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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Anowell, Sep 17, 2015.

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  1. I guess I'm back. More details about me and my rp style = my information.
    Without any further ado, here are some ideas~

    1.) An adventure/fantasy roleplay.
    Two friends head out exploring the world together, before having to marry the people their parents decided for them. It is a common thing in their country. Young adults get a year off before having to settle down. After living in a small village their whole lives everything is new and exciting. What adventures await them?

    -Minor plot and character detail is open to talk about. Id like there to be a fantasy element to the story. Powers our characters would posses, magical creatures, magical lands and more.
    -I will be playing a female. You can play whatever gender you want to. The relationship between our characters will be talked about too. Siblings, friends, lovers, we can talk through it all.

    2.) A League of Legends rp.
    -Lots to talk about.

    3.) Naruko (female Naruto) x Sasuke.
    Following the anime story, starting from episode 1. OR a completely new plot with those two characters. This is a romance rp. I will be playing Naruko, looking for a Sasuke.

    4.) Slice of life roleplay.
    My character is a female ''street rat''. Basically she is homeless and steals to survive. One day she is hit by a car by your character. To avoid going to court your character offers to take care of the street rat until her leg fully heals. During the healing time a romance spawns between the two.

    Human Male x Mermaid

    If you think you have an idea we would both like, feel free to share it with me!
    That's it for now (:!
    Feel free to message me~
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  2. I'm interested in the Adventure/Fantasy roleplay :)
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  3. Sweet. Gonna send you a PM.
  4. Adventure/Fantasy or League of Legends works wonderfully.
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  5. I'm interested in the first one if its open. I generally write 2-4 paragraphs if length is something that you care about.

    Let me know if you are interested!
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.