stopped talking to him and focused on saving money to leave the U.S. Now 23, Portia has nearly saved enough money to move and waits to tell her mother the good news.

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