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    D0 you believe in second chances?

    A Bad Boy and a Sweetheart, who dated in high school, broke up, the girl who wanted a more mature and stable man.
    She left, leaving their hometown, breaking his heart along with her.

    Years later, the Bad Boy gotten his act together, even going to college, unknowingly to the same one with the Sweetheart. Now they have a second chance to be together, or will the Bad Boy be out for revenge for breaking his heart? Either way, he can't leave her alone.
    { Note: This was a roleplay, I was supposed to roleplay but, it didn't pull through sadly.
    The idea is kind of cliche, but I promise we can try to make this work.
    I already have the characters planned out, we can talk about it if you have problems with it
    I really like this idea >.< Pleaaaaaaaaase }
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    A genius young painter, who has a high belief of art being the highest form of beauty and no human will ever achieve the standards, found no interest of having relations with them. One night, received such insipiration, worked like madman, on the painting, grew day by day, as the painter work, fond of the painting and began affectionately painting the strokes of the portrait of possibly the most beautiful human being.

    When it was finished, the painter love the painting so much, would allow no one to see it, and often behave as if the painting were alive, talking, giving gifts, and such. Until one day, the painting has come alive.

    The story progress then, on the lives of the painter and the now alive painting.

  2. Ooo, I really like the second one! That sounds really interesting.
  3. Isn't it? I noticed even though the come to life (mannequin) for example plot is sort of common
    I haven't particularly found anyone roleplaying it so I thought, why not?
  4. Pm to discuss?
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Not open for further replies.